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15 Signs of Negative Energy at Home + How to Finally Clear It

15 Signs of Negative Energy at Home + How to Finally Clear It

Whether you believe in energies or auras surrounding spaces is your personal decision.

However, whether you believe or not, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that sometimes a space just feels ‘off’.

You may be experiencing signs of negative energy at home and not be sure why.

In the case of messy or dirty places, this feeling is clear, but sometimes the cause of a general feeling of negativity towards a certain place or space can be harder to pinpoint.

Think about your own home, do you ever find that there are certain rooms you gravitate to more than others?

How you may enjoy relaxing in some places, and working in others, yet there are others that you subconsciously avoid entirely?

The cause of this is usually the negative energy that is emitting from that space.

There are many reasons why this space may be viewed as negative in your subconscious mind, and as I mentioned, some are more difficult to figure out than others.

You may also find that the way you feel towards a room sours or sweetens depending on the changes made to the space.

If you work from home like me, this can be very inconvenient, as you need to make sure that your workspace is arranged in a way that supports a healthy mind, body, and spirit, which will allow you to increase and maintain peak productivity.

In this article, I’ve considered some of the factors that can make my own space difficult to work or relax in, as well as some of the solutions which I have found have helped me to cleanse my space of negative energy.

What Are The Signs of Negative Energy at Home?

1. Feeling Tense or Unable to Relax in your Space

woman worried about a negative energy in house

Think about your home as a variety of spaces, you need spaces for physical needs such as the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, places for activity such as an office space or garden, and spaces to relax such as a bedroom, or a lounge.

Without a designated relaxing space you’re likely to feel more stressed, anxious, and tired.

Over time this may morph into physical symptoms such as stomach aches and headaches, so a place to relax really is essential!

You should try to keep your relaxing space as clean and clutter-free as possible.

A messy space is a stressful space because you’ll constantly be looking at the dirt or clutter and be thinking about cleaning it, instead of focusing on your relaxing activity or just spacing out.

Make it part of your relaxation ritual that before you settle down, you quickly clear away any mess.

Keeping on top of things on a daily basis means that tidying up your space takes minutes to do and not hours; giving you more time to rest and relax.

When creating a space to relax in, you should be careful of your choice of colors. Avoid bright, over-stimulating colors and instead opt for more muted tones.

Make sure to pick colors which bring you joy. Many people find blue to be a relaxing color, but this is not always the case.

I personally find blue to be quite a cold and depressing color, so I avoid the excessive use of blue within my home.

I really enjoy yellow, so for me soft creams and muted mustard tones are perfect for my relaxation space.  Experiment with what works for you.

Once you have sorted out the visuals of your space, you next want to consider the other senses.

Firstly, let’s think about touch.

If your chosen chair, sofa, or bed, has worn springs, or feels as hard as a church pew, then it is no wonder you can’t relax.

The same goes for texture. If your sheets are coarse, or your sofa is made from itchy material then settling down isn’t going to be comfortable.

Try laying a soft blanket over your sofa, as this will be much comfier, and invest in a quality mattress when your time and budget allows!

Scent is another factor that can impact your relaxation.

No one wants to try to chill out in a space that smells of leftover curry or stinky socks – I’m sure we’ve all experienced the odorous delights of a teenage bedroom at some point in our lives and don’t want to repeat the experience!

Try lighting incense or a candle in your relaxation space, or use essential oils to surround yourself with a smell that you find calming.

Lavender and clary sage are great for reducing anxiety and smell wonderful too!

I also find the deep woodsy aroma of Nag Champa incense to be a particular delight.

Lastly, turn your attention to the noise in your space.

Personally I find the ticking of a clock to be irksome, and also stressful.

It makes me aware that time is passing, and with each tick I feel my time of relaxation ticking to an end.

Others find the background hum of electronics to be particularly grating.

Whatever it is, try to remove irritating sources of noise from your calming space, so there is no distraction to come between you and enjoying whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed.

