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The 55×5 Manifesting Formula [A Magical Step By Step Guide]

The 55×5 Manifesting Formula [A Magical Step By Step Guide]

If you’ve been around the Law of Attraction block long enough, then chances are you may have heard of the 55×5 manifesting formula.

If not then I'm sure you're Curious about what it is. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is The 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

You ready for this? You basically multiply 55 by 5, and tada! You get 275. That’s it. End of article. Go home.

No, I’m just kidding.

The 55×5 manifestation formula is basically this: you pick your goal or desire, and write it down 55 times, 5 days in a row.

This manifestation formula is often touted as some ritual from way, way back in time.

But that’s not the case. It’s actually fairly recent.

But! Don’t let that discourage you.

Just because it’s not “ancient juju” doesn’t mean it’s ineffective! There are lots and lots of people getting incredible results from the 55×5 manifesting formula.

…Wait… That’s It?

Not so fast!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when doing this.

And don’t worry, I’m going to keep things simple.

When you’re working with the Law of Attraction, simple is the best way to go. This way, you don’t pile on resistance that could counteract your manifestation.

The 5×55 Manifesting Formula Steps.

a book for the 55x5 manifesting formula

First of all, you need a pen, or pencil, and a notebook, especially for this purpose.

You’ll also need to devote at least 20 minutes of your time, each day. It could take a bit less than 20 minutes, if you write like The Flash.

But to be safe put aside 20mins for the 5×55 manifesting ritual.

Step One: Crafting Your Statement

What do you want to manifest? Now is not the time to be vague.

Get as specific as possible.

Make it so clear that there’s absolutely no mistaking what it means.

If you want to get results, then you have to be very precise and clear about what your desire is. If you’re not, your energy will be all over the place.

You want it focused. Like a laser beam.

Step Two: Keep It in The Present

I can’t stress enough, how important it is to word your desire in the present tense. You want to impress it on your subconscious mind that your desire is already an existing fact.

In other words, your desire is not even a desire. It’s just… A fact.

You wouldn’t desire the sun to rise in the east because it already does.

Wording your statement in the present treats your desire as a fact, like the eastern sunrise.

It’s also imperative that you act like your desire is already done. Act like it’s already yours.

Once you do, your subconscious mind is impressed with this idea, and it goes on to make sure this idea becomes tangible.

If your subconscious mind is given the impression that your desire has already happened, then it will spur you and everything around you into action, to make that impression a fact in 3D.

Step Three: Keep It Up for 5 Days

How much does your desire matter to you?

I’ve heard people say this method is quite tedious. By the second or third day, they’re simply tuckered out.

You have no excuses, amigo. If you can sit down and watch episode after episode of Game of Thrones, then you can sit down and do this. It’s only 5 days. What have you got to lose?

Some paper, some ink, and 20 minutes a day for 5 days? A small price to pay for your desires, wouldn’t you agree?

Some Helpful Tips for Making The 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work

While this method is obviously simple and straightforward, here are a few tips to help you maximize the potential of this formula.

Do This:

  1. Do this 55×5 manifesting practice shortly before you go to bed, or shortly after you wake up. Make sure you’re either starting your day, or ending your day with this.
  2. Try to be consistent with the time you do the exercise. Make sure you do it at the same time, each of the 5 days. Or at least, keep it as close to the same time as possible.
  3. Be disciplined about setting out anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour each day for this. However long it will take you to write it all down.
  4. You do not want to be distracted while you’re doing this. So make sure you’re somewhere nice and quiet. Ensure your family and/or friends know not to bother you at this time.

Don't Do This:

  1. Don’t talk about this to anyone. Not even the people who love you. They won’t get it, and they might make you doubt yourself. The last thing you need is doubt. It would hamper the success of the 55×5 formula.
  2. Don’t write wishfully. Your desire is a goal. An accomplished goal. That is exactly how you should word it. Word it like you already have it. Write it in the present tense, or even better, put it in the past.
  3. Don’t quit the exercise, just because you missed a day. Be proactive about it. Didn’t do it yesterday? Get it done today. You can start over today. There is no penalty here.
  4. Don’t use a laptop, or phone, or any other electronic device for this. Good old fashioned pen and paper are you best friends. Old school is still cool. Also, there’s something about imprinting words on paper with your hand. It feels deliberate. There is intention behind this. And intention goes a long way in making your desires happen.

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What Happens If I Don’t Get It in 5 Days?

