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The Vision Board Checklist For Manifesting Your Dream Life

The Vision Board Checklist For Manifesting Your Dream Life

Have you ever wondered what the ideal Vision Board checklist looks like? 

Since you are reading this article, I assume that you too are tired of living an unfulfilling life, going to a dead-end job every day, or being stuck in unhappy relationships.

Or maybe you are tired of not having enough money, of having health problems or driving the same old car that you’ve been driving for 10 years. 

Creating your own Vision Board can be the first step toward manifesting the life of your dreams, regardless of what aspect of your life you want to change. 

A vision board is extremely useful even if you want to change your entire life, and I would actually say that it can be considered the first step towards a major life shift, as the first step towards change is knowing what you want to achieve. 

One of my favorite quotes states that “when you don’t know when you’re going, you can’t reach your destination”. 

This is where a dream board becomes useful – first, it makes you see things in perspective and it makes you think and decide about what you really want to achieve in life.

Second, it urges you to gather all your resources – physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological and channel them towards fulfilling your dreams.

If you want to understand more about what is a vision board and how to create one, read on, as in this article I am going to talk about the purpose of a vision board and the perfect vision board checklist.

Understanding the Purpose of a Vision Board

The main purpose of a vision board is to help you achieve the life of your dreams by manifesting it or to help you improve one area of your life that currently doesn’t work well enough.

You may wonder how is a vision board going to change your life.

It’s simple – a vision board is a visual representation of the things that you desire, and working with your vision board makes you focus on those things, thus you are more likely to manifest them in your life. 

For you to use the vision board effectively, you must understand how a good vision board is made and how to use it.

The point of a vision board is not just to create it and then forget about it, but rather to use it consistently and effectively. 

How to Use Your Vision Board

Using a vision board checklist when manifesting

To use your vision board effectively and to manifest whatever you desire in your life, you should take the following guidelines into account: 

1. Look at your vision board at least twice a day

I would suggest creating a routine of looking at your vision board when you wake up and before going to sleep, for at least 10 minutes, with the specific intention of attracting the things from your vision board into your life.

2. Feel as if you already have everything on your vision board

While looking at your vision board with the intent to manifest it in your life, you must get your emotions involved as well. 

Looking at your vision board does not mean merely staring at it, but rather visualizing yourself having whatever is depicted on it, and embodying the feeling that you already have it. 

Allow yourself to feel the happiness that you would feel if you had those amazing things in your life, and let this feeling of happiness to mix with the intention to bring them into your life.

3. Meditate upon your vision board

Another important step for manifesting your dreams using a vision board is to meditate on your vision board from time to time. 

This meditation is very similar to the daily visualization I was depicting before, but it should be more in-depth and more powerful. 

You can meditate upon your vision board by looking at it before the meditation, then closing your eyes and watching a mental movie of you already having everything on it. 

You must also add the emotions and the intention into the meditation.

The Vision Board Checklist To Create Your Dream Life

Vision Board Checklist

1. Knowing your wishes and desires

As I mentioned before, if you want to achieve your dream life, you must first know what it looks like. 

And you should be as specific as possible.

First, establish what are the most important things in life for you. Is it love, a relationship, money, a certain job, fame, etc? 

Whatever it is, before starting your vision board you should be clear on how your dream life should look. 

I suggest that before choosing your pictures, you decide what is it that you want to manifest and write a list of those things, just to make sure you’re not forgetting anything important. 

Also, it’s important to mention here that you should be very authentic when you’re writing your list and you’re not just adding random things to it. 

What I mean by this it’s that for you to manifest something, you must really desire that thing.

If you’re just adding things that you know are socially desirable or that someone else wants for you, the manifestation is not going to work.

Rather, before writing that list check what are your heart’s true desires, and ask yourself what are the things that would really make you happy?

Because those are the things that you are most likely to manifest.

2. Pictures and quotes depicting your goals and wishes

After you’ve chosen the things that you wish to attract by checking your heart’s real desires and eliminating any inauthentic wishes, the next step is to start looking for pictures that depict those things. 

Before we had the internet, finding the pictures was a bit difficult, as you literally had to search through random magazines, just hoping to find the picture that you need. 

However, now we can find almost any image with just a Google search, thus I encourage you to use this amazing resource to find any picture that you need. 

However, for some things, it could still be a bit difficult to find pictures.

Let’s say for example that you want to manifest love. 

Love is not a tangible thing, so you’ll just have to figure out how is love represented for you.

It could be represented by a picture of a heart, or a couple kissing and hugging, or you could even photoshop your face next to a loving person or a person you actually like (although I don’t encourage manifesting specific persons). 

The point is to focus on the idea of love and to use any image that represents love to you and that helps you attract love in your life.

You will not have such problems if you want to manifest a red car or a beach house, as the internet is full of such pictures, however, with more abstract concepts you’ll have to get creative.

Also, when choosing your pictures, don’t forget to choose with your heart instead of your mind – choose the picture that speaks to you the most.

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3. Display board 

Display board for manifesting with the law of attraction

After choosing what you want to manifest with your vision board and picking the right pictures for each thing, you must choose a board or a place where to display them. 

You could display them on a carton board, wooden board, dry erase board, corkboard or you could even go for a vision board desk pad. 

At worse, you can just tape them on your mirror, your ceiling or on the door of your closet, but I recommend a place where you can easily look at them while laying down (ideally from your bed or usual meditation spot), so that you can easily meditate upon your vision board. 