2. Feeling Unmotivated or Unfocused in your Space

Negative energy at home sign

One of the symptoms of negative energy at home is feeling unmotivated or unfocused in your space.

Some spaces in your home are designated to productivity, such as an office, studio, or kitchen.

However, with negative energy in your space it can be hard to focus on the task at hand, and you may find your productivity within that space drops, or that you are reluctant to instigate activity in the space in general.

On a similar vein to the first point of this article, you should try to limit clutter in your workspace.

This is because clutter creates a visual distraction leading to overstimulation, which makes it harder to focus on your project.

Even if your space is tidy, you should ideally avoid having anything that is highly patterned, features text, or vivid imagery within eye line of your workspace.

This is because the eye will naturally be drawn away from your project and to the visual distraction regularly as you work, even if you don’t realize this is happening.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy. At the end of each day, put any sheets, pens, or notebooks away to avoid mess.

A cluttered space leads to cluttered thoughts, so if while working you find yourself a regular sufferer of brain fog, then you likely have some negative energy that needs clearing in your work room.

Avoid strong scents.

While strong scents can be great when it comes to calming yourself down after a long day, when working strong scents can become distracting, and, if you’re spending a long time in a small room, they can lead to headaches and clouded thoughts.

If you find incense helps channel your mind for example, then opt for light floral scents, as opposed to heavier earthy scents such as sandalwood and amber.

I find burning a candle in my workspace helps me to channel positive energy, but I always stick to a fresh apple scent, or a gentle peony aroma.

Make sure you air your workspace regularly.

A stuffy, confined space can be a breeding ground for negative energy, allowing it to build up and infuse your room. 

While in the winter months cracking open a window as you work isn’t the best idea, try opening the window for half an hour when you’ve finished your task.

This will let much needed fresh air in and will clear the symptoms of negative energy at home.

In the spring and summer months try to have your window open as much as possible.

Not only will this leave your workspace feeling fresh and vibrant, but the sounds of nature such as birdsong are proven to reduce stress levels and create an ambient soundtrack to a productive day.

3. Feeling Anxious, Restless, or Overwhelmed in your Space

Showing the signs of a negative energy in a house

One of the signs of a negative energy in a house is that you'll restless and anxious.

Have you ever had a time when you dreaded coming home? Or dreaded entering a certain room or space?

This is usually because of a buildup of negative energy that is overwhelming to face.

Like with many of the points in this article, this can often be caused by clutter or mess.

It really is true that a tidy space helps to foster a tidy mind, so, with spring rapidly approaching, try giving your home a spring clean.

One of the largest draws of negative energy within the home are second hand or antique objects.

So if you’re a collector like I am, you need to make sure to cleanse these objects when they enter your home.

Objects can hold onto their history and the energy placed within them from previous owners.

The energy signature can then fill your space with negative energy, or energy that is foreign to your home, causing things to be thrown off-balance.

To help clear negative energy from objects there are several things you can do.

Depending on your own spiritual outlook there are a variety of cleansing rituals that you could partake in.

However, I prefer the simpler route. Whenever a new second-hand item enters my home, I make sure to wash it or clean it.

This not only removes any grime on the object, but also cleanses its energy.

This may sound crazy but it also gives me time to connect with, and appreciate the object, giving the item more meaning when placed in my home.

I also make sure to repair my objects as soon as possible.

I don’t believe in throwing perfectly good or treasured objects away just because they have become damaged.

However, in regards to keeping negative energy at a minimum it is important to repair broken items quickly.

Regularly being confronted with broken objects in your space can make you feel restless and anxious. 

4. Feeling Uninspired in your Space

You should always make sure that your home is as inspiring and spiritually nourishing as possible.

This will help you to consistently view your home in a positive light, and will help show negative energy the door.

A spot of feng-shui can help make sure that your space is an engaging and inspiring place to be.

By rearranging your furniture into a way that makes sense to you you’re not only making it easier to navigate your space, but you’re also claiming ownership of your space.

