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Clairalience Meaning: What It Is + 9 Signs You Have It

Clairalience Meaning: What It Is + 9 Signs You Have It

As more and more people realize they possess psychic abilities, and they are trying to understand what type of abilities they have, there is a lot of focus now on clairalience. 

Clairalience is not as well known as other extrasensory abilities, yet some people discover that it exists when they notice something interesting going on with their sense of smell.

Thus, in this article I aim to explain what clairalience is, what are the main clairalience signs, and also to give you a few clairalience examples, to help you recognize this gift in yourself and others. 

What is Clairalience?

Also known as “clairssence”, “clairolfaction” or “clairosmesis” the word “clairalience” comes from French and literally means “clear smelling”.

Now, if “clear smelling” doesn’t make much sense to you, I shall let you know that clairalience is a form of psychic gift that involves having extrasensory experiences through your sense of smell.

In other words, just like through clairvision you see things that are not physically there, or through claircognizance, you know things that no one has ever told you about, through clairalience you can sense certain smells that are not caused by something physical, but by something spiritual.

Clairalience is just another form of extra sensorial experience or psychic ability that is less known than others or hasn’t been explored enough so far. 

Clairalience can also be compared to clairaudience – when you hear words and sounds made by spiritual entities, instead of sounds made by physical beings or objects.

Through clairalience, a person can smell a spiritual entity, such as an angel, guide, or even the soul of a person who passed away but it’s still wandering on earth. 

Examples of Clairalient Experiences

To help you understand better what clairalience is, I will give you a few examples of clairalience experiences.

The most common example is when someone close to you passed away, but you can still sense their smell around you – such as their perfume, their favorite or representative scent, or simply the smell of their skin. 

This usually means that they are still there in spirit, and they are trying to tell you something. 

Another common example is when someone smells myrrh or frankincense around them, for no physical reason. 

This usually means that angels, saints, or high vibrational entities are near you, either to bring you spiritual gifts or to help you with something. 

It can also happen that you smell horrible scents that have no physical cause, such as the smell of rotten meat, or something disgusting. 

This can mean that there are dark entities around you and you should be careful, or that you are in a cursed place and you should get out of there as soon as possible. 

Also, if you use to pray frequently, pay attention to smelling flowers when there aren’t any near you.

The smell of roses and lilies are usually signs that higher entities are near you, watching over you. 

Another great example of clairalience is when dogs or cats can smell disease in your body, such as cancer.

When this happens, they start sitting there (cats) or licking and sniffing that area of your body (dogs). 

Cats and dogs are natural healers, so they possess clairalient abilities that help them heal us better. 

What Are The Signs Of Clairalience?

Recognises the clairalience meaning

If you suspect that you could have the gift of clairalience, have a look at the following 9 clairalience signs. 

If you recognize yourself in more than 4, I would say there are high chances that you are a clairalient person.

Also, it’s worth knowing that if you have clairalience you may also have the gift of clairaudience, clairvision, or claircognizance.

1. Highly developed sense of smell 

If you’re clairalient, your sense of smell is more developed than most people’s sense of smell.

This means that you can detect smells that are not so strong or that others don’t sense. 

For example, you could smell that the food in your fridge has gone off without even opening the door of the fridge. 

You can also sense the smell of a person long after they left a certain place. 

To put it short, your sense of smell can be as accurate as the smell of a police dog. 

2. Sudden fits of sneezing

Very frequent fits of sneezing can also be an indication that you are clairalient.

If you experience sudden fits of sneezing very often and you are not allergic to anything, it could be because your angels and spirit guides are trying to make you pay attention to something. 

If you suspect that you are clairalient and you have these sudden fits of sneezing, next time it happens, stop whatever you are doing, and try to get “in touch” with your angels and spirit guides, to see what they are trying to say to you.

They could be trying to make you present to a certain smell, or just to send you a telepathic message. 

Whatever it is, you’ll know when you focus and meditate a bit, allowing the extra sensorial information to come to you.

 3. Smelling the scent of a deceased person

Showing clairalience signs

Another clairalience sign is smelling the odor of a deceased one around you.

