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666 Numerology – Is Its True Meaning Good or Bad For You?

666 Numerology – Is Its True Meaning Good or Bad For You?

What does the 666 Numerology number really mean? 

If you have chosen to read this article, you are aware that numbers hold an energetic significance.

This is true for life itself, as everything exists in its own vibratory state of being.

Everything has a unique frequency.

In terms of numerology, this means that we can look to numbers and the synchronicities they bring to explain and understand natural phenomena.

We live in an energetic and magical universe, for those with eyes to see!

So in terms of numerology and the number 666, this means that there are hidden messages and guidances wishing to come to light.

Perhaps you see or have recently started to see the number 666 occur?

Each time you are in a spiritual or mystically- inclined space, maybe the number pops into your conscious awareness?

Subsequently, you may receive feelings of deja vu, magic, or some unexplainable gut feeling each time you see or hear it?

However it manifests, numbers are here to show us a part of ourselves that we may not have previously been aware of. They also provide direct insight and wisdom into our path or current life status.

You may be wondering why this article is named 666 Numerology and not angel number 666…?

This is because- regardless of whether you believe in angels, or not, or whether you have yet to make contact or have an angelic experience; the vibrational energy and qualities of the numbers in numerology exist in a higher frequency.

In other words, there are other planes of existence that extend above and beyond the 3-dimensional reality, we often reside in.

Reality is a multi-dimensional experience!

Numerology Number 666: The Essence

Numerology Number 666

If number 666 repetitively shows up in your life, this means you are being asked to look at the imbalance in your life.

Seeing number 666 could mean that you have developed an unhealthy attachment to something in your life, such as a substance, habit, behavior, or person.

Has some part of you become out of balance or disharmonious with itself?

Maybe your profession or career is no longer in harmony with your true self?

Perhaps your personal goals, dreams, and aspirations are being suppressed by work, or inharmonious personal relationships?

Are your mind, emotions, physical being or spirit being sacrificed from an imbalance with one of the others?

When you see 666 appear in your world life is asking you to look within at where you have begun to give ‘too much’ attention to one area at the expense of another.

There is a sense of caregiving and responsibility that comes with this angel number.

You have a duty to yourself to take responsibility for your own life, treating yourself with self- love and self- respect in the process.

It is very well thriving in one or a couple of areas, but this is not loving or caring if other important areas are being sacrificed or neglected as a result.

Balance and self-love are the keys here.

Spiritual Meaning Of 666

As numerology number 666 is known as one of the angel numbers, it also holds a strong spiritual significance.

Angel numbers are messengers of spirit, god, source, or goddess – whichever higher power you know and believe to be true.

When you see the number 666, you are being divinely guided to reconnect to your spiritual source and inner healing abilities.

There is great healing and self-love to be attained with the number 666, and being aware of this is the first step to wholeness and transformation.

Remember, 666 is all about balance and inner harmony, and harmony involves wholeness.

Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are designed to work in harmony and support one another- any neglect of just one of these areas will have a seriously negative impact on the others.

Listening to the signs from the universe, therefore, will aid in your ability to embody the positive qualities of 666 and transform your life in the process.

666 Misconceptions

Spiritual meaning 666

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions regarding the number 666 and its numerological (energetic) meaning.

In the book of Revelations, it is referred to as the number of the beast, subsequently having strong associations with the devil.

But, if you are familiar with the tarot and have ventured out onto your own path of healing and self-discovery, you will know that the devil in tarot is merely a symbol of death; the natural and unavoidable cycle all humans go through.

Furthermore, death is not just related to physical departure, but it is also symbolic of death as a transition, or releasing one cycle to make space for a new one.

In short, seeing the number 666 is not a bad or ‘evil’ omen!

Number 9: The Vibrational Essence Of Number 666

If you aren’t already aware by now in numerology, it is important to look to other numbers associated, to better understand the energy of the number being explored.

666, therefore, adds up to number 9. (6+6+6 equals 18, and 1+8 is 9.)

Number 9 carries the qualities of humanitarianism, philanthropy, and idealism; it is a universal number associated with compassion and completion.

Relating back to the energy of 666, this implies that inner harmony and balance can be achieved when you start to have compassion for yourself and others and shift your focus to humanitarian and service-oriented pursuits.

The truth is that angel number 666 is not a bad or negative quality,

It is actually, in fact, a very positive and spiritual one.

Due to its connection to number 9, the reoccurrence of number 666 may be asking you to learn to love yourself, develop peace and harmony within, and have more compassion with a stronger sense of idealism.

As this angel number is a ‘triple’ number, in that it contains three 6’s, being aware of the energy of the number 6 is also important.

Number 6 relates to the caregivers, healers, and charity workers of the world.

Many people with a strong 6 energy dedicate their life to some humanitarian cause, such as working in animal welfare, with children or disadvantaged adults, or through some charity and volunteer role.

6’s are very compassionate, and there is a strong sense of selflessness.

Maybe you are being asked to shift course and redirect your energy to some cause, activity, or practice which helps others or the planet.

Alternatively, perhaps you have lost touch with your inner peace, serenity, and heartfelt wisdom and truth?

Either way, when it comes to 666 Numerology, the number 666 can provide a guide and framework for your true self to shine through and your spiritual essence to come back to light.

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