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Clairvoyance: What It Is + 10 Signs You Have This Ability

Clairvoyance: What It Is + 10 Signs You Have This Ability

We are all familiar with our five physical senses but we can also access an extra or more subtle and energetic use of our senses.

Clairvoyance is an extrasensory perception or psychic ability that is sometimes referred to as the 6th sense.

This is a sense that is linked to our connection and perception of dimensions beyond just the physical.

Clairvoyance is an extrasensory perception that allows one to receive guidance or insight through imagery that is usually perceived through the mind’s eye or third eye.

Clairvoyance is a way of accessing non-linear information through images.

This is an intriguing topic that can help us to learn more about our less acknowledged but natural abilities to perceive energy and information as humans.

Within this article, we will start with a deeper look into what is clairvoyance and then learn about how this ability and other similar  ‘Clair’ or extrasensory perceptions are available to all of us.

We explore 10 signs that can indicate that your clairvoyant abilities are active or currently activating as well as ways to develop and strengthen clairvoyance.

We will round up by learning more about how you can use clairvoyance in your daily life.

What Is Clairvoyance?

What is Clairvoyance

The word clairvoyance has French origins and translates to “ clear seeing “.

This is the most simple and effective way that we can understand clairvoyance. It is an ability to sense 

 clarity and insight through different visual perceptions.

This can refer to clarity in both the inner visions that you experience within your mind’s eye ( third eye chakra ) and clarity in how you perceive information that you receive with your physical eyes. 

It is all about understanding and perception of the deeper meaning, symbolism, or guidance in what you see within your mind and what you see in the world. 

In terms of how clairvoyant visions can occur, they are more often within the mind and can be quite subtle.

Clairvoyance can include a lot of symbolism that you can decipher through your intuition, context, or research.

Clairvoyance is very often experienced during dream states as sleep is a time of relaxation and openness where we can access other dimensions with less resistance.

Although it is less common, clairvoyance can be experienced in a way where visions are superimposed into physical reality or some people will be able to see energy in the form of auras and non-physical light beings.

Clairvoyance has been acknowledged throughout history in a variety of cultures and religions.

Can Anyone Become Clairvoyant?

The short answer to the question ‘can anyone become clairvoyant?’ is, yes but in practice, the intricacies are more nuanced.

As humans, we have the natural ability to access psychic information however our awareness, acceptance, and use of our abilities differs greatly.

Some people are more inclined to focus on and be interested in extrasensory perceptions.

Some people may be born really activated and identify as a clairvoyant to the extent that they can greatly assist others using this ability.

Clairvoyance can also be a very subtle and personal way of receiving guidance.

It is also possible that you are more inclined to perceive extra sensory information through different physical senses because clairvoyance is just one of the ‘Clair’ experiences that we can access.

Some people may be more inclined towards clairvoyance while others may more effectively perceive extra sensory information through clairaudience ( clear hearing ), claircognizance ( clear knowing ), and clairsentience ( clear feeling ).

We can also perceive through a combination of these means to receive clarity, guidance, or messages.

We are all able to choose to focus upon and cultivate clairvoyance or any of the other extrasensory perceptions.

Within the next section, we will explore the signs that can indicate that you are actively clairvoyant, have experienced clairvoyance, or that you have a natural inclination toward “ clear seeing”  that you can choose to harness.

What Are The Signs Of Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance signs

The following are some of the signs that can indicate clairvoyance, you don’t need to experience all of these signs to know that you are clairvoyant or to choose to strengthen this ability within yourself.

If you experience quite a few of these signs it can indicate that you have a strong disposition to receive guidance through clairvoyance.

1. You can view past or future events in the present 

The first and the most obvious sign of clairvoyance is that you have experienced visual perception within your mind’s eye while awake or dreaming or via some other visual medium that informs you of an event that happened in the past.

You will have a sense that the information didn’t arise from your own mind and upon some form of validation, the vision checks out to be accurate; this can be a sign of clairvoyance. 

You may also experience this by receiving information about future events that happen or present events that you can view remotely.

