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How to Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland

How to Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland

Seeing that this article has piqued your interest and made its way into your awareness this activation is probably something you are ready to experience.

You are ready to claim this intricate experience, expand your perspective and explore your consciousness at new depths.

In this article, we will journey through the awakening of your third eye and delve into how to activate the pineal gland.

The third eye is not just an energetic center to be activated but it is also a physical organ to be cared for.

As you read on you will gain a deeper understanding of what the third eye is from ancient to modern perspectives, what effect and powers can be gained from awakening the third eye, and details into how you can initiate this activation.

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is located at the center of your forehead head along the brow bone.

This is the location of the third eye chakra which aligns with the location of a very special gland that is housed in the central part of the human brain.

This gland is known as the pineal gland and has been identified as the physical manifestation of the third eye which plays a critical role in our human consciousness.

The third eye can both emit and receive energy. This eye allows us to looks into our inner worlds.

It also allows us a new level of perception of the outer world, the ability to view things and situations beyond just physical awareness, beyond the basic limitations of ordinary perception.

This is an innate sense that we all have access to as humans; it is a sense that needs to be actively cared for and cultivated.

Third Eye Chakra Energetics

opening third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is also known as the Ajna chakra which translates from Sanskrit to perception, will, and expanding wisdom.

The color associated with this chakra is indigo. Being the 6th main energy center in the basic chakra system this is part of where the concept of a’ 6th sense’ arises.

The third eye chakra is also known as the inner eye or the eye of wisdom. It resonates with the frequency of unity consciousness, oneness, expansion, and understanding.

The activation of this energy center is associated with enhanced perception beyond just physical awareness, awakening psychic abilities, and intuitive nature.

The Pineal Gland Function

The Pineal gland, a unique tiny pine cone-shaped organ at the very center of the human brain has been identified as the physical manifestation in correlation with the third eye energy center.

This gland has been known since ancient times and has more recently been studied using modern science.

It has been studied that the pineal gland has a function of creating and releasing some very specific and vital hormones in our bodies.

These substances controlled by the pineal gland are known as melatonin and serotonin and DMT. Melatonin is an essential orchestrator in the regulation of our circadian rhythms which is an internal process that regulates our sleeping patterns.

Serotonin is a well-known chemical neurotransmitter that is commonly associated with happiness; it is a regulator of our mood and emotional stability and also plays a role in healthy functioning sleep, digestion, and libido.

Dimethyltryptamine better known as DMT is an intriguing and potent substance naturally created by our bodies at the time of birth and death.

Its release can also be stimulated through deep meditation, breathwork, and altered states (all of which are practices that are integral in awakening the third eye).

The effect of DMT is reported to create a natural psychedelic state of consciousness.

It can induce states of visual and auditory hallucinations, euphoria, and intricately detailed altered states of non-linear perception.

Ancient Knowledge and Spiritual Science

It is quite fascinating and informative to consider the history of the awareness of the third eye. There are so many links and parallels that can be observed throughout history that hold information that now correlates perfectly with modern discoveries.

Three of the cultures that offer a well-documented understanding of this energy center are Ancient Egyptians, Buddhists, and Hindu religion. This information is preserved in the form of art, mystical literature, and oral traditions.

In Egypt the third eye is represented as the Eye of Ra (the sun god) which is a symbol of power and illumination, the image also bears a resemblance to a cross-section of the human brain that indicated the pineal gland.

The third eye is also symbolically indicated as a snake often seen emerging from the forehead the headdress of Egyptian pharaohs.

In Hinduism the third eye is often depicted on most statues of deities, it is also acknowledged as a source of consciousness, an energy center of intuition and clairvoyance.

Reference to the pineal gland shape and the third eye is also evident in Shiva lingam symbol and it is known as part of the awakening of the kundalini activation; whereby starting at the base of the spine root chakra going up all chakras including the third eye center are fully activated through meditation and various spiritual practices.

This kundalini process is also symbolized by the image of a serpent. The third eye has also been symbolized as a pine cone seen represented in many ancient temples and sacred objects.

These are still just a few accounts of how the third eye has been acknowledged and revered since ancient times.

What Does Awakening The Third Eye do?

Awakening the third eye has many physical and spiritual benefits. Below are just some of the key energies and perspectives you will integrate on your journey of opening the third eye.

