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11 Habits Of The Poor Mindset & How To Break The Cycle

11 Habits Of The Poor Mindset & How To Break The Cycle

Have you been struggling with money ever since you've known yourself? 

Do you find it hard to make money and you think you could be stuck being poor forever? 

If money has been an issue most of your life, the bad news is that you could be stuck in a poor mindset, thus you probably have a lot of poor mindset habits that keep you… well, poor. 

The good news is that you can always improve your mindset and change your life, simply by switching from a poor mindset to a rich mindset.

Another good news that I want to give you is that you are the creator of your own life.

You are not stuck in any situation you don't want to be in, as long as you remember that you are a powerful creator and not a victim, and start making some changes in the way you think, feel and act. 

As powerful creators, we determine what's going on in all areas of our lives – including the financial one. 

Your mindset and energy determine how your life and all its areas will look like, thus, by changing your mindset you can actually change your life completely. 

Even not taking any action at all and letting things happen randomly it's a choice – the choice to keep being a victim of life instead of being its creator.

If you want to completely change your life and your financial situation, keep reading, as in this article I am going to talk about what is the poor mindset, what are the 11 main habits of the poor mindset, and how to switch from a poor mindset to a rich mindset. 

What Does Having a Poor Mindset Look Like? 

For you to understand whether you have a poor mindset, first you need to know what a poor mindset looks like, because only when you recognize and understand a problem can you truly change it. 

A person with a poor mindset has a lot of negative beliefs about money and overall, a bad relationship with it.

They believe (consciously or subconsciously), that money is very hard to make, or they see money as something bad or as a burden (not wanting to “deal” with money).

To put it short, a person with a poor mindset has a very poor relationship with money and doesn't really value and love money.

Now my question is, if this is how you relate to money, how do you think you can keep it and attract it into your life? 

When everything in this Universe is energy, how can you attract the energy of money while sending the energy of hate, anger, and frustration to money?

Because every time you do something that isn’t beneficial to your financial situation (such as spending recklessly) or you think badly about money (“money is evil”,”money is hard to make”, etc.) you push money even further away from you.

To help you understand what are the worst actions to take or habits to have when it comes to money, I will talk about the main habits of the poor mindset. 

What Are The Habits of a Poor Mindset?

Habits of a Poor Mindset

1. You hold on to toxic beliefs about money 

We all grew up hearing all sorts of negative things about money from our parents because our parents didn't have the chance to get financial education. 

They also probably didn't learn about the power of the words, the power of positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction

Thus, it's normal for them to have had all sorts of negative thoughts about money. 

I remember that my dad always used to say stuff like “money doesn't come easily”, “you have to work very hard to get ahead in life”, or “life is very hard”. 

As a child, I took what he said very seriously.

No wonder that at 22 years old I was already suffering from burnout and associated health issues – while still being broke, of course.

It took me a very long time to stop relating like this to money and life and to start loving and accepting money as a beautiful part of our lives, and as an energy that comes to me easily- if I let it. 

If your parents used to speak about money (and life) like this, I suggest that you start looking at your inner dysfunctional beliefs about money, and start practicing some positive affirmations about money and abundance.

2. You don't love life 

You may be wondering what this has to do with the poor mindset or with scarcity, but I promise that your attitude towards life, in general, is very connected to your financial situation.

You see, when you love life and you create the life of your dreams, instead of living in victim mode, you enter a state of flow in which abundance comes to you naturally. 

Also, if you fully love life and live aligned to your higher purpose, you're most likely going to have a job that you love and that is part of your Divine Mission in this lifetime. 

If you work in a job that you truly love, you will be very good at it and then money will just follow you effortlessly.

3. You don't know what you truly want in life 

Woman who has some of the habits of a poor mindset

This is quite related to the previous point.

If you don't really love life and don't know what you truly want in life, you have a very high chance of living your life in victim mode – not as a powerful creator and not aligned to your higher purpose. 

