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How To Manifest So Quick You’ll Think You Have Supernatural Powers

How To Manifest So Quick You’ll Think You Have Supernatural Powers

So you want to be a manifesting master.  You want to know how to manifest so quick, you’ll think you have supernatural powers.

Well I have good news. This is the only article you need to read!

Are you ready to learn to manifest with superhero speed?

Let’s begin!

6 Steps to Lightning-Fast Manifestations

1. Meditate.

And that’s the end of this article. Go meditate. Thank you, and have a good day.

Seriously though, if your manifestations are coming in way too slow for comfort, then you definitely want to meditate more!

Does this mean you have to pack a bag and go to Tibet, because that’s the only way you can do it right?


Make a practice of meditating for 10 to 15 minutes daily. How?

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Sit in a comfy position, in a quiet room where you’ll not be disturbed.
  • Shut your eyes.
  • Part your lips, slightly.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose.
  • Exhale through your slightly parted lips. Note that the exhale will be longer than the inhale.
  • Keep your mind on the rhythm of your breath.
  • When your mind wanders – and it will – gently bring your attention to your breath.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Over time, your mind will stay more and more focused for longer.
  • Keep bringing your attention back to your breath.
  • Don’t try to go for too long in the beginning. 10-15 minutes is just fine.
  • Keep your meditation time constant. Honor it.

The more you meditate, the more you put yourself in a non-resistant state.

So it’s easier to manifest things, faster and faster!

I’ve had things happen immediately after meditation, sometimes even during!

When I feel there's resistance slowing down my manifestation, I don’t panic. I simply meditate, and my manifestation resistance loosens and the speed it comes picks up again!

But don’t wait till things slow down. Make this a daily practice!

2. Check your beliefs.

You want to manifest the best relationship yet? Great!

So you’ve visualized, and practiced living as if your desire has already happened. Yet nothing’s happening! What gives, eh?

Well… Do you also believe that “Men are scum?”

Do you think “All women ever do is play with emotions?”

If you answered yes to those questions, if you think anything horrible about dating one gender or the other, then guess what? You’re not going to have the “best relationship” you want!

Your subconscious mind will do its best to protect you from having a man in your life, because, duh, they’re scum!

It will also keep the women at bay, because it doesn’t want you to go through the pain of having your emotions messed with!

So whatever you want, if you have beliefs that oppose their manifestation, drop them like hot potatoes.

Actively seek out ways to convince yourself that there are good women and men out there (if that's what you're trying to manifest).

3. Use your emotions.

Fun fact: the only reason you want to be, or do, or have something, is because you think once you’ve got it, you’re going to be happy!

I don’t care what it is you want. It’s all comes down to the same thing: the pursuit of happiness.

How do we hack this?

Choose to feel how you’d feel if your manifestations happened now!

It’s that simple. Don’t wait for them to come about, before you’re happy. Be happy now!

If these things happening can make us happy, then you can reverse-engineer it so your happiness is what makes these things happen!

When you feel the emotions of happiness, satisfaction, relief, joy, positive expectation,  and other emotions of like frequency, guess what?

You create a vacuum that the Universe has to fill. So it fills it rapidly, with your desires!

Long story short, want to manifest faster? Skip to the emotions.

4. Take It for Granted.

Let’s say you ordered a mountain bike off of Amazon. You expect it to be delivered in a certain period of time.

Do you keep checking to see if your order is still valid? Do you call Amazon and go, “So, hey, I placed an order for this bike, and I just want to be sure y’all saw it?”

Okay, say you’re that much of a control freak, and the Amazon rep says, “Sure, we’ve seen your order, we’ve processed it, and it’s on its way to you,” do you then hang up, call the shipping company and ask…

“Hey, so, Amazon just handed you my bike and I want to know if it’s in the air or on the sea and if you packaged it right and-”

Of course you don’t!

Here’s a tip: Take your desires for granted!

Don’t give them much thought.

When you do think of them, think of them with expectancy. With a sureness. You know for a fact it’s done. You know for a fact any day now your bike will show up at your front porch.