Well, let’s get practical here. What is your goal? You want a million dollars? Not saying it’s impossible for it to happen in 5 days or even less, but you need to realize your desires will happen when they will.

Also, some of those desires – like $1,000,000 in your bank account – might need more than five days.

I personally recommend that you write for five days, and then back off for five, and then write for another five.

Why? What’s happening on the days you don’t write?

What you do on those days, is simply make a conscious attempt at basking in your desire, as though it just happened.

Soak yourself in the feeling of it having been done.

What would you do with that one million dollars? Where would you go? What would you spend it on or invest in? How would you feel knowing you had all that moolah sitting in your account? Bask in that feeling.

The five-day break is also great for giving you some respite from writing.


If you keep going, you might get discouraged when nothing happens despite how long it has been. So take those breaks.

If you cannot immerse yourself in the feeling of being a millionaire, then simply take your mind off the 55×5 exercise during the five-day break.

Forget about the desire. Don’t dwell on it.

When it pops up in your mind, gently tell yourself, “It’s done.” Cultivate boredom about it, if you can.

Trust me, this divine nonchalance is how you draw your desires to you!

The One POWERFUL Tip No One's Talking About

Do you know how you can rev this up to the next level? Well come closer, let me tell you. I have looked through every article on 55×5, and I’m surprised no one’s talked about it yet.

I mean, a few have come close.

They’ve offered tips like “You need to meditate on the statements and focus.” Others have said, “You need to read the statements aloud for good results.” Well I can do you one better.

You ready?

Record your statement, and have it play on a loop.

I have been doing this, long before I learned of this 55×5 method of manifestation. I would record my desires, in the present tense, and I’d have it playing in the background as I work, and as I sleep. And I have gotten astounding results.

I have two recordings for this.

One of them, I made into a subliminal

In other words, it’s set at a volume I can barely hear.

What happens is my subconscious mind can hear it still, and it sets to work on it instantly.

Another recording is at a louder volume, for when I just want to sit with the words and let them wash over me.

Without fail, I have manifested everything I desired, using this method.

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Now, can you imagine falling asleep at night, while your 55×5 statement runs on and on, programming your subconscious mind? What could be more powerful than THAT?!

Try that on for size. See how it goes. You’re going to LOVE what happens. That’s a promise.

Happy manifesting!


Saturday 27th of February 2021

Hi Alan could you please help me with prefect words, or affirmation for 55*5 manifestation . Alan I want to go back to New Zealand by 25th of March or before that, as my visa is getting expired in early may 2021 I really need to go back I m stuck here since last one year and due to border closer

Alan Young

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Hey Khushi, you could try something like "I am so grateful that the opportunity to go back to New Zealand has arrived" or "Being back in New Zealand before the 25th March feels amazing". Just go with something that emphasizes the feeling of being back in time and also something that doesn't cause you to feel a contradictory feeling. If you say "I am grateful that I am back in New Zealand" it might cause you to feel the lack of being in New Zealand so something like "Being back in New Zealand before the 25th March feels amazing" can work better because that statement would be true, being back in New Zealand does feel amazing and it doesn't contradict your current reality. You're just stating that being there in time is something that would feel good. You just need to say something that feels in alignment with what you want. I hope that helps and good luck :-)


Saturday 10th of October 2020

Hi there, I’ve been considering to start tonight and I want to manifest the desire of one of my friends texting me and wanting to build our friendship back. Our friendship was very peaceful and loving and I want to know like how do I word it? Do I start with thank you universe or she will and one more thing, can I write “with good intentions” at the end?, because something about not writing it makes me feel like it’s not going to work. Thank you very much


Thursday 8th of October 2020

Hello,am greatful do this article it's really informative, though I have a question,does it matter which phase of the moon cycle is right (new moon, waxing gibbous) or it's okay to do it any time. Thanks.


Wednesday 26th of August 2020

I truly appreciate this article. I have a question. I started my 5x55 and it has manifested after one day. Do I continue to write it out or can I stop?

Alan Young

Friday 28th of August 2020

Hey De! That's amazing. If your manifestation has already happened then congratulations you can stop writing it out. Maybe try manifest something else you desire? Good luck 🙏


Monday 11th of May 2020

Hi, great article. I wanted to ask how I can go about turning my recording into a subliminal one?

Alan Young

Monday 11th of May 2020

Hey Lulu ThinkUp is a great app I've used that you can record affirmations and then play them over music. 🙏