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13 Best Crystals To Use For Clarity (Mental And Emotional)

13 Best Crystals To Use For Clarity (Mental And Emotional)

In this article you will learn the best crystals for clarity, both mental and emotional.

So let me start by saying that when looking for a greater state of clarity, it’s imperative to know where to start your clearing.

The mind and emotional body are two separate entities when it comes to the function of our physical being.

In order to achieve greater mental clarity, we must connect with ourselves as emotional beings.

We cannot have a clear mind if our emotions are left unaccounted for.

So, how do we approach this seemingly large journey towards clarity?

Start with the body. Clearing chakras is all about finding where they are out of balance. Our emotions are a significant factor in our body’s fluidity.

The body is the holder of your emotional sensations, your gut feelings, and your truest self; but, if our bodies are full of trapped emotion from trauma, aches, and pains, the function of our chakras will be low and inconsistent.

Once we have acknowledged the emotions that lie beneath the surface, we will begin to see how our minds have reflected that.

As our bodies release trauma, aches and pains our minds will be less ruled by the negative energies that have existed within.

Approach your chakras from the root up in your healing journey.

Below are the best crystals for clarity (emotional) that tie in with your chakra system. Then after we will cover crystals for mental clarity.

The 8 Best Crystals For Emotional Clarity

Apache Tears crystals for clarify

Apache Tears

Let’s start our cleansing of energy with the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine.

The root chakra is so important as we begin the process of balance and create a more solid foundation for our journey through the chakras.

Here we deal with our feelings of safety and security.

Obsidian is a stone that is dark in tone and essential for drawing negative energy out of the body.

Apache Tears is a type of Obsidian and a perfect alternative to the intensity of black Obsidian as it generates a much softer frequency to those who use it.

In terms of exterior healing functions, Apache Tears can help to calm muscle spasms and induce the body with Vitamin C and D.

This will help physically stimulate vitality and strength within.

This stone holds an intense masculine vibration to it, so it can hold space for those looking to heal their inner masculine energy.

Orange Calcite

Emotional clarity crystal Orange Calcite

This is a crystal for healing the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is all about creating a foundation for joy, pleasure, and creativity in one’s life.

There is a distinct focus on addressing emotions around being loved and where we belong in the world.

This healing stone has a strong fire element to it, this is beneficial for clearing any blocks and then repairing and restoring energy to the sacral chakra.

Orange Calcite is very active and rapid in its healing energies, especially for physical symptoms.

It helps to heal the reproductive systems, intestinal disorders, gallbladder issues; ultimately, it is valuable for anything related to the lower abdomen.

The most beneficial healing will happen if you place this stone under your pillow, which can also help to prevent nightmares.

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Citrine is a crystal that provides emotional clarity

Citrine is yellow quartz that is related to amethyst, however, this is a much rarer stone and has a long history of being used for healing purposes dating back to the ancient Greeks.

Citrine quartz focuses primarily on the solar plexus chakra, which is located in the upper abdomen and diaphragm.

This chakra deals with personality, ego, and identity. An unbalanced chakra will deal with issues in personal freedom, choice, and authenticity.

As a manifestation crystal, this stone absorbs your wishes and desires, helping to make them a reality.

It removes anger by driving out negativity and promotes a more optimistic outlook.

It can physically aid digestion and help to detoxify your system.

When we think of ‘gut feelings’ we think of tapping into our body’s internal knowing and trusting that above external circumstances.

In following our gut, we create greater trust in our intuition and unique sensors, and so this stone is essential for tapping into this intuitive center.

Green Quartz

Green Quartz one of the crystals that provide emotional clarity

Green quartz is entirely focused on your heart chakra and opening your heart.

We must clear our bodies of pain from the past, which requires a deeper look at what has hurt us; this stone will help you recall forgotten memories as you move through this pain.

It’s really important to note that in this process of acknowledging pain, Green quartz helps us hold onto ourselves, no matter how difficult it can feel.

And as we begin to truly own our stories, it then lovingly turns this pain into empowerment.

This quartz harnesses the energy of self-love for your own heart, which opens the gate to trust that you can receive it from others.

When we are more open to receiving love in an authentic way, we allow ourselves to set healthy boundaries and authentically give love to others without draining our own cups first.


Chrysoprase crystals bring emotional clarity

Chrysoprase is known for cleansing the heart chakra by manifesting joy and abundance and acts as a natural antidepressant.

This is an important stone for those dealing with a nervous system that has been overly stimulated, or suffers from anxiety and depression.

Place it over your heart to help improve circulation and alignment, and absorb the energy.

This creates an increased flow of energy within the heart chakra and whole body, and will ultimately generate the most profound outcome.

You can also use this stone while taking a bath.


Rhodochrosite crystal can be used to give emotional clarity

As one of the most loving stones, Rhodochrosite produces tender energy around the heart and throat chakras, which allows us to shift our perspectives that have kept us blocked.

It has a specific focus on relieving ourselves of self-destructive behavior, that may have once been used as a coping mechanism but no longer serves us.

This will create a release from the feeling of being caged by the pain of the past as it creates a space of self-acceptance and helps us work with greater self-worth practices.

It helps with the following physical symptoms: migraines, skin disorders, thyroid imbalances, and intestinal issues. Place it over the chest or throat to activate the chakras.

Blue Chalcedony

To reach emotional clarity Blue Chalcedony is a good crystal to use

Chalcedony is a quartz known for absorbing negativity and emitting harmony.