You’re not bothered. You don’t care how or when it happens, because you know either way, it’s going down.

Take your desires for granted – because they are granted!

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5. Write down your wins!

Look, it’s so easy to forget in tough, slow times, how badass we are at creating our reality.

So get a notebook and every time you manifest something you desire, write it down.

Here’s another thing: every time you manifest something you don’t desire, write it down! Huh?

Let me explain. You’re always manifesting. Good, and bad. The sooner you take credit for all of it, the sooner you’ll be able to really put those manifesting muscles to better work.

If you have something undesirable happen, chances are you may have entertained thoughts or feelings about it first.

Sit, be honest with yourself, and write it down. Own it. It’s also a win.

Why? Because it shows you how much manifesting power you have.

6. List 10 random things you want to manifest, daily.

Or five. Or three. Or seven. It really doesn’t matter.

Get a notepad – you could use the other end of the notepad for the previous exercise. Now, write down random things.

Don’t overthink them.

This morning, one of the things I wrote was “lady dressed in blue and pink.”

When I stepped out to go get the mail, guess what I saw? A lady dressed in blue and pink, jogging down the street.

So write down random stuff, and at the end of each day, check to see what happened.

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As you do this, you’ll notice how very little stress and resistance were in your mind as you wrote them down. How is this useful? You can take the same attitude you had toward those “mundane” manifestations you wrote down, and apply it to stuff that matters!

You’ll learn there’s no such thing as too big, or too small – unless you think so.

There you have it. The ultimate guide on how to manifest so quick you’ll think you have supernatural powers.

Hint: You do.

Happy manifesting!


Friday 27th of January 2023

This method absolutely works, but it can be dangerous. Faith, along with believing and feeling happy emotions for the dynamite effect emotions bring, can move mountains. However this kind of faith/imagination can actually work for Christians and satanist or non religious folks or anyone. Satan himself tempted Jesus in the wilderness to use His own faith to manifest food and great power to rule the world, to get His own desires but then Jesus answered satan saying that He only did God's will and not His own. So even Jesus Christ was tempted by understanding the power of faith and imagination. But understanding all the above, and having practiced and tried out imagining what I want as if I already have it, and adding strong emotions of happiness and thankfulness to that thing pictured in my mind, I did receive it in real life. This works Ya'll. But our puny brains don't know what's really best for us in the long run, nor does it realize where our priorities can best be used to help us grow into better human beings. Sometimes God has a different plan to get us there. Please don't erase this. Folks need to know of the blessings and curses that can happen with this method so they can use this technique wisely and accomplish much good. Jesus knew it, under the gentle wisdom of His Father's guidance. Folks of other religions need to understand the big picture here in order to learn what to watch out for in this journey and move carefully and wisely.


Friday 27th of January 2023

There's one problem with this method ..... It works ... But later on you may find that the thing you got turned out to be wrong for your best interests. Getting the thing you want makes you instantly very happy in that moment. But it can possibly backfire on you in the future. Example: I wanted to buy a home but didn't have enough credit history. I miraculously manifested that exact home I had pictured in my imagination, using the tecnique discussed above.. Later on it turned out to be a disaster when the neighborhood changed and bad people began moving in on my street and I didn't feel safe. I've learned from this and many other examples to always first say a prayer to God, asking His permission to use my faith for the thing I want. But ... since He can see the future, I ask Him to let me know somehow if I can have that desire or that it's a bad idea. I will almost always get a strong sense of love all around me if it is ok for me to use my faith, my imagination and emotions to go ahead and thank God for this thing I know I am receiving. If I feel an emptiness as if God has walked away, then I understand my answer is "No." It's not a good thing to manifest right now. THIS WORKS FOR ME. If I get nothing when I pray, I just wait a while and pray again. If nothing then, I do not attempt to manifest it again, but I do ask God what's the best way to pray on this subject.

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Aggyapal Kaur

Thursday 27th of January 2022

This article is great ... Some brand nrw information in a while .. Thankyou so much