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How Often You Should Visualize For Best Manifesting Results

How Often You Should Visualize For Best Manifesting Results

Have you recently discovered the Law of Attraction, and although you love how it sounds and you are willing to start using it, you still have some questions about how some things work, such as visualization? 

No surprise there, as the internet is full of books, articles, and videos about the Law of Attraction, however, at times they may contradict each other.

One topic which I noticed that it’s causing a bit of confusion is how often should you visualize to manifestation. So let me answer that question.

How often should you visualize for the law of attracting to work best? Ideally, you should create a daily routine where you dedicate two times a day for visualization at about 10-15 minutes each time. This would give you the time and consistency needed each day to embody the feelings of your manifestation fulfilled. 

From my experience that's what I think works best, however, some sources say you should only do it every once in a while, and work hard in the meantime to get what you want, others say you should be visualizing non-stop, basically every second of being awake.

In my opinion, I believe the key to manifesting successfully whatever you want to attain is to create a balanced, effective spiritual routine

Don’t visualize every single moment 

You shouldn’t try to use visualization in every single moment. Besides being tiring and potentially impeding you from doing other activities, it can have to opposite effect from that which you desire to obtain.

Manifestation is the result of work AND surrender, which means you have to know the balance of how much work you do and how much you allow the Universe to work in your favor.

don't visualize too much

Allowing the Universe to work in your favor is solid proof that you trust it fully, and therefore is a sign of faith.

Rather than thinking obsessively about what you want to receive, try to use visualization once or twice a day, and in the meantime focus on the intent of remaining attuned to your wish.

When you are not consciously trying to manifest with visualization, maintain a strong belief that what you are trying to manifest is coming to you, and gently allow the Universe to decide how and when. 

But also, don’t visualize too rarely

If you only use visualization now and then, you might not have results very quickly or even have them at all.

It might not be enough for you to align with what you wish to attract and also, it lacks consistency.

Consistency is the key to attaining any sort of results, and if you don’t consistently practice visualization with Law of Attraction, the Universe may consider that you do not want it bad enough, therefore, it shall not provide it for you.

Remember, manifestation is the process of changing your vibrational level and aligning to your wish, and that takes time, especially when there are blockages to eliminate or wounds to heal.

Try a balanced manifestation Routine

Just like famous personal development author, Dale Carnegie said, “Every day is a new life to a wise man”.

Most healthy habits that you practice to maintain your physical body clean and/or in shape – such as taking a shower, brushing your teeth, exercising- must be practiced daily to be effective.

It is the same when it comes to any habits you have to keep your spiritual and mental body in balance.

I always encourage people to have their daily or morning personalized spiritual routine (or spiri, whether that involves praying, meditation, yoga, Reiki, or whatever it is that helps you cleanse and ground.

meditation helps visualization to work

In that routine, once you have embarked on an LOA journey, you can start incorporating manifestation techniques such as visualization. I encourage you to be as creative as possible and allow yourself to find the routine that suits you the most.

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There are no limits or rules to follow

However, it’s important to have a spiritual routine that empowers you, leaving you more balanced and attuned to your higher self.

I suggest practicing the visualization daily, about twice a day, because adjusting your vibrational level requires time and consistency, therefore, visualizing every now and then is not going to bring the desired results.

Daily visualization is the perfect combination of persistent work and surrendering to the Universe’s will. Even though how often you visualize is an important aspect, how you do it is equally important.

It’s crucial that you don’t just focus on the quantity, but on the quality as well. If you visualize with no faith in what you are trying to manifest, even if you manage to visualize almost every second while you are awake, it will not bring you the desired outcome.

At the end of the day, our thoughts and emotions create our world, and the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”, which means you attract what you are.

The Universe cannot bring you something if you don’t believe that you are worthy of that thing or that you deserve it. To align yourself to that which you desire to attract you must believe that you deserve it and believe that you already have it. 

In conclusion, the key to successful visualization is taking into account the frequency as well as the quality of the visualization in which you manifest.

When you strongly believe in it, you are willing to do the work and you integrate it in your daily spiritual routine, you cannot fail at it.

Keep working on what you wish to manifest but don’t forget to also let the Universe work in your favor.


Monday 21st of December 2020

Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for sharing. I'm still trying to work out my manifesting schedule as I sleep in too much! I think it's important to let your intuition guide you but am also aware I need to put some structure into my routine!