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Claircognizance Meaning + 7 Amazing Signs Of This Ability

Claircognizance Meaning + 7 Amazing Signs Of This Ability

Claircognizance is the gift to know something, instinctively, intuitively, and without solely relying on the 5 physical senses.

Senses rise above and beyond the typical ones, the ones we use on a daily basis. 

To know something instinctively or above the realm of logic, reason, and mental analysis is to be in tune with your spiritual body.

It’s about being connected to your third eye- the “psychic muscle” that allows you to pick up on and receive subtle energy and clues from the universe, and to be in touch with your sensual body.

You are connected to the world around you, an interconnected conscious being, who is not separate from the natural world, the cosmos, or our planet and all its inhabitants. 

What is Claircognizance?

Understanding what is Claircognizance

Expanding onto the details… Claircognizance is strongly linked to telepathy and clairvoyance, with the added dimension of physical sensations and actually feeling things in your body.

Your body's a channel and consciousness flows through it.

So, psychic urges and intuitive ‘knowings’ flow through you, as the channel or conduit, to understand and receive things that cannot be seen. 

You might have flashes of insight or “hunches” that cannot be proven through the physical senses.

You may know what someone is about to say, but feel it deep within- in the cells of your core, or see visions and imagery inside your mind.

The important thing to be aware of is that these visions or imagery will always be connected to the “gut feelings” and sensations you feel within. 

This is the key difference between claircognizance and some of the other clairs. Claircognizant awareness comes from your higher mind, yet it is rooted in physicality too. 

What Are The Signs Of Claircognizance?

Claircognizance signs

Psychic Instincts

Your ability to “just know” largely stems from the psychic instincts and visions you receive.

Feelings are accompanied by thoughts, visuals, and profound imagery; imagery, and internal sensations that cannot be separated from reality.

Unlike a hallucination, you ‘just know’ that what you’re seeing is real. It’s some manifestation of something real, it’s just coming from a subtler plane or dimension. 

Psychic gifts allow you to know when someone is lying, manipulating you or another, or distorting the truth.

Psychic sensations linked to claircognizance enable you to see through illusions and get to the root of truth. You know when you can trust someone (or not).

You know- again, instinctively- when you should take a certain route or path, when you should enter into a relationship, whether it be platonic, romantic, or a business partnership, and what themes and vibrations occur beneath the surface. 

Your ability to read between the lines is extraordinary with claircognizance!

All 4 clairs share some resonance with psychic powers and gifts of manifestation.

But recognizing claircognizance and seeing the claircognizance signs helps you to shift your vibration and self-awareness to a higher frequency.

Instead of just seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience) things from an instinctive and psychic place, you also know it.

And this means you feel it inside of you. Your body is a channel

This links to the next sign…

Imagery, Sacred Geometry, And Telepathic Visions!

A sign of claircognizance

This is one of my personal favorites of the claircognizance signs. Seeing visuals, images, and even sacred geometry is common in claircognizant people.

If this is you, you have the ability of receiving information and sensory data in the form of extrasensory perception, which manifests as seeing “visions,” profound imagery and physical/material symbols in your mind’s eye, and sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the building block of life.

Everything in both the material and the spiritual world has its roots in some geometric shape or pattern.

Claircognizant people are attuned to a higher, telepathic, and subtle frequency, so seeing or receiving such internal images are not unheard of. 

You may see yourself as a geometric wave connected to another person, entity, or animal in the time-space complex.

This would give you some wisdom and deep insight into your relationship or connection.

You could be a frequent receiver of flashes of imagery linked to the future, or to the past, which- again- are here to show you things others can’t see.

Precognition is linked to claircognizance, as is being open to multidimensional aspects of consciousness, like the Akashic Records! 

Creative and imaginative ideas flow more freely when claircognizant gifts are awakened. For instance, there is a lot of cerebral, intuitive, and imaginative activity.

Quantum mechanism, knowledge of the stars or universe, or metaphysics and higher states of consciousness, through the visions and mental images you receive, and enhanced awareness of music, art, and patterns of nature & the cosmos are all areas that are organically accessed.

You have an open third eye. Your higher mind and higher self are sparked…

Furthermore, there is a strong link to dreams present, meanings that you can observe and connect to any of the above through your dreams.

I for example have been in deeply lucid and astrally awakened states in my life. A dear friend and soul mate of mine came to me in an ethereal vision once, as sacred geometry!

We were both individual sacred geometric symbols floating freely in space, and then we entwined as one; creating an even more beautiful, complex, and vivid sacred geometric pattern.