Blue Chalcedony, specifically, is widely used by those needing clarity in communication of all kinds, so there is no surprise that it focuses on the throat chakra.

Whether it’s issued with public speaking, or just learning to speak your truth to loved ones, Blue Chalcedony is here to help.

When we are not able to speak our truth, we block ourselves from emotional healing and stability.

If we can allow ourselves to speak authentically, then we clear our throat chakras and achieve a more authentic self-confidence.

It helps to open the mind to new ideas, and have the confidence to speak them with clarity; it also eases self-doubt and promotes inner reflection, which calms our vessels and creates the foundation for a more positive energy field.

Use this stone during meditation by placing it over the heart, throat, or third eye.


Turquoise crystals used for emotional clarity

Turquoise can be used to treat the heart, throat, and the third eye, so it functions well for multiple chakras.

It is significant for generating greater self-love and creativity.

If you have difficulty listening to your body and identifying your body’s needs, then this is a stone to consider.

It has a distinct focus on purification, stabilizing mood swings and facilitating equilibrium within.

As a protection stone, turquoise has absorbing qualities, which help to promote a healthy, well-functioning immune system and significantly stimulates tranquility and renewal.

Because of its color, turquoise has a powerful connection to the healing energies of water and was historically used to cure diseases of the head and the heart.

You can wear it on you at all times, carry it with you, or place it somewhere in your daily environment.

For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, you can use this stone to help prevent panic attacks.

The 5 Best Crystals For Mental Clarity

Amazonite Gemstones used for mental clarity

Amazonite Gemstones

Amazonite helps the body’s nervous system to regulate and calm, bringing a natural equilibrium to your physical state.

If the nervous system is in overdrive or burnt out, the physical symptoms that can manifest will disrupt the function of your body.

Amazonite is known to produce a soothing tone, which will help the nervous system to regulate.

This is vital for achieving clarity, and also brings watery energy to your space, which indicates the increased flow within.

It is closely tied to the heart and throat chakras, so this stone demonstrates the necessity of listening to the heart, speaking your truth, and opening your mind to what the body tells you.

Blue Tigers Eye

To reach mental clarity use Blue Tigers Eye crystals

Blue Tiger’s Eye will open your heart and increase the flow of expression.

It’s known to treat eye problems, increase physical stamina and strength, and is important for the body’s endocrine system.

It can be used to regulate hormone levels and focus on fertility in women; it can be placed on areas of the body that hold the reproductive organs.

Blue Tigers Eye will help to relieve lethargy and depression; use this crystal when seeking reprieve from anxieties and the stresses of life.

This stone increases your capacity for self-respect and self-worth, and so it will help you to stay honest with yourself and trust your own voice when it comes to your personal truth.

It is known to have heavy clairvoyant properties and help you access creativity, turning dreams into a reality.

It facilitates the movement from understanding the body to then observing the mind; much like the journey of bridging the dream world into the physical.


Hematite crystals can be used to help with mental clarity

Hematite is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, which gives it a strong grounding quality.

This stone is connected to the root chakra and taps into the body’s yin/yang as it works towards balancing these energies.

In using it, we can calm the mind and create a space of increased willpower, reliability, and self-confidence.

Hematite can be used for any sort of addictive tendencies, anxiety, insomnia, and will help to ground and support our minds.

It taps into our courage and vitality as it helps to create a safer environment for the body’s physical nervous system to function.

Use this stone during meditation, holding one in each hand.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz used for mental clarity

Smoky quartz is connected to the root chakra, which isn’t surprising as its focus here is on clearing emotional baggage.

Its dark color helps absorb the negative energies that are weighing you down.

It will help you move on from painful experiences and remove obstacles; by this, we are talking about the obstacles within our minds, where old belief patterns feel stuck and no longer resonate.

Wearing this stone, or placing it somewhere in your environment, a place where you can see it daily can help achieve new perspectives.

Folklore will say that smoky quartz helped guide those connected to it to the afterlife.

It has had exposure to underground radiation from granite deposits so there is extra energy of cleansing and divine, carrying a sort of otherworldly, celestial vibration.

Tiger Jasper Stone

A crystal to use for mental clarity is Tiger Jasper Stone

Tiger Jasper stone is well known for its protective qualities.

It is considered a stable healing stone, meaning that it does not need to be cleansed as often as other crystals.

It’s a combination of Hematite, ironstone, and Tiger Eye, so it carries the combined qualities of these stones; these promote self-confidence, assurance, and improved stamina.

It’s best to carry this stone on you.

Tiger Jasper enhances purification, so if you’re feeling stressed or confused, this stone will help pull you out of these energies and create a pathway to clarity.

It’s important for procrastination, focusing on the tasks at hand and helping to push thoughts into action.

Crystals For Clarity Conclusion

And so, here are the crystals for clarity of the mind and body.

If we pause and listen to what our bodies need, we create the necessary balance for greater focus and concentration.

Our memories are easier to access, we exhibit a greater capacity for original thought, and ultimately, we are better able to build a solid foundation to move forward with.

The mind is incredibly capable of achieving the freedom it desires once our emotional space is decluttered.

It’s important to note that using crystals must be for positive energy flow.

If we seek to use the crystals for anything other than positive intent, the intention of negativity is already in motion and will only bring that energy back to ourselves.

So, go gently and take care with your mind and body on your journey towards balance.

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