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The Mystical Symbolism of Lavender – 13 Amazing Meanings

The Mystical Symbolism of Lavender – 13 Amazing Meanings

Are you a lavender enthusiast – you love the lavender essential oil, use it for specific spiritual and beauty rituals, and maybe even decorate your clothes and jewelry with it? 

In this case, you’re in the right place. I invite you to read this article about the spiritual meanings of lavender and lavender symbolism in all areas of our lives to give you a clearer idea about what your favorite plant represents! 

Many people are crazy about lavender these days, and we see it everywhere – on clothes, in bouquets around houses and elegant venues, used in cosmetics, and so on. 

I even have friends who decide to have a lavender farm as their wedding venue, and I also notice many people are getting tattoos of lavender. 

As the symbolism of lavender is quite powerful and broad, it’s normal for lavender to be used in a multitude of areas. 

This flower has a lot of medicinal properties – it is known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep and has a wonderful scent that soothes human beings and the same time, repels insects.

As a lavender fun fact to break the ice, I will share that even though lavender is a flowering plant, it is considered a herb by many people due to its medicinal and healing properties. 

Thus, its benefits are recognized worldwide, but what are the main spiritual meanings of lavender, and where do they stem from?

After finding out a bit about the physical and etymological origin of lavender, as well as the healing properties of lavender, we’ll have a look at what does lavender symbolize spiritually.

About Lavender

Initially, lavender only grew in northern Africa and in certain sides of Europe – such as the western and Mediterranean areas. 

Of course, once its substantial benefits were discovered, lavender began being cultivated in all areas of the world. 

Lavender’s scientific name is “Lavandula,” but the name Lavender is a French word that stems from the Latin word “Lavare,” – which means “to wash.”

The word’s etymology reveals a lot about its magical properties – as lavender can “wash away” stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Yes, the medical properties of lavender have thus been recognized since Ancient times, and the healing effect it has on the human mind and body.

One of the main benefits of lavender on the human body is that it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties thus, it can help relieve the pain of minor bug bites and burns. 

Thus, lavender also benefits the skin, making it appear more radiant and can help reduce muscular pain and tension. 

Talking about lavender and the skin, it’s worth mentioning an important lavender fact – that lavender oil is the only oil in the world that produces its own antioxidant, yet it only gets stronger in time!

For this reason and other similar ones, lavender is so popular in the beauty industry and especially in skincare.

Lastly, lavender can prevent specific body pains such as headaches, menstrual pain, and even nausea. 

The benefits of lavender on the human mind are also quite significant and widely recognized. 

Lavender is known to soothe anxiety and stress, help with relaxation and help combat insomnia. 

One main lavender fact is that lavender is the second most popular plant in the world, after basil! 

Given all the amazing benefits of this magical, fascinating plant, it is normal for lavender symbolism to be rich.

Let’s have a look together at the main lavender spiritual meanings!

13 spiritual meanings of Lavender symbolism

Lavender symbolism

#1. Calm and serenity

When it comes to what lavender means spiritually, the first answer that I would give is calm and serenity. 

As lavender’s main properties revolve around calming and soothing all sorts of mental, emotional, and physical pains, the central lavender spiritual meaning is calmness and serenity.

Thus, lavender can be used as decoration for places where calm and serenity are required – therapy facilities, massage parlors, bedrooms, etc. 

Lavender inspires and brings calm and serenity by the way it looks and smells – its beautiful scent has calming properties. 

So if you are someone who is naturally anxious or stressed, or you are going through a stressful period, you can use lavender to help yourself calm down and reach that state of serenity.

Also, don’t forget the famous lavender essential oil, which is highly effective at calming someone down. 

#2. Healing

Another spiritual meaning of lavender is healing – physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.

Because lavender helps people heal at so many levels, it has also been used as a symbol for healing – especially mental healing. 

Lavender symbolizes the transition from stress, emotional pain, and mental chaos to a state of calmness, serenity, and tranquility.

One Lavender Fun Fact related to healing is that the Ancient Romans used to heal wounds with lavender, and used to hang it around their house for good luck. 