For you to really become successful and abundant, you must know what you really want to do and what is your true calling. 

Only then you will actually live the life that the Universe has intended for you, will fulfill your true mission, and will be able to live an abundant, successful life.

4. You work for money, instead of making money work for you

Another behavior that can be considered a poor mindset habit is feeling that you have to work for money instead of making money work for you. 

When you work for money, deep down you feel like you are a slave to money. 

When you decide to make money work for you, you start thinking of creative ways to acquire a passive income and to find ways in which the energy of money starts supporting you instead of the other way around. 

Making money work for you means acknowledging the fact that money is just an energy, is not something that dominates your life and it’s not something hard to achieve.

To make money work for you, you need to create passive sources of income or learn a bit about investment. 

All this can be done if you learn how to work with the energy of money.

5. Money is a burden to you

Does it happen to you that oftentimes when you think about money you have this feeling that it's a burden or that is something you don't want to think about?

Do you think that making money is hard? Do you avoid thinking about money or about how to resolve your issues with money?

This could mean that you have a very bad relationship with money, and you view it as a burden in your life, therefore you cannot attract the energy of money. 

If you want to start attracting money easily, you have to start thinking about money as if it was something good for you and something you desire.

6. You work for money instead of working for yourself

Woman with a poor mindset

This is different from the abovementioned point of making money work for you. 

First, you must know the difference between working for money and having money work for you. 

Second, you must know the difference between working for money and working for yourself. 

Working for yourself means that when you work, you don't have money as the primary purpose of your work. 

Rather, you work because you love what you're doing and because this way you are fulfilling your mission in this world. 

If what you do every day brings you joy and satisfaction, you will work for yourself and for the world, knowing that it is your purpose to bring light into the world through your everyday work.

When you work for yourself and you love what you do, money will follow, but you will not feel like you have to work hard to get it.

7. You spend money you don't have

Another poor mindset habit is when you spend money that you don't have, either by borrowing it from friends and family, or with the help of a credit card. 

I don't encourage people to get credit cards or to get into any sort of debt, because spending the money that you did not produce gives you the false impression that you have more money than you actually have. 

This can lead to behaviors that you will live to regret, like spending too much money and then having to think about ways to give it back, and not to mention the money karma that you create for yourself and that will make it even harder for you to earn good money in the future.

8. You lack vision and discipline

Another habit of the poor mindset that keeps abundance out of your life is when you lack a broader vision of how you want your life to be and you live a life that you’re not aligned with. 

This may not seem directly linked to your financial situation or to the level of abundance you have in your life, but it actually influences the state of all main areas of your life – relationships, career, abundance, etc. 

We all have – or at least have at some point goals and dreams about how we wanted our lives to be.

You need good discipline to keep creating your life vision instead of accepting anything that comes along and becoming a victim of life.

If we settle for a life that doesn't align with those goals, inauthenticity will start to influence us, directly impacting the level of abundance – because when you don’t do something that you love, you most certainly will not be as prosperous as you could be. 

9. You're selfish and avaricious

Looking out and thinking about life

Another poor mindset is being selfish and avaricious.

A selfish person is someone who doesn’t like to share their resources – whether we’re talking about money, clothes, food, etc. and doesn’t like to help others. 

For a selfish person, a desired object could be more important than people in their life.

They don’t borrow, or very rarely, don’t help, and only think about how to have more for themselves. 

This is usually based on a mindset of scarcity – the mindset that if you give, you will not have enough resources for yourself. 

Or it could be based on a complete disregard for other people – or, as it is usually – on both. 

This type of mindset usually creates very negative karma around your financial area, but as well as around your relationship area, and you will live for the consequences. 

The Universe usually repays selfish people by taking away their most prized possessions or people, even if sometimes the karmic “payment” only occurs after a few years. 

10. You're a cheapskate 

Another major habit of the poor mindset is being a cheapskate.

