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How To Manifest Money With Scripting

How To Manifest Money With Scripting

Before I show you how to manifest money with scripting I want to share a quick story with you.

Many years ago at school, I forgot to bring a textbook into class. My teacher gave me 200 lines: “Memory is the mother of the muses.” 

After writing down that phrase 200 times, I never forgot it … and never again did I ever forget to bring a textbook to class!

That simple story shows the extraordinary power of the written word. 

By setting up a vibration that matches the desired outcome, the idea is that you can use the magical powers of the universe to make your aspirations real. 

You can use scripting to help you get more money, a better job, a new relationship, a new car or even, as in my case, a better memory!

There are several ways to start such a vibration. 

You can use spoken affirmations, a vision board or silent prayer. But as my example shows, the written word is one of the most powerful techniques. 

To learn more about using scripting to manifest money in your life, read on!

The Principles Of Scripting For Money 

man scripting for money

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the fundamental principles that govern the universe.  In its simplest form, the law states that like attracts like. 

Some people believe that by tapping into the incredible power of our minds, we can use this law to attract whatever we want into our lives. 

In fact, the reality is a little more subtle than that.

With the Law of Attraction, we use the power of our minds to connect to the universal consciousness in order to attract what we want.

The Law of Attraction means that we are a magnet for what we give out. 

If we always complain, say nasty things about people, do hurtful deeds, and moan about a lack of money, we are essentially telling the universe that we want more of the same. 

But if we are positive, work from the heart, celebrate the abundance in our lives, and are happy, we can expect the universe to respond in kind, in both senses of the word.

The Art of Allowing

The Law of Attraction is all about the art of allowing.  It’s like a river that flows downstream with no resistance. 

Some people get into the water and then try to swim upstream, against the current.

If you want to use scripting to manifest more money, then don’t obstruct yourself. Allow yourself to feel good about your aspirations, and go with the flow.

Remember also to feel a connectedness to the universe and other people who are going to help you fulfill your intentions.

The central tenet behind the Law of Attraction is that intention creates experience, or that thought creates reality. 

For this reason, positive thinking and an upbeat attitude are of the utmost importance. You must think only about what you want, not what you don’t want!

Choose Your Words Carefully

I’m sure my dear old Mum wasn’t the only parent who advised: “I want doesn’t get! 

Like Mums usually are, she was right. 

Simply scripting a phrase like “I want more money” probably won’t work, because it is not an especially powerful or inclusive vibration. 

Compare “I want more money” to something like “Money flows easily to me, and I use this abundance to improve my life and the lives of those around me. 

When you are scripting, the most important part is to choose, correct and fine-tune your words until they actively and positively express your desires.

Always use the present tense and optimistic words. 

The phrase “I am fed up with being poor and would like to have more money” abounds with negativity. 

The emphasis in the first part is on being poor – such words run the risk of attracting more of the same – whilst the second part is a vague, woolly hope for the future.

It's far better to say: “I am happy and grateful for all the good things in my life, and freely share my newfound wealth with my loved ones. 

Whatever you wish for, make it sound as if it already exists.

Banish any negative concepts associated with money like greed, miserliness, debt and selfishness, and replace them with constructive terms like generosity, sharing, good deeds and charity. 

It’s vital that you do this, otherwise you risk blocking the good vibration, or worse still, attracting a bad one.

When it comes to the concept of scripting to bring more money into your life, you must believe it, feel it, and receive it. 

You must be willing to let something happen, and not worry about how it will happen. The universal intelligence or your subconscious mind will figure out the hows!

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Scripting

The single biggest mistake you can make with scripting is to write down your phrase and then just sit back and wait for things to happen. 

Unless you are spectacularly lucky, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work that way. 

To successfully bring more money into your life, you’re going to have to work at it!

You need to write down your carefully chosen phrase at least ten times a day, and think, live, breathe and believe your intention. 

By amplifying the vibration associated with it, you will have a better chance of making it come true.

Pablo Casals was one of the greatest cello players of all time, and he said “Don’t play the notes, play the meaning of the notes. 

The same sentiment is attached to the Law of Attraction. Don’t just write down the words: FEEL their inherent significance.

