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How To Use Gratitude to Manifest Your Desires In 7 Steps

How To Use Gratitude to Manifest Your Desires In 7 Steps

I want to ask you a question. Don’t be in a hurry to answer. Be honest with yourself. You ready?

Here goes.

How’s your manifesting going?

Good? Could be better? Not so great?

If you’re having trouble manifesting the things you desire in life, then this article is for you.

Let’s assume you When you appreciatehave done everything every blog out there has told you to do.

You’ve held money to your nose, taken a deep breath to really smell it, so you can manifest more moolah.

You’ve gone to bed every night cradling a pillow and pretending it’s your desired lover, so you can finally stop being alone.

You’ve visualized yourself with a sexy beach body. Yet you can't get motivated to eat well or go to the gym.

You’ve tried everything, yet nothing works!

Don’t throw in the towel just yet, amigo. There’s one thing I know for a fact will work.

What is it?

The AMAZING Power of Gratitude

Gratitude to Manifest Desires

If you haven’t yet discovered just how POWERFUL gratitude is, then I’m about to knock your socks off.

Let’s talk about the most grateful person I know on the planet.

A great friend of mine, named Alexa. No, not that Alexa.

Alexa’s one of the happiest people I know. Her energy is absolutely divine!

She’s so full of warmth and she has a knack for seeing the best in things, and in situations.

No matter how bad you think something or someone is, Alexa will find one good thing about them and focus only on that.

You can’t hold her in a conversation which is full of complaining or tearing others down.

It’s one of the things I love about her.

On a whim, I asked her if she’d always been this way. She told me a story.

Alexa’s Story On Using Gratitude to Manifest Good In Her Life.

I wasn’t always like this. Believe it or not, once upon a time I used to be bitter. I was mad at the world, mad at life.

At the time, I felt I had good reason to be. You’d probably agree I did, too.

I used to have a friend named Pablo.  I thought I knew him well and could trust him. One day, he came to me with what seemed to be a really solid business deal.

He needed funds to make it work. I didn’t really have much, but I believed in his vision. So much so I took out all my savings and even took out a loan.

Long story short, he disappeared on me. Shortly after that, I lost my job. My house was about to be foreclosed. I had nothing.

For a long, long time, I stayed bitter. I’d go for interviews, but for some reason, no one would hire me. Or they’d almost hire me, but at the last minute, something would not work out.

One day, as I was crying, bawling my eyes out, wallowing in self-pity, something clicked. I was tired of complaining, tired of being tired.

So I sat on the floor of my friend’s basement and began to give thanks for everything I could think of.

I was thankful for the clothes on my back. For the generosity of my friend. For the fact that I was healthy. For the roof over my head, whether or not it was mine.

I found reasons to be thankful.

That night, as I took a walk, seeing things with new, thankful eyes, I ran into Drew, an old colleague who had left to start his own tech company.

We got to talking, and he offered me a job. That job led to so many other opportunities for me. Things were looking up!

Occasionally, my thoughts would turn to Pablo, and I’d feel a twinge in my heart. I’d want to hate him. I’d want to whine about the whole thing.

But I would gently give thanks for the whole thing. I chose gratitude. I chose to believe that good would and had come of it.

A couple of weeks after I’d begun my job, I found out from an old neighbor of his, that “Pablo” had been arrested. That explained why he suddenly disappeared.  

A few days later, one of Drew’s very wealthy clients contacted me, saying she appreciated my help with a project I’d worked on for her.

She had already paid the company what was due, and I’d gotten my commission. But guess what? She wrote me a cheque, just to say thanks.

That cheque was THRICE the amount of money I’d lost!

So you see, I’ve learned no matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, I will always, always stay grateful. Now I know the importance of using gratitude to manifest my desires.

Gratitude: The Master Key

Gratitude: The Master Key

See, you might do your visualizations, make vision boards till you’re bored, and do other techniques you know to manifest your desires, but in the end, gratitude is the master key.

When you express gratitude, you vibrate at a higher frequency.

A frequency in harmony with your desires. You’re at one with the Universe. Your life is transformed in ways that can only be described as magical!

See, if you don’t appreciate what you’ve already got, then you shut yourself off from all the goodness and abundance that the Universe wants to shower on you!