This can be any smell that reminds you of them or that was representative of them, such as their perfume, the smell of their house, the smell of their favorite flower, etc.

This is usually a sign and it can mean one of two things: first, that their soul hasn’t yet left earth, and this is quite normal if they died very recently, and not so normal if they died a long time ago. 

If they passed away a long time ago and you can still smell their scent, it could mean that they need help moving on into the light. 

However, if this smell comes along with a nice emotional state, it could just mean that they are near you to guide you and protect you. 

Again, use meditation and intuition to see why they are near you and what you need to do. 

4. You smell a person in their absence

Another clairalience sign is smelling a person’s odor when they are not present.

In this case, I am referring to a person who is alive and who you know. 

If you suddenly smell a person in their absence, it means that they are thinking about you, and you are sensing this through the energy cord formed between you two. 

When someone is suddenly thinking about you, you can also see their image in front of your eyes (clairvision), or hear their voice (clairaudience).

5. Smelling something that isn’t there

Another sign that you are clairalient is smelling something that isn’t there.

For example, you could be smelling green grass when you’re at work, in your office, with the window closed and no roses around. 

This is an indication that a spiritual entity is near you and is letting you know that through this smell. 

Again, I suggest connecting to them through meditation and trying to see what they wish to tell you.

6. Smelling myrrh, frankincense, roses, or lilies

Woman experiencing Clairalience

Myrrh, frankincense, roses, and lilies and the main smells of angels and other high vibrational entities. 

They usually come near you when you’ve done some extraordinary deeds and they come to bring protection and spiritual gifts as a reward, or when you are in difficulty and need their help. 

When you smell these scents, you should feel loved, guided, and protected. 

7. Smelling nasty smells near low vibrational people and places

Another clairalience sign is smelling very nasty odors (rotten meat, dead person smell, etc.) when you are in low vibrational states, or when you meet with low vibrational people or go to places with bad energy. 

This happens because low vibration and bad energy attract dark entities such as demons, or any other low vibrational entities. 

Low vibrational entities usually look and smell bad, and also make scary noises.

Thus, people with extra sensorial abilities can see how bad they look, smell, or sound, depending on the type of ability they possess. 

Also, if you go to a place that is haunted, cursed, or full of negative energies, you will smell horrible odors as well. 

If you are in a low vibrational state (due to fear, anger, etc.), you could smell this bad odor as coming from you, because dark entities will be attached to you. 

8. Smelling odors you haven’t felt before

If you occasionally smell scents that are unfamiliar to you and do not have a physical cause, it’s another sign that you are clairalient.

These unfamiliar scents can be caused by the energies, thoughts, and emotions of other people. 

When you are clairalient, you can smell anger, fear, sadness, happiness, bad intentions, as well as positive and negative energies. 

This can make it difficult for you to be around people who are dominated by negative emotions, energies, or thoughts, as these are going to smell bad. 

In contrast, positive thoughts, energies, and emotions are going to smell good. 

Thus, are you become more and more clairalient you will be more attracted to positive people and places.

9. You can smell disease

I was mentioning before that pets can smell disease in someone’s body. 

Then, I was also saying that a person with highly developed clairalient abilities becomes like a detective dog.

This comparison is intended to be funny, but it is also true. 

If you are clairalient, at some point you can also “smell” the disease in someone’s body. 

Of course, the disease is going to have a nasty smell.

You can use your gift to let people know that they should see a doctor, as this can occasionally save their lives. 

However, before telling them what you see/ feel, you need to be sure you’re not mistaken, and that the source of the energetic bad smell is indeed a disease.

Do You Have to Be Born with Clairalient Abilities?

Developing clairalience

Some people are born with clairalient abilities, however, these abilities can also be developed. 

Any sort of psychic abilities can be acquired and developed in this lifetime even if you were not born with them – clairalience, clairaudience, clairvision, claircognizance, and so on.

In order to acquire them, you must raise your vibrational frequency and level of consciousness, as these are spiritual gifts that cannot be given to anyone. 

