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Why Writing Things Down to Manifest WORKS!

Why Writing Things Down to Manifest WORKS!

Have you ever had an experience, where you wrote down a list of your desires, and had them manifest?

If not, you going to want to read today’s article, where I’m going to explain why writing down what you want to manifest works.

I’m also going to give you a few pointers, so you can get started with manifesting by writing, right away!

First, A Story.

How I Stumbled Upon Writing To Manifest My Dreams

So firstly, it all started when I was a teenager.

I didn’t Google it or anything.

I just sat down one day to write a list of things I dreamed about having.

At that point in my life, and because of my background, I didn’t really believe I could have those things – but I had always loved to dream.

I took pleasure from daydreaming about things that seemed impossible. And I still do.

So I wrote a bunch of things down…

My very own laptop (unthinkable!),

A guitar (never going to happen),

A piano (they’ll never let me have one),

And so on, and so forth.

But I wasn’t writing and thinking about how possible or impossible it would be for me.

I Just Wrote For The Sheer Pleasure Of It

Image of someone writing down to manifest

I felt good.

Then I forgot about it.

Years Later…

I was moving my things into my very own home, when I stumbled on an old notebook of mine. Curious of what I’d find – because I was always writing things – I opened it up.

There, right there, was my old list.

I laughed at it, and then I stopped. Wait a minute, I thought. I read through that list and guess what I had noticed?

Every single thing on that list came true!

I mean, I was just floored.

Years later, I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. I decided I was going to buy her a neck tie, and some perfume.

She loves her ties, and I thought the perfume would be a nice touch.

When I was about to leave, I remembered I’d left the gifts in my car. I went out, got them, gave them to her.

She stood looking at me funny for about 30 minutes. “What? You don’t like ‘em?”

Wordlessly, she took me back into her house and showed me a list she had made.

On it, she had written “tie” as well as the EXACT brand of perfume I had gotten her.

That's the power of writing things down to manifest.

It’s All About Focus

Do you want to know why writing things down to manifest works?

Whenever you write – whether with pen on paper, or on a laptop – you’ve got to focus.

There’s something about sitting down and collecting your thoughts, then translating them onto paper or a screen.

Therein lies the secret to manifesting with writing.

The focus of attention.

Whatever You Put Your Attention On Grows

When you pay attention to something – in other words, focus on something – what you’re doing is you are concentrating the energy of All-That-Is on this one thing.

That energy draws more things vibrating at the same rate as it.

The more you focus on something, the more whatever you’re focussed on increases or expands.

When you are manifesting by writing, all your attention is on creating the words that you put down on paper.

And back of the words, is the intent or the energy that you’re putting into them.

That focused energy is why writing things down to manifest works so well.

Desire, Untainted By Doubt, Must Manifest

The thing about desire is once you have it, it’s fulfillment is also yours.

But what most people do is they get a desire, enjoy it for a split second, then shoot it down with, “Oh it will never happen anyway.”


“Yeah, but then I’d  have to do this and that, and I don’t have the means to do any of it.”

Well, manifestation through writing works because in that moment, you’re putting down on paper your desires.

So your attention is on your desire, not on your doubts.

Since you’re watering your desire with your attention, it has no choice but to grow into an actual manifestation, sooner or later!

How To Manifest By Writing Down Your Desires

Image of a woman learning how to manifest by writing down her desires

So, you’re going to need a pen and paper, obviously.

If you like you can use your laptop.

Personally, I prefer the feel of pen and paper, and something about good old-fashioned writing feels really deliberate.

There is really no wrong way to do this, as long as you feel good as you do it.

1. Identify your desires

Let’s pretend you’d love to get lean. Your focus would be NOT on “losing weight” but on the heart of the matter itself – “a lean body.”

2. Write it down

You could simply write down “lean body.” If that doesn’t gel for you, you can move on to step 3.

3. Write down in detail what it feels like to have what you want

So, as an example: “I have a really lean body now. I walk into the store and I forget I should be looking for size 4 clothes, not size 8!

I don’t worry about how I look anymore. I wear clothes because I love how I look in them.

I remember when I used to pick clothes based on how well they could hide my chunky bits. Now I wear whatever I want, just cuz!”

4. You can also write it down in story form

Write down how it happened. A key phrase to use when writing is “I remember when.” I used that in the previous point.

The reason is manifestation works best and faster when you place it in the past, as if it’s already happened!

5. Forget about it

Really. That’s the detachment bit.

It’s letting go, so you don’t give your logical mind room to begin questioning whether or not this is actually applicable.

I personally prefer to just have a really special notebook to write these things down.

Also, I don’t stress too much with stories and whatnot. I just make lists.

I think of the note as magic.

I assume what I write down in my book to manifest, is already done.

That’s been my experience ever since.

The other methods work too. Just choose what works for you, and please, be light and easy. Have fun with this!

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You can use this writing process to write down manifestations for anything and everything, big and small.

Doesn’t matter. This is a powerful process that works.

Happy manifesting!

Reese Evans

Monday 4th of October 2021

Thank you very much for this beautiful article. The Law of attraction helps people to improve themselves in order to self-development. Great work.

Rashmi Agrawal

Saturday 18th of September 2021

Lovely ❤️❣️ I agree, writing the wishes down on a paper makes a lot of difference and it does manifest. Thanks, for the post 🙏


Sunday 21st of July 2019

It’s in the BIBLE... HABAKKUK 2:2-3 the Prophet advice is to write down the VISION or GOAL... writing down the LIST of DESIRES works because we’re making a CLEAR picture of what’s our concrete Goal! Our MIND works with PICTURES and every WORD evokes the mold to BE Manifested.... we can change the PLAN, without disturbing the GOAL! Our WORDS have POWER, and the use or misused are the results! Our WORDS are the MAGIC Wand... the word ABRACADABRA, means “ we create as we speak!”🤔😳

Alan Young

Monday 5th of August 2019

Hey Yolanda, I never knew that was written in the bible. Makes total sense though. Writing down the vision/goal helps us see it in the mind which then draws it into our experience. Thanks for sharing that with me. Happy manifesting 🙏


Saturday 22nd of June 2019

Thank you for making this an easy process to write and manifest the things I want in life.

Alan Young

Monday 5th of August 2019

You're welcome Veronica! Happy manifesting :-)


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

This is magic and it works. I recently told my other friend about it that she should have her wishes/ written down. I call mine My Pray On List . Not that literally I always pray for my list, but the attention/energy when I'm gathering my thoughts framing what I wanna achieve it gets to be enough. So much I have achieved. 2018 I added cancellation of debts;guess what ... I have achieved that remaining with my home and car accounts that's it. I'm working on home upgrade plans currently and it was also listed. Do it and enjoy results

Subconscious Servant

Tuesday 30th of April 2019

Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm sure you're an inspiration to your friend to write down their manifesting list (or prayer list) :-), like you said the attention/energy is what makes it move into motion. Where your attention goes, energy flows! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy manifesting!