Being a cheapskate means that you don’t treat yourself or others even if you have money – you always keep buying the cheapest of everything, even if sometimes the cheapest is also the worst. 

If you don’t value yourself or your dear ones enough to buy good and nice stuff, how do you expect the Universe to treat you?

In this Universe that we live in, what you give out comes back to you multiplied – even if you give to yourself.

The Law of Karma causes your actions to come back to you in one form or another.

Thus, if you only put out in the Universe the energy of scarcity and of not trusting the Universe to support you financially, this is exactly what you will receive in return – scarcity and lack of foundation and stability.

11. You lack financial education 

One thing that I consider very sad is the fact that in the 21st century so many people lack financial education.

In the past, our parents and grandparents did not have the privilege to get financial education, but nowadays there are many courses and books on how to develop this area of your life, in order to learn about the best, most effective ways to make money. 

With financial education, you can literally learn all the secrets of the rich people, from how and where to invest, to how to manage your money and assets. 

I strongly believe that everyone should have at least a little bit of financial education – the bare minimum, if not more, because financial education can truly give you a new way of looking at money and prosperity. 

Habits of the People with the Rich vs. the Poor Mindset – the Differences

Rich vs. the Poor Mindset

If you compare the people with a rich mindset to the people with a poor mindset, you will notice differences in the following areas: 

  • The attitude towards money 
  • The attitude towards life
  • The level of financial education
  • Generosity/avariciousness

To make the point easier to understand, I will illustrate the differences between people with a rich mindset and people with poor mindsets in these 4 areas, in the following table: 

AreaRich mindsetPoor mindset
Attitude towards money Focused on Making Money, Being productive and binging value to the worldFocused on spending money and buying material stuff.
 Not passionate about anything in particular
Attitude towards lifePowerful Creator of their own life
Has a clear vision and follows it 
Know who they are and understand their life purpose
Victim in life
Doesn’t have a clear vision and always changes plans, abandons projects easily
Doesn’t know who they are, doesn’t have a clear life-purpose
The level of financial educationVery strong financial education
Knows how to make money almost in any situation
Little or none

No idea how money works, doesn’t know how to value opportunities
Generosity / AvariciousnessGenerous and loves to help others
Knows that what they give comes back multiplied
Doesn’t borrow, doesn’t want to help or give, is a cheapskate
Completely ignores the fact that money karma exists

As you can see, the differences between rich mindset people and poor mindset people are quite big.

People with a rich mindset will always attract more riches, whereas people with a poor mindset will lose even what they have, in time.

How to Break the Cycle of a Poor Mindset

If you want to change your life and financial situation, it’s time to break free from that poor mindset and make the switch toward a rich mindset. 

To live your life from a rich mindset, take the following into account:

Decide what is your Life Purpose

The first step towards a rich mindset in life is to understand what is your Divine Mission and Life Purpose. 

Become the conscious creator of your life, rather than a victim who allows everyone and everything into their life and then is always unhappy.

Develop a healthy relationship with money

Get rid of all the dysfunctional thoughts regarding money, such as – “Money is difficult to make”, and replace them with positive ones, such as “ Money follows everywhere I go”, and “I make money very easily”. 

Educate yourself with regards to money

Stop thinking that a 9 to 5 job and a lot of debt to the bank is your only way to have money.

Instead, get some financial education and learn about the beautiful ways you can make money work for you!

Become generous – allow money to flow!

Money is a dynamic energy – it goes where it’s meant to go and where it’s being called.

Sometimes, money has to go from you to other people, and that’s perfectly fine because it will definitely come back! 

Don’t be afraid when you have to give, because everything you give will come back to you multiplied!

I would love to hear your opinion about this article on habits of the poor mindset, and to know which idea or point has helped you the most in the process of switching from a poor mindset to a rich mindset! 

Also, if you have any other ideas about how to break free from a poor mindset, share them with us in the comments section below!