For a person with a low level of consciousness, possessing psychic abilities can even be dangerous. 

Another thing that you need to know if you want to acquire clairalience, is that you need to work for it, through different spiritual exercises.

How Can You Develop and Improve Your Clairalience Ability?

Clairalience ability can definitely be developed and improved, and below are the 5 steps that you need to follow in order to gain clairalience to perfect it: 

1. Raise your vibration 

The first step towards acquiring and perfecting any psychic ability is raising your vibration. 

By raising your vibration you come to deserve it and actually earn it.

The best ways to raise your vibration which also help you develop clairalience are: doing good deeds, being altruistic, using your spiritual powers and knowledge to do good, fasting, meditating regularly, praying, listening to high vibrational music, and doing energy cleanses. 

To put it short, it’s best to dedicate your life to spirituality and make it your purpose to become your better version. 

2. Change your lifestyle 

To gain psychic abilities, you should change your whole lifestyle for the better. 

This includes giving up on any negative habits you may have, such as vices (smoking, drinking, drug), gossiping, stealing, or whatever you’re “guilty” for. 

Changing your lifestyle also means devoting a lot of your time to charity and becoming as altruistic as possible.

When you do good deeds and give to others unconditionally, you acquire what is called “spiritual fortune” – the coin used to get Divine Rights and Gifts.

You should make it your primary purpose to align to your higher self as much as possible, to evolve spiritually, and become your best possible version.

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3. Ask it from the Universe

As the Bible says, “He who shall ask, shall receive”. 

After doing a lot of good deeds that bring you “spiritual fortune”, if you’ve earned a psychic gift, all you have to do is ask it from the Universe. 

If you are religious and you like to call the Divine Source “God”, you can ask for your gift in prayer. 

If you are more oriented towards the New Age Spirituality and refer to the Divine Source as “the Universe”, you can just ask the Universe to deliver the gift of clairalience to you. 

4. Meditate upon smells

One way in which you can develop clairalience once you’ve gained it is to meditate upon smells. 

You can meditate upon smells from the physical world (the smell of green grass, flowers, coffee, etc), or upon smells that have a spiritual source. 

When you feel a smell that does not have a physical cause, my suggestion is to sit in meditation, tuning into your intuition, to see what is the source and reason of the smell, as well as what’s it trying to tell you.

And if you want to take your clairalience skills to the next level, you can try to sit in meditation even when you don’t feel any smell, with the intention of “picking up” any smell that could be in the subtle plane and you haven’t perceived it yet. 

You can ask your spirit guides to reveal any smells from the subtle plane to you, helping you see where they come from and what messages they carry. 

5. Pay attention to all smells

This last step requires being vigilant to all smells, at all times.

Wherever you go, be open to sense any physical or spiritual sense that could be over there. 

You can also train yourself to recognize smells, by asking a friend to blindfold you and then bring not-so-familiar foods or things (that smell) in front of you, for you to recognize them. 

Of course, you should also be tuned in to your body while doing this, trying to see what emotion or sensation each smell evokes. 

The sole purpose of this exercise is to develop your sense of smell as much as possible so that when you encounter a smell that has a spiritual source, you can sense it as soon as it appears.

Which Archangel Works With Clairalience

If you want to obtain or develop clairalience, the best archangels to work with are Muriel and Gabriel

Archangel Muriel is responsible for intuition and emotional harmony, and she loves to help those who are empathetic or who struggle with their emotions.

The name “Muriel” means “Perfume of God”, which is why Archangel Muriel communicates with people through clairalience. 

When Muriel is near you, you will sense the beautiful scent of flowers and an emotional state of pure love and peace. 

Archangel Gabriel is also a good choice to help you with clairalience, as he is the one offering spiritual gifts to people. 

As clairalience is a strong spiritual gift, you can try praying to both Muriel and Gabriel to acquire it. 

Are you gifted with clairalience or would you like to acquire it in this lifetime?

We would love to hear about your clairalient experiences in the comment section below! 

Also, don’t forget to let us know if you’ve enjoyed this article! 

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