You may receive this information vividly or more symbolically and subtly but you will be aware that what you are seeing is a form of valid information being communicated from non-physical dimensions into your visual awareness.

2. You are a natural at visualization

Visualization can be understood as the ability to create images that communicate information, this can be within your mind or into creative physical representations using a wide variety of materials.

Visualization is often a skill attributed to artists, designers, and creatives.

It is also associated with use within active meditation and manifestation practices.

If you find that visualization is quite easy and enjoyable for you this is likely a sign that you are clairvoyant and can easily fine-tune this ability.

If you seek to feed your interest in visualization or learn more check out the article entitled Mind Movies 4.0 Review: The Most Powerful Visualization Tool.

3. You are intrigued by symbolism 

Clairvoyance is known as clear seeing but sometimes the messages that are presented clearly are actually in the form of symbolism or imagery that will only make sense to you or a particular situation.

Symbolism can be understood as an indirect representation of an idea or message.

It is about going beyond the surface level of the image and looking into the deeper meanings and connections that may be fitting within a particular context. 

Symbolism can be collective, instinctual, cultural, tribal, religious, regional, or very personal.

A natural interest in learning about and deciphering visual symbols is another sign of clairvoyance.

4. You are a visual learner

a sign of Clairvoyance

As humans, we each have preferable ways to receive information.

If your most optimal way of learning is through visual learning styles this can be another sign of clairvoyance.

Visual learning is all about seeing the information in order to learn it, this can include the use of images, videos, colors, graphics, and maps to communicate and learn. 

If you are inclined towards this learning style you will likely be inclined to effectively receive extra sensory perceptions through visual representations.

5. Your third eye chakra is active

An open third eye chakra can be a sign of clairvoyance.

When the third eye energy is open and balanced this can allow you effective use of your clairvoyant abilities.

The third eye is our chakra which is linked to our inner sight, insight, and intuition.

This chakra is even linked to our pineal gland which plays a biological and energetic role in our ability to visualize and access multidimensional perception.

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6. You passively receive visions during meditation 

Meditation is a space of heightened receptivity and connection with the spiritual awareness of life.

If you experience spontaneous images or visions during meditation this can be a sign of clairvoyance. 

With this sign, we aren’t speaking about intentional guided visualizations during meditation but rather the images, flashes, or visions that you seem to receive passively and that you intuitively feel have a deeper message or significance for you to focus upon.

Of course, as you fine-tune your clairvoyant abilities you can utilize meditation as a practice for intentionally opening up to clairvoyant insights about specific situations or individuals with due respect and consent.

7. You trust your intuition

Another sign of clairvoyance is that you are in tune with your intuition.

Intuition is the ability that allows us understanding or guidance often without conscious reasoning.

Intuition can be considered as your inner compass or your gut feeling. 

Trusting your intuition is an important element of clairvoyance as there may be times when you need to discern between visions and your imaginings.

Intuition is what helps clairvoyants know and feel that they are receiving a significant vision or image.

Intuition is also really important when it comes to interpreting messages you receive in your visions.

8. You can see non-physical energy 

If you can see auras ( emanating energy fields ) of humans, animals, or plants or you can see non-physical beings, orbs, or light streams.

This is a sign of clairvoyance as it indicates that your ability to visualize, connect with, and perceive non-physical dimensions is highly active.

9. You are aware of non-linear time

The concept of non-linear time acknowledges that “Time is relative, moving more slowly if an object is moving fast.

Events don’t happen in a set order. There isn’t a single universal now “

Having a more flexible understanding of time goes hand in hand with clairvoyance as when we receive information through clairvoyance it often transcends the conventional boundaries of time.

Accurate information concerning the past or future is accessed in the present.

10. You have vivid dreams  

Dreaming is a state where we explore within a more ethereal state of consciousness and have much less resistance and therefore easier access to non-linear information.

A common way to experience clairvoyance is during the dream state.

These dreams will usually be quite vivid and can let you immerse into the vision and take in a lot of information.

Clairvoyant dreams are being communicated to you for a reason and so it is likely that you will remember these kinds of dreams upon waking or even be woken by the dream due to the clarity and energy you receive.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Clairvoyant Experiences?

