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11 Amazing Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For You

11 Amazing Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For You

If you've decided you want to manifest something, then I'm sure you might be wondering if what you want is coming your way.

Sometimes the signs can be subtle, and sometimes the signs are a little more obvious.

To help you know if you're on the right path to your manifestation. I've listed 11 common signs that the law of attraction is working for you.  

If you see any of these then the LOA is bringing you what you desire. 

11 Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working

a sign the law of attraction is working

Sign #1: You Are Aware Of Your Emotional Guidance System.

Your emotional guidance system (or EGS) is one of the best things you can become aware of. If you start to become aware of how you feel in relation to your desire, then you'll be able to keep yourself in alignment with what you want. 

For example, If you feel good when you see others in happy relationships then that's your emotional guidance system telling you that you are in alignment. 

However, if you want to manifest a loving relationship using the law of attraction, but you notice you feel bad because you get jealous when you see a couple holding hands happily in love walking down the street then that's your EGS indicating that you are out of alignment and you need to get back on course. 

When you notice yourself feeling bad then give thanks that your emotional guidance system is working perfectly and then work on raising your vibration around that new partner you desire. 

To raise your vibration you need to start focusing on ONLY the things that you want and the reasons why YOU CAN have what it is you desire. 

Sometimes it takes a little work but eventually you will shift those negative bad feeling thoughts to more positive ones, and you'll then start to get into vibrational alignment with what you want. 

Sign #2: You Feel Good When You Think Of Your Desire 

This sign follows on from the last one. Feeling good means, you're in alignment with what you want.

Your vibrations attract what you want to you like a magnet.

So when you are feeling good and are vibrating in alignment with what you want and you bring that desire into your life. 

When I catch myself feeling good about something I want, I like to stop what I'm doing and embrace the feeling and feed into the positive vibration. 

Sign #3: You See Indicators  

Indicators are like little signs that what you want to manifest is starting to appear in your life. 

For example, If you want more money then you might start seeing little things, you find a $10 bill. You get some money paid back to you which you're owed from a friend.

Or you may go to buy something you were going to buy anyway like a new coat, and when you get there it's $40 off, so you end up with $40 more in your pocket than you were going to.

It's just little signs of the abundance of what you want around you.

Sign #4: You'll Experience Synchronicities  

a woman smiling because the law of attraction is working

These are an excellent sign that the law of attraction is working for you.

When people or situations turn up unexpected that is needed to bring your desire into reality, then you know you are on the right path.

For example, you might have a desire to write a book, but you don't know where to start. 

Then the next day just as you're heading home your partner rings and asks to pick up some milk on the way home.

So you stop off at random store you're driving past, get your milk, then as you're walking out of the store you see a notice on the pin-up board offering writing classes for beginners. 

You join the class and rest is history 🙂

Sign #5: Heightened Awareness Of Your Desires

You would have experienced this one before I'm sure. 

Say you want a new car, a white Mercedes. You know the exact model you want, the color you want and you put the intention out there that you want to get that car soon.

Then like magic, you start seeing that car everywhere

You've gone from seeing the odd one here and there to seeing them ALL THE TIME. 

Well, that can happen the same way with whatever it is you want.

If you start to see more and hear more about your desire, then that means what you want is on your vibrational frequency and is being attracted to you.

Overhearing conversations about your desire. Or catching a radio host talking about your desire. These are all signs the law of attraction is working for you.

Sign #6: You're Excited 

If you're excited, it's because you expect it to happen.

Feeling good with an expectancy of your desire coming to manifestation is a good sign that the law of attraction is working for you. 

You wouldn't get excited if you believed you weren't going to get what you wanted.

Feeling excited tells the universe you're looking forward to getting what it is you desire, and the universe will respond by delivering what you want, and usually in a way you least expect!

Sign #7: Seeing The Numbers 111, 11:11

In numerology, numbers like these are called angel numbers and can appear in a variety of ways. 111,11:22,12:34 etc.

This is supposed to mean things in your life are aligning up nicely, and all is well. 

You might notice these in a few ways.

You may start to notice these numbers when you look at the clock. Or you may notice your grocery bill is $11:11 or a door number is 111.

There are many ways to see these numbers. But just know, if you do happen to notice these numbers then things are aligning up nicely for you.

