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11 Fascinating Third Eye Facts That Will AMAZE You

11 Fascinating Third Eye Facts That Will AMAZE You

The third eye energy center of the body also known as the pineal gland is truly a fascinating subject to learn more about.

It is likely that if you are reading this you are on the path of awakening this energy center and learning more about it will most definitely bring up some synchronistic information. 

Here are 11 fascinating facts about the third eye:

1. The third eye is involved in DMT released at birth and death

The third eye is inextricably associated with the pineal gland located in our physical brain center, this gland can produce and release a natural psychedelic compound know and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) also referred to as ‘the spirit molecule’.

DMT is known to induce amazing interdimensional and spiritual experiences. It is naturally released by the pineal gland at the times of birth and death.

At birth, it is naturally released within both the bodies of the mother and the new life entering the earth realm. DMT can be stimulated through deep meditations, breathing, and intentional trance states.

It also occurs naturally in many species of plants and has recently been synthesized and widely experimented with a psychedelic substance.

2. The third eye is photosensitive

Image of third eye fact being shown

Photosensitivity means that something is sensitively affected by various forms of light, including, sunlight and other sources.

It has been discovered that the pineal gland has photoreceptors and is, therefore, photosensitive.

This sensitivity to light is part of what determines the release of the various neurotransmitters and hormones from the pineal gland.

This is why practices such as sun gazing and meditations visualizing light can be effectively used to awaken this third eye energy center.

3. The piezoelectric effects and tiny floating crystals within your third eye

It has been discovered that floating inside the pineal gland there are tiny crystals. These calcium carbonate crystals are known to be very sensitive to changes in frequency and pressure.

These crystals are impacted through a phenomenon that is known as the piezoelectric effect.

This piezoelectric effect is when a material (in this instance the crystals) produces electric charge when subjected to a mechanical stimulus (an example is pressure in the form of muscle contraction and relaxation that naturally occurs during deep breathing techniques).

The piezoelectric charges can also manifest in the form of piezoluminescence or piezochromism which is the release of bursts of multicolored light.

This is why the third eye is linked to the phenomenon of light. Within the third eye, you can experience images of light or psychedelic visions.

Activating this third eye center grants you the ability to pick up higher frequencies and experience phenomena such as inner visions.

4. The third eye also has cones and rods structures

It is quite amazing that the pineal gland which is physical third eye actually has retinal tissue within its structure.

These retinal tissues made of rod and cone structures are what is also present in the structure of a regular eye.

The rods and cones function in their own fascinating way by allowing the eye to receive light which is translated by the optic nerves into vision. It is amazing that the pineal gland also has these structures.

Knowing this information it becomes obvious why the pineal gland is truly regarded as the third eye!

5. The third eye has been represented as a pine cone throughout history

The pineal gland is named due to its pine cone-like shape. It was associated with this shape well before modern science studied the brain.

The pinecone as a representation of the third eye linked with the energy of enlightenment can be seen beautifully represented in many ancient cultures.

This emblem is utilized by the Egyptians, Indians, Mexicans, Greeks, and Romans.

It can be seen in conjunction with images or statues of deities, the staff of Egyptian god Osiris is topped with a pine cone.

Hindu deities are seen holding a pine cone or wearing pine cone shape on the head, Buddhist sculptures also depict pine cone-like designs integrated into the heads of sculptures.

In Roman culture, a giant pine cone structure called the Pigna was sculpted and the symbol of the pine cone is can be seen repeatedly in catholic emblems within architecture and sacred objects.

This repetitive image of the pine cone can show us just how highly this energy center of the third eye was revered as a key aspect of spiritual enlightenment.

6. The third eye allows you access to different realms of perception

Opening the third eye creates physiological as well as subtle energetic upgrades to your body and abilities of perception.

Through activating this energy center you can tap into new realms of awareness through various means.

You could begin to receive inner visions, known as clairvoyance which is the ability to see beyond the ordinary.

Your intuition will also be clear and powerful and you can develop the ability to gain information or insight through an extrasensory perception beyond time and space.

This can also show up as the ability to perceive energy in the physical, for example, developing the ability to see auras and energetic fields.

You can also explore the increased ability to communicate with non-physical spiritual beings and experiences such as astral travel and lucid dreaming.

7. You may experience strange physical and emotional sensations when your third eye is activating

Many people report tangible physical sensations while consciously or spontaneously experiencing the opening or activation of the third eye.

You may experience sensations such as pressure in the head, third eye area, and start to see colored light or images within your mind.

You may experience a feeling of expansiveness and understanding which can sometimes start as a feeling of confusion, be patient with yourself, and consciously know you are integrating a major upgrade from your perspective.

These sensations may seem strange as they are new but once you learn to harness these powers you can have great life-enhancing experiences with the new abilities you awaken.

To maintain healthy third eye energy you may also go through a period of physical detoxification, especially if you have just changed your diet (as it is recommended as one of the methods to awaken this energy center).

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8. Awakening the third eye will help you manifest your desires

The third eye chakra is also known as the Ajna chakra, the word ‘Ajna‘ can be translated to will.

The third eye holds a clear perspective of your most divine will, the will of your highest self. When in alignment with the will of the highest potential, manifestations will flow with ease

The third eye energy center also empowers your visualization skills.

You will be able to more creatively and vividly visualize situations, therefore tangibly perceiving their existence in the spiritual realm which will easier allow these manifestations into the physical.

9. Reptiles have a third eye

Within humans, the pineal gland is located in the central area of the brain that is also known as the reptilian dinosaur brain, or the instinctual brain region.

This area of the brain includes our long spinal cord which is snake-like in shape. This reptilian brain section is also present in reptiles and so is the pineal gland or third eye.

In reptiles, it serves a function of regulation of circadian rhythms (sleep patterns) as well as assisting in navigating through its light-detecting abilities and is also known as the parietal eye.

Sometimes it can seem that the third eye is actually present in the intricate patterning of reptile skin on the top of their heads.

The snake has been used as a symbol of the third eye, represented throughout history in association with the energy of awakening; this can be seen predominantly in ancient Egyptian art and the practices and symbolism within Hinduism

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10. Imbalance in the third eye can be a cause of mental and physical illness

A blocked or imbalanced third eye energy center or calcified pineal gland can have adverse effects on your health; it could be the cause of unexplained mental illness such as depression and anxiety as it is linked to serotonin release.

It could also be a cause of insomnia or sleep problems as this gland is responsible for melatonin secretion which affects sleep cycles. Good sleep is essential for human health.

Talking about sleep, this list of crystals for sleep is worth checking out.

As the pineal gland plays a role in the hormonal balance of the body it is essential to keep it in pristine health in order to have the highest quality of life experience.

You can make sure of this through actively opening this energy center and physically nurturing it too.

You can find more detailed information on this by reading our article on how to awaken your third eye.

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11. A balanced third eye energy welcomes paradox and unity

An activated third eye center can allow you the experience of accepting and understanding the concepts of paradox and unity.

It allows you to unify seemingly opposing energies and see their role in the divine contrast of life.

That the darkness allows the perception of light, that lack breeds desire, that conflict or hardships inspire solution and evolution.

Through being able to see life from this higher perspective it allows the flow of energy to be of open-mindedness and endless potential.

The extra sensory perceptions and abilities that are experienced through an open third eye can let us integrate the truth that reality is not just operating on a physical surface.

We are conscious and a part of an inextricably connected intricate web of life. This awakened perception through the third eye allows us to see, feel, and know this expansive and liberating truth.

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