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Prove The Law of Attraction Works With These Manifesting Games

Prove The Law of Attraction Works With These Manifesting Games

There’s no way you haven’t heard about the law of attraction by now. Everybody and their cousin is talking about it.

You’ve probably listened to them, and thought it at best mildly interesting. At worst, you’ve most likely dismissed it as nothing but hocus pocus.

Here’s a question for you though – what if you could personally experience the law of attraction?

Technically, you are experiencing it.

The Law Of Attraction is like gravity. You don’t switch gravity on and off with your belief or lack of belief in it.

It just is.

So, instead of letting it just be a theory. Let's prove it works.

5 Games You Can Play To Prove The Law Of Attraction Works!

1. The Telephone Conversation Game.

  • While you’re in a relaxed frame of mind, fondly imagine that you had received a call from a certain person. Pick someone who you wouldn’t mind terribly whether or not they called you.
  • Using your mind’s ears, hear them over the phone. Hear their voice, their laugh. You know how this person sounds.
  • Feel the sensation as their voice hits your ears, from the phone, or your phone’s earpiece.
  • With your mind’s fingers, feel the weight of the phone in your hand, as you hold it against your head.
  • If you’re using your earpiece instead, feel the sensation of each piece being in your head, and let their voice feel your head.
  • With your mind’s voice, respond to this person.
  • Do this for only about a minute, and then stop, let it go, and go about your day.

If you’ve done this correctly, and do not stress about the outcome, you’re guaranteed to have a conversation with this person, in this 3D world!

Don’t knock this. It’s really powerful. Much of the power lies in the ease and detachment with which you approach this. This is why I suggested using someone you don’t really feel you absolutely need to hear back from.

2. The Tennis Ball Game.

  • Get nice and relaxed, You want to be at ease, both in mind and body. You could do this shortly before getting into, or out of bed.
  • Shut your eyes.
  • In your hand, feel a tennis ball. You’ve held one before. You know what it feels like.
  • Feel the texture, and the lines on the ball.
  • In your mind, toss the ball a short way up and catch it, so you can feel the weight of it.
  • In your mind’s eye, see the tennis ball. Note the green. Note the lines. Really look at it.
  • With your mind’s hand, toss the ball against a wall. Hear it hit the wall. See it bounce back to you as you catch it.
  • If you’re doing this before bed, and you’re feeling tired, you can simply go to bed holding the ball in your mind’s hand.

Done right, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you are compelled to pick up a tennis ball. It’s going to happen.

I’ve done this time after time after time, so I know from personal experience it works. And no, I do not have a house full of tennis balls, nor do I even play it, so you can’t say “Well, duh.”

3. The New Crisp Dollar Bill Game

  • Get into a relaxed, comfy state. Your body and mind both at ease. Zero tension, so you can immerse yourself in your imagination.
  • In your mind, reach into your pocket, or wallet.
  • With your mind’s fingers, feel for a dollar bill. You know how money feels in your hand, don’t you?
  • Keep your hand in your pocket or wallet. Really take the time to feel the crisp newness of the note. Feel the tiny little grooves and markings on the note.
  • Now, in your mind’s eye, see your hand taking out the note from your pocket, or wallet.
  • Hold it before your eyes. Don’t worry about not remembering all the details on the note. You only need to remember what you do remember.
  • Take the note in both of your mind’s hands and fold and unfold it.
  • As you fold and unfold the note, pay attention to the sounds it makes. This is why we want to imagine a crisp dollar bill. Hear the sounds with your mind’s ears, as clearly as you can.
  • Bring the dollar bill to your nose. No doubt, you know the smell of money. Put it to your mind’s nose and inhale. Take it all in.
  • Wave the bill in your face. Feel the air stir against your skin. Still keep smelling the note, seeing it and holding it in your mind’s eye.
  • Put it back in your pocket or wallet, and then come out of your imagination.

Did you feel how real it all felt after? The thing is, after doing this, you have no choice but to somehow come about a crisp dollar bill, just as you envisioned it. Don’t knock it till you try it. If you’d like to use a different currency, that’s fine too.

4. The Ladder Game

  • Get relaxed. Do whatever it is that helps you get at ease.
  • In your mind’s eye, see a ladder right in front of you.
  • Walk up to the ladder, and really get a close look at it. Is it wood? Is it metal? What’s it look like? What’s the color?
  • Get closer still. Reach out and touch the ladder. How does it feel? If it’s wood, is it smooth or splintery? If its metal, is it smooth, or rusting a bit?
  • Feel the temperature of the ladder, as you touch it with your mind’s hands.
  • Reach out with your mind’s hands, and firmly hold one of the ladder’s rungs.
  • Reach out a foot, and get on it.
  • Take a moment, with your hands and a foot on the ladder. Test it out. How does it feel? Sturdy? Like it can support your weight?
  • Get your other foot off the floor, and climb up a rung.
  • Notice your surroundings. Notice how you’ve got a different, higher perspective, than when you were just on the floor.
  • Notice the tension in your arms, your triceps especially, as you hold on to a rung.
  • Step up another rung. Notice the new, even higher perspective, and the tension in your arms. Notice the bulk of your weight being on the instep of your lower foot.
  • Climb to the top, all the while noticing everything with all your inner senses, even the sound your hands and feet make as you move.
  • Climb back down. Take one more good look at the ladder. Feel it again. Now step away, and come out of your imagination.
  • Forget about all this.

You’re going to climb a ladder. A sequence of events will make it so you have absolutely no choice but to do so.

5. The Pizza Game

  • In your mind’s eye, see a box of your favorite pizza on the table before you.
  • Take a moment to notice the delicious smell coming out of the box.
  • Feel your mind’s stomach rumble in anticipation. Feel your mouth water.
  • Reach out and open the box, and notice how the smell becomes even stronger.
  • Reach out and take a slice. Notice its weight in your hand. Feel the cheese as it pulls away from the rest of the pizza. Feel the heat of the slice.
  • Bring it close to you. Note everything on it. The pepperoni, the cheese, the olives, (even the pineapples, you weirdo. Just kidding)
  • Take a bite. Really feel it in your mouth. The tastes, the textures, everything mingling. Swallow. Smile. Come out of it.

You’re going to have a pizza. No, don’t try to order it. You could, I guess, but just allow it to unfold naturally.

So there ya have it.

5 games to play to prove the Law Of Attraction works. 


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Satnam Singh

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Thanks I will try this ,thank you so much for sending me this ,I belive this manifest will work for me


Wednesday 12th of February 2020

I did all of it I got all of it. When I randomly found a tennis ball in parking lot where there is no tennis court around I just couldn’t believe it, I got goosebumps!!! It really works !!