(Yes, I was substance and plant medicine-free! My tools were meditation, conscious fasting, and a commitment to soul alignment.) 

The point is, there are so many other aspects of awareness and being, least to mention the multiple dimensions of consciousness available, that can be accessed through listening to the claircognizant signs. 

Flashes Of Insight And Inspiration

Claircognizance is a great gift for creative, artistic, educational, and professional ventures.

Problem-solving, flashes of inspiration, genius status ideas, new and previously unexplored concepts, and generally seeing beyond (and through) the veil of illusion for multiple purposes come under this realm of amplified ability. 

If you take a moment to look at the roots of the word itself, to be claircognizant is to have extrasensory cognitive gifts.

Cognition meets spiritual awareness and perception, which means that you’re able to acquire information through thought, experience, and the senses (cognitive abilities in themselves), and through feeling, sensitivity to subtle energy, and senses that expand beyond the physical realm.

Divine inspiration and perception, in other words! An ability to see, hear, sense, and access multiple planes and dimensions of consciousness and being. 

Channeling Gifts, Including “Psychic Downloads…”

Psychic downloads as a claircognizance sign

Slightly different to psychic abilities and instincts, psychic downloads signify being a natural channel with the gift of claircognizance.

Cosmic downloads and an awareness of your ‘higher self avatar’ are what it means to be claircognizant.

The real-time real-world effects of this can manifest as anything from major intuition and instincts to actual telepathy; or seeing all sides of a story- even the ones no one speaks of- and having nothing but total compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Empathy, tolerance, non-judgment, universal love, unconditional love, compassion, and intuitive wisdom are increased with claircognizance!

When you know things on a deep and instinctive level, you don’t feel the need to out-shine or disprove anyone.

Humility is therefore increased. You also are able to take on a more supportive, counseling or encouraging, and healing role in the lives’ of the people you know.

Or to strangers. Many claircognizant people make excellent counselors, therapists, couches, or healers. 

In everyday conversations, you often know what to say at the perfect time, too. You’ll ‘just know’ when to interrupt because your wisdom and profound insight are sincerely needed.

You don’t feel or experience the guilt, shame, fear, or confusion that others may, as you don’t speak from the ego.

Your motivations lie in a higher purpose- this is the intention of serving from your heart. Thus, “butting in” and taking a leading role combined with not being afraid of being seen as psychic, telepathic, or special overrules. 

You do this with grace and poise, however. You know the difference from being self-centered and egotistical and speaking, acting, and communicating with integrity and intention.

And, you’re attuned to the universal clock, which signifies that you don’t have much interest in “superficial” man-made timing.

You prefer to live and act according to the quantum laws, the natural cycles of the planet and universe.

Referring back to daily life, this allows you to sense when someone is about to ring or enter the room, or perhaps receive something amazing, like a promotion, gift, inheritance, romantic offer, or blessing in your life. 

Finally, it’s important to note that sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, your special gifts may be mistaken for arrogance.

This is because you are incredibly humble- you don’t want to shine or seem superior to anyone, therefore occasionally you will force yourself to speak up.

You know you can help others, and it can be a very superficial and chaotic world…. Masculine and extroverted energy take precedence, which means introverted and spiritual gifts and abilities often get overlooked!

So, sometimes you pushing yourself to be bold and courageous to share your intuitive wisdom and insights might be misinterpreted. 

The key is to not have any fear, as in a room of 10, 30, or 100+ people, there will always be someone or a rare few who will see and understand you.

Hold your power! Keep the magic flowing regardless of how many people “don’t see.”

You have a duty to yourself and to others; your personal presence and power should never be sacrificed due to fears, illusions, or ignorance of the physical world. 

Absorbing Knowledge And Information 

Absorbing Knowledge And Information 

You have the arguably extraordinary gift of absorbing information and hidden knowledge, everything unseen and invisible, from physical objects.

Books, historical artifacts, places, statues or temples, environments with some sacred or spiritual significance, and essentially any object with any story can be seen, felt, and understood.

You “see into” the energy and story of an item, place, or environment… 

When listening to podcasts or watching movies or documentaries, you can absorb information in a way most humans can’t.

You sense the subtle vibrations and energies that shape the holistic picture.

You see beyond the veil of illusion in a way that allows you to see multiple perspectives, and all possible truths!

Further, you may be one of the only ones to sense the true plot or storyline including the manipulation and secrets of others.

Or, if we’re speaking about real life, you know things from another’s past that are not being presented. 

There is a strong aspect of emotional empathy and intelligence associated with claircognizance, therefore.