4. Glue or tape 

After picking your photos and your display object or place, you will need to choose how are you going to fixate your photos on it. 

You can tape the photos (especially if you choose to put them directly on a closet door, ceiling, or mirror), or you can use glue, stickers, board pins (if you’re using a corkboard), or whatever works for you.

You should just take into account the fact that your vision board must be pleasant to look at, so don’t choose something that looks bad or messy, but rather invest time and effort into creating a nice vision board that looks aesthetical and that inspires you (only create a messy vision board if you feel that is what represents you best).

5. Pen/markers 

Your vision board can (and should) include quotes that inspire you and that are connected to what you want to achieve. 

Or it can include positive and motivational affirmations that can help you achieve your goals faster and which you can also repeat during the vision board meditations and visualizations. 

These affirmations would be highly effective in the process of manifesting your dream life, and I highly recommend that you include them.

You can leave some blank spaces between your pictures for these affirmations to write them yourself with a pen or a marker in a color that you like, or you could print them. 

The choice is yours and whatever you choose should be good, however, writing them while channeling your intention in the words may work better than printing them.

6. A private spot to hang your vision board

The last thing that you have to choose for your vision board is a place to hang it or glue it to.

By this, I mean that even if you’ve done it on a display board, the display board has to be placed somewhere safe and convenient for you. 

Whether you’ve attached your vision board to a display or you’ve just created it and you want to glue it to a closet or your ceiling/ mirror, I suggest that you find a private place for it, as you may have visitors who will start asking questions. 

If you’re not bothered by the questions then you can hang it anywhere. 

However, if you would be embarrassed to explain to people what is on your vision board and why, I suggest that you put it somewhere where not everyone can see it easily as they walk into your room, or just glue it to a display board so you can hide it whenever you need.

When choosing the right spot for your vision board, one thing more important than privacy is to be able to look at it comfortably while laying down, in a quiet, comfortable place.

This way, you can visualize it and meditate upon it without interruptions, as interruptions could disturb the process and diminish the results.

7. An action plan

Last but not least, to manifest the life of your dreams you need a plan.

Because manifestation is not just meditating and hoping for things to magically fall into your lap but is also taking the right actions at the right time. 

If you don’t have a plan when you start using your vision board, that’s absolutely fine. 

As you continue to use your vision board though, the Universe should communicate to you about good ideas, plans, and actions that you can take to bring into your life what you want to manifest. 

To give you an example, let’s assume you’re manifesting your dream job.

Meditating upon your vision board is definitely going to open the road for you, remove the blocks and create the opportunity for you to get it. 

However, you will not be employed by your dream company solely because you meditated in your room, you still need to take the physical actions required, such as sending your CV and going to the interview.

The same goes if you’re trying to manifest love.

Working with your vision board will definitely bring the right person into your life, but you will still need to take some steps to get close to them – befriend them, text them, etc. 

Taking some concrete actions is necessary for every manifestation work that you will ever do because manifesting your dream life requires both spiritual work (to put you on the same frequency with that which you’re trying to manifest) and physical actions – to make it happen in reality as well.

How to Create Your Vision Board

woman sitting with her vision board list

There are two ways of creating your vision board, after choosing the right photos. 

The first way is to print each photo individually, in the right size (which you must figure out according to the size of your display board or place of the display), and then glue them next to each other on the designated object, leaving space for writing your affirmations and quotes. 

If you choose this way, I suggest that before starting the work you mentally map out how you want to arrange the board, to make sure that you end up having the vision board that you want.

The second way to create a vision board is by creating a collage of all of your photos using a computer program such as Photoshop or CollageMaker, and printing it.

This works best if you know how to use such a computer program and if you know how to insert your quotes and affirmations. 

However, even if you don’t know how to insert text into a collage you can always get creative and write your affirmations on a few post-its that you then add to your board.

You can choose whatever way works for you, the only requirement is that you actually like it and that the board ends up representing who you are as a person.

You can also choose some objects that represent what you want to manifest and add them to the board or put them near it.

These objects can include shells, crystals, coins, candles, amulets, or objects that are meaningful to you – given to you by someone dear or bought from a place that you love, etc. 

You can also paint or decorate the frame of the display board in any way that inspires you, you can choose to hang it or place it on an altar, surrounded by power symbols and candles, you can draw symbols or sigils on it – whatever you feel that can help with your manifestation and represents who you are as a person.

Categories and Themes of a Vision Board

Of course, a vision board can include whatever you want to include, as it’s meant to create your life and someone else’s, however, I just want to briefly talk about the main categories that a vision board includes. 

People use vision boards as a law of attraction tool to manifest their dream relationship, their dream job or business, abundance, their dream house, perfect health, etc. 

You can go as specific as to manifest a new pet or longer hair, the latest iPhone, or a closet full of beautiful dresses. 

There is no limit to what you can manifest, as long as you’re focusing on your most authentic desires.

Don’t try to manifest a house just because your mom thinks you need one, or a wife just because you’re in your late 30s. 

Focus on what you truly desire and on what makes your heart beat faster, and I promise you will have those things.

Have you ever tried to create a vision board? If yes, did you manifest anything using it? 

I would love to hear your story in the comment section below and I would love to know how this article has improved your vision board knowledge and maybe helped you manifest the life of your dreams.

Also, if you liked (or disliked) this article about what is a vision board and the perfect vision board checklist, let us know, as we highly value your opinion and experience. 

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