You can’t receive anything, when you’re not grateful for what you’ve got.

It doesn’t matter how little it is. There is some good in there. Find it, and truly appreciate it!

You Can’t Fake Appreciation

Why not?

Because it’s a vibe. It’s energy. You feel it, or you don’t.

It’s not about the words you speak. Or about saying “thank you.” I know a few very polite people who never miss a beat when they ought to say “thank you,” and they’re still living in lack!

It’s not the words.

To be truly grateful, you must be open to seeing with new eyes. You have to be willing to look for the good.

Look for the beauty in the ugly.

Then with all your heart, love that it is. Love how it is. Love it as it is.

Complaining is the worst thing you could possibly do when you want your desires to manifest.

Think about it. Imagine you’ve done something nice for someone, and all they did in response was complain.

Would you want to do more?

Would you want to do better?

Of course not!

See, we’re so loved, that The Universe is impartial to us. It wants us to have the best of the best.

But when we complain, it’s not The Universe being withholding.

It’s our very selves, building dams to stop the flow of abundance!

The abundance of love, money, health, fun, whatever you desire. It can all be yours, as soon as you hit the mute button on all your complaints!

7 Steps For Using Gratitude to Manifest Your Desires

Gratitude to Manifest Your Desires

Here are steps you can take, to practice gratitude, and take your manifestation to the next level.

1. Stop Looking For What’s Wrong With Your Situation.

Start looking for what’s good in it.

Begin a passionate search for the good!

2. Know That Your Desires Are Already Done!

It’s not a matter of “if” but when!

If you truly understand your desires are a done deal, then you’d find it easy to be grateful for them!

3. Cultivate Joy.

Why not?

Take a look back at your life. You’ll find if some of the “bad” hadn’t happened, some of the “good” probably wouldn’t have!

So why not celebrate because you know your heart’s desires are on their way to you?

4. Compliment, Not Complain.

When you catch yourself complaining, or about to make a complaint, task yourself with seeing something great in whatever or whoever you’re complaining about.

Then compliment it instead.

Love it, from the bottom of your heart.

5. Stop, Sit, And Breathe.

When you’re mindful, you begin to see “the beauty in the madness.”

When you see the beauty, more of it reveals itself to you.

So make a practice of mindful meditation.

Get still, and let love and gratitude fill your heart and mind!

6. Practice Being Grateful For The Good In Others Lives.

When you’re thankful for the good in their lives, you draw more of that to you!

You’re basically saying to The Universe, “That’s just lovely.”

The Universe interprets that to mean you’d love some of the same in your life as well, and will also give you that and more!

7. Stop With The Jealousy And Judgment.

Are you the kind of person who criticizes how others spend their money?

Do you snort in disdain when someone speeds past you in a red sports car?

Well, you’re not going to get the new car or whatever you want with that attitude.

I can tell you that for free now.

Instead, enjoy that they get to enjoy those things. See those things as The Universe presenting you with a catalog.

When you appreciate those people with the things you desire, guess what? You’re going to draw some of that energy to yourself as well!

Start Using Gratitude Today for Lightspeed Manifestation

Using Gratitude for mamifesting

When you’re grateful for the stuff you’re about to receive, you’re telling The Universe, “Yes, it’s mine! It is all mine, and I am open and ready to receive it! Thank you!”

Guess what happens next?

An avalanche of manifestations!

Everything you desire comes, and comes quickly! Simply because using gratitude to manifest, you kicked the Law of Attraction into high gear!

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Of course, the desires of a grateful soul have no choice but to happen, fast and big!

I want you to make a conscious, daily effort, to fill your heart with gratitude.

Let the words “thank you” become your mantra.

Say it with a heart full of love, and light. Say it as often as you can.

Watch the magic unfold.

Never end a day without going over the things you are thankful for.

It doesn't matter if it’s major, or mundane.

Got a free cup of coffee?

Be thankful!

Someone let you have their spot on a queue?

Be thankful!

Seen others enjoying their manifestations?

Be thankful for them!

You want to manifest your desires faster?

Try a little bit of gratitude. And then some.

You won’t regret it.

I guarantee it.

When you’re grateful for all the things you have, The Universe will send more your way!


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