You can rearrange your furniture as much as you like, in fact it can be a great way to spruce up a room without spending a single cent!

You should also fill your space with things that bring you joy.

Nowadays people can often get too hung up on aesthetics, thinking their home has to be a white box with rose gold and pastel accents.

I don’t know about you but that look just isn’t me. I find spaces that are homely and lived in to be much more inspiring.

As I mentioned, my favorite color is yellow, so I try to add elements of this color to my spaces to bring me joy and inspiration.

In cases of rented spaces, there can be furniture or design choices which can make your space uninspiring to you.

Luckily, there are lots of canny ways that you can cover these signs.

A large blanket thrown over an ugly sofa for example, can help shield the unsightly piece of furniture from your view, and has the added benefit of making the seat more comfortable, whereas ugly marks of fixtures on the wall can be nicely covered with a wall hanging of your choice.

5. Insomnia and Struggling to Sleep in your Space

A classic sign of negative energy flowing through your space is the inability to sleep, or not feeling rested after sleeping.

Just like how spaces to relax and work in need to be specifically organized to allow these activities to happen and keep bad energy at bay, the space you sleep in also needs to be carefully curated.

Just like when trying to focus in your work space, you should remove anything that is over stimulating from view when you rest in your bed.

You should also avoid any strong scents.

Instead, just like relaxing you may find than some lavender or clary sage essential oil dotted on your pillow or pajamas will help you to slip into a deeper sleep.

Just like when relaxing, avoid over stimulating sounds if possible, and definitely remove anything that ticks from your space!

Focusing on the ticking of clock when trying to sleep is only likely to leave you frustrated, as it will remind you of how long it is taking you to settle.

In the morning, be sure to take the time to fluff your pillows and shake out your sheets before making your bed.

Airing out your bedding helps remove any negative energy that has been stagnating. Making your bed has the benefit of mentally preparing you for the day ahead and is a great time to sneak in some mindfulness too.

Lastly, a freshly made bed helps make your bedroom look far neater and more inviting.

This means if your bedroom is also a place where you work, you’ll be able to focus better, if a place of creativity, ideas should start to flourish, and if it’s your place to relax you should find that when the day comes to an end you settle into a restful sleep much more easily.

6. Difficulty Concentrating or Feeling Stuck In Your Own Home

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unable to concentrate in your home, it may be a sign that there is negative energy present.

To counter this, you can smudge your house with sage, use essential oils or open windows to circulate fresh air.

You could also bring in plants and crystals known for their purifying properties and practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation or focusing on your breath.

Additionally, it may be helpful to assess the physical layout of your home.

If you feel stuck or unable to move forward in your own space, it could be that the layout or decor is not conducive to positive energy flow.

Consider reorganizing or redecorating to create a more open and welcoming atmosphere.

7. Constant Arguments or Fights Between Family Members or Roommates

Image of an argument as a one of the symptoms of negative energy at home

If tension, disagreements, arguments, and fights are a regular occurrence in your house, it could be a sign that the energy in your house is negative.

To address this, it is important to take small steps to reduce disruptive energy and create a more peaceful environment.

One of the first things you can do is set some boundaries and establish a form of clear communication amongst everyone in the household.

You need to make sure that everyone is respectful and considerate of one another.

Practicing active listening and empathy when conflicts arise.

Just listening without needing to talk and also being empathetic can also help to resolve differences and reduce the frequency of arguments.

Additionally, if needed, seeking the help of a mediator or therapist can provide insight into underlying issues and help find a resolution.

These small steps will help create an atmosphere that better supports the well-being of the household and reduces arguments or fights.

8. A Sense of Dread or Fear When Alone in the Home

A feeling of dread or fear when alone in the home is a clear sign of negative energy.

This can be a very unsettling and uncomfortable feeling, and it is important to address the cause in order to improve the energy of the home.

There could be several possible causes for this feeling, but a likely cause could be the result of past negative events or experiences that have occurred in the home, such as trauma or abuse.

