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To Manifest Your Dream Job You Must Do These 5 Things

To Manifest Your Dream Job You Must Do These 5 Things

It is all too common for people to work too many hours at a job they don’t enjoy, doing things that don’t add value to their lives just to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Subsequently, a popular goal among those practicing manifestation is to manifest their dream job. 

How do you manifest your dream job? Manifesting your dream job requires the mastery of manifesting your desires.

You must follow the basic requirements for manifestation while fulfilling requirements that are specific to manifesting your dream job as well.

Some things that will help you manifest your dream job are optimism, patience, adaptability, and hard work. 

If you have never tried to manifest something before, please see this article for more information on the art of manifestation.

Before you can work on manifesting your dream job, you must first figure out what job it is that you are after.

There are steps you can follow that will help you discover your passions to manifest your dream job.

Continue reading to learn what these steps are, but first, here are five things you must do that will specifically help with manifesting your dream job. 

Five MUST-DO'S For Manifesting Your Dream Job

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1. Maintain An Optimistic Attitude

Positive emotions are the vehicle that drives you directly to your manifestations.

If positive emotions are the vehicle, positive thoughts are the gas that keeps the vehicle going.

Any and all negativity, on the other hand, brings your vehicle to a screeching halt. Even an inkling of self-doubt can ruin the entire process. 

You must free yourself from limiting beliefs and doubts.

Limiting beliefs are restrictive assumptions that prevent you from reaching the vibrational frequency of your dream job.

Beliefs such as these usually occur on the subconscious level. Therefore, you might not be aware of them at first. 

If you are trying to manifest your dream job and it isn’t working, do some introspective work and ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you feel you are worthy of greatness?
  • When you think of your dream job, how do you feel?
  • What past traumas could potentially hold you back from accepting blessings?

When you are being affected by limited beliefs, you will also experience symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Self-doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Everything in this life is connected, so even spiritual obstacles and blockages can manifest themselves as physical ailments within the body.

In fact, learning to read your body and correlate how you feel with where you are at spiritually will help you understand when your mental and spiritual limitations are holding you back. 

Another great way to help overcome limiting beliefs that seem to be ingrained in your brain is by repeating job affirmations.

If you need help coming up with job affirmations, there are some helpful examples listed at the end of this article. 

2. Trust in Divine Timing

Learning to put your trust in the divine timing of the universe can be extremely scary, especially when it comes to things you want most in this world.

Patience is a virtue when manifesting life-changing dreams. Always remember that whatever is meant for you will never pass you up.

In other words, what will be, will be, so there is no point in trying to rush the process

There are times, though, that you might be trying to manifest something that doesn’t serve your higher purpose.

If what you are asking for doesn’t fit into your divine path, be sure to take a step back and survey the situation. You could be presented with another job opportunity instead. 

Go back to the drawing board and do a little soul searching when things seem to be taking longer than anticipated. You might notice something that was once hidden from you, or maybe there are a few other steps you must complete on your path before reaching your end goal. 

Remaining in-tune with your higher self is the easiest way to let go and let the universe guide you to your dreams.

Because when you are in-tune with your higher self, you are in-tune with the universe.

They are one and the same. Remaining in-tune with your higher self will also help you realize signs from the universe as they are presented to you. 

3. Look For Signs

When you are in-tune with your intuition, noticing signs from the universe becomes natural. In the same sense, when you are working on manifesting things into your life, you will be getting constant signals from your angels.

These signals are signs are possible course correctors – they keep you on track when you seem to be swaying too far in one direction. 

Noticing signs from the universe takes some practice at first. Most of the time, these signs are subtle and easily missed.

People interoperate signs from the universe differently. 

Below are a few of the common ways universal signs are inter-operated

As you can see, some of the signs are positive, while others are negative.

It is crucial that you become aware of which mode of communication with the universe is easiest for you to comprehend.

The universe will tailor her communications to better suit your needs; all you have to do as a human is put that energy out there. 

You could start to notice signs in every single one of these areas. As mentioned above, you will never miss an opportunity that is meant for you.

The universe will keep presenting similar experiences until you learn to the lesson or receive the gift and move on.

When you put your trust in the universe, you have nothing left to fear. 

Let this trusting energy flow through your veins, and you will start to notice universal signs everywhere you look.

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4. Be Adaptable

Being adaptable in all areas of your life can not only help you learn new things more quickly but it, in turn, helps you reach the dreams you desire.

When you find different ways to adapt and relate to the world around you, it opens up your world to new possibilities

For instance: 

If you are in a rut and seem to be experiencing the same obstacles on repeat, try taking a step back and re-evaluating the situation from another perspective.

Chances are there is another way of tackling the problem that you have yet to try out. 

Training your brain to look at all sides of a scenario will help you more quickly adapt to changes in your routine. 

There might be times when a certain perspective isn’t revealing itself to you, and your adaptability seems stunted.

In times like this, the greatest ally you can have is a trusted loved one.

Someone that loves you and that you can trust will give it to you straight. The key is to get an unbiased perspective on the situation.