#3. Virtue 

Lavender also symbolizes virtue, as it has been represented quite a lot in the Bible. 

The Lavender Bible meaning is exactly about virtue, purity, devotion, and love. 

Lavender is mentioned in the Bible many times, under the name of “spikenard” or jus “nard”, – which is just another name for lavender. 

It is mentioned that lavender was used as a way for Hebrews to express their virtue, devotion, and adoration towards God but especially towards Virgin Mary. 

This meaning attributed to lavender comes from the fact that lavender helps heal and purify but is the human being who can achieve true healing through its own effort and persistence.

#4. Tranquility and peace

Lavender meaning

Another spiritual symbol of lavender is tranquility and peace – both as inner states and as situations. 

Lavender is sometimes used to show that peace has been achieved after turbulent times and that the place you are entering is a sacred place where tranquility is important. 

People who tattoo lavender on their skin or wear it as decoration on their clothes are trying to attract tranquility and peace into their lives or show their current inner state.

#5. Problem resolution 

Another spiritual meaning of lavender- which is well-connected to tranquility and peace, is problem resolution. 

Problem resolution usually leads to tranquility and peace and to states of calmness and serenity. 

Lavender symbolizes problem resolution through its powerful connection to healing and stress relief.

#6. Purification 

One spiritual meaning of lavender is purification. 

This meaning stems from the fact that lavender’s particular scent purifies the air from both impurities and insects and purifies the human mind from negative thoughts and stress. 

Lavender also purifies the body from pain, purifies the skin, and also cleanses the nervous system from anything that is hurting it.

#7. Emotional Healing 

Lavender is a powerful symbol of emotional healing. As lavender firmly calms the mind and soul, it promotes relaxation, restoration, and well-being. 

The scent of lavender triggers neuro-transmitters that inhibit all the brain's stress responses.  

Thus, stress hormones are produced in way smaller quantities when we smell lavender. 

Also, the smell of lavender is proven to improve the state of serenity and joy. 

#8. Stress Relief 

Lavender and stress relief

One thing lavender represents is stress relief, which is why many health-related businesses have adopted lavender as a part of their logo or overall image. 

Lavender symbolizes letting go of emotional burdens and cleansing the mind of stress to make room for positive thoughts.

Talking about stress relief, a relevant lavender fact is that this herb has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system and reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels. 

As cortisol is the stress hormone that the human body produces when it’s under mental/physical or perceived/real pressure and threat, we can say that lavender is a real weapon against stress.

#9. Silence 

Another spiritual meaning of lavender is silence. Fields of lavender painted in a certain place symbolize silence and healing through the absence of noise and chaos. 

Silence is also healing, as it is said- in silence, one can hear better their own thoughts and connect to their true, authentic self.

#10. Grace 

Lavender also symbolizes grace, as it is connected to healing, calmness, inner power, and flowing through life with ease. 

It is widely used for weddings and decorations for brides and bridesmaids, which is also a representation of what lavender stand for in the Bible. 

#11. Elegance and luxury

Lavender symbolism for luxury

A common lavender meaning is elegance, class, and a luxurious lifestyle. 

This is one of the meanings that began being associated with lavender later on, as a consequence of the fact that back in the days, not everyone could afford lavender. 

As a plant that has a lot of decorative purposes and oftentimes people buy it for its scent, lavender was quite expensive and not everyone could buy it. 

It was only later when lavender began being cultivated in a lot of places that it actually became more affordable. 

For this reason – as well as for the elegant and sweet way in which nature has designed it- lavender is often associated with luxury and elegance.

A fun lavender fact related to this is that in the Middle Ages, lavender was sometimes used as currency in Southern France.

Another factor that makes lavender a symbol of luxury is its color – the meaning of lavender's color is royalty, elegance, grace, and calmness.

And as another relevant lavender fact worth mentioning is that lavender is not just purple, even if this is the most popular lavender color (a shade of purple began being called “lavender”). 

Lavender can also be white, pink, yellow or red, even if these lavender colors are very rare.