Sign #8: Your Spirit Guides Appear

We all have spirit guides in our lives, even if we have never met them before! Spirit guides are there to help us on our life’s journey, providing us with advice and support when we need it. 

We have a range of spirit guides in the universe, from guardian angels to spirit animals.

Some come in and out of our lives when we need them, and others will be constantly around us, watching out for us. 

A huge sign that the Law of Attraction is working for you is if you begin to get signs from your spirit guides.

Perhaps you are seeing feathers when you are out and about in the world, a sure sign that your guardian angels want to connect with you. 

Or, perhaps you are seeing a certain animal in your life that you have always related with. Are they appearing in your dreams and in nature? 

Your spirit guides will appear when the Law of Attraction is working for you because you are reaching a higher level of frequency than before.

When we are working with the Law of Attraction, we are raising our vibrations to match the surrounding universe and higher realms of existence. 

Our spirit guides can sense this and therefore choose to send us signs and messages to let us know that we are on the right track!

This can feel so magical if we have never before connected with our spirit guides, so pay attention to the world around you in case your spirit guides wish to connect with you. 

Sign #9: You Feel Present in The World

When we are working with the Law of Attraction, we are connecting with the current state of the universe. We are sending out positive vibrations into the world and opening ourselves up for them to return. 

Because of this, we forge a deeper connection with the universe. When the Law of Attraction is working, we will begin to feel much more present in the world, allowing ourselves to connect with the current state of the universe. 

The Law of Attraction tells us that we have the power to create the reality around us.

When we wish to do this, we must leave worries in the past and focus on progression at this moment in time. 

We cannot manifest things for the future, rather we must work on what we wish to manifest right now. The future is what we make it, so it is time to create now.  

By working with the Law of Attraction, we are turning our focus away from the worries of the past and the future.

We are allowing our minds and souls to focus on the present world around us, and what we can do right now in order to manifest what we want. 

In turn, we begin to feel much more present in the world, with a deeper understanding of where we are in our lives right now. 

Sign #10: You Sleep Better and Have Deeper Dreams 

is the law of attraction working

The Law of Attraction allows us to understand our souls better, and lets our souls connect with higher vibrational frequencies.

We are developing our spiritual side with the Law of Attraction, letting new ideas and opportunities into our lives. 

You may not think that this links with the sleep and dream world, but it does! Sleeping and dreaming are pretty important spiritual tools, as when we are asleep, our souls are more active. 

This is because we are tuned out of the constraints of the modern world, and therefore are open to deeper levels of consciousness. If you have ever practiced lucid dreaming or astral projection, you probably know what I am talking about. 

Sleeping and dreaming are tools that we can use to develop our spiritual side and explore higher realms of consciousness in the universe.

Because of this, we will often sleep and dream better when the Law of Attraction is working for us. When the Law of Attraction is working, we are much more in tune with the universe at this present moment.

We are feeling more peaceful, with our souls connecting to higher realism of existence. 

This means that we find ourselves having deeper, more relaxing sleep. We aren’t too worried about where we are in life, as we are getting what we need from the universe. 

When the Law of Attraction is working, we will also find ourselves having more meaningful dreams. We are allowing our spirituality to work with us, developing our connection with our unconsciousness.

Because of this, we can then learn about ourselves through our dreams and dream interpretation. 

Sign #11: You Are Beginning To Understand What You Really Want From Life 

When we start working with the Law of Attraction, we are beginning a journey towards our true selves.

Before working with the Law of Attraction, we may feel a bit confused and despondent about where we are in our lives right now.

We might not know what we want from the world, and what path we should be on. 

By working with the Law of Attraction, we are developing our spiritual side and connecting with the universe. When the Law of Attraction is working, we are able to have a better understanding of what we really want in life. 

This is because of the connection with the world around us, and how we begin to be more in tune with our desires and intuition. 

When the Law of Attraction is working, we are also more aware of our spirit guides and are able to develop a deep connection with them.

We are then able to ask them for advice and guidance in order to fully understand our true path in life. 

With the Law of Attraction, the future feels exciting. We can see our true path in life and are hopeful for the next step. 

So there you have it, the 11 signs that the law of attraction is working for you. 🙂