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Scrying Mirror Guide- What Is It, And How Do You Use One?

Scrying Mirror Guide- What Is It, And How Do You Use One?

If you are passionate about spirituality, divination and magic, you probably heard about the scrying mirrora magic object that has been used for gaining spiritual knowledge since ancient times, but you might not know how it works or how you should use it.

Despite the fact that scrying mirrors have been used for a long time, they are surrounded by mystery and knowledge about how to use these magical objects have mostly been kept a secret.

If as part of your spiritual quest you feel like you should try the art of divination, you are in the right place so keep on reading, as I am going to share with you powerful information about how to use one of the most fascinating divination tools – the scrying mirror.

What is a scrying mirror?

A scrying mirror is a divination tool that has been used since ancient times with the purpose of receiving information from the spirit world about any event from past lives, or the past, present and future.

This tool acts like a portal between the medium and other planes of existence and offers them hidden knowledge in the form of visual flashes.

The scrying mirror is also called a “magic mirror” and it is said that even Nostradamus used one in order to predict the future.

How does a scrying mirror work?

The word “scry” comes for the old English language and it means “to reveal”.

The name of the technique itself suggests the fact that scrying is based on spiritual information that is revealed to the practitioner.

In order to scry, one must first enter a powerful concentration state, in order to receive those visual flashes, but other magic objects can be used instead of a black mirror. For example, another form of scrying is predicting the future by using a crystal ball.

Crystal balls are a lot more common than scrying mirrors. While there is a lot of misconception around crystal balls, they work by the same principle. In the past, some magicians would simply use the reflection of water instead of a mirror, trying to see images in its’ reflection.

As scrying has been used since ancient times, the first such mirrors were made from polished metals such as copper, brass or silver or even from polished obsidian.

Black obsidian scrying mirrors are still quite popular, but most of the time people would just use a simple mirror that is backed with black instead of silver.

In the process of scrying, the mirror becomes a gateway between person and the spiritual realm, but the information is brought by the spirit guides and guardian angels that work alongside the practitioner.

Scrying also improves the user’s clairvoyant abilities and it helps developing the Third Eye.

Rules to guide you through your scrying process

how to use a scrying mirror

As scrying is a complex, ancient magic rite, there are certain rules to abide to in order to make the process smooth and effective for you. If you are thinking to try scrying at home, make sure that you respect the following rules first:

  1. Cleanse the room in which you are going to do the scrying by smudging it with sage, burning frankincense or by doing a Reiki cleanse
  2. Never use the mirror for anything else than its intended purpose
  3. Never let anyone else look into it (only during the rite of scrying) and keep it in a silk bag when it’s not in use
  4. Clean the surface on which you place the scrying mirror with alcohol and a soft cloth
  5. Before scrying always make sure you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone (lock the door if you must)
  6. Burn a lunar and psychic blend incense before the scrying session
  7. Light two candles and put them on the table in front of your mirror. Choose the colours of the candled according to the work you intend to do (orange for communication, blue for healing, purple for receiving psychic messages etc.)
  8. Place the mirror and the candles on a wooden table, and sit in front of it on a wooden chair
  9. Always make sure that you have enough time to do your meditation thoroughly and that you reach a deep level of concentration
  10. During that meditation ALWAYS ask for help, guidance and divine protection from your angels and spirit guides
  11. Turn off all the light sources in the room before you start scrying, except for candles
  12. Make sure nothing reflects in the mirror’s surface
  13. Keep a journal to write down your experiences

The Scrying Ritual

Prepare the room according to the previous instructions. Then, sit in the wooden chair and write in your journal your intention for this scrying session.

Your intention is what you are trying to achieve or find out – for example: seeing my previous life as a woman or the day when I am getting married (in this life).

After writing it down, start your meditation focused on your intention, and then slowly relax.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out, and with every breath feel how your muscles relax.

Relax every muscle group- facial muscles, chest, arms, legs, back etc. and feel how each of them relieves tension. After this, ask for guidance from your spirit guides and your guardian angels and reaffirm your intention.

Imagine that you are reaching that point in your relaxation in which your mind submits to your subconscious and that you are being guided towards the information you need. You can also visualise a light golden cord uniting your crown chakra with the divine source, through which information is being sent to you.

Feel how you are getting in the state in which your consciousness has no more limits and everything is possible –  everything you desire comes to you and you are connected to the Akashic records.

Feel your strong connection to the universe, and how it can bring you any information.

Before opening your eyes, ask your question again or think about the information you desire.

Then open your eyes and look into the mirror, relaxing the focus of your gaze. If you feel the need to blink do it, but keep looking into the mirror, not allowing your conscious mind to interfere with what you are seeing.

The surface of the mirror should soon change and a dark mist will appear. You should start and see the images that you wanted to see, either in the surface of the mirror or through your mind’s eye – in the form of visual flashes.

Receiving visual flashes is more common than seeing the images in the mirror, due to the fact that the mirror is only a gateway between you and the spiritual realm.

When you feel that you have received all the information you need (your spirit guides will usually let you know), prepare to end your scrying session.

First, mentally review everything that you have seen, trying to fix it in your memory until you can write it down.

Second, thank your guides and angels for their help and protection and then declare your intention to end the session and to come back to your normal state of consciousness. Bring your focus back into your body, and slowly start to move your arms and legs until you feel more grounded.

When you are ready, open your eyes and write everything that was shown to you in your journal.

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How to make your own scrying mirror and how to charge it with positive energy

Now that you know how to scry, you may feel drawn to trying out this special divination technique. Of course scrying mirrors can be bought online nowadays, but it’s better to make your own, taking into account all the magical rules that ensure your scrying mirror works in the best way possible.

  1. Buy one glass disc and prepare a full moon ritual in order to cleanse them. During the full moon, wash it in moon water, bless it saying “May you be tuned to the divine source and always guide me on the right direction on my spiritual path” and them leave it outside the whole night, to charge with lunar energy
  2. After that, paint it black on both side, leaving each side to dry after applying the paint
  3. Buy a mirror stand that is made from rosewood, ebony or teak and a silk bag to protect your mirror
  4. If you wish, you can draw magical symbols or spiritually-related images such as the phases of the moon on the margins of your mirror, or write a spell or a blessing
  5. When it’s all done, charge your mirror with light in order to keep malevolent energies from interfering with your scrying sessions and to make sure that the right information is always revealed to you. To do this, relax your whole body, declare your intention to charge your mirror with light and then visualise white light coming through your crown chakra from the divine source, feel it in your whole body then channel it into your mirror, using your palms.


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