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How To Manifest Money With The Amazing Power of Visualization

How To Manifest Money With The Amazing Power of Visualization

When fully harnessed visualization can be the most powerful practice that can be utilized to manifest with great clarity and effectiveness.

Visualization can most definitely be used as a technique to manifest money. The manifestation of money always requires a foundational understanding of the true nature of abundance that operates within our reality.

Tuning to the reality of abundance can be achieved using the power of visualization.

In this article, we shall explore some specific visualization practices that you can use to manifest money.

To set the tone for these powerful practices will firstly start by gaining a fuller understanding of the manifestation power of visualization as well as the reality of the abundance; this will be followed by some step by step visualization exercises that you can practice in order to manifest the experience of monetary wealth in your life.

The Manifestation Power Of Visualization      

Power Of Visualization

The ability to manifest is actually an innate natural ability that we have as humans.

We are constantly manifesting but the fun, magic, and empowerment can come into play when we engage in manifestation intentionally and consciously.

Conscious Manifestation usually flows through the following stages – contrast (the situation or experience that inspires or gives rise to a need or desire), desire (getting clear on what you wish to manifest), resonance (tuning into the frequency of what you are manifesting) and receptivity (relaxing, trusting and receiving what you have created).

Visualization can be utilized throughout the stages of manifestation but is used most prominently in the resonance phase.

In order to tune to or resonate with the energy that is needed to manifest what you wish.

You can use the practice of visualization to get clear and imagine with your mind's eye what you manifesting.

Engaging the emotions and senses is another key ingredient for successful conscious manifestation and this can be effected through visualization.

A large part of our sensory perception is sight and we can learn to engage our imagination intentionally and vividly.

One of the languages of the human brain is images and sometimes during a vivid visualization the brain doesn’t fully understand the difference between what is real and imagined.

Visualization primarily engages the sense of sight and within the scene that is been visualized one can engage other sensory elements to further energize and bring alive the imagined scene.

Engaging, within the other imaginary sensation such as a texture, taste, scent, and sound will strengthen the manifestation power of the visualization.

Embodying Abundance


Another ingredient to the successful manifestation of money through visualization is understanding and embodying the vibration of prosperity consciousness.

This starts with a commitment to the mind state of gratitude and celebration for what you do have in this very present moment.

Noticing that you have made it this far in life and had what you needed in each moment that has passed and will have what you need in the moments to follow. 

Abundance is not always in the form of what we consider to be money but also other blessings that flow to you organically such as a gift, a delicious meal, enriching, and joyful experiences, knowledge, or a meeting that awakens and empowers you.

You can choose to have faith that you will always have what you need and let your desire for more be inspiring as opposed to anxiety-causing.

Much of our lack-consciousness is outdated programming that we have unconsciously absorbed and accepted and so it takes some level of commitment, presence, and consciousness to question and excavate the old beliefs and reprogram these beliefs into something more beneficial.

For example: letting go of fears you have surrounding money, any beliefs you have that money is bad, difficult to gain, or maybe beliefs that you don’t manage money well, releasing and transforming these low vibrational beliefs in mental, spiritual, and physical realms ( this can be done through intentional meditation and embodiment )

Prosperity consciousness, as an essential element for you to experience tangibly manifesting money through visualization, is really about grasping /tuning into the concept that in a high vibrational perspective abundance is the nature of reality.

Contemplating a more open-minded perspective surrounding wealth and knowing that the source of all abundance is infinite.

The source of every experience is consciousness or energy and consciousness/energy/source is infinite.

When you begin to tune into this state of being you can experience a reality of ease, flow, creativity, and playfulness surrounding money.

You will feel free to give generously and you will be open and feel worthy to receive exactly what you believe is possible.  

Step By Step Visualization Exercises To Manifest Money 

Visualization exercises for manifesting money

Firstly I will summarize a few things you should take into consideration in order for your visualization practices to be most effective in manifesting money.

  • Identifying and releasing poverty consciousness, negative programming, and tuning to abundance- you can do this through meditation, affirmations, and visualization practices as well.
  • Set aside time for you to practice then trust, have faith and let go, let flow the vibration you called in and aligned to.
  • Visualize in the first-person perspective by seeing yourself within the scene you are imagining, embodied in the visualization.

Below are some methods you can use to practice visualization, I suggest trying them out and sticking with the practice that feels the best for you, you can also combine elements of the varied methods as well as add in your own elements to create a method that works best for you.

This first visualization exercise is adapted to this context from the book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. In this book, she suggests that 4 basic steps for effective creative visualization are: setting your goal, getting a clear idea or picture, focusing on it often, and giving it positive energy and the necessary elements are desire, belief, and acceptance.

I highly recommend reading this book if you enjoy this exercise and wish to delve even deeper into the creative visualization process. You can get it on Amazon here if you want.

