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How To Manifest Your Soulmate: 11 Must-Know Secrets

How To Manifest Your Soulmate: 11 Must-Know Secrets

Have you been trying to manifest your soulmate for a while, with no luck? This process can sometimes seem to be a mission impossible – like you are doomed to only kiss frogs forever.

I like to look at the process of finding your ideal partner through the metaphor of searching for a needle in a haystack.

I think the comparison is appropriate given how many people there are out there – it takes a bit of luck to find the right one.

There are two ways of finding a needle in the hay.

The first way is by searching the hay bit by bit, which might take an awful lot of time and might cause you a lot of frustration.

The second way is by holding a magnet in your hand- and letting the needle be drawn to you.

Finding your soulmate is the same – you can either start a long and time-consuming searching process or you can use your internal “magnet” – your personal vibration to attract them to you nice and easy.

However, if manifesting a soulmate was so easy probably everyone would find theirs.

To attract something beautiful into your life you must match the vibrational level of what you want to attract, and that requires a bit of self-improvement work.

In the process of attracting your soulmate, there are important secrets you need to understand:

11 Secrets To Manifesting Your Soulmate

1. Heal Your Past Wounds

In order to create your future, you need to stop letting your past define you.

Anything that happened to you served the purpose of helping you grow and develop, and a part of growing and developing concerns healing and learning your lessons.

Until you heal emotionally you cannot attract a soulmate relationship, or if you somehow do, it will not work.

We create our outside world from the inside, therefore if you are full of negative emotions you cannot create and maintain a happy, long-lasting and healthy relationship, but instead, the contrary will happen – you will unknowingly sabotage any relationship that you will create and then end up in the same disappointment as before.

2. Remove Internal Blockages

Internal blockages are any traumas, fears, or limiting beliefs that you may have due to painful past events that have scarred you in any way.

For example, if your parents split up when you were a child, you have the inner belief that anyone significant in your life will leave you.

Or, if you were cheated on in an early relationship your fear of betrayal may be an internal blockage that will prevent you from fully engaging in a stable relationship.

After identifying and healing the wounds I was previously talking about, the next step is to remove all these fears and beliefs that they left behind and that could impede you from creating a beautiful, profound union

3. Raise Your Vibration

Your vibration should be automatically raised a bit after healing your past wounds and removing your internal blockages, however, there is more work to be done in order to have the Law of Attraction working in your favor.

Remember, the law of attraction works with or without your involvement, so you might as well start using it to your advantage and create your life consciously. The higher your vibration, the better you start attracting.

There are a few tips and tricks to raising your vibration and maintaining it to a certain level.

Taking care of your physical body by eating healthily and practicing sports, having an effective spiritual routine, practicing gratitude, and doing good deeds are only a few ways of raising your vibrational level.

Once you’ve managed to raise and to maintain it there for a longer period of time your whole life will start changing in a positive way.

4. Start Loving Yourself 

Because the law of attraction brings you something that matches your vibrational level, the best way to manifest the love of another person is to start loving yourself.

As long as you are still in the stage of self-blame, self-shaming, or self-hatred you cannot attract pure, authentic love.

If you do attract a relationship by any chance, your partner will mirror the feelings that you have for yourself.

Therefore, make sure you achieve self-love before getting involved in a relationship.

Begin by making peace with all of your past mistakes and with accepting yourself just the way you are – beautiful and imperfect.

Embrace your flaws and start seeing them as qualities. Treat yourself nicely, praise yourself, feel good about yourself, look after your mind and body.

Basically, you have to treat yourself the same way you would treat someone you love.

If you struggle with this process, start practicing some self-love routines such as repeating affirmations, admiring your body in the mirror while whispering “I love you”, making a list of your accomplishments which you will read daily and so on.

I strongly recommend self-forgiveness as a very effective way of reaching self-love because most of us let failure alter the way in which we view ourselves. In this sense, I suggest you practice daily forgiveness meditation as part of your spiritual morning routine.

5. Create Mental Space For Your Soulmate

For us to receive anything, we need to create mental and physical space for that certain something to exist in our lives.

After releasing all internal blockages and cleansing your mind from negative thoughts, you need to create mental space for your soulmate.

What does mental space mean?

It means that you consciously accept and embrace the idea of having a partner so that your fears and limiting beliefs will not sabotage the relationship when it appears.

How do you create mental space for a partner?

Believe that you already have him/her and start thinking, feeling, and acting like it. Soon, you will notice changes in your life and behavior that you did not make consciously.