This could be resolved by seeking professional help or through healing practices such as meditation, yoga, or any form of energy healing therapy.

Another possible cause for this feeling is the presence of unseen entities or spirits, which can sometimes attach themselves to a particular location and cause negative energy.

If that's the case, getting in touch with a spiritual practitioner or medium be the best option as they can help remove the entities or spirits.

You could also bring in some protective and purifying crystals and smudge the house regularly to help clear out any negative energies present.

It is also important to focus on filling the space with positive energy through prayer, affirmations, and focusing on gratitude.

This can help shift the energy and create a more pleasant atmosphere where you won't feel dread or fear while alone in your home.

9. Feeling Drained or Exhausted After Spending Time in Your Home

Image of a woman feeling drained as a sign of a negative energy in the home

Feeling tired or exhausted when spending time in your house could be a sign of negative energy in the home.

In spite of this, other factors such as a poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to similar feelings.

To determine if it is the energy in the home that is causing your exhaustion, observe how you feel when away from home.

If you only notice fatigue when in the house, it is likely due to oppressive energy patterns in the environment.

To address this issue, you need to assess what areas of your home require clearing out, smudging regularly with sage or palo santo wood, and bringing in crystals that help create a calming atmosphere.

Additionally, establishing a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer may also help bring positive energy into your space. 

Be mindful of what you focus on, as well as your thoughts, words, and actions while spending time at home.

Opt for positive experiences and stay away from negativity.

These small steps will improve the quality of the energy present in your house and reinvigorate you instead of leaving you feeling drained!

10. Negative or Fearful Thoughts or Feelings When you are at Home

Experiencing negative or fearful thoughts and feelings while in your home can be an indication of the presence of bad energy in the house.

Like attracts like, so it is likely that if there is a buildup of negative energy in your house, you will also pick up on this through your own thoughts and feelings.

The best way to combat such negative energies is by starting a spiritual practice, whether that’s through something simple like burning incense or meditating regularly.

Personally, I think meditation is really helpful for combating negative thoughts.

Whatever spiritual practice you choose should help open up your mind and spirit to more positive energy, thus helping to counteract any existing negative energy in the home.

Focusing on gratitude and abundance when at home can also help shift the energy from fear-based to one of love and appreciation.

Also, bringing in crystals for balancing as well as smudging with sage or palo santo wood can further clear out any remaining negative energies present.

With time, dedication, and effort, these steps should aid in creating a more positive energy in your home, thus helping create more positive and pleasing thoughts.

11. Frequent Accidents or Mishaps in the Home

Image of a broken vase as a accident in the home

If you find yourself frequently tripping over things, dropping objects, or experiencing other accidental mishaps in your home, it could be a sign of negative energy present.

Accidents and mishaps are often caused by distractions or lack of attention, but when they occur frequently, and without any apparent explanation, it could be a sign of the negative energy in your household influencing your actions.

Negative energy can also manifest itself in more serious accidents, such as objects falling from shelves or appliances malfunctioning.

These types of accidents are not only frightening, but they can also be dangerous and potentially cause harm to those living in the home.

If you notice an increase in accidental mishaps or accidents in your home, it may be worth considering if there is negative energy present.

Taking steps to clear and purify the energy in your home can help reduce the frequency of these incidents and create a more harmonious living environment.

Before you do anything, make sure you know these things are only happening in your home and not anywhere else.

If they do happen elsewhere as well, you may just be prone to accidents or mishaps through being clumsy and paying a lack of attention.

If that's the case then there's nothing to worry about, as we can all be like that at times.

12. Feeling a Sense of Unease or Discomfort When Entering Certain Rooms or Areas of the Home

Experiencing a sense of unease or discomfort when entering certain rooms or parts of the home is something people can experience as one of the symptoms of negative energy in the house.

It can be described as feeling heavy energy in a room.

This feeling can range from subtle to powerful and could stem from an underlying fear that something sinister awaits you in the space.

