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3D To 5D: What It Means To Shift To This Higher Consciousness

3D To 5D: What It Means To Shift To This Higher Consciousness

It is no secret that we are living in an exciting and dynamic time. We are transitioning from 3D to 5D.

Humanity is undergoing so many radical changes on all levels; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And although these changes at times can feel really tumultuous and unsettling, many of us have a deeper knowing that whatever is happening on a collective and on an individual level is in divine order. 

These events can be potent catalysts for growth and transformation and they can help to broaden our awareness from our usual autopilot, day-to-day focus, and bring us into greater presence.

As we shift from 3D to 5D we develop the capacity to acknowledge and embody the truth of the present and consciously co-create our future. 

One of the perspectives that can help us to understand how we are shifting as a collective and as individuals are the understanding of dimensions and our shifting from 3D to 5D.

Within this article, we shall delve into understanding our shift to a higher consciousness within the context of spiritual dimensions.

We shall learn more about what this means, how we are navigating this shift from the 3rd-dimensional awareness to the 5th-dimensional awareness, the signs that indicate this shift is happening.

Also, how our relationships may change as this shift occurs.

3D To 5D: What It Means

3D To 5D

So to start off clearly, we should know that the dimensions we speak of are not a different physical place.

Each dimension is actually a different level of consciousness and the vibration of each dimension is associated with different beliefs about reality.

This can of course have the effect of shifting your physical reality, but the mental and spiritual integration of a new dimension comes first.

To understand the shift from the 3D to 5D we must also acknowledge the 4th dimension that exists between these states of awareness.

The following are some key points on each of these dimensions:


  • This is the state of consciousness that most people and our society has been operating from for a really long time.
  • 3 Dimensional consciousness holds perspectives of duality, polarity, individuality and separation.
  • It is a more dense material awareness. In this state of awareness, our focus is usually on survival and the accumulation of material security.
  •  3D is the common daily state of consciousness that most people have been operating from and that many are shifting from.


  • This state of consciousness is often regarded as the transition phase between 3D and 5D.
  • 4 dimensional awareness can be regarded as the in-between phase of integration and changing perceptions. This dimension can come with the experience of confusion as we sort through our old beliefs, new revelations and shifting perceptions.
  • 4D is a phase of unmasking as we see beyond the ego, gaining a higher perspective on the concept of duality and glimpse that there is more than just physical reality. As we shed what no longer aligns we become less dense in preparation for 5D.
  • Another indicator that you are experiencing 4D awareness can include seeing more angel numbers and experiencing synchronicities that further heighten your awareness.


  • The 5th dimension is a level of consciousness that is embodied oneness and absolute love. This dimension allows us to experience a life that is less dense, beyond duality and ego.
  • The spiritual dimension of 5D is all about truth, integrity and energetic experience. 
  • To learn more about 5D ascension please check out our article titled: 5D Ascension: The 10 Symptoms You're Going Through The Shift.

So to summarise this shift from 3D to 5D it is all about integration, embodying, and experiencing a change in perspective towards a more holistic, all-encompassing, and upgraded perspective that we refer to as 5D consciousness. 

This shift takes place on a personal level which ripples to shift the collective consciousness as more individuals ascend to embody the 5D experience of ease, fluidity, love, and unity 

5 Signs Of Going From 3D To 5D

signs of going from 3D to 5D

These are some of the signs that can indicate you going through the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness :

1. Disillusioned with physical reality

One of the first signs that can be experienced during the shift from 3D to 5D awareness is an initial disconnect and disillusion with the physical world.

This can be a stage of reassessing and questioning that which has been your primary experience and the experience of the collective for a long time; the focus on the importance of material possession and security which is a main concern of 3D consciousness.

As we shift into the integration phase of 4D in order to fully perceive 5D we will have the realization in a variety of ways that there is much more than just the physical aspect of life, we will become aware of the energy that underlies and animates everything.

During this phase, we are reassessing what we give value to so that we can eventually integrate a deeper perspective of the value of both the material and etheric layers of our experience.

2. Trouble relating to most of your family and friends for a period of time

During the shift from 3D to 5D it is quite common that you will experience a degree of isolation as you are going through a big shift in consciousness.

Those around you may not yet comprehend the process and new insights you are integrating.

Some people who are very entrenched in old beliefs may even actively resist the changes that you implement as you embody the upgraded 5D perspectives. 

Especially while you are going through the integration of this shift from 3D to 5D you may feel misunderstood and need time to revaluate your understandings and relationships.

The good news is that once you have moved through the integration then all of your relationships will take on higher understanding.

From 5D you will deal with your relations with greater ease as you have a greater understanding of the innate interconnection of all beings. 

