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5 Simple Yet POWERFUL Tricks for Manifesting With More Success

5 Simple Yet POWERFUL Tricks for Manifesting With More Success

Hey Master Manifestor! So you’ve been nailing it, haven’t you? You’ve been living your best life, and while there might be a hiccup here and there, you find you’re just sailing through for the most part. Good for you!

And don't worry if you're not quite nailing it yet. This tricks will still work for you.

Ask yourself, would you like to take your manifestation mastery to the next level? Like, GOD LEVEL?

Well then, you definitely want to get to the very end of this article!

I’m going to explain 5 simple yet POWERFUL tricks for manifesting with more success.

These tricks are ridiculously easy, so don’t feel like you’re going to reinvent the wheel or something.

You ready? Good let's go.


1. Practice Congratulatory Conversations.

When you want to manifest something, a really great and fast way for you to do get it done is to use congratulatory conversations.

Here's what to do:

  • Relax, or zone out, first.
  • Imagine a very short scene between you and a friend or a loved one, or your boss or colleague. It does not matter who it is.
  • Just see them congratulating you for whatever it is you want.
  • If it’s a promotion, or a raise, or both, just shake hands with your boss in your mind’s eye.
  • Look into his eyes as he smiles.
  • Hear him say the word, and your name. Example, “Congratulations, Steven!”
  • Respond to him with a thank you.

Boom. Done and dusted. It’s that easy. 

2. Put Yourself In The Scene As Actor And Audience.

To manifest with more success, make sure you’re in the scenes you’re imagining AS AN ACTOR, AND as the audience. You need to see it in your mind as happening through the eyes of you and through the eyes of the watcher.

Here’s what to do.

  • Relax, or zone out. Just be at ease. Your focus on this current reality should be soft, if at all there.
  • See yourself in a car that you like. I mean, see your whole self, with your face.
  • Switch now, from seeing yourself in the car, to seeing your hands on the steering wheel, and the windshield and road directly in front of you.
  • Practice this often with every kind of scene in your imagination. Put yourself in there.
  • Try this again, with drinking coffee. See yourself drinking coffee at a distance.
  • Then see yourself looking down at your cup of coffee. You can’t see your face this time. Bring it to your lips and drink.

Repeat this as many times as you need, until you get the hang of imaging as yourself, and imagining or visualizing as someone else watching you.

3. Make “There” Here, And “Then” Now.

How many times when you visualize, have you made it so it’s in the future, and so it’s just not happening for you?

Here’s a way to fix that:

  • Relax, zone out, be entirely at ease.
  • Say you’re in the living room. Imagine you’re in a different part of the building. Like a bedroom.
  • Be conscious of the fact that you are HERE in the bedroom.
  • From the bedroom in your mind’s eye, imagine the living room as THERE.
  • As you imagine, be conscious of the fact that RIGHT NOW, you are in the bedroom.
  • If it comes to mind that you are in the living room, remind yourself that you WERE in the living room, but NOW, you’re in the bedroom.
  • Try this again with another part of the house.
  • If you do it right, when you open your eyes, you’ll be shocked that you’re sitting in the living room.

How does this help?

When you make your desires HERE and NOW, they HAVE to manifest.

But if you keep visualizing them as “then and there,” then you’re forever putting it off into the future, which never gets here. Because by the time it does, it’s the present. Get it?

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4. Fall Asleep With Your Eyes Open, As You Visualize.

Yes, you heard correct, fall asleep with your eyes open. 

And yes it probably looks really creepy and it can feel a little weird to do.

But you may not know this, the time shortly before sleep and shortly after, are really great times for you to create your reality!

The reason it's a great time is that your brain is in an Alpha brainwave state. This is when your subconscious in most impressionable.

So what do you do?

  • When you’re tired and ready for bed, go to bed, but keep your eyes open.
  • Don’t try to force them to stay open, just let them stay as open as they’re willing.
  • Do your visualizing, remembering to visualize scenes that would happen AFTER you’ve gotten your desire.
  • Keep it up until your eyes naturally close and you drift off.

Why keep your eyes open?

Well, you could visualize with your eyes shut, but the truth is you’re much more likely to go off on a wild tangent of thoughts that have nothing to do with your desire if you keep your eyes closed.

Or you might just drift off to sleep without even visualizing. So keep those eyes open, in a relaxed way.

5. Use Your Inner Senses.

Here’s something that has really helped me, along my manifesting journey. I’m one hundred percent confident it will help you too if you put it to the test.

What I like to do, is to develop my inner senses.

Here’s how you can do it:

For sight:

  • Look at an object in front of you. Really look at it. Could be a pen, or your computer.
  • Shut your eyes. See the object in front of you again.
  • Repeat this over and over, for different objects, until you can replicate these objects in your mind.
  • Do the same thing for whole scenes, with people and objects.

For smell:

  • Smell different objects. Burning plastic, different foods, roses, perfumes.
  • Leave the smells. Go somewhere you smell nothing.
  • Relax. Conjure up the smells one after the other.
  • Repeat this often, till you get the hang of it.

For taste:

  • Just conjure up various tastes. Lasagna. Lemon. Apple. Vanilla ice-cream.
  • Practice until you get the hang of conjuring the taste in your mind faster and easier.

For touch:

  • In your mind, feel random objects. Sandpaper. A tennis ball. A dollar bill. A dog’s fur.
  • Practice until you get the hang of conjuring the physical sensation in your mind faster and easier.

For hearing:

  • In your mind, conjure up different sounds. A dog barking. A wine bottle popping. Laughter. Crying. A train. Dripping.
  • Practice until you get the hang of conjuring sounds quickly and easily.

How does all this help? You’ll find your visualization abilities so much better, and you’ll be manifesting on the fly like it’s nothing! Now get out there, and dominate!

They ya go.

5 Law Of Attraction tricks to take you manifestation to the next level.

If you know of any other good manifestation techniques or games feel free to comment below and let me know. I might update this post with your addition.

Thanks and feel free to give this post a pin.

Happy manifesting 🙂

Onkabetse Silas Raditholo

Friday 3rd of September 2021

You only get to realize the effectiveness of the 5 sensory techniques you have provided when you try them, otherwise, one is automatically tuned to doubt the power behind them. Thanks quadrillion times!

Omar Jacobs

Sunday 6th of June 2021

Awesome ,food for thought

Alan Young

Monday 7th of June 2021



Saturday 7th of September 2019


I am thrilled that you've shared your techniques with the world and delighted to say that those are the best that I've encountered. In this ocean of information, you are quite a wave of freshness. Are you suggesting using all of them at once, or? Thank you for your time, and hope you post more of this valuable content.