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11 Amazing Qualities Of The Divine Feminine Explained

11 Amazing Qualities Of The Divine Feminine Explained

Are you looking to get in touch with your Divine Feminine and to develop your divine feminine qualities?

No wonder you are, because the Divine Feminine is a very powerful energy that we all possess and that can bring a lot of happiness and balance to our lives. 

The Divine Feminine is a concept that has been misunderstood for centuries.

As society was built upon patriarchal laws, femininity was highly devalued and associated with negative traits such as weakness, instability, moodiness, and so on.

Unfortunately, these old beliefs still exist in many countries and determine how people treat women. 

Fortunately, in many other places, people are embracing more and more the concept of Divine Feminine and shedding light upon the amazing qualities it possesses.

Divine Feminine qualities embrace the feminine side of God. God, the Divinity, the Universe, or whatever you call it, has two sides: masculine and feminine, representing the duality that keeps the world functioning as we know it.

This duality has been represented in many religions and philosophies but is mostly known as Yin-Yang.

As we all have a bit of the Divine within us, we all have both Divine masculine and Divine feminine qualities as important sides of ourselves.

I believe a truly balanced person has learned to embrace both sides and manifest the best of their qualities. 

Developing Divine Feminine qualities is an important spiritual milestone for everyone, regardless of gender.

Remember, we are talking about energy and spiritual qualities, not about gender roles, sexual preferences or identities, or anything related to the physical side of us.

Thus, if you are looking to embrace the qualities of your Divine Feminine side, have a read below.

What Are The Divine Feminine Qualities

the quality of the divine feminine

1. Powerful Intuition

Intuition is a very powerful tool to use in your everyday life. It can help you know what choice to make, which people are loyal to you, and even predict the future to some extent.

Intuition is a quality of the Divine Feminine, and both men and women can manifest it once they've embraced their feminine side.

Intuition has been developed by women from the earliest stages of humanity, when, while men were hunting, they gathered fruit and vegetables and needed a way of telling the edible from the poisonous.

How did they do that? Most likely using their intuition.

Also, the Divine Feminine has a very powerful intuition because women needed to develop their extra sensorial senses or supernatural abilities more than men.

Due to the fact that men dominated society and they were discriminated against because of their more fragile bodies, they needed to develop other qualities to protect themselves – and they sure did.

Thus, intuition, the sixth sense women developed in time, is a main quality of the Divine Feminine.

2. Enhanced Creativity

Creativity is a very useful skill to have, as it can manifest in every area of your life – work, hobbies, relationships, and so on.

Creativity used right can even bring you financial resources, if for example you develop an amazing talent in writing and end up writing a best-seller.

When you tap into the power of your Divine Feminine, expect your creativity levels to go through the roof.

Creativity appears when a person has healed and unblocked their sacral chakra, as this chakra is the source of our creative and sexual energy.

Our sexual and creative energy is almost identical, as they help us create and express ourselves.

The Divine Feminine is capable of creativity and self-expression, mainly because creativity requires being in touch with your intuition and living from the heart.

I've already spoken about intuition as a main Divine Feminine trait, further on I will explain why living from the heart is also a quality of the Divine Feminine.

3. Good Communication

Communication is definitely a quality of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine in all of us is highly focused on growing and nurturing relationships, and for that, it needs good communication skills.

Communication is the core foundation of any relationship.

Women had the chance to develop communication from the early stages of humanity, when they spent a lot of time with one another, cooking and gathering.

While doing that, they used communication to make time pass more pleasantly. They used to talk to each other, listen to each other's sorrows, offer advice and support, and so on.

Also, in a family, the side representing the Divine Feminine will be more responsible for communication and more aware of its crucial importance.

If you are looking to develop your Divine Feminine qualities more, start by improving your communication skills.

If you are in a relationship and you identify with the feminine side of it, be aware that you have the amazing power of communication, which you can use to strengthen your relationship and to bond with your partner more.

4. Increased Empathy

Empathy is another representative quality of the Divine Feminine. You cannot live in feminine energy if you are not empathetic.

Empathy is a core quality of the Divine Feminine, which also helps develop communication and intuition.

Empathy is the amazing ability to put yourself in the other person's shoes, feel what they feel, understand and accept their pain or sorrow.

Empathy is another good place to start, as empathy can be exercised and developed quite easily.

How do you do that?

Easy. Every time you see someone experiencing a life-altering situation, whether positive or negative, try to imagine how you would feel in their position.

Allow yourself to feel deeply what you would feel in their position, and whatever anyone does, never judge them.

In order to develop empathy, you need to declare war on the habit of judging people.

Judging is toxic for relationships and utterly wrong, as you can never know that if put in their position, you wouldn't have done the same.

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5. Deep Compassion

Compassion a trait of divine feminine

Compassion and empathy go hand in hand, as empathy also helps a person develop compassion.

When you're very empathetic and feel other people's pain and sorrow, the next natural step is to feel compassion for them.

Compassion is a very strong, positive feeling that brings a lot of dharma (positive karma) into your life.

Whenever you feel compassion for someone, know that you are aligned with your Divine Feminine Self, and allow yourself to act on compassion.

Do a little act of kindness, help, or provide love and support to those who need it.

If you have recently felt disconnected from your Divine Feminine Self, a good way to start reconnecting to it is to practice compassion.

