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Angel Numbers: A Guide To What They Are + Finding Yours

Angel Numbers: A Guide To What They Are + Finding Yours

Have you ever seen the same number over and over again? Perhaps you constantly see the number 2222 everywhere you look for a few weeks, from phone numbers to street signs.

You might be tempted to brush it off as a coincidence. However, there is no such thing as a coincidence!

These are angel numbers!

So what are angel numbers? You probably have heard the phenomenon discussed on spirituality websites and in books.

Angel numbers are pretty important, so let’s dive deep into angel numbers and what you can learn from them!

What Is An Angel Number? 

Our guardian angels are always around us, watching on. Because they exist on a higher vibrational frequency, we will rarely meet our guardian angels face to face.

Plus, they know that appearing in their full form to us can be a little bit scary. 

So, our guardian angels use angel numbers in order to send us messages.

They know that we will typically notice repetition in the world around us, so numbers are a sure-fire way of getting our attention. 

Even before I had heard about angel numbers, I would notice repetition and signs in the physical world.

Friends and loved ones have frequently come to me to discuss their weird coincidences when it comes to numbers. 

Then, when I went on my own spiritual journey, learning about angel numbers just made sense.

It was a lightbulb moment! The repetitions I see around me aren’t just a coincidence. They are there for a reason.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?  

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers have various meanings, and each number is pretty significant.

Angel numbers are linked to numerology, which is the spiritual belief that all numbers have specific meaning and certain vibrational frequencies. 

Angel numbers exist to give us insight and wisdom in regard to our spiritual journey and the universe around us.

We also have angel numbers that are specific to us, which we can work out using a variety of techniques. 

Each angel number has a specific meaning, and we can use what we know about numerology to work out what our angels are trying to tell us. 

How To Discover Your Personal Angel Numbers?  

We will see angel numbers in the world around us when our angels are wanting to guide us.

However, we also have personal angel numbers that are important to us our entire lives.

Think about it a bit like astrology. Our personal angel numbers reflect who we are on a spiritual and emotional level, and they guide us on our spiritual path. 

When we see our personal angel numbers, we know that we are on the right path in life and our angels are cheering us on.

So, what are the best ways to discover your personal angel numbers?

Find Your Angel Number in Your Name

We are able to find our personal angel number by breaking down the letters in our name.

Take the alphabet and put every letter with a number, with A = 1, B = 2, and so on. 

Then, apply the numbers to your name. 

Let’s take the name Hannah Smith.

The numbers would be 8+1+14+14+1+8+19+13+9+20+8 = 115.

We then break it down further by 1+1+5 = 7.

If necessary, we can break it down further until we get a number up to 9, or 11, 22, and 33.

This is because 11, 22, and 33 are known as Master Numbers and therefore don’t need to be broken down to single digits. 

Angel Numbers and Your Life Path

Similarly, we can find our personal angel number by using our birth date. This is often referred to as our life path number.

So, let’s look as an example to explain.

Perhaps your date of birth is the 13th of January 1991. We first add 1 + 3 from the day of birth, which makes 4.

As January is 1, we don’t need to change that. Then, we can add up 1+9+9+1 to make 20. We then can break this down by adding 2 + 0 to make 2. 

We then take 4, 1, and 2 and add them together, making 7.

This would then be your life path and personal angel number!

Ways You Find Angel Numbers 

Showing what are angel numbers

Angel numbers are always dotted about in the world around us.

Sometimes, we notice them straight away, however, sometimes we need to put in a little bit of effort in order to find angel numbers. 

Once we know what we are looking for, we are able to connect with our guardian angels and use angel numbers to help us on our path. 

So, what are some common ways of finding angel numbers?

Seeing The Same Number Over and Over Again 

One of the main ways we find angel numbers is by seeing the same number over and over again.

Our angels will put numbers in ordinary situations, such as on bus timetables or on street signs.

This sequence of numbers will be in print, such as books and billboards. 

We might not think that they are angel numbers at first, but once we begin to notice the same sequence of numbers over and over again, we can be sure they are messages from our angels. 

Always be aware of your surroundings in the world around you, and keep your eyes peeled for sequences of numbers!

If you have recently talked to your angels and asked them for help, they will probably put angel numbers in the world around you to guide you. 

An Urge To Check The Clock 

I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through a phase of always checking the clock at a certain time every single day!

It can be super weird to find yourself doing this, but for some reason, you always glance at the clock at one specific time. 