Here is her suggested basic visualization exercise:

  1. Think of what you would like to focus on, in this case, that would be manifesting money.
  2. In a space where you will not be disturbed get into a comfortable position, relaxing the body intentionally and completely and engaging in deep breathing. 
  3. Once you feel deeply relaxed you can begin to imagine the money that you would like to manifest, you can see yourself holding the money physically or the money reflected in your bank account. You can imagine yourself enjoying spending the money or sharing the money. Within your mind create these images as detailed as you can, you can take as long as feels good to imagine this. Enjoy this daydream like process fully.
  4. Keeping this image in your mind create some affirmations related to this image such as ‘I love spending this money taking care of my needs and luxuries ‘ ‘ I love sharing this money generously’ ‘
  5. You can round off your visualization session with a final affirmation which welcomes limitless abundance to flow to you in both expected and unexpected ways ‘This or something better manifests for me in the most harmonious and satisfying ways for all those concerned’

This next visualization practice is an energizing practice to align you with prosperity consciousness:

  1. Enter into a state of deep relaxation through the body scan process ( consciously mentally moving through each part of your body from head to toe and physically relaxing each part)
  2. Engaging with the breath, begin by simply observing your natural breathing flow for 10 in-breaths and 10 out breaths. Then take 10 intentionally deeper and slower breaths. 
  3. Combining breathing with visualization, continuing to breathe deeply and slowly and now begin to visualize within your mind’s eye the purest light energy, imagine with each breath you are breathing in light and each exhale you are radiating the light into the world, breathing in and out this light that represents energy which is the infinite source of life.
  4. As you breathe in and out this light contemplating, feeling, and affirming the infinite nature of the energy that creates all, accepting and embodying that you are part of this flow
  5. Now feeling energized, with a more specific focus acknowledge that money is energy. Imagine yourself receive the money you would like to receive with this knowing that it is completely possible as the energy that we are part of is infinite and abundant. While visualizing breath light into the scene of your ideal money situation and feel the feeling of the scene as if you have already completely received what you have tuned to through this visualization

Guided Visualization To Manifest Money

Visualization To Manifest Money

In this section of the article, we will provide an example of a guided scene for money manifestation so you can get an idea of the details you can include when visualizing.

As mentioned earlier in the article incorporating the senses, as well as emotion, is key to successful visualization.

  1. To start off this manifesting visualization choose a space that you feel most comfortable and where you will not be disturbed. 
  2. Begin your practice with a deep breathing meditation to saturate yourself with energy.
  3. Now focus on your third eye chakra point ( located at the center of your forehead, linked to the pineal gland, it is the chakra that is linked to imagination and visualization; check out the article How to open your third eye and activate your pineal gland to learn more about this chakra)
  4. With this inner eye begin to imagine yourself in your bedroom, imagine you are getting ready to go out for the morning. Imagine your ideal morning routine, and visualize yourself experiencing this routine with as much sensory detail as possible. Feel into the abundance of every detail of the vision; you may visualize your fridge filled with the best healthiest breakfast options, having high-quality clothing that you adorn yourself in, or even simply going about your routine at a leisurely pace having an abundance of time to enjoy every moment. Feel gratitude for the experience you have imagined and feel how you are tapping into abundance consciousness.
  5. Now imagine you are getting your things together to leave the house, you grab your wallet/purse and take a moment to feel the fullness of it, flip it open for a moment and gaze at the stack of clean notes and your bank cards that your know are filled with plenty of money. Smile within your vision and feel grateful.
  6. Now you can imagine you are on your way to where ever you wish (e.g. a breakfast with a friend, a walk in nature, grocery shopping).On your way to where ever you are going you pass a homeless person and you are able to hand them a significant amount of money or you buy them a large bag of groceries- feel into how being able to be so easily generous feels, feel the gratitude of the human you have assisted. Tap into this energy of freely giving and receiving which is true abundance.
  7. Now visualize as much as you like, going about your day doing whatever you would with an unlimited flow of money, take as long as you like in this visualization, as long as it feels great.
  8. To seal off this energetic vision take 3 deep breaths in and out, with each in-breath breathing in gratitude and any other emotions the visualization has created for you and with each out-breath grounding this energy into your physical body and the space surrounding you.
  9. Now go about your day fully embracing life as it is, feeling grateful for what is yours and what is flowing to you.

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How Often Should Visualization Be Practiced When Manifesting Money?

How Often Should Visualization Be Practiced to manifest money?

With the practice of visualization, there is a set amount of time you need to visualize in order for the manifestation to be effective.

It is rather about the potency of your visualization in tuning to the vibration of what you wish to manifest, which allows fully believing the possibility and embodying the manifestation.

That being said the human brain is known to work in a way that requires some level of consistency and repetition in order for a new idea to fully take root.

It is usually best to dedicate time daily or even twice a day for your visualization practice, for however long it takes for you to really feel the visualization.

It would work well as a part of a daily law of attraction routine.

Visualization should really be practiced for as long and as often as it is enjoyed as the feeling of joy within the practice will impact the manifestation power of the visualization.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on learning how to manifest money by using visualization 🙏.

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