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Alexandra Tiodar

Alexandra Tiodar – Head Author At Subconscious Servant

“This story, just like any other story, has to write itself”.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Alexandra I have been an author here on SubconsciousServant for over two years.

To help you understand why I chose to write on this website, I will tell you how my story wrote itself.

Just like you, I have been looking for my place and for my calling for years and years. I have been wandering on all the wrong paths before I found the right one. 

I dealt with life’s hardships and with the feeling of being “lost”. I went through my Dark Night of the Soul and had many moments when I didn’t believe I will ever get out of it.

I lost my path, I lost loved ones and I lost myself, only to find out who I really was at a soul level.

What helped me during those times was reconnecting with my real, authentic self. 

I did remember that ever since I was a little girl, I knew my path was spirituality. When my parents put me to sleep, I spent hours and hours imagining that I am working with spheres of energy, manipulating them as I pleased. 

This made no sense back then, but as I grew older, my affinity towards the metaphysical became obvious. I was drawn to all things occult, mysterious, magical. 

I was also drawn to the healing arts and everything related to this area, which is probably why I chose the journey I chose. 

Also, I was drawn to reading and writing ever since I was a little girl. I remember having tons of notebooks with stories and poems written by me, and most of them were about a School of Magic in which the main hero would learn the magical arts, grow and learn through them. 

My Journey

At the age of 17 I started practicing Reiki Healing. On this path I experienced many types of Reiki attunements, such as Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, and Ama Deus, which a healing form that combines Reiki and shamanism. 

Then I started a degree in Psychology, but as part of my Dark Night of the Soul, I dropped of my University and abandoned the healing path completely. 

This Dark Night of the Soul was triggered by a physical illness, for which I was prescribed medication that also triggered a major depressive episode.

This Dark Night of the Soul involved the loss of several meaningful family members, a significant relationship, meeting and losing my Twin Flame and the experience of chronic pneumonia and major depression.

During this time I  worked trough a lot of jobs, from waitressing, to working in a bookstore and as assistant manager, and even attempted to become a flight attendant. 

Nothing worked for me long-term, because deep down my heart was yearning to go back to spirituality and healing.

So, I enrolled back to University and graduated in Psychology. I then signed up for a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Trauma, and decided to take my spiritual skills to a whole new level. 

I started practicing Pranic Healing, ThetaHealing and became a certified Life Coach and Tarot Reader. 

In the end, I did become the spiritual teacher and healer that I was meant to become all along.

On top of it, I started writing for SubconsciousServant, and this is more than a job for me – is an opportunity to fulfill what I came here to do and to share my spiritual knowledge with the whole world.

I found my true calling and happiness, and understood that I was never really lost. The Universe just put me in difficult situations to help me understand my power and my greatness.

Why Am I Telling You This Story? 

To show you that you too, can emerge from your Dark Night of the Soul, and to help you understand why here at SubconsciousServant we write so much about spirituality and the deeper meaning of life. 

Because we believe that anything physical has a spiritual cause, and we are here to guide you find the deeper solution to your problems.

My Mission And Purpose

My mission as head author and healer is to show readers that they can start over and reinvent themselves even if after their whole life was torn to pieces.

Through my articles, I aim to help you explore all the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life, and show how every physical problem cand find a spiritual solution.

As final advice for all the readers, I would say to remember that “Hope can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”.