#12. Simplicity 

As they say, elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. When it comes to fashion and home decor, lavender is also used to represent a mix of elegance and simplicity. 

Lavender is very good for home decor because it’s quite pretty, yet its simple design – with the tiny, gentle-looking flowers make it a symbol for simplicity. 

Lavender is oftentimes found in the houses of people who are spiritual, yet adopted a minimalistic style.

#13. The Crown Chakra

Lavender has a lot of spiritual correspondences, and Chakras usually have correspondents from many areas- crystals, musical notes, and of course, flowers. 

The traditional color of the Crown Chakra is purple/ violet (even though sometimes it’s represented by white). 

Lavender represents this Chakra because of its color as well as because of its meanings related to calmness, grace, healing, and serenity. 

The Crown Chakra represents a person’s connection to the Divinity / the Universe. 

The more connected a person is to the Universe, the more open, healthy, and active this Chakra is. 

When a person is very connected to Divinity, this person is very aligned, authentic, close to their Higher Self, healed, and serene.

As lavender symbolizes healing, calmness, letting go of stress and serenity, it’s a strong symbol of the Crown Chakra. 

Lavender Meaning in Love

Lavender and love meaning

When it comes specifically to love, lavender has strong meanings. This flower is often used to symbolize love for someone, or is offered as a gift to a loved one. 

Some of the main lavender meanings when it comes to love are: 

#1. Purity 

Lavender symbolizes a pure and disinterested love – the one that moves mountains. 

Sometimes, lavender can symbolize platonic love, or the love that God has for people – and vice versa. 

As a plant that symbolizes purity and healing in general, lavender symbolizes a very pure and healing love.

#2. Devotion

Another lavender love meaning is devotion – devotion to your loved one, to yourself (self-love and self-care), or devotion to God or to a cause. 

When a lover receives lavender, the message usually is “ I would do anything for you”. 

Basically, lavender symbolizes a type of love anyone should have at least once in their life.

#3. Blessings 

When it comes to love, lavender also symbolizes blessing – being blessed with the right person after a long time of suffering. 

Lavender also symbolizes blessings in general, such as being blessed with grace and serenity, or with the possibility to heal profoundly. 

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Lavender Metaphysical Meaning 

Lavender also has a strong meaning in the field of spirituality and the metaphysical.

The metaphysical meaning of lavender is that it symbolizes spiritual awakening and awareness. 

Some people start seeing lavender everywhere as an “omen” when they are awakening spiritually, as a confirmation from the Universe of what is happening. 

If you start seeing lavender everywhere, it could mean that the Universe is trying to let you know that your spiritual awakening is taking place and that you are becoming more aware of everything around you. 

Lavender as a gift meaning

Lavender gift

Lavender offered as a gift has a strong spiritual meaning. 

The person offering you lavender can be someone who wishes to offer you peace and tranquility, serenity, calmness and a smooth pathway in life. 

Basically, it’s a beautiful way of saying they wish you all the best.

Also, as lavender represents love and devotion, if someone is offering you lavender, it can show that they have strong feelings of love and that they are very loyal and dedicated to you. 

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Lavender Energy Meaning

The lavender energy meaning is mainly about healing, inner peace, and mental clarity

Placing lavender in your house is most likely to bring you mental and emotional healing energies.

Also, lavender’s energy is purifying. Lavender will energetically purify your house of old residual energies and even your life from old, dysfunctional, or draining relationships. 

If you need healing energy into your life, especially if you’re healing from burnout and depression, lavender is your answer.

A fun lavender fact related to healing is that in the Middle Ages, lavender was believed to be the plant of the witches. 

This myth came from the fact that medicine women and women who were seeking healing with the power of plants, began being associated with witchcraft. 

The truth is, they were just the descendants of the shamans and medicine women that were respected and highly regarded back when humanity lived in tribes. 

However, the Middle Ages were a confusing time, and the women using the healing powers of the lavender were called witches and thus lavender was associated with death and evil spirits. 

In time, it became clear that those women were just making remedies from lavender and that lavender is in fact a healing, high vibrational herb. 

However, lavender is still associated with the healing powers of white magic.

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