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Journaling For Manifestation – A Step-By-Step Guide

Journaling For Manifestation – A Step-By-Step Guide

Sometimes, hoping and wishing for something to happen isn’t enough to make it happen.

If you are worried about timing, this is especially true.

In the fast-paced world of today, you need a tried and trusted method you can depend on that is proven to make things happen.

Journaling for manifestation is that tried and true method. 

What is journaling for manifestation? 

Journaling for manifestation is the conscious act of writing down your intentions to streamline the process and bring your desires into fruition a lot faster. There are four proven methods of journaling manifestation, but you can tailor each method to fit your specific needs.

If you find it difficult to come up with proper language to use to efficiently manifest your desires, there are also common journaling for manifestation prompts you can follow to help you get started.

Not only that, but there are other techniques you can do in tandem with journaling to further encourage the manifestation process.

Continue reading to learn more!

Journaling For Manifestation

woman journaling for manifestation

In recent years, the act of journaling to help aid in the manifestation process seems to have gained more of a following because people realized rather quickly that it actually works!

Before you can effectively begin journaling for manifestation, you must first familiarize yourself with exactly what manifestation is. 

It is a common misconception that manifesting is like magic; you can make anything appear in your life at any point in time.

While this might hold some truth, it isn’t entirely accurate.

In truth, manifestation is simply the act of aiding what is already yours, into fruition.

You are helping streamline the process of bringing things into your life that are already headed your way. 

In other words, the best way to make manifestation work in favor of you, and the best way to be able to manifest anything you want is to live your truth.

Every single day, work hard to live your life with pure and conscious intentions to follow your life’s purpose while simultaneously giving back to your fellow brothers and sisters of this Earth.

The more fluid you are in these actions, the easier it will be for you to consistently manifest things into your life, whether they be small or monumental. 

Making Journaling For Manifestation Work For You

Journaling for manifestation is a great tool to use at any stage in your manifestation practice.

Experts and beginners alike can use this tool to help clear their mind of turmoil and distraction and keep it focused on what lies directly ahead. 

As mentioned above, we are all unique with our own unique ways of manifesting.

Just like there isn’t only one way to manifest something into your life, there isn’t just one way to journal for manifestation, either.

To continue, just because you pick one method of journaling for manifestation, doesn’t mean you have to stick to it.

The most important thing to remember is to go with the flow of your life to continue to remain in balance with all things. 

When you begin to force things into your life or to grasp for things that you don’t want to lose, that is when you fall out of balance with your life’s path and purpose.

In turn, manifestation slows, and obstacles emerge as lessons.

This also means that maybe you sometimes have to combine other techniques of manifestation in tandem with your journaling in order to invoke signs from the universe that you are on the right path, and your manifestation is on its way. 

If you are unsure of what these other techniques include, there is more information on this below. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to the Top 4 Proven Methods of Journaling For Manifestation 

sitting at the table journaling for manifestation

The four best and proven methods of journaling for manifestation are by no means the only way to journal your desires into fruition.

That said, they are great ways to get you started in the practice, and they are great to revisit and re-center yourself every now and then. 

Below is a step-by-step guide into how to properly utilize each method: 

1. The I AM Journal

The I AM journal is a type of journaling method where you write as if you are consciously manifesting with every word.

The key with this journaling method is to take it step-by-step and maintain as much detail as possible.

The phrase, “I AM” is one of the most powerful phrases for manifestation.

You use this phrase to boost your vibrational energy and catapult you into your desires. 

These two words force you to write in the present tense as if you are already pursuing your intentions.

This method of journaling is different from the Scripting journaling method, though.

You will learn more about that next. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for utilizing this journaling method.