Sometimes advice from a loved one opens up our eyes to things we didn’t see beforehand. 

The key to being adaptable is to accept the fact that you are only in control to a certain extent.

This life happens whether you are paying attention or not.

When you realize that there are larger things at play than just what is stressing you out in the physical plane, it becomes a lot easier to feel comfortable in the midst of change.

Adaptability is just that, comfortability, and flexibility in times of change. 

5. Put in the Work

This one may seem a little obvious, but unless you actively put in the work, you cannot expect to manifest your dreams.

Manifesting your dream job is one of the harder things to manifest.

You are potentially changing the course your life is taking, so you have to be willing to change every part of your life. 

There might be some things in your life that don’t change, but chances are, you will have to work consistently every single day to ensure all of your thoughts, words, and actions are beneficial to your higher purpose and your end goal of manifesting your dream job. 

Sometimes this means that we lose people we care about. Sometimes the people that are currently in your life aren’t meant to stay in your life.

Some people are there to teach you lessons to help you along your route to your dreams, and once these people have served their purpose in your life, you have to be able to move on. 

That’s not to say you can’t remain civil, though.

At the end of the day, we are all sisters and brothers just walking each other home to our higher selves.

Everyone has a purpose, and everyone has a goal for their lives.

It is important to be there for those you love when they need you but also to be able to let go of each other when your paths are no longer aligned. 

Soul Searching: Discover Your Passions to Manifest Your Dream Job

Before you can easily and effectively manifest anything of importance in your life, you must first be willing to sit with yourself and do the soul work it takes to manifest such monumental changes in your life.

Not only this, but it is nearly impossible to know what your destined dream job is if you don’t put in the self-work beforehand

Some people see self-work, self-care, and self-love as traits of being selfish or narcissistic. Let’s take a look at the word “selfish,” though.

Self-ish is essentially saying you only know yourself a little bit – you only know yourself-ish amount. So people that are being selfish aren’t doing things for themselves for the right reasons. 

Self-work, self-care, and self-love are all the best ways to get to know yourself. From an early age, we are taught to look to our parents for guidance.

Our parents teach us about ourselves, but when we get older, it is up to us to do the introspective work it takes to truly get to know ourselves on a soulful level. 

Once you have completed this work and learned the art of manifestation, you can begin the work to manifest your dream job.

The following steps will help you discover what your higher calling is: 

  • Minimize distractions
  • Separate yourself from others
  • Make time for yourself spiritually
  • Start a new spiritual practice if necessary
  • Keep notes: maintain accountability
  • Analyze your thoughts and actions
  • Understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Do the soul-work to eradicate past traumas that could be stunting your growth
  • Try new things: pick up new hobbies
  • Stay open and receptive

When you discover your higher calling, you will start to see other parts of your life fall into place as well.

There is a whole universe living within you, waiting to manifest everything you could ever want.

The more you communicate with this part of yourself, the easier it will be to understand exactly where you want your life to go. 

The most important thing to understand about soul-work is that it is never finished. The key to manifesting your dream job is to know this fact.

You must consistently evaluate the situation and your-self in regards to the situation.

As humans, our lives are always changing, and so are our dreams, but your one true calling will always innately be there.

Sometimes it just takes shape differently than we originally anticipated.   

As long as you keep the above-stated tips in mind and continue to invest in yourself, you will have no problem achieving your wildest dreams.

The universe will always be at your side to help you along the way.

There are, however, a few job affirmations that can help you strengthen your positive energy and solidify your manifestations. 

10 Job Affirmations to Help You Manifest Your Dream Job

No two job affirmations are created equal. You can come up with your own, or you can use ones that have been tried and trusted for decades.

The best way to ensure the highest success rate is to repeat your affirmations every day.

It is the repetition of the words that amplify their energy and cements their meaning in place. 

Ten job affirmations include: 

  • I am manifesting my ideal job.
  • The universe is leading me towards the job I’ve always wanted.
  • Success is part of me, allowing me to thrive in my dream job. 
  • I’ll work happily and productively with anyone I encounter.
  • I am open, excited, and grateful for the opportunities life provides. 
  • I am magnetic, attracting success and prosperity
  • I am well-paid, respected, and successful. 
  • My dream job brings fulfillment, passion, and abundance
  • All of my career experiences are preparing me for my dream job. 
  • I easily network with others, attracting them with my positive vibration. 

Practicing the regular use of affirmations keeps your head thinking positively about yourself and your dreams. As a result, you stay motivated and can see your dreams with a clear head and open heart. 

Manifesting your dream job is a popular request among those that are new to the world of manifesting.

If you have never manifested anything before, though, you might want to start small and work your way up to things like your dream job.

Learning to recognize signs from the universe can be one of the hardest things to notice during manifestation, but the more time you spend soul searching, the easier it will be to listen to these signs. 

Sometimes it takes longer to manifest your dream job than you originally anticipated, but as long as you don’t give up, you will always get what is meant for you.

The universe is here to work in your favor. Allow yourself to let go and trust in the universe. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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