  • Clarity of vision – seeing life beyond the usually limited perception of just the physical realm of life.
  • Unity – the awakening of the third eye will help you with gaining a better understanding of the validity of seemingly polarized perspectives that exist in the world. It can bring about the acknowledgment of perfection in your path and the unique path each person you come into contact with including how each unique path is interconnected. 
  • Open-mindedness – an awareness that there is not only one way of doing things. A refined ability to accept duality, polarity, and uniqueness of each individual and situation you experience
  • Creativity – you will have a greater ability to perceive the beauty and intricacies of life and the infinite potential of human consciousness. This will give rise to new interesting ideas and thoughts which can take various creative forms according to your needs or desires.
  • Intuition and Instincts – your intuition will be clearer, as you open the third eye your senses are enhanced and perception of reality is upgraded

How to Open The Third Eye

pineal gland opening

Firstly, when working with different ways to open your third eye, as with any spiritual practice, you should be completely intentional throughout this process.

Be aware that awakening this energy center fully will bring completely new perceptions, so be conscious of this and equally grounded in the physical body in order to consciously ground these new insights and possibilities to benefit yourself, all those around you and the world at large.

Throughout this process, you may also become fully aware of certain truths that may call you to make radical changes in your lifestyle or behavior.

Be patient and gracious with yourself through this process of changes and trust with your expanded awareness that whatever you are being made aware of is for the awakening of your highest potential.

Remember that with focus, dedication, and sincerity you will reap the benefits of your most natural state of wellbeing and power.

How to Open Your Third Eye Using The Following Techniques


Meditation is one of the essential ways to open your third eye and can be used to awaken this energy center.

This can be done through specific meditations focused on this energy center.

Meditation that involves activating the entire chakra system is most beneficial, as the third eye is regarded as a higher chakra and it is recommended to balance the lower chakras first moving up to the third eye and beyond.

This will provide you with a balanced energetic foundation to completely enjoy the perspectives of an open third eye.

A general meditation practice that is not specifically focused on the chakras will also open the third eye.

A dedicated practice of meditation allows us to encompass and integrate grander perspectives and aligns the body energy systems to its natural state of health.

In an optimal natural state of health, we have a shining open third eye energy center. 


Breathwork usually goes hand in hand with an effective meditation practice and it can also be focused on more intently as a practice by itself.

Breath is such a powerful way of reenergizing the body and restoring health and balance within the body system both energetically and physically.

It is such a simple practice that offers abundant benefits. One of these benefits will be the opening of your third eye.

Through a consistent and deep breathing practice, you will re-energize as well as clear any physical detoxification in the body surrounding the physical organ that represents the third eye mentioned earlier in this article, the pineal gland.

You can find great guided breathwork sessions on YouTube to get started and gain knowledge on the basics and various styles of breathing.

You can also find detailed information on breathwork techniques within yogic scriptures and philosophy

Below is a simple, fun and effective breathwork and visualization exercise that I will suggest specific to the third eye activation 

  • Start by taking 3 deep and slow breaths in and out through the nose.
  • On your 4th in-breath imagine the energy of this breath rising to the spot on your forehead where the third eye is located.
  • On your 4th out-breath visualize that you are breathing out of a point opening on your third eye area
  • Continue visualizing and feeling the energy as if you are breathing in and out of this third eye space. You can repeat this 5-10 times depending on how you feel.


Diet is a super important aspect in maintaining the vibrant health and open energy of your third eye. Essentially, what you eat becomes part of your physical body and part of your energy body.

For the clearest experience, it is best to leave out all toxic and karmically dense foods from your diet.

Foods that have been highly processed or have many additives which deviate them from their natural energy state are not of benefit.

You want to eat in the purest most natural way possible to maintain your natural state of body and energy which is open and clear!

The most beneficial eating habits to have that will allow you to awaken the third eye energy center is a diet that is predominately fresh vegetables and fruit, plant proteins such as nuts, seeds, and legumes plenty of pure water.

If you choose to consume animal products dependant on your beliefs make an effort to find the most ethically sourced products.

Mass-produced meats carry heavy energy of suffering of the being sacrificed and also take a lot of energy to digest.

In the open-minded spirit of the third eye, please be conscious and active in your choices, you will see and feel the positive shift in your experience. 


As discussed earlier in this article the pineal gland which is linked to the third eye energy plays a key role in the regulation of sleep patterns.

For most people sleep is most effective when it follows a routine or a natural cycle, this ensures the body is getting the rest and repair time it needs.

Sleep time is also linked to a time where the conscious mind is resting but the subconscious often still has experiences through the form of the dream time, experiences such as increased awareness during dream time as well as honing the ability to lucid dream can also be some fun superpowers that can be explored through the opening of the third eye.