You would not be able to do these things if you didn’t possess emotional intelligence, astral feminine wisdom (a connection to both feminine energy and the astral realm), and empathy.

All of the 4 ‘clairs’ are linked to feminine wisdom and attributes, in fact, as the Moon is the ruler of the subconscious mind, the water element, and feminine energy.

Think back to older times… there is a reason why people who worshiped or paid respect to the Moon were called lunatics! 

As with all the other clairs, claircognizance is a sign of being an empath full of compassion, secret knowledge, and unexplainable instincts and intuitive forces. 

Precognitive Abilities

claircognizance and precognitive abilities

Quite simply, you can see into the future. The definition of precognition itself is ‘pre-knowledge of an event, especially foreknowledge of a paranormal kind.’ Paranormal has the word normal in it.

So it’s not too far apart from sensations rooted in physical reality. 

Your dreams play an important role with regards to this sign, therefore it is advised to connect to your subconscious mind and psyche (and thus the collective psyche) through the places you may go in dreamtime.

It’s true that many dreams show insight, knowledge, wisdom, and information into life/s events through subconscious forces, which are significant in themselves.

Your mind can also wander in the dreamspace, accessing various unseen worlds and different dimensions of consciousness.

Many people can consciously lucid dream of astral travel & projection, for example. 

Enhance your chances of connecting to the innate precognitive abilities (precognition) we all hold within, through finding ways to dream more vividly, consciously, and higher self and soul aligned.

You may want to consider placing a cleansed and charged amethyst crystal on top of or under your pillow, or listening to binaural beats with all artificial lighting turned off before sleep.

Meditation, sound therapy, and mindful fasts and detoxes are also perfect ways to raise your frequency for enhanced dreaming, and thus subsequent subconscious connection. 

This works for beginners and the more advanced alike; people who are already aware of and accessing claircognizance- specifically the gift of foresight, and those who are aware of it but need some extra assistance. 

Your Instincts Are Always Right

This final claircognizant sign should not go under noticed, because in an often superficial and spiritually disconnected world being so tuned in is a beautiful gift.

The hunches you experience are always, always, true- and real.

At least when you’re in touch with your higher self and soul, which you know when you are or are not. (So never let anyone tell you otherwise!) 

The gifts you have more often than not lead you to a deeper calling in life.

Your senstiivty to the needs of others, plants, animals, and the planetary consciousness and well-being as a whole can subtly push you onto a path of service, healing, or charitable or humanitarian causes.

You have an inner voice that guides you throughout life. Not everyone will understand it, some people may even seek to undermine or ridicule, oppress, or persecute it.

Yet it’s real all the same. Your job, and what Spirit asks of you, is to embrace your claircognizant powers and stand strong in your truth and inner knowing.

The true meaning of claircognizance is inner knowing, and knowledge is the source of all wisdom

Instincts, intuition, psychic gifts, telepathic communication, and extrasensory perception all come together in a beautiful and sublime mix of precognitive and compassionate ability.

It is rare to see someone use their claircognizant gifts for ‘evil,’ and unless you’re in a sci-fi, fantasy, or fiction film you wouldn’t hear of it being abused anyway!

This gift is rooted in the light, in good intentions, moral purity, and at least some desire to help, heal, or lovingly and kindly assist another. 

How Can You Develop Your Abilities In Claircognizance?

Develping Claircognizance

Claircognizance can be developed through meditation and a range of holistic and spiritually enhancing therapies, like sound healing, hypnotherapy, past life therapy, kundalini yoga, spiritual martial arts such as tai chi and qi gong, and natural energy healing systems.

For example, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Aura and Chakra healing, and Shamanic clearing and cleansing are all ideal routes to claircognizant gift amplification. 

Claircognizance provides a bridge or cord to higher states of consciousness, and this means deeper aspects of you and others.

Just through working with subtle energy and seeking to connect to the core of yourself, slowing down and going within, and detaching from material and unnecessary distractions; you can find an increase in claircognizance.

Ultimately, developing claircognizance is an organic process that is linked to the three other “clairs,” and to the amount, level, and frequency of engagement linked to spiritual and self-mastery activities. 

Spend more time in nature. Purchase some solfeggio tuning forks for yourself, or a Tibetan singing bowl or clear quartz crystal singing bowl.

Sound helps to raise your vibration and alleviate blocks to well-being and spiritual health!

You could also find a Shamanic or Reiki healer or practitioner that you trust and feel a connection with, and receive regular healing.

Any step towards a more authentic, harmonious, and spiritually holistic life is a step towards recognizing the claircognizant signs, and then embodying them.

Remember that your body is the channel! 

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