This is a really common way of angels guiding us, as they somehow make us have a repetitive urge to look at the clock at a certain time to see the angel number that they want us to see. 

Angels have powers over us that we really can’t understand.

However, we can still listen to them and use their powers to help us.

If you find yourself always looking at a clock at a certain time, there is a reason for this!

Your angels are wanting you to know something. 

Angel Numbers Appearing In Dreams 

Angel numbers in dreams

Sometimes our guardian angels will put angel numbers in our dreams.

This is typically the case for people who have a deep understanding of the dreamworld and how it interacts with the spiritual realm. 

If you remember your dreams vividly, always note down any numbers that you saw in the dreamworld as soon as you wake up.

Keep a pen and notepad by your bed to make sure you can get the messages from your angels as soon as you wake up. 

Sometimes, you will notice a repetition of numbers appearing during your dreams. This is because your guardian angels have put them there to send you a message!

Receiving a Message From Angels 

If you are lucky enough, you might get a message that includes a specific number sequence directly from your angels! 

This will typically happen during meditation and prayer.

As I said before, our guardian angels don’t often communicate with us directly, however, it does happen if your spiritual side is developed enough. 

If you are praying to your guardian angels, you may find messages from them appearing in your head.

Allow your mind to be open to receiving these messages, and take note of any sequences of numbers that might appear. 

Common Types Of Angel Numbers And Their Meanings

There are some common angel numbers that appear frequently, so it is good to know the general meanings of certain angel numbers.

This means you can get guidance straight away from your angels. 

Angel numbers will typically appear in sequences of three or four digits, but you might also find single and double digit angel numbers. 

Here are some common types of angel numbers and what they mean.

Single Digit Angel Numbers

Knowing the numerological significance behind all single digit numbers is really useful when reading angel numbers.

This allows you to break angel numbers down using numerology to understand what your angels are trying to tell you. 

Here is a quick guide to single digit angel numbers and their numerological significance: 

  • Number 0 – Infinity, Wholeness, Cycles, Flow
  • Number 1 – Independence, Beginnings, Creation, Ambition
  • Number 2 – Harmony, Balance, Consideration, Adaptability 
  • Number 3 – Creativity, Communication, Inspiration, Joy
  • Number 4 – Practicality, Service, Patience, Loyalty
  • Number 5 – Freedom, Change, Progression, Lessons 
  • Number 6 – Home, Family, Love, Selflessness
  • Number 7 – Spiritual Awakening, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Intuition
  • Number 8 – Personal Power, Confidence, Authority, Success
  • Number 9 – Karma, Completion, Mission, Freedom

Double Digit Angel Numbers

Now we know the numerological meanings of single digit angel numbers, we can look at what they mean when doubled.

When the same single digit number is doubled, its meaning is amplified.

For example, if you see angel number 77 you know that spirituality and intuition are going to be really important in your life soon! 

In numerology, there are numbers called Master Numbers, which basically means that they are pretty powerful!

These numbers are 11, 22, and 33.

Seeing these angel numbers are pretty significant and suggest that there will be a huge shift in your life soon.

Of course, this change will be hard, but it will be extremely critical for your spiritual journey. 

The Master Number 11 is often seen as a wake-up call from your guardian angels.

They want you to know that you have the power to change things around you, and you must go ahead in the world and create your destiny.

Now is the time to realize your goals and work towards your future. 

The Master Number 22 serves as a reminder from your angels that you are on the right track, but you should make sure everything is in balance.

We have the power to build our own future, but we need to cooperate with the world around us. 

The Master Number 33 suggests that you will go through a significant period of learning and growing.

Your ideas and beliefs might be shaken, but this is necessary for your spiritual path. 

Triple Digit Angel Numbers

Triple Digit Angel Numbers

Angel numbers will frequently be triple digit, such as 123, 234, 444, 000, and so on.

When it is the same number repeated three times, it usually means that the numerological meaning is amplified.

Your angels are really wanting to get your attention when they are using triple digit angel numbers, so it is really important to keep a look-out for triple digit angel numbers!

When triple digit angel numbers are comprised of different numbers, such as 455 or 823, we can typically break it down using numerology to get to the meaning of the angel number. 

For example, if we take angel number 455, we can take the energies of 4 and 5 to understand what our angels are trying to tell us.

According to numerology, the number 4 reflects patience and practicality, whereas the number 5 refers to freedom and change.

As the number 5 appears twice in angel number 455, we know that the meaning of this number is amplified. 

So, we can understand the angel number 455 to be a message that hard work and patience will lead to significant change and freedom.

