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11 Spiritual Morning Routine Ideas To Start Your Day Magically

11 Spiritual Morning Routine Ideas To Start Your Day Magically

Every morning we have an influential opportunity to spiritually align for the day ahead. A spiritual morning routine includes intentionally chosen spiritual practices.

When we choose to follow a spiritual morning routine it can bring major upgrades to our perspective and experience of daily life. 

The first moments and hours after waking from a night of resting and regenerating sleep is a period of heightened energetic sensitivity and openness.

We can make the best use of this time by practicing a spiritual morning routine that can allow us to set and maintain a higher vibration for the day. 

Within this article we shall learn more about the importance of spiritual morning routines or rituals and how to best prepare for your chosen routine.

We will focus on a list of powerful suggested spiritual practices that you can include within your spiritual morning routine. We will also touch upon some considerations to personalize your spiritual morning routine.

Why Is A Spiritual Morning Routine Important?

Doing a spiritual morning routine

A spiritual morning routine is important because it is making the intentional choice to experience your life as a spiritual experience.

Choosing to implement a spiritual morning routine allows you to make sure that your perspective is aligned before you do anything else.

You can embody spiritual alignment by using specific practices that get your spirit to drive your body and mind. 

A spiritual morning routine allows you to set the tone for your day ahead. To see yourself and your life with a deeper clarity that will reflect in your energy and actions throughout the day.

Spiritual practices are all really powerful at any time of day but it is an effective choice to align with these practices when you are most rested and clear.

This allows you to be more present and open to the consciousness expansion that these practices allow for.

Starting your day in a spiritually activating way will give you the best chance of making the best of your day ahead.

It will help you to fully embrace the day with its challenges and blessings. You will be more likely to see all happenings of your day as part of the flow and divine plan.

Dedication to a spiritual morning routine is choosing to start your day connecting to source energy (God).

As we connect internally each day this connection will reflect in external connections and experiences.

A spiritual morning routine can also include an expansive menu of other benefits including but not limited to: improved general health, vitality, focus, less stress, better mood, flow states, improved relationship with self and others.

Preparation For Your Spiritual Morning Routine 

how to prepare for your spiritual morning routine

The first step of creating a spiritual morning routine is setting the intention to dedicate your mornings to your chosen practices.

You can then do a few things that will actively and energetically prepare you to embody and stick to this intention.

A ritual to initiate your spiritual morning routine

You can include the following steps to prepare :

  • Use a specific journal that you will continue to use in your routine.
  • You can write down the practices and details that you want to include in your morning routine 
  • You can affirm out loud and in writing your dedication to your spiritual morning routine. 
  • You can write down some of the reasons for choosing this routine, what you hope to gain, and any items you may need to gather for your routine.
  • You can take some time to meditate and enter into a visualization of the steps of your morning routine.
  • You can make a checklist to help you to stay focused if this suits your personality needs.
  • If you find it challenging to stick to a routine you could add an extra incentive for sticking to your routine. For example, you could say to yourself ‘At the end of each month that I have stayed committed to my routine I will gift myself…’ An incentive can help with the initial commitment if needed and after some time you will see how a morning routine is a priceless gift itself!
  • You can check in with your morning routine progress at regular intervals and repeat this routine setting ritual if you feel like you want to change up or recommit to your routine at any time.

11 Spiritual Morning Routine Ideas 

spiritual morning routine ideas

#1. Meditation

Meditation is a staple practice within any spiritual morning routine.

You can choose to include any type of meditation that suits you: traditional silent present meditation, breath awareness meditation, or guided meditations.

You can find many intentional morning-guided meditations online or you can choose to meditate in whatever ways feel most effective for you.

Meditation allows you to slow down and become present to the deeper eternal aspects of your being. 

#2. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient holistic practice that can be an entire morning routine itself. Yogic practice includes activating your body and energy through a variety of powerful practices. 

Yoga practice usually includes a combination of asanas (postures), mantra (sound vibration), mudras (hand postured), philosophy, meditation, and pranayama (breathwork).

Yoga is perfect to include within your morning practice as it will help you to focus and actively embody spirituality in mind and body in preparation for your day ahead.

#3. Breathwork 

Intentional breathwork is a great energizing and aligning spiritual practice to include in your morning routine.

You can simply choose to breathe with full presence and attention. You could also choose from a variety of breathwork techniques that are designed for specific effectiveness. 

Intentional deep breathing is balancing and calming to the nervous system which is always a good way to start the day.

Breathwork is calming but can also be energizing as it brings our focus to the life force energy that is keeping us alive, our prana.

Focusing on the breath reminds us to be grateful for the delicacy and blessings of being a spirit in a human body. 

#4. Ritual Bath

ritual bath as a spiritual morning routine

Making your morning bath more intentional can be an enjoyable addition to your morning routine. You can turn your bath time into a ritual of presence and appreciation.

You can be aware of the energetically and physically cleansing nature of water and allow your bath time to be a mindfulness practice. 

You can also use this time to set a specific spiritual intention upon the water flowing over you. Use your intention to energetically code the water to positively affect your vibration. 

You can adapt this practice according to if you have the time for a shower or bath.

You can use your bath time as a practice of self-care and intentionally tending to your physical body in a way that allows your energy to radiate.

#5. Grounding and Nature immersion 

Spending some time present in nature Is another element that you can consider adding to your spiritual morning routine.

You can choose this as a practice in itself or combine time in nature with some of your other morning practices. 

Meditating in nature or eating your breakfast mindfully in your garden can naturally connect you energetically to mother earth.