Your dream time can be a time of physical rest but a deep exploration of realms that we are not as easily aware of in a waking state.


Another way to open your third eye is sound healing; this practice is super potent when combined with meditation and breathwork.

Sound is a frequency that can affect and tune the human energy to a specific harmonic.

This has been known since ancient times and has also been studied more recently through science (solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, and cymatics). 

To utilize sound healing to activate and tune your third eye you can explore the following

  • Mantra: repetition of specific sound or syllables which carry energy that vibrates through the body and tunes it. You can listen to mantra being sung and also learn the chants that you feel deeply activate you. 
  • Singing bowls: these bowls are crafted from crystal or metals and they are played to resonate at a particular frequency to activate the chakra system
  • Meditating with or listening to synthesized frequencies and beats (again many can be sourced online)
  • Trance: altered state of consciousness can be entered intentionally through repetitive music and dancing 


The third eye loves light. In many guided meditations, you will find that visualization of light is included in third eye-opening meditations.

It is also of great benefit to expose yourself to the natural light of the sun as well as starlight and moonlight.

Sungazing is an ancient practice and when you try it you will feel the powerful effects immediately.

To me, it feels like the cosmic energy shining directly into, clarifying, and opening the inner eye. The best time to practice sun gazing is at the early stages of sunrise and sunset.

At other times of day, its best to not look directly into the sun but it is of benefit to let the light of sun rays fall onto your third eye area.


Plant medicines are such an expansive and almost endless topic to delve into. In relation to the opening of the third eye, there are many plant consciousnesses that can assist us in clearing and activating this center.

Herbs such as cannabis, sacred tobacco, jasmine, lavender, sage, and frankincense are known to have an effect on the third eye center.

Some of these can be smoked in moderation to create openness to new perspectives. These herbs can also be used in a homeopathic sense in the forms of oils and teas which is gentler but no less effective.

Some of the more intense plant medicines that are known to awaken the third eye are ayahuasca, psilocybin, and mescaline.

All these plants must be utilized with the utmost respect, reverence, and awareness. In many cases, it is recommended that you work with a well-experienced guide in ceremony when using these medicines.

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Various specific crystals can be used for the energetic balancing of the third eye chakra.

Some of the most effective crystals to work with include amethyst, rainbow fluorite, lapis lazuli, celestite, moonstone, and labradorite; to just name a few.

Clear quartz can be used together with these to amplify the energy.

These crystals can be used with a clear intention in your third eye activation practices; you can keep them near while engaging in your meditation, breathwork, and sun gazing.

They can be worn as jewelry and also can be infused into your pure drinking water.

Calcification and De-calcification 

Woman touch third eye area of forehead

It is helpful to be aware that many outdated paradigm structures and thinking still operate within our modern system and this can be limiting to the full awakening of the third eye.

The presence of high fluoride content in most tap water as well as the culture of highly processed foods, high sugar content diets, and fear-based mainstream ideologies can seek to keep human consciousness at a limited state of awareness.

These mechanisms in most cases have disrupted our most natural state of openness, in some cases causing a physical calcification surrounding the pineal gland.

The good news is that you are aware of this and you already have many resources that will balance this imbalance.

All the practices mentioned above function to decalcify your pineal gland as well as energize the third eye energy center.

Each of us that take responsibility for our physical and energetic wellbeing is not only helping ourselves but also being of greater benefit to healing, re-imagining, and creating a healthier society.

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How Long Does it Take to Open The Third Eye?

There is no set time period that it takes to open the third eye, awakening of this energy center can be an instantaneous activation and a lifelong process…

As adults, the practices to open this energy center are to realign us with our true nature.

How long it will take to reopen this center will be dependent on each individual’s life journey and experiences thus far.

Interestingly, some children born already activated (indigo children and star seeds) and this clarity and openness need to be maintained through health and through how the child is raised in formative years.

It is most important to cultivate and maintain a healthy energetic system as well as maintain your physical body, this is the path to awakening the third eye.

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Can Your Third Eye Open by Itself?

It is possible for the third eye to activate by itself.

This is most likely to happen if you are already on a path of spiritual practice and holistic health but can also be catalyzed through initiation in the form of intense life experiences that radically shifts your perspective to create awakening.

It can also be unintentionally activated through an induced altered state of consciousness such as experimentation with psychedelic substances.

The third eye may also be activated in you through the will of ascended or enlightened being in the form of a guru, an angelic guide, or your higher self.

It will however always be up to you to integrate and main the openness of such a powerful activation.

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