Luckily, the world is full of occasions to do that.

You see someone crying? Feel compassion and act upon it. Does someone hurt? Again – show compassion.

Is someone angry and shouting at you? Guess what? Show compassion again because, underneath all that anger, they most likely feel pain and sorrow.

6. Acceptance

As masculinity is all about taking action and changing things, femininity, in contrast, is built on acceptance and peace.

Now let's not confuse acceptance with complacency.

If you are in a toxic situation and you drown in sorrow every day but choose to stay and be a martyr, you are not in acceptance, you are just playing the victim.

This is actually the opposite of acceptance.

Acceptance comes with a light feeling of detachment, and the things that used to hurt you or trigger you in the past cannot „touch” you on an emotional level anymore.

Acceptance is a superior state of consciousness that usually comes after experiencing all the heavy feelings a human can experience.

Acceptance is when you find the power to be at peace even in the midst of the scariest storm, and will provide a solid foundation for a happy and peaceful life.

7. Understanding

The Divine Feminine is full of understanding.

Understanding also stems from compassion and acceptance because when you feel compassion towards people and accept them for who they are, you cannot get mad at them anymore.

Understanding means reaching a point in which you know that there are no bad people, only hurt people and that human beings only make mistakes out of pain and hurt.

That's when you can choose to understand anyone's reasons for doing anything, and you won't get mad anymore.

Understanding is very good for your mental health and inner peace and is a quality you should seek to develop to align with your Divine Feminine Self. 

8. Forgiving

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool to have in life. Forgiveness is built upon compassion, empathy, and understanding.

When you can put yourself in someone else's shoes, understand their reasons for doing anything, and have compassion for them, you will forgive them very quickly.

Anger, resentment, and the wish for revenge stand at the opposite pole from forgiveness. A Buddhist proverb says, “Being angry with someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Anger, resentment, and revenge will mostly hurt you more than the other person.

The wise Divine Feminine in all of us already knows this, and any person who has integrated their Divine Feminine finds it very easy to forgive.

Thus, aligning with your Divine Feminine will bring you more happiness, inner peace, and freedom.

9. Living From The Heart

woman showing a divine feminine trait

Masculinity is about being rational and using reasoning and logic when making decisions, whereas feminity is about making intuition-based decisions stemming from the heart.

When you live and make decisions from the heart, you end up in a very good place, both mentally and emotionally.

Your intuition knows what is best for you. Therefore you will end up on the right path.

Living from the heart also includes being compassionate, empathetic, and kind, and embracing all the amazing qualities your heart has.

When you live from the heart, forming a relationship based on love, acceptance, and mutual trust comes naturally. 

10. Kindness

Kindness is the ultimate trademark of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine in all of us knows that kindness is the best default mode of operating in this world, as everyone is trying their best to succeed, but we are all doomed to make mistakes occasionally.

A person who has truly embraced their Divine Feminine will always show kindness towards all living beings, as they have already integrated forgiveness, compassion, and empathy in their way of being.

When you've learned to forgive people, to put yourself in their shoes, and to show compassion, how can you be any way other than kind?

In my personal opinion, kindness is the main trait of a spiritually elevated human being.

11. Gentleness

To contrast the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine even more, I will speak about gentleness.

The Divine Masculine is strong, less emotional, feisty, and often merciless. Just think about the times when men had to hunt to keep their families alive or kill wild beasts to defend everyone from danger.

Would they have managed to do that if they had mercy and compassion towards the animal? Most likely not.

On the other hand, women couldn't have raised babies if they were fisty and merciless, as a young baby needs deep care, empathy, and compassion, as he needs his mother to fulfill his most basic needs.

There are times in life when we all have to be a bit merciless and fisty, for example, when we have to defend ourselves from a toxic, abusive person.

At the same time, there are times when we have to be kind and gentle.

A person who has integrated both their Divine Feminine and their Divine Masculine can easily tell the difference between the two types of situations.

They will not make mistakes when choosing the type of response they offer to a person or a situation, and thus, they will prove to have learned an important spiritual lesson.

Responding to being merciless in situations that require gentleness and vice versa is a very toxic habit that creates heavy karma.

I don't mean to scare you but make sure you truly learn the difference as soon as possible, and you will see how well you will be able to respond to all types of situations.

After learning this important distinction, you will never find yourself in the situation of regretting how you behaved in certain circumstances.

Final Thoughts On The Divine Feminine Qualities

To conclude, we both have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine qualities in us.

A truly balanced person has learned to integrate both sides and manifest mainly the best qualities they possess.

Accepting and manifesting your Divine Feminine is something you should do even if you are a man, as it does not mean that you will become more feminine.

It simply means that you honor and accept the feminine energy in you and that you will manifest certain qualities. 

The qualities of the Divine Feminine can improve your relationships and even your life overall.

If you are a woman, embracing and manifesting your Divine Feminine Self will bring you closer to your Higher Self.

Also, as a woman, after accepting your Divine Feminine and manifesting it, you will tick an important life lesson that you came to learn in this lifetime.

Whether you are a man or a woman, I encourage you to embrace both your Divine Feminine Self and your Divine Masculine Self, manifest a bit more of the one you identify with, and you will find real balance in life and relationships.

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