You can choose to include some gardening, tending to your plants, or just simply spending time being fully aware of our natural world.

These practices will naturally raise your vibration and connect you with the energy field and consciousness of our earth.

Nature offers us a consciousness of abundance, interconnection, and belonging. The cycles and ecosystem of nature can reflect many spiritual insights if only we take the time to look and feel.

#6. Mindful breakfast 

You can bring mindfulness and spiritual awareness into every moment of life that you choose to.

Being aware of the energetic substance of our physical actions, presence, and intention can make our everyday motions into spiritual practice.

This deepens our relationship with life, our body, and our spirit. 

This spiritual morning routine idea is about using your breakfast time as an opportunity to be more present and mindful.

You can focus on each step: choosing the most nourishing option, enjoying the preparation of your food with gratitude, focusing fully on eating, and being present with the flavors and nutrients that are energizing your body as you eat.

You can turn breakfast into a mini ceremony. You can apply this concept to eating it even to preparing a morning drink ceremony such as a tea ceremony.

#7. Gratitude Journaling

A gratitude journal is an awesome practice to include within your spiritual morning routine or at any time.

Being intentionally grateful is a simple and potent way of uplifting and aligning your energy each morning. 

You can dedicate a journal to intentional gratitude and take some time each morning to focus on and write a list of everything you are grateful for.

You can also choose to read out your gratitude list and focus on letting yourself experience the feeling of gratitude.

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#8. Affirmations 

Using positive affirmations as a spiritual morning routine

Positive affirmations are a great practice that includes the use of language to intentionally program your mind and encode your energy with beneficial ways of being.

The words that you speak, write, and listen to can help you to welcome in higher vibrational energy.

You can include affirmations into your spirituality morning practices by including spiritually focused affirmations that align to a higher perspective.

Some examples of spiritual affirmations can include: 

I am part of source energy and have access to this energy at all times.

My actions are rooted in the spiritual awareness that everything is energy.

I am connected to God, I see and experience God in myself, all beings and situations.

I am divinely guided and everything is working out best-case scenario.

I flow through my day with ease and grace. 

When including the practice of affirmations within your spiritual morning routine you can choose to write down your affirmation and work with them each day.

You can write down new affirmations each day or add them to your list each morning, you can then speak all your morning spiritual affirmations out aloud to yourself.

You can also choose to include affirmations into your morning practice by listening to recorded spiritual morning affirmation meditations that you source online.

Affirmations work to encode your mental and energetic state so that you can embody and experience the higher spiritual truth.

#9. Prayer

You may consider some of the practices discussed above as part of your way of praying or you may have a specific way of praying.

Prayer is a great addition to your spiritual morning routine, you can use the power of prayer to acknowledge and welcome divine assistance for your day ahead.

You can use prayer to express gratitude or appreciation. It can also be your safe space to speak about your needs and dreams.

Prayer is any way in which you connect to source energy (God), and you can include prayer within your spiritual routine in whatever way applies to your belief system or understanding.

#10. Music, Art, or Dance 

Including a creative activity into your spiritual morning practice is also a good idea as these activities can get you to enter a flow state.

A state of alignment, energized action, and enjoyed focus can be attributed to connection or channeling source energy.

Engaging in activities that include the creation of art, music or dancing can allow you to connect to the innately creative life force energy that is the source of everything.

These practices allow you the opportunity to creatively express yourself with freedom.

Creativity for the sake of expression and enjoyment can allow you a tangible spiritual connection or embodiment of our infinitely creative source 

#11. Reading

Another simple practice that can add spiritual inspiration and knowledge to your spiritual morning routine is to include some time for the reading of sacred texts, spiritual books, or even an oracle or tarot reading.

The words you read can offer synchronistic insight and guidance for the day ahead. 

Reading is also a practice that improves focus and presence.

Dedicating some time within your spiritual routine for reading will inspire deeper learning and reflecting surrounding spiritual understandings.

Reading an intentional or intuitively chosen text can provide you with spiritual truths that can be beneficial for your day ahead.

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Considerations When Designing Your Spiritual Morning Routine 

Designing a spiritual morning routine 

You can choose to combine any number of these practices to design a morning routine that is fitting for you. Here are a few other considerations surrounding your morning spiritual practice: 

  • To gain the benefits from most of these practices you should dedicate yourself to seeing through your morning routine for a set amount of weeks or months. This allows the aligned energy and benefits that you gain from your practices to integrate into your daily life. 
  • Construct your spiritual morning routine with a balance. Include practices that engage your body, mind, and soul in a spiritual light. Try to balance the number of intuitive and creative practices with disciplined and focused practices. 
  • Wake up earlier if you feel like you don't have enough time for your routine. This may be a challenge at first but the overall energy and perspective gained from your routine over time will be well worth it. The earlier hours of the morning also tend to offer collective energy that is more still and conducive to some of the spiritual practices.
  • If you have children that you care for then create your routine in a way that can include your children. You are teaching them what is important through your actions and commitment. Routine and many spiritual practices are beneficial for young children too. You of course will need to be a lot more flexible with very young children but be creative and try to do whatever practices you can together.

The alignment that you set at the start of each day will set the precedence for the experiences you attract and the way that you move through life each day.

Be kind and disciplined in practicing your spiritual morning routine. Your routine, over time, will very likely become a cherished start to your day and a major upgrade to your life experience.

As you intentionally synchronize each day with a higher understanding maintaining your morning routine will create ripples that benefit you, all those around you, and the collective.

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