You will start each prompt with the words, “I AM”: 

  • State Your Desire: 
    • I AM driving off with my dream car.
  • State the Intentional Actions You Are Taking Today
    • I AM going to work. 
    • I AM saving money. 
    • I AM shopping around for different prices. 
  • State How You Feel During These Actions
    • I AM feeling grateful for having a job.
    • I AM feeling motivated because I have the ability to pay my bills and still save money for my dream car. 
    • I AM trusting in the universe that all will come as it should. 
  • State Your Gratitude
    • I AM grateful for my health and the health of my family. 
    • I AM grateful for getting to catch up with old friends. 
    • I AM grateful to be able to do what I love for a living. 
  • State How You Will Give Back to the Universe Today
    • I AM actively participating in the preservation of the planet
    • I AM here to have peaceful conversations with the moon. 
    • I AM open and receptive to different ways I can be of service. 
  • State How You Feel Experiencing Your Heart’s Desire
    • In this section, feel free to go into as much detail as you want. The better the picture, the easier it will be to manifest. 
    • This is when the I AM journal starts to morph into the Scripting journal. 

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2. The Scripting Journal

Unlike the I AM journaling method, the Scripting journaling method writes in the present tense as well, but you instead paint a picture with your words.

This picture is meant to portray you with what you are trying to manifest as if you already have it.

The key here is to adhere to all five human senses while you write. 

You aren’t writing about what you will do to get what you want, as if you are already doing it.

Rather, you are writing about what you want as if you already have it.  

This method is extra fun because you literally put yourself in your own shoes.

You get to write about your day as if it were the day that your desires came into fruition.

Not only will you talk about what happened and describe your desire, but you should describe the scene as well. 

The more detail you use in your writing, the better.

Describe what things looked like, what they smelled like, what you ate.

You want to write in the present tense as well.

This will ensure you are living in the moment within your mind’s eye.

Don’t be afraid to mention other people as well. The more real you can make the scene feel, the better chance you have of manifesting it. 

Actually, some people have been known to experience their desires almost exactly the way they originally visualized them.

It takes a lot of consistent practice, but visualizing things into existence is one of the most effective manifestation methods, and the Scripting journal is a great way to train your brain to visualize properly. 

More on this below. 

New & Full Moon Journaling

The moon serves as our one true reminder that nothing ever stays the same in this life.

Every single minute of every day, the moon is changing shape.

Sometimes she’s increasing to her full size, and other times you can’t see her at all.

Each night, she rises, and each night, she’s a new phase with a new intention. 

When utilizing the Full & New Moon journaling method, you can choose to focus on just the full and new moon phases, or you can choose to utilize this tool to journal about the moon in each of its phases. 

For example: 

The New Moon is a time to set your intentions for the coming cycle.

What are you trying to manifest?

Write down, in detail, of how you intend, you manifest these desires.

During the Full Moon, you can journal of all you’ve accomplished this moon cycle.

If your original manifestation came into fruition, then you can begin again with another intention.

Otherwise, use the next cycling of the moon as an opportunity to keep you focused what your highest dreams. 

The Ascended Masters want you to have it all.

Everything you could ever want or need is already meant for you.

It is up to you to seize it. 

3. The Daily Journal

a book for journaling for manifestation

The above three methods are all methods that can be used periodically.

The last group of proven methods is all journaling methods that are great for daily journaling.

It is recommended to begin with this style of journaling for manifestation because it forces your mind to remain conscious and focused on your intentions every day. 

The 5×55 Method

For those in need of a little more structure in their life, there’s The 5×55 Method.

The idea is that with this daily journaling method, you can align yourself with the vibrational energy of nearly anything in your near reach, and within five days, you will manifest it. 

If you are someone that tends to be a bit scattered or you find it difficult to stay focused on one thing, this is the method for you.

It will force you to stay focused on your intentions until you see them through.  

There are five reasons in particular, as to why this method is so successful:

  • It combines several different manifestation techniques
  • It uses repetition to keep your energy focused
  • It’s a daily practice, which keeps the energy present (great as a part of a daily law of attraction routine)
  • The routine keeps your focused
  • It corresponds with the energy of the number 5, which is a great number to help bring forth change

Here is how the method works: 

  1. First, you set your intention
  2. Then you create five affirmations
  3. Once five affirmations are created, narrow your choice down to the most powerful one
  4. This will be the affirmation you work with for the next five days
  5. Then you take your journal, and you write down this affirmation 55 times every day for five days
  6. For some people, it works best if they spread out the 55 affirmations over the course of the entire day

The 3x6x9 Method

This method is based on two things.

The first being that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are powerful numerology numbers that will help guide you on your manifestation journey.