Clairvoyant Experiences

Within clairvoyance, we can consider some of the different clairvoyant experiences such as:

  • Retrocognition, seeing into past events.
  • Precognition, seeing future events.
  • Telesthesia, seeing a present occurrence that is taking place at a distance.
  • Seeing auras and energies.
  • Communication with ancestors, those who have passed on.
  • Visions that are symbolic or metaphorical provide insight into the deeper layers of a person or situation.

How To Develop And Strengthen Clairvoyance Abilities

Whether your clairvoyance is currently active or if you are choosing to tap into these abilities the following points can assist you to both develop and strengthen: 

  • The awareness that you have this ability and your intention to utilize clairvoyance will naturally get you to be open to and pay more attention to your extra sensory visual perceptions.
  • Use your personal practices of choice to maintain and deepen your connection with your source, God, higher consciousness, and the non-physical dimension that gives rise to everything that is.
  • Trust yourself, as you are connected as a channel or receiver of guidance through your clairvoyance.
  • Actively practicing visualization through guided meditation, creating art, daydreaming, or any visual practices that you feel drawn to.
  • Build your confidence by verifying your visions wherever possible. Over time you will learn to discern and intuit the feeling of a vision as opposed to a daydream, ordinary dream, anxiety, fantasy, etc.
  • Strengthen your ability to recall your dreams by keeping a dream journal. This can also help you to learn to decipher symbolism and to record which of your dreams were visions that provided tangible insights.
  • Opening and balancing your third eye chakra. You can develop and strengthen clairvoyance by caring for this energy center. There is a wealth of online resources that guide you through the third eye awakening. You can also check out the article 7 powerful exercises to enhance the power of your third eye.

What Should I Do If I Experience a Clairvoyant Vision?

Clairvoyant Vision

When you know you have experienced a clairvoyant vision you have a few choices to make and it likely depends on the details of the vision.

You will need to assess the gravity of the situation and if the information in your vision is helpful then of course share and do what you can to help.

You can take some time to explore possible interpretations of the message especially if it seems more symbolic.

You can choose to share your vision with people that are involved if it feels like the right thing to do or if they are actively seeking guidance from you.

When it comes to any information received, try to find the way that the information is guiding you towards greater awareness and growth.

You are receiving the message for a reason, sometimes it can take a while for the reason to be revealed.

Whenever you can, intentionally use your clairvoyant perceptions to lead you towards the most beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

Again, our intuition is highly important when it comes to all aspects of clairvoyance.

You can use your intuition to decide what to do or what not to do concerning a clairvoyant vision

How Can I Use Clairvoyance In My Everyday Life?

Using Clairvoyance

Clairvoyant visions or images may be received spontaneously but as you harness your ability you could choose to intentionally open to receiving clairvoyant guidance at any time of your choosing.

You may even be the type of clairvoyant that consistently receives flashes of insight throughout your day. Y

ou can choose to use clairvoyance as a way to receive guidance for your decisions throughout your day.

You can use clairvoyance daily in the following ways: 

  • You should always set your intention to receive information that is guiding and enlightening for your highest potential and expanded consciousness.
  • You can focus on your daily tasks and practices and allow the images to appear naturally. 
  •  You could also set aside intentional moments to meditate and be more specific with questions that you may have during the day and receive images in response.
  • You may come across people who could benefit from your clairvoyant perspective, you can offer your perspective and you can share with them beneficial insights if it seems fitting.
  • You can be creative with ways to use your clairvoyance for convenience and ease. Viewing situations retrospectively to align yourself most appropriately for the best outcomes.

Ultimately although we can define this extrasensory ability of clairvoyance in the ways discussed above it is a highly nuanced and personal experience.

Receiving images and visions requires us to process energy on a deep mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

It is a constant process of learning and fine-tuning. It is a journey of trust in yourself and your ability to intuit the energy that you perceive.

Clairvoyance will allow you to experience life with increased perceptiveness and this can enhance your experience of life as you have access to information that can be used to benefit yourself and those around you. 

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