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7 Law Of Attraction Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

7 Law Of Attraction Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

So you want to know how to really win at the game of life, huh?

You know about the law of attraction, but it’s mostly been hit-or-miss for you. You know there’s something to it, because you can see others getting results. You’d just like them to be more consistent.

Well my friend, that is an excellent goal to have.

In this article, I’m going to give you seven hacks that will totally level up your manifesting game. Your life will literally never be the same, once you implement these hacks!

But first!

Let’s get clear on one thing. The tools and techniques you use to manifest your desires – whatever they are – are only tools.

Ever heard the saying, “A fool with a tool is still a fool?”

Now don’t get mad. I’m not saying you’re a fool.

I’m saying it’s important to understand that when you get your desire, or it’s opposite, the cause is not necessarily with the tool. So what is it then?

Your state of being!

The law of attraction is about so much more than visualizing and imagining the life you desire. It’s about being the person you desire to be. In other words, even when you’re not meditating or visualizing, you walk, talk, act, and feel as the person who you desire to be!

It is from your state of being that all your desires start coming.

Get it? Be, then come. Become! Great. You’re sharp. I like that. Now let’s get to the hacks!


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1. Make doubt your friend.

Wait… What? Yes. I wrote that. I’ll explain. So you have a desire. You intend it to be. Over the period it takes to manifest, your mind begins to throw you doubts. It tries to protect you from the pain of failure.

A well-meaning friend comes by and says something that makes you think you can’t have what you want. A news article states how statistically impossible the odds are that you’ll get it.

Don’t sweat it!

Every time you have some doubt, it’s simply the universe asking you “Are you really who you say you are?”

So once you remember this, be thankful. See the doubts as reminders to get back to being the change you desire.

Over time you’ll find you can turn doubt into trust faster and easier.

2. Don’t forget to breathe.

Take a moment. Check in with how you’re breathing right now. Are your breaths coming in shallow and hurried, or are they nice and deep? If shallow, try to take deeper, luxurious breaths.

If you just did that, you’ll notice you feel more relaxed and less stressed, or anxious.

This is an ideal state to be in, to allow all your desires flow to you seamlessly.

Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, just pause, and take a few deep, delicious breaths.

3. Allow negative emotions.

Wait, stick with me. Don’t close this page yet. I know this goes against everything you’ve been told about the law of attraction, but it’s best for you not to fight the bad feelings.

So what do you do instead?

Acknowledge them. Acknowledge that you’re not feeling so great right now. Then know that it’s okay.

It’s unrealistic to expect to be happy all the time.

Trying to be happy when you clearly aren’t, just adds more pressure and frustration.

Know that feeling bad is not the end of the world! Feeling negative does not negate your desire unless you assume it does.

You want to be rich? Guess what? Rich people have bad days too. You don’t see them stop being rich on their bad days. Same thing.

Don’t be afraid to allow it, for that is the best way to let it pass quickly, so you can get back to vibing high.

And whatever you do, 

Never beat yourself up for feeling bad.

4. Use the “state akin to sleep.”

This is pure awesomeness! Thank you, Neville Goddard!

Whenever you catch yourself dropping off to sleep, or waking up, or about to nap, this is a great time to do your manifestation techniques.

I always invest my mornings, nights, and nap times into creating my desires.


Because I’ve done it over and over again, and it works every time.

A key to manifesting is doing it when you’re relaxed, and at ease. This is a great way to work with your subconscious mind, and manifest all the awesome stuff you desire!

5. Turn up the music!

Ever listened to a song that you heard a lot during a sad time in your life? You ever notice you start to feel a bit down – even though whatever happened was a long time ago and all sorted?

Or have you heard a song come on the radio that put an instant smile on your face?

That’s the power of music!

I personally love to listen to piano and harp music. I can’t be in a bad mood while it plays! Be leery of songs that have happy tunes but sad lyrics.

Maybe for you, it might be classical. Rock. African. Whatever floats your boat.

Music is a gift, and a blessing when used the right way. So turn up your favorite tune!

6. Want something? Give it away.

No, I’m not promoting giving with an ulterior motive. If you understand how the law of attraction works, you’ll do this naturally.

I could tell you instance after instance, where I’ve received what I’ve given, ten or more times over.

It’s a statement to the Universe that you have your desire already!

Since nature hates a vacuum, guess what? More of what you give must come to you! You can’t give what you don’t have.

Want health? Give it. How? What would you do if you were healthy? Would you take a walk? Would you go to the living room for a bit? Do that even if you can only do it for a minute. Just do it.

Want love? Show love. Want more money? Give it. I’m not asking you to go broke. Be reasonable. But whatever you do, give, and give cheerfully!

7. Put it in the past.

Whatever your desires are, put them in the past! Here’s one of the most amazing things I did when I first started out creating the life I have now:

As I’d drift off to, or awaken from sleep, I ask myself,

“How did I become so happy? How did my businesses become so successful? Isn’t it great, how my life has turned out? I remember when I bought my first house. Wasn’t that amazing?”

Can you see those questions suggest you already have everything you want!

When you put your desires in the past and do so in that sleepy, drowsy state, your subconscious mind is more open to the suggestions.

Then it works to make it so.

So there you have it!

7 great hacks, for effortless, magical manifesting with the law of attraction.

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