It tells us that we have the power to change the world around us. 

Repeating Digit Angel Numbers

Repeating digit angel numbers are the most common angel numbers, so I thought it would be useful to include a handy guide to these type of angel numbers.

Let’s look at repeating digit angel numbers and what messages your angels are trying to tell you! 

000 or 0000 

According to numerology, the number 0 refers to newness, wholeness, and cycles.

When we see the angel number 000 or 0000, our guardian angels want us to know that a significant change in our life is approaching. 

If you are seeing this angel number, you are leaving one life cycle behind to move onto the next. 

111 or 1111  

Angel number 111 and 1111

The number 1 reflects energy of creation and manifestation, so it is a really amazing number to receive in an angel number!

When we see angel number 111 or 1111, it is a sign from our angels that it is time to go out in the world and embrace all opportunities that are in front of us.

The universe is on our side with the angel numbers 111 and 1111. It is time to manifest, create, and set intentions. 

222 or 2222  

Because the number 2 refers to balance and communication, the angel numbers 222 and 2222 are there to remind you of the importance of cooperating with people around you.

Working with others allows us to create and manifest. We should support those in need, because one day we will need their support. 

The angel numbers 222 and 2222 might also crop up when there is an imbalance in your life. 

333 or 3333  

According to numerology, the number 3 refers to creativity and inspiration.

When we see the angel numbers 333 and 3333, our guardian angels are wanting us to know that there is a magic and creativity in the air!

It is time to work with your talents and express yourself. 

444 or 4444  

The number 4 is all about loyalty and practicality.

It will typically appear in a repeated digit angel number if you are going through a rough time and are in need of a little support.

It reminds you to do things that will help you to stay grounded, and to never shy away of asking for support.  

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555 or 5555 

Angel number 555 and 5555

Seeing the angel numbers 555 or 5555 suggests that there are huge changes on the horizon for you.

You will soon go through a pretty transformational process, and come out the other side a much more spiritual person. 

666 or 6666 

According to numerology, the number 6 refers to domesticity and love.

When we see the angel numbers 666 or 6666, our angels are telling us we must take responsibility for those around us and our home life.

It is time for kindness and love, both for ourselves and those close to us. 

777 or 7777 

The angel numbers 777 and 7777 are all about spirituality and intuition.

When we see these numbers, it will often suggest that we are going through a significant spiritual awakening.

It is time to connect with the universe and our souls. 

888 or 8888

Seeing the angel numbers 888 and 8888 asks you to have confidence and faith in the universe and the journey you are on.

It can reflect infinity and success and having the power to achieve all your goals. 

999 or 9999 

According to numerology, the number 9 reflects completion and freedom.

Because of this, seeing the angel numbers 999 and 9999 is normally a good sign that your work and efforts will soon pay off.

You are entering a new chapter in life, achieving goals and moving forward on your journey. 

Sequential Angel Numbers

Sequential Angel Numbers

Sequential angel numbers are those that involve numbers that go in a pattern, such as 1234 or 2345.

When they follow the sequence of numbers in an ascending form, such as 1234, this will normally mean that you are moving forward and upwards in life. 

In order to fully understand sequential angel numbers, it is useful to break down the numbers in numerology, then reflect on their form.

Reflecting on the individual meaning of each number allows you to understand what your angels are trying to tell you, and how you are moving forward in life. 

If you are seeing descending sequential angel numbers such as 4321, your angels are telling you that you need to work on your thought processes and remove any negative thinking.

You are a bit stuck right now, and are not moving forward on your spiritual journey.

Break down the descending sequential angel number with numerology to figure out what you need to work on and how you can change things up a bit!

The Origin Of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are often described as a New Age. However, numerology and working with numbers in a spiritual way has been going on for centuries. 

We can trace numerology and angel numbers back to the ancient Greek age.

The philosopher Pythagoras worked a lot with numbers and their links to letters, music, and energy.

He discovered that everything can be explained by numbers, so it makes sense that numbers are extremely important in the universe. 

Because of his discoveries, Pythagoras suggested that everything in the universe can be reduced to numbers, and each number has a specific intrinsic meaning. 

Since Pythagoras, numerology has come in and out of fashion.

However, the idea of angel numbers have become extremely important for a lot of spiritualists.

Following Pythagoras, we are able to understand the significance of the vibrational frequencies and what they can teach us about life and spirituality. 

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Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this simple guide on what angel numbers are. If you like to know the meanings of specific number sequences check out our archive of different angel numbers are their meanings here