3. Realizing you need to make some lifestyle changes

3D to 5D changes

 When you are within the process of going from 3D to 5D you will naturally start to make necessary lifestyle changes as you integrate the upgraded perspectives.

As we move from 3D to 5D we begin prioritizing the aspects of life that are beyond just material survival; experiences like happiness, holistic health, wellness, and being of service to humanity using our innate gifts. 

As we integrate these ideas we may be called to make upgrades to our lifestyle.

Considering and implementing big and small positive changes in routine, diet, career, relationships, and hobbies can be a sign that you are going from 3D to 5D.

4. Your unresolved wounds, fears, traumas and old conditioning will surface for healing. 

During the shift from 3D to 5D it can actually be a really challenging and emotional process especially if you have many unresolved traumatic experiences, fears and old non-beneficial conditioning that needs to be interrogated. 

The reason all this stuff comes up as you are going from 3D to 5D is so that you can clear these experiences through healing and forgiveness. 

When you consciously deal with your wounds and outdated subconscious patterning you can gain knowledge, insight, and context.

This can help you move past painful experiences and forge forward with clarity and lightness allowing you to perceive your life from a higher consciousness 5D perspective.

5. The lines of duality become blurred

As you move from 3D to 5D something a little unexpected may start to happen and that is, you may begin to question the usual concepts of duality.

You will probably start reevaluating if there is really such a hard line between things that are usually considered as good and bad.

You may ask many questions such as: are all the things that are considered bad by mainstream culture actually bad?

Are seemingly negative experiences actually an inspiration for growth and transformation in disguise? 

Even our notion of masculine and feminine roles on a physical level may be looked at in a new light as we realize that we each possess both masculine and feminine energetic vibrations seeking balance within ourselves. 

We will also start developing more understanding and even valuing both perceived good /bad experiences in our lives.

As we gain a more tangible experience of our sensitive interconnection, we integrate these concepts of duality in a new more flexible way.

When we experience the 5D conscious awareness of oneness and view life from an open heart chakra duality begins to merge.

You can read more about the experience of an open heart chakra in the article: 11 Symptoms Of Your Heart Chakra Opening 

3D vs 5D Relationships

The shift from 3D to 5D almost completely changes our perspective and approach to life and so of course this will have an impact on the relationships in our life.

As we shift from 3D to 5D our existing relationships can transform in a variety of ways, this can apply to all types of relationships including friendships, family, romantic and professional relationships.

3D vs 5D Relationship Traits 

3D to 5D in relationships

These are some of the ways your relationships may change through the shift from 3D to 5D :

  • 3D relationships may include possessive and controlling tendencies vs 5D relationships which encourage freedom, sovereignty and authenticity.
  • 3D relationships are more likely have rigidly defined or predetermined roles governed by societal expectations or conditioning vs 5D relationships which have heart-led freely chosen roles that are openly discussed and agreed upon.
  • 3D relationships are often motivated by concerns and considerations for survival, security and material convenience vs 5D relations which are formed on the basis of genuine unconditional love, appreciation and source connection focused on energetic awareness and alchemy.
  • 3D romantic relationships often focus on intimacy on a physical level only vs 5D intimacy which also includes the spiritual, energetic and soul level layers of intimacy. 
  • 3D relationships may focus on the outer appearance and projection of the relationships vs 5D which is rooted in genuine connection and inner integrity within the relationship no matter how unconventional the relationship may seem to 3D awareness.
  • 3D relationships are often perceived as lasting till death or only lasting as long as you physically acknowledge and interact vs 5D relationships which are infinite connections that can last as a spiritual connection beyond physical separation.

As you shift from 5D your relationships will also shift: your perspective of your relationships and your embodied 5D energy can upgrade existing relationships.

You will likely inspire the people you relate with and they will naturally ascend from 3D to 5D as well when they are ready.

If certain people are resistant to your new way of being you may actually be surprised how gracefully you handle these situations whatever the outcome.

Each person has their own layers to work through before they can fully integrate higher perspectives and when we operate from 5D we are a lot more understanding, compassionate and loving to all beings.

We are more clear on the types of close relationships that we choose and have plenty of energy to cultivate authentic aligned relationships.

This shift from 3D to 5D is often not an easy journey but it is a journey that will make life easier once these powerful insights are embodied.

This shift is not something that you necessarily have to initiate yourself.

Even if you are unaware of this ascension journey it will happen naturally as you experience the current situations in your life with presence.

If you feel called, you can also choose to flow with this process by learning more about it and intentionally holding more conscious perspectives.

Even if all you do is trust the next moment your life will unfold exactly as needed to adjust, align and upgrade you to higher 5D consciousness.