Alternatively, it could simply be associated with unpleasant memories or emotions caused by a traumatic incident or bitter argument.

Another way to identify the source of the discomfort is to pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs about the space.

Do you have any negative associations with the room or area? Do you feel as though it is somehow “off limits” or “forbidden”?

If you want to address the negative energy or discomfort in your home, there are a few steps you can try.

You can try cleansing the space using any of the previously mentioned methods in this article.

You can also create a positive atmosphere in the space by introducing plants, lighting candles or incense, or playing uplifting music.

Engaging in activities that bring you joy and positivity in the space, such as creating art or spending time with loved ones, can also be effective.

Go with anything that just feels like the right thing to do and see if that helps.

If one thing doesn't work to ease the discomfort, then try another thing until gradually over time, you start to feel more ease and comfort in your house.

13. Seeing Unexplained Shadows or Hearing Strange Noises

Image of a hand shadow representing negative energy

If you have noticed shadows or heard strange noises in your home that can't be explained, it could be an indication of a negative energy present.

While it's possible that our minds may be playing tricks on us (which it normally is), these occurrences could also be a spirit trying to reach out to you.

If you find yourself in this situation, it's probably a good idea to consider getting the help of a spiritual medium that will be able to identify the cause and provide advice on how best to move forward.

Remember, it’s natural to be frightened when you don't understand what's going on, but try not to let unexplained shadows and strange noises make you feel anxious or fearful in your own home.

It's probably just your might playing tricks on you as it happens to us all.

Now let's talk about the next symptom of negative energy at home.

14. Disorganization or Clutter In The Home

It's been said that disorganized and cluttered homes can be a sign of negative energy. But I believe it is actually the cause.

When our living spaces are filled with mess and chaos, it obstructs the flow of positive energy which can lead to feelings of frustration or unhappiness.

To combat this negative energy, it is important to take the time to properly sort through our items, discarding what we no longer need, and finding a place for everything else.

Creating an orderly home atmosphere allows us to welcome in peaceful and calming vibes.

If you're having trouble getting started, you can set aside specific times each day or week dedicated solely to decluttering and organizing your home.

Alternatively, you could also seek out assistance from a friend or expert organizer who can provide advice and guidance on how best to organize your living space.

The important thing is to stay focused and consistent in order to create an organized and welcoming environment for yourself.

15. Difficulty Making Decisions or Feeling Indecisive While at Home

Do you ever find it difficult to make a choice when in your home, or struggle to stay focused because of constantly questioning yourself?

These feelings of hesitation and indecisiveness could be symptomatic of negative energy in your home environment.

This type of energy can sap our mental clarity and make it hard to focus on tasks, leading to confusion and doubt.

If making decisions or focusing is more challenging at home than usual, it might be a sign that there is negative energy in your space.

It could stem from an external source, such as a family member or roommate, or it could be coming from within the home due to unresolved issues or old memories.

To tackle this problem, take time to identify what's causing the negative energy and work towards resolving it.

That may mean dealing with any external sources of stress, or confronting any underlying issues within the home itself.

With effort and commitment, you can create a tranquil living space with positive vibes.

I hope this article on the signs of negative energy in a house has helped you.

Some other articles that may be of interest are these cleansing articles. I hope they help!


Monday 13th of July 2020

Is there any way to overcome the negative energies involved in making a home feel like this?

Guiliana Martinez Luna

Thursday 15th of April 2021

You can always cleanse your house twice a week with sage and palo santo. While cleansing your house make sure to say a padre nuestro prayer along with it. Hanging up a saint with a red ribbon along your door entrance is also very important. Now, if you are feeling off yourself you can pass sage along yourself from your feet to your head and make a cross shape repeatedly from your feet to your head. If you don't enjoy the sage smell it might mean that you carry negative energy. Lastly, you can protect yourself from negative energy by having at least one red bracelet with or without the evil eye, depending on what you believe in.