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Answered: What Does The Third Eye Do?

Answered: What Does The Third Eye Do?

The main purpose of the Third Eye is to act as a gate between the human consciousness and the spirit realm.

In other words, the Third Eye enables us to receive any messages from the unseen that we are meant to receive, via the form of our psychic senses, such as intuition, clairvoyance, claircognizance, lucid dreams and so on.

The Third Eye is an energy center in our body, which does not have a physical correspondent, but is associated with the sixth Chakra, also called the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra.

It is situated in the middle of the forehead, in the same place as the Chakra that bears his name.

The Third Eye is inactive to most people, until the moment it opens. To most people, the opening of the Third Eye is a long, life-altering process.

The moment when it starts opening is very important in any person’s life because our lives change drastically from that point on.

It marks the beginning of your spiritual journey and it signifies the fact that we are spiritually awakened.

From that moment on your entire life changes, because when we are spiritually awakened, we start experiencing a whole new level of spirituality in our lives.

Synchronicities start happening, the right people come into your lives and you become aware of your journey and purpose.

That’s when life gives us all the blessings and the hard lessons as well, all intended to help us evolve, heal, and grow.

The process of opening is different from one person to another, from duration to intensity.

To some, it can be a difficult time, with headaches, confusion, and hallucinations.

It can be so daunting that the unluckiest might even experience being hospitalized in a psychiatry center.

To others, it can be rather smooth, as they will only experience a few vivid dreams and powerful intuition.

Regardless of how it’s going to be for you, you must accept it and embrace it, as the way in which this process goes is dictated by your karma and spiritual level.

In case things are still unclear for you, here is a list of what the Third Eye does:

4 Things Your Third Eye Does

1. Allows You To Receive Messages From The Unseen World

This is probably the primary purpose of the Third Eye.

As the opening of our Third Eye marks the moment when you are spiritually awakened, it allows you to receive and understand messages from your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

These messages are sent to you through your Guides, always at the right moment and in the right way.

Some of the ways might include:

From the moment when you are spiritually awakened, there will be little coincidence in your life, especially when it comes to intuition and dreams I can’t stress enough how important it is to take seriously and act and all of the messages you receive through your Third Eye.

Taking them seriously and listening to them is a way of honoring your Spirit Guided and also your Divine Nature.

2. Allows You To Astral Project

One of the greatest things that you can do once your Third Eye is opened is to Astral Project.

Astral Projection allows you to wander in the Astral Plane of the Earth or anywhere in the Universe, regardless of where your physical body is in that specific moment.

All you have to do is to know the technique and enter an altered state of consciousness.

Astral projection allows us to experience different planes of existence, or to see what is happening in another part of the planet.

Astral Projection should always be done cautiously, with proper preparation and with the guidance of someone more experienced.

We will only manage to Astral Project when we are allowed to, and we are doing it with an appropriate purpose in mind.

3. Allows You To Experience The Spirit World

When the Third Eye is opening, some people can experience visual or auditive hallucinations.

Hallucinations take place when a person’s senses have outgrown the normal threshold and they hear and see beyond the physical realm.

They might “receive” auditive or visual information from other dimensions, lower or higher than the Earth, depending on the lessons they need as well as on their vibration.

As everything happens for a reason, some of the people who experience this might have it as a life lesson.

Truth is that hallucinations can be quite a harsh life lesson, due to the fact that in psychiatry they are linked to schizophrenia, a very severe mental health problem, but not all people who experience hallucinations are schizophrenic.

Some are just meant to experience the lower or the higher dimensions for a while, to help them see the difference between earth and the so-called “heaven” or “hell”.  

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4. Regulates The Brain Hemispheres

One of the most common life lessons here on earth is accepting and learning emotion and intuition.

As Earth is a school where souls come to learn lessons that facilitate their evolution, the human body has the perfect shape and design to help us understand emotion.

Therefore, the human brain is split into two hemispheres – the left hemisphere, which is responsible for the logical, analytical thinking and the right hemisphere, which governs emotions, creativity, and intuition.

What helps us learn emotions is the way in which society is built.

Education on earth favors logical and analytical thinking and no one teaches us in school to be in touch with our emotions or to listen to our intuition.

This creates a huge inner conflict in most people, and most of us end up accepting our emotions after years in which we have painfully ignored or denied them.

This moment of accepting your spiritual and emotional side however is crucial to anyone who is spiritually awakened.

You cannot evolve without accepting your emotions and embracing your intuition.

Once your Third Eye is opening, you start realizing how important it is to listen to your gut feelings and emotions.

You learn to trust them, nurture them, and to respect your spirituality.

Once your Third Eye is fully opened, you have accepted your emotional side, which means you managed to bring your analytical thinking and intuitive thinking in balance, therefore to balance your brain hemispheres.

Once you’ve balanced your brain hemispheres, you will benefit from both amazing intuition and logical thinking, which will enhance your problem-solving skills and ease your life a lot.

To sum it up, I would say that The Third Eye can be seen as the Divine Spark in all of us because it constantly reminds us of our spiritual, magical nature.

It allows us to experience things that are out of this world, such as vivid dreams, amazing intuition, and astral projection, it brings us both blessings and difficulties, helping us experience various and complex aspects of our human nature.

When your Third Eye is open, it means one thing- that your wings are spread and you are ready to fly.

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