The other being Abraham’s 17-second rule.

This rule states that if you can focus on a thought for 17 seconds, it will start to create other thoughts and energy around it.

If you can focus on it for 68 seconds, manifestation begins. 

The method is as follows: 

  • Come up with an affirmation that takes you 17 seconds to write down. 
  • It’s important to make this affirmation directly related to your intention
  • Every morning you will write the affirmation three times
  • Then six times at lunch
  • And nine times just before you go to sleep
  • You repeat this daily until your manifestation comes into fruition

The biggest downfall of this method is that there isn’t necessarily a set time for how long you have to keep this up.

Most people tend to find it takes around a month before they start to see anything start to go into motion.

That said, the fact that The 3x6x9 Method is open-ended like that could be the reason it is the right manifestation journaling method for you. 

The Stream of Consciousness Method

Stream of Consciousness writing is great for other things besides manifestation.

If your head is clouded with thoughts or negative energy, utilize this tool to alleviate some of that pressure.

You will find yourself surprisingly relaxed and free of thought afterward.

In regards to manifestation, it is a powerful journaling tool because it keeps the negativity from interfering with your manifestation practice. 

To begin, all you must do is sit with your pen and journal for twenty minutes.

You will want to set a timer, so you don’t have to stop to look at the clock during the session.

The idea is to write continuously for twenty minutes, not even for a second.

You will write about anything and everything that comes into your head.

When you get all this out onto paper, it frees up your mind to have more productive and focused thoughts. 

This is a great tool to utilize in tandem with another journaling tool.

If you use it as a warm-up tool before you begin your journaling for manifestation, you could potentially see things come into fruition even sooner. 

4. Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is exactly what it sounds like.

In order for us to manifest all our desires, we also have to show gratitude for the things we already have in our lives.

It is a great habit to start daily gratitude journal entries.

If you can find time every day to incorporate some form of gratitude journaling in combination with your other journaling prompts, you will not only strengthen your manifestation practice, but it will even have an effect on your entire attitude and outlook of your life. 

It is a great practice to consciously be aware of what makes our current lives great as we strive for progress. 

Common Tips to Help You With Journaling For Manifestation 

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to start a journal, especially if you aren’t used to expressing yourself and your deepest desires.

The good thing about your manifestation journal is that it is yours and no one else’s.

You can feel free to be entirely yourself in this journal, and chances are you might get to know yourself a little more while you are at it. 

Regardless, here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable while your journal so you can begin manifesting things a lot easier and a lot sooner:

  • First and foremost, remember that it is your journal and no one else’s
  • Feel free to express yourself openly and with passion
  • When you use passionate language, it helps to direct that flow of energy into the right avenue to help you with your manifestation
  • Practice makes perfect, but journaling for manifestation will never be perfect
  • Don’t worry about perfection, or if you are doing it right. You will find your flow soon enough and find what works for you. 
  • Remember to reflect
  • Second, to writing your intentions down in repetition, reflection is the second most powerful tool in manifestation. If it doesn’t help you directly manifest something, it will remind you of all you have to be grateful for in this moment. 

Other Techniques to Help With Manifestation 

Journaling for manifestation is a powerful tool for manifestation, but sometimes you need that extra boost to get things going.

If this is the case for you, try visualizing during your journaling practice.

Visualization is perhaps the most powerful manifestation tool of all time.

It all comes down to the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Words are extremely powerful on their own.

They carry their own energies and cast spells within the universe.

However, actions are what actually make things happen.

When you visualize yourself making all your dreams a reality, you are speaking directly with the divine.

As humans, we have a lot of different words and sometimes one word and mean something different to someone else than it does to you. 

When you communicate to the divine with images in the mind’s eye, it leaves no room for confusion.

Now, combining this practice with your journaling for manifestation practice will increase your streamline of energy tenfold. 

No matter what journaling method you use, the important thing to remember is to use it to your benefit.

This could mean a number of different things.

Maybe you use a combination of the above-stated methods, or maybe you just stick to one.

Whatever you find works best for you is all that matters in the end. 

Happy manifesting!

Thanks for reading this article. I hope it helped.

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