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7 Powerful Exercises To Enhance The Powers Of Your Third Eye

7 Powerful Exercises To Enhance The Powers Of Your Third Eye

If you have just begun your spiritual journey, you might be really excited to work with your third eye, using third eye exercises to enhance the powers.

The third eye provides us with a connection to the spiritual world, but unfortunately, so many people live their lives with their third eye remaining closed. Everybody has a third eye and it is the very center of our perception and existence.

It was studied centuries ago and is still being studied today, as it is a huge part of so many cultures and communities around the world.

It is located in the center of our forehead between our eyes and we sometimes might feel tingling and sensations in this area when working with the third eye.

It works with our brow chakra. 

But what exactly are the benefits of third eye exercises? 

Read on to discover why you might want to enhance the powers of your third eye, if there are any risks involved, and learn seven powerful third eye exercises that you can implement into your spiritual routine today!

Why Would We Want To Enhance The Powers Of Our Third Eye? 

Why third eye exercises could  enhance the powers of our Third Eye

The third eye is an incredibly powerful tool.

It allows us to experience spiritual realms that go beyond the material world, providing us with magical psychic abilities.

If you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, the opening of your third eye might be a big part of this. 

It is seen as the gateway between our consciousness and the spiritual world. It allows us to see into the future and communicate with the unseen.

You may be able to hear spirits talking to you and receive messages from angels more clearly. 

When our third eye is open and active we develop an ability to know things without any facts or information. We begin to have a lot more gut feelings about things.

It might be something simple, like thinking of someone and then looking at your phone and receiving a message from them. It is important to trust your intuition and not be afraid of what you are feeling!

It might provide huge benefits to you and your wellbeing, and the people in your life. 

The third eye also allows you to astral project.

This is where your soul leaves your physical body and visits and explores the astral planes throughout the universe.

This means that you are able to experience so many different planes of existence and allows you to visit other planets. 

Using third eye exercises to enhance the powers of your third eye will allow you to do all these amazing things.

There are so many benefits to opening up and developing your third eye and so many wonderful experiences to have! 

Are There Any Risks When Working With Our Third Eye?

Risks When Working With Our Third Eye

Opening up the third eye and using third eye exercises to enhance the power can be a brilliant experience, however, you must be aware of the risks. 

When you are opening up yourself to the spiritual world things might become overwhelming.

There are real dangers of opening up the third eye so take this on board when you are thinking about doing third eye exercises. 

You might find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive and anxious. This is because you are now in tune with more levels of reality and the things and souls that exist there. 

This might disrupt your sleep, your relationships, and your work life. 

Do not force your third eye open.

Only do these third eye exercises if your third eye is already open and the psychic abilities are already available to you.

The universe knows if you are or not for this journey!

7 Third Eye Exercises

Now we have looked at the significance of the third eye and what wonders it can do for you, we can look at third eye exercises that are great for enhancing the powers of your third eye. 

Remember, only do these third eye exercises if your soul is ready!

1. Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation

A great way to exercise your third eye is to embrace and cultivate silence.

Silent meditation allows you to connect with the third eye and understand the sensations and experiences that it provides you. 

Silence is important to us spiritually and therefore embracing silence is the perfect third eye exercise. The modern world fills up our heads with noise, but with the third eye, we are listening to what is hidden.

Silent meditation allows us to listen to the spirits and angels that are wishing to communicate with us.

When you are meditating you might wish to use visualization techniques to help you strengthen your third eye.

Visualize a blue or purple ball of energy floating where your third eye is, on your forehead.

Allow yourself to feel the strength of this energy and understand that it connects you and the spiritual realm. 

You might also wish to touch your third eye whilst you are meditating to truly understand its power. Rubbing your third eye in a circular motion will activate and open it, allowing the powers to grow. 

2. Practice Lucid Dreaming

Your third eye can really affect the way you dream. As the third eye allows you to visit new realms of existence, you might be able to do this in your dreams. 

Lucid dreaming is where you can interact and control the dream that you are in.

Instead of just experiencing your dream as if you were watching telly when you lucid dream you decide what is going to happen. 

This is an amazing ability to have, and many people spend years practicing it!

Lucid dreaming means you can go on so many cool adventures and see wonderful new things, without physically leaving your bedroom. 

If your third eye is open, you are much more likely to be able to lucid dream. Practicing lucid dreaming also enhances the powers of your third eye as it is keeping the connection between you and different physical realms open. 

You might take to lucid dreaming really easily, but you might need to practice.

