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How to Detach Yourself from The Outcome – Law Of Attraction

How to Detach Yourself from The Outcome – Law Of Attraction

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. Read every book. Watched YouTube videos. Took action.

But still no results. You wonder…

“What am I missing here?”


Picture this: you lose something – say a piece of jewelry. You look all over for it. Nope. Can’t find it.

Frustrated, you quit looking.

“It’ll turn up somewhere, whenever,” you think.

You forget about it.

Sometime later, you stick your hand in a corner, and there it is!

Or, you give your all to make something happen.

It just isn’t working.

Just when you call it quits, or begin to care less, bam! It all clicks!

Well, that’s kinda how detachment works.

What really is detachment?

Letting go because YOU KNOW it’s a done deal.


What slows down or stops manifestation?

Well, there are a few things.

Let's start by showing the process of manifestation and THEN what most people are doing to slow it down.

Manifestation Is Basically A Three Step Process.

Step one – You have a desire.

Step two – Which is automatic – is the universe answers.

Step three – You allow it to happen.

Most people get stuck on the desire bit, and then they choke on that because they begin to think of all the reasons it just can’t happen.

Then, there are those who practice LOA.

They do their best to put everything they’ve learned into practice;

But over time, they get impatient, then discouraged.

Sound familiar?

The second you begin to think…

“It's not here yet, when will it happen,” you slow down the manifestation process.

I know what you’re thinking.

“That doesn’t make sense. I believe the Law of Attraction works, so it should happen!”

Well, my friend, that is the Law of attraction working!

What you desire cannot come to you, if the energy you’re putting out is…

“I don’t have it yet.”

The law, faithful and sure as gravity, gives you some more of…“I don’t have it yet.”

So now you must be thinking…


Glad you asked.

It’s really simple…

You Must Detach Yourself From The Outcome.

As that Disney song says, “Let it go! Let it go!”

But how the heck do I let go of something I want so bad?

Detachment doesn’t mean, give up on your desires and saying things like…

“Oh it’s never gonna happen,” or “Whether it happens or not, I don’t care.”

Detachment is TRUST.

Trust that if you have a desire, it’s as good as done.

Your desires are not random.

They’re not there to taunt and tease you.

They’re not there to be ignored.

They’re messages from YOUR SELF about what is yours NOW!

Trust that there is no “it may not happen,” but that IT IS DONE!

You’re always trusting in something.

There is no such thing as doubt.

Doubt is Simply a Trust That Something Will Most Likely Not Work.

The universe will reflect that trust back to you, so you might as well trust THAT YOU HAVE your desire already!

I desire pizza, I make an order.

I don’t think, “ How will the pizza guy get here?

What route will he take? I hope he doesn’t drop my pizza.

What if they forgot to put olives? What if it doesn’t get here at all?”

You see, that’s kinda nuts.

I don’t look for signs that my pizza will make its way to me, because I KNOW it’s done!

My doorbell will ring any minute, and I’m going to have that cheesy goodness in my mouth.

I remind myself, the how is none of my business. I don’t care how it happens.

I don’t care when it happens.

I know, if it happened in my imagination, then the physical manifestation is sure to be.

I don’t just say this. I believe it; and because I believe it, this has been my experience.

Everything is really one thing: consciousness.

Whether it’s imaginal, or physical.

Also, not one thing around you became physical without first being imagined.

So if I imagined it, it’s done!

Unless I imagine it isn’t. Get it?

I imagine I’m the person with my desire.

So I AM that person.

Sooner or later, my world reflects that fact.

You Need to Become Relaxed And at Ease With Your Desire

When you know the power of your imagination, and the Law of Attraction, you become relaxed and at ease about things that “haven’t happened yet.”

You can become detached about it.

You don’t plant an acorn, then whine because it hasn’t grown into a tree, do you?

You know it has no choice but to grow! You don’t dig it up to see if it’s sprouting.

Once you know it’s yours, you can forget about it.

Forget about it as much as you can; and if it ever pops up in your mind, remind yourself, IT IS DONE.

There you go!

That's how you how to detach yourself from the outcome when using the Law Of Attraction.

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Thanks and enjoy!