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5 Law Of Attraction Exercises To Help You Manifest Your Desires

5 Law Of Attraction Exercises To Help You Manifest Your Desires

So you’re an avid practitioner of the law of attraction. But it hasn’t been that smooth a ride for you.

There are certain times when you’re just steady nailing it. You think it, and BAM! It’s done. No effort, no time lag.

There are other times though, when you wonder if it wasn’t just a fluke. You think it all sucks, and you just wish you were better at this.

You need to understand something. Working with the law of attraction is not unlike your fitness journey.

In the beginning, it sucks, especially if you’re harder on yourself than you should be.

If you’ve been a couch potato all your life, then you can’t expect to suddenly be able to skip rope like a boxer.

Nor can you expect to do a hundred pull ups, or the human flag.

So what do you do?

You train. One rep and one set at a time, at your level.

Soon you start to drop weight, build muscle, get faster, get stronger, and go longer. Same with the law of attraction.

So I’m going to give you the exercises you need, to help you now, at the level you're at.

5 Law Of Attraction Exercises, To Help You Manifest Your Desires!

Let’s dive right in.

1. Meditation.

Law of attraction exercise - meditation

Ah, yes. The “dreaded” M-word. Contrary to what you think, you don’t need to be some kind of monk to practice meditation. You don’t need to sit for hours at a stretch.

I know, you’ve got things to do. So this doesn't need to take long.

Here's what to do.

  • Sit down in a comfortable position, wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Shut your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath, in through your nose, filling your belly. Hold it for a beat.
  • Breathe out, through slightly parted lips. You’ll find the exhale is longer than the inhale.
  • Keep your attention on your breath.
  • When your attention wanders off (and it will, a lot, especially when you first start with this practice) don’t get mad or frustrated. Just gently refocus on your breath.
  • Keep this up for ten to fifteen minutes, tops.
  • Over time, you’ll find it easier to quiet your mind and find your center.
  • Over time this will spill out into your whole life, and manifesting will become faster and easier.

2. Visualization.


This is a huge part to manifesting better.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: most people are visualizing wrong.

When they do so, they tend to look at themselves, as if they’re watching a movie of themselves.

What you want to do, is immerse yourself in your visualization. Be the actor, not the audience.

Here's an exercise to help you understand:

  • Sit down, or lay down in a comfy position. If lying down, don’t get too comfy that you fall asleep.
  • Shut your eyes, and visualize whatever scene you want to. It doesn’t have to be for something you want. You can just imagine having a coffee.
  • Be in the scene as an actor, as you walk to a bench with a cup of coffee in your hand.
  • Through YOUR OWN EYES, not someone else’s, see your hand lift the cup of coffee to your face. So you can’t see your face, obviously, but you can see your hand bringing the coffee to your lips.

You can do any kind of scene you’d like. The idea is to get you used to moving about in your imagination. This will make the manifestation process more effective in the long run.

Check out this post if you want to know how to use visualization to attract more money.

3. Askfirmations.

woman doing law of attraction exercise

No, that’s not a typo. I didn’t mean to type “affirmations.” So you’re definitely curious what the heck an “Askfirmation” is.

Askfirmations are basically affirmations but in question form.

Why use them instead of affirmations?

When you use affirmations like “I am rich,” and you feel anything but, you immediately begin to fight it. You can feel the strain within you, of lying to yourself.

With an askfirmation, you bypass by causing your subconscious mind to assume that these things have already happened. You’ll be asking a series of “how” and “why” questions.

So instead of affirming, here’s a list of askfirmations you can use:

  • How did I become so rich?
  • Why did I get this successful at business?
  • How did I get this healthy and fit?
  • Why did this amazing woman fall in love with me?
  • How am I so blessed in my life?
  • How do I always end up in the right place at the right time?
  • Why does everything I touch turn to gold?
  • How did I end up living the life of my dreams?

Notice in asking these questions, your mind is finding it easier to accept the truth of the assumptions you’re making. They're so much better than regular old affirmations.

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4. Practicing Gratitude.

woman practicing gratitude

I have to tell you right now, if you haven’t been doing this, you need to start yesterday. In fact, I should have put this as number one.

Gratitude puts you in a state of mind that just opens doors. Gratitude is literally life’s master key.

What can you be grateful for?

  • The fact that you’re awake and alive and can read this right now.
  • The roof over your head, the food in your stomach.
  • Your loved ones, family and friends, and your amazing relationship with them.
  • Your health.
  • The money you do have.

The key is to express sincere appreciation for the things you do have. For the things going right in your life.

Do this mindfully, and daily. Make it a practice.

Make it your first response, when you start to feel despondent or discouraged with life.

5. Random Manifestation List.

woman doing the manifestation list law of attraction exercise

What do I mean random? I mean stuff you’re not really attached to. Just to keep your “manifestation muscles” working, you know? Each day, I write a list of five to ten random things.

Sometimes, I don’t write them down, per se. I just note it mentally, but writing is great, because you have something to look back on to remind you of your manifesting prowess.

Just this morning, one of the things I wrote down was “I want to see a woman wearing all red.” Soon as I was done, I turned on the TV, and guess what I saw? Yup.

So what’s a list like?

  • I’d like to receive a compliment that makes me feel amazing
  • I’d enjoy a phone call from so-and-so
  • I’d love to hear this song on the radio
  • I’d love a free cup of coffee

You get the idea. The important thing is to keep it light, and as you write, don’t overthink it.

You should not spend more than a few seconds coming up with each thing. When you start to overthink, just stop. Let it go.

As they manifest, you’ll come to really be confident in your ability to manifest.

So there ya go!

5 Law of attraction exercises to help you manifest your dreams and desires

If there are any good exercises you like to use, then please leave a comment below and I might update this list.

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