There are so many ways in which we can practice lucid dreaming.

One way is to wake yourself up during the night when you are in REM sleep.

Then, after ten minutes awake, go back to sleep.

You may need to do this a few times. 

This means that your waking world and your dream words become more fluid and connected, allowing for lucid dreaming. 

3. Ground Yourself 

Because your third eye allows you to explore the spiritual realm, you must also keep yourself grounded in the physical world. 

For a third eye exercise, this may seem a bit counter-intuitive.

However, grounding yourself means that you will understand the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm more clearly. 

Grounding yourself provides you with energy and means that you are working with your third eye in a healthy way.

It centers yourself and your soul, allowing you to safety and positively enhance the powers of your third eye. 

The easiest way to ground yourself is with crystals.

There are so many powerful crystals available that assist in rejuvenating and grounding you. If you are practicing third eye exercises, definitely look into these crystals and what they can do for you!

4. Exercise Your Intuition

Exercise Your Intuition

Because your third eye enhances your intuition, working with your intuition will enhance your third eye!

Be aware of what your gut is saying and what you can learn from it. Listen to your soul, whatever it may be telling you. Pay attention to what is around you and the energies of the universe. 

Learn how to recognize when your intuition speaks to you and take time to think about the things in your life that have affected your intuition.

Work with your intuition and your psychic abilities by learning about numerology, tarot cards, and clairvoyance.

Spending time researching these things means that you can implement them and develop your skills. 

5. Strengthen Your Brow Chakra

The brow chakra is also known as the third eye chakra and their energies are linked. In order to strengthen the third eye, you must keep your brow chakra in check! 

If your brow chakra is blocked or unbalanced you will have difficulty developing your psychic abilities.

Your brow chakra governs your intellect and logical thinking, allowing you to see things clearly. 

In order to fully enhance your third eye, you need the powers that the brow chakra provides you. 

If you have a blocked third eye chakra, you will feel disconnected from your instincts and intuitions. Your emotions and sleep might be affected. 

Thankfully, there are lots of crystals that you can use to unblock and balance your brow chakra.

If you are wanting to enhance your third eye powers, routinely meditate with crystals and open up and balance your brow chakra. 

6. Express Yourself Creatively 

The third eye allows you to connect with the spiritual realm. In order to do this, it is important for you to loosen up and seek new knowledge and ideas. 

Expressing yourself creatively is a great way to open up the flow of ideas and thought in your mind. Working on new creative projects, such as painting or writing, is a great way to let energy flow from your soul to the world.  

Being creative also allows you to see the world in new ways, allowing yourself to be free from rigid ideas and rationality.

In order to enhance the powers of your third eye, it is really important that you start thinking outside the box.

This helps you open up to new possibilities in life and existence, feeling your energy flow. 

Everybody has the ability to be creative!

Perhaps you have not done anything creative for years and this can affect your self-esteem. But, just give it a go!

You never know what will happen, you might really enjoy it!

Try new creative things to find out what is right for you. Perhaps you are great at felting or embroidery. Maybe you are a secret ukulele master?!

Crystals can also help the creative juices flow, so having them around when you begin can give you the creative boost that you need! 

7. Be At One With Nature

Being spiritual means connecting with nature and the elements.

The modern world can make us disconnect from who we really are and our place in the universe. This can affect our third eye and its powers. 

Nature is magical and powerful and has so much energy that we can connect with. In order for us to travel to the astral plane and higher consciousnesses, we need to understand the world that we live in.  

Go walking in nature and learn about the natural world.

Connect with the elements by meditation or magic, allowing them to assist you in your journey. This will help you develop your third eye powers, allowing you to travel to new realms but still being connected to mother earth. 

In developing your psychic abilities it is really important to have this connection with nature. The powers and energy in the earth allow us to connect with spirits across the universe.

It also helps our intuition as by connecting with nature we are connecting with our natural spiritual abilities. 

Be Careful, But Enjoy The Wonderful Journey!

Enjoy The Wonderful Journey!

These third eye exercises are ways in which you can enhance the powers of your third eye, allowing you to explore spirituality and new and exciting spiritual realms.

It also gives you amazing psychic powers that you can use to make your life and the lives of people around you better. 

Be careful when working with your third eye, and remember to stay grounded on this earth and connected with mother nature.

However, opening up and enhancing your third eye is a truly life-changing phenomenon and you will experience things that you never thought were possible. 

Thanks, I hope you found this article helpful. If you want to know more checkout all our Third Eye posts here.

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