For example, one thing that could change when you create mental space for a partner is that you will start taking better care of your appearance and that in itself can contribute to you attracting a relationship.

6. Create Physical Space For Your Partner

If you were to meet your soulmate now and you would want to invite them over for a coffee, would they be sput off by the way in which your house looks?

Everyone has their house a little messy from time to time, but if you are at the stage in which you would need a week of cleaning before inviting someone over you might not be ready for your soulmate.

On a spiritual level, clutter signifies indecision and blockage. Therefore, if your house is full of clutter, you are blocking the flow of positive energy that could bring you your soulmate and other beautiful things.

The vibrational level of your house can contribute to what you are attracting, and clutter cannot bring anything that vibrates on a higher level of frequency.

Therefore, an important step towards attracting your soulmate is to declutter your house and make it welcoming and inviting, removing all the stagnant energies so that positive ones can make their way to you. 

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7. Script Your Relationship

There are a few manifestation techniques that are proven to work – scripting is one of them. Scripting means to write down in your journal how your ideal relationship would look.

This can become a part of your daily spiritual practice because scripting your relationship just once might not be enough. However, this is not just writing.

Scripting means to write intuitively, after a meditation in which you connect to your higher self and your soul, in order to know and feel what type of relationship would be suitable for you.

While writing, you should focus on every word, believing that what you are writing has already come true.

After all, the law of attraction only works when you have faith in it, and our world is shaped by our belief system.

8. Practice Visualization

Besides scripting, visualization is another amazing manifestation technique that is guaranteed to bring you what you desire.

Scripting and visualization work best when practiced together – visualize the relationship you desire while writing how you want it to look like.

Before starting your scripting and visualization routine remember to get in touch with your higher self, which is most easily done through a simple meditation.

This meditation consists of visualizing your higher self and connecting to them, feeling the power, faith, and strength that comes from them and allowing them to attune you to the frequency of the ideal relationship.

Another way of connecting to your higher self is through your heart – just focus on the area around your heart, imagine how your heart looks and visualize it in shining bright light, let your heart tell you what to write and what to visualize.

Also, when practicing these techniques, together or separately, always have tremendous faith in the fact that what you are manifesting will come true. 

9. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the ultimate proof of faith. Be grateful while visualizing what you desire to attract as if you had already received it.

Gratitude raises your vibrational level and aligns you with what you wish to attract.

When you practice gratitude, you prove to the universe that you believe in divine timing and in yourself because you are showing gratitude despite any solid proof that you will receive what you are asking for.

Besides scripting and visualization, another similar practice that could help the process is keeping a gratitude journal.

In a gratitude journal you write down everything that you are grateful for – from things that have already happened to the things that you wish to manifest.

Putting them together on the same list will help you bring to reality the ones that haven’t happened yet. 

10. Let Go Of The Outcome 

After healing all your past wounds and trauma, removing all your internal blockages, cleaning your mental and physical space, and using all the techniques previously listed, it’s time to surrender to the Universe’s will.

By any means do not try to control the outcome, or worse, to put a time limit or any condition on it. It is your job to attune to the frequency of what you desire to receive, but it is the Universe’s job to figure out when, how, and who.

You need to believe that the Universe has your back and will give you what you are asking for.

Gratitude is a good way of proving your faith, but letting go of the outcome and surrendering to the universe’s will is just as crucial.

This is the most important step and manifestation can only happen when you have already let go of your need to control events and have put your faith in the Universe.

11. Thank The Universe For The Gift You Have Received 

Without any doubt that you will receive that which you are asking for, I encourage you to not forget to show gratitude and thank the Universe after the manifestation has happened.

This is a great way of maintaining your vibration high and of ensuring that your other manifestation processes will work.

You can mentally formulate a thank you, you can say a thank your prayer if you are religious, or just let gratitude take over you.

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Another great way of thanking the Universe for the beautiful things you have received is by doing good deeds and spreading love and affection to those who need it.

This will ensure that you are always on the same vibrational level as love, therefore you will keep attracting more of it into your life, manifested into different shapes and forms.

The law of attraction can be used to attract anything you desire into your life, following the steps previously described.

No matter what it is that you truly desire, once you have removed internal blockages, raised your vibration, managed to love yourself, and work with the Law of Attraction, it will come to you!

Do not let yourself be discouraged when you don’t get what you wish for straight away, or when all the odds seem to be against you.

In some cases, the Universe wants to test how much you want something or wants to make sure that before you receive it you are ready for it, to cherish and make great use of your gifts.

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