To have the best chance of succeeding, be aware of each physical word, conscious of the process of writing it down, and mindful of its meaning. Don’t just write mechanically, with no thought or care about what you are doing.

Tips For Manifesting Money Successfully With Scripting

Journal for scripting for money

Make an occasion of writing out your words. 

If you only have a scruffy writing pad, use that. But far better to use a nice pen and a beautiful, bound journal to make the process something more special and magical.

On occasion, it can be helpful to specify how much money you would like to manifest, and by when. 

As ever, be careful with what you wish for.  My fiance scripted “I win the lottery freely and easily” and win she did: a free ticket!

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind, too. Don’t write the affirmations down if you are tired, angry or distracted. 

You may well experience setbacks, delays or obstructions, but that’s OK.  It’s really important that you pick yourself up and don’t give in. 

When you were learning to ride a bike, you didn’t get it right first time.  You had a few falls and accidents before you succeeded. 

Scripting with the Law of Attraction can be a bit like that. 

You may not succeed the first time, or you may need to change your approach.

Scripting Help From The Four P’s

Remember the four P’s to help you succeed in manifesting money with scripting:

Present: stay present for every single moment as you are writing your wishes down.  Observe being mindful of where you are.

Positive: the words that you use must all be positive, so avoid words like not, never, no longer, bad, fail, reject and so on.  Also, be aware of any negative thoughts or doubts creeping into your mind.  Cut and delete them, and change them to positive. 

Practice: if you practice something, you become better at it.  So practice scripting, and practice changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

Persevere: you may be lucky and see results quickly, but most times you will need persistence and perseverance in order to succeed. 

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you are using scripting to manifest more money into your life, make sure you keep your eyes open.  The universe will often send you hints and clues.

You may have asked for a lump sum of money, but perhaps the way for you to achieve greater abundance is reachable in an unexpected way. 

Instead of a letter saying you are due a tax refund, perhaps you will see an advert for a new, higher paid job, or you may qualify for a service that will save you money.

Embrace synchronicity, happy coincidences and even unexpected setbacks, and be grateful and thankful for them. 

Although we may feel sore about a setback or obstacle, that may be the very thing that sets us off in the right direction.

I once used scripting to help me find a better job. 

I made it through to the final two candidates for what I thought was my dream job, only to fall at the final hurdle.

I was very upset to come so near and yet so far, but I persevered in looking for a new opening. And guess what?  A few weeks later, I ended up being recruited for the best job I ever had! 

Use All The Tools At Your Disposal

When you are scripting to bring abundance and money into your life, it’s important that you use all the other tools at your disposal. 

As well as being mindful and thinking positively, ask your friends in the spirit world to help you reach your goal: that includes your guardian angels, spirit guides, power animals, and the divine source itself too. 

If you don’t already meditate, set aside some time each day for quiet contemplation.  This will help to clear your head and keep you focussed on your ambitions.

Steer well clear of anything or anyone that disrupts your balance and positivity: avoid self-criticism, negative people who tell you it won’t work, too much partying and too little sleep!

It’s really great if you can get into a little daily routine: a few minutes set aside at specific times for you to do your scripting.

And finally, you might find it useful to use a vision board alongside your journal. 

Perhaps place a banknote there, or write a cheque made to yourself, not for a monetary amount but “Greater abundance, money, sharing and happiness in my life.” 

What Are You Waiting For?!

Scripting is a simple, effective, and easy to use technique, and there are plenty of real life success stories of people who have used it to manifest more money into their lives.

It requires a little commitment and effort on your part, but the potential rewards are well worth it.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to start manifesting!!


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Creating a money magnet, thinking big, knowing I will have what I speak into existence!!

Alan Young

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

That's a great mindset to have! It's important to believe in yourself and your ability to attract abundance. Keep speaking positive affirmations and taking action towards your goals. Best of luck to you!

Brenda Monaghan

Monday 20th of September 2021

I Just read this article. So inspirational and I am so very ready to step up my journey to manifesting my best life!!! Thank you!

Reese Evans

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Amazing article Alan. I really enjoyed reading it. The way you describe the topic is really great & helpful. I really appreciate it. Awesome.


Saturday 10th of April 2021

What a lesson, really interesting.