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Masculine & Feminine Energy (The True Difference Explained)

Masculine & Feminine Energy (The True Difference Explained)

Masculine and feminine energy has been an important topic for humanity since the dawn of time. However, they haven't always been understood in the best way possible.

Society has been confused about what masculine and feminine energy are or should be, and that has led to several negative outcomes, such as what happened to all of humanity last year.

As the universe is now pushing us towards a time of healing, it's time to shed some light upon the issue of masculine and feminine energy, what they are and why you should learn to love and accept both.

Light and dark. Night and day. Hot and cold. Winter and summer. Sun and moon. Inhale and exhale. Up and down. All these are examples of dualities that keep the universe function as it is.

Dualities that are based on opposite poles, which complete each other beautifully and keep the universe in perfect balance. 

Masculine and Feminine energy form another duality, built on opposites, that help build balance in the Universe.

They can be found anywhere in the world, in one form or another. Also, as every person is a micro-universe, masculine and feminine energies can be found in all of us.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to embracing one or the other more, as they each have amazing qualities and advantages. However, to develop as spiritual beings, we must learn to love and accept both of them.

For some people, it works better to embrace masculine energy. For some, feminine energy.

At the end of the day is about which one you are meant to embrace in this lifetime. 

What Is Masculine And Feminine Energy

To understand what is masculine and feminine energy, visualize the yin-yang model. A circle is split into two parts – the white part and the black part.

However, none of the parts are linear, they intermingle a little bit, each completing the other one perfectly.

Also, on the white side of the circle, there is a black spot, and on the black side there is a white spot, showing that there is masculinity in the feminine, and vice versa. 

Confused a little bit? I will explain.

The black part of the circle – Yin, represents femininity, as in Buddhism and older ideologies femininity is represented by mystery, darkness, the moon, and so on.

The white side, called Yang, is the masculine, seen as strong, shiny, out in the open, and represented by the sun.

Masculine and feminine energies are complete opposites; however, none would not exist without the other.

They are the cornerstone of the universe, the basis for life as we experience it, and a huge part of every human being. 

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you would not have the masculine energy, you wouldn't know what is the feminine. Just as, if you wouldn't have night, you wouldn't know what day is, because there would always be daytime and that would be something so natural you wouldn't know how to explain it.

We define things by contrasting them to something else, and we understand them by seeing what they are and what they are not. 

The Truth About Masculine And Feminine Energy

Over time, masculine and feminine energies have been depicted and slightly distorted ways.

There has been a general misconception that one is better than the other. More specifically, masculine energy has been considered superior, more powerful, more desirable.

This misconception even went so far that kings and men of power would kill their offspring in some cultures if they happened to be girls. 

This happened because, in the early days of humanity, people needed brute force to survive. Men needed to be able to hunt and kill, and for that, they needed strong bodies.

Of course, women can be strong as well, but a woman's biology involves menstruation, pregnancy, and other moments when women's bodies need rest and replenishment. This mainly means that women could not go hunting or fighting battles.

However, women always had other powers, or other qualities, which made their role more than vital in the evolution of humanity.

Without women's so-called weaknesses, such as menstruation and pregnancy, people couldn't have procreated, and therefore they would have disappeared as species. 

A quote that I love says:

“a woman's body is the only force in the world capable of transporting souls from the unseen world into the physical world. Yet, you think the woman is weak”.

I believe this quote beautifully emphasizes how powerful femininity is, even though its power is not expressed through brute force, but through a more subtle, yet life-creating force. 

So, yes, while men were out hunting or later on conquering the world, women were home, raising their babies. Yet, women were raising the future explorers, inventors or geniuses, or future mothers that will contribute towards the expansion of the human race.

If you've been stuck in a house with a small child for a few hours, you know how much patience and energy it requires to look after him or her.

Imagine that in the past women were looking after 6, 7, or even more children. 

Women were always far from weak, and femininity was always far from dark or undesirable.

They were always the force in the background, that was making things happening and without them, men wouldn't have accomplished much.

Masculine Energy – Characteristics And Traits

Masculine energy is one form of Divine Energy.

For the Divine Energy to be able to form life, it needs a set of traits. These are either traits of the Divine Feminine or traits of the Divine Masculine.

The traits and characteristics more representative for the Divine Masculine are: 

  • Taking action
  • Assertiveness
  • Physical force
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Protection
  • Logical thinking and reasoning
  • Achieving
  • Being goal-oriented
  • Providing 

Thus, masculine energy is energy made of action, power, and strength.

If you think of the sexual anatomy of a man's body, it makes a lot of sense. The masculine sexual organs are all about force and penetration, whereas in contrast, the feminine sexual anatomy is built to be able to receive, create and shelter human life. 

A man that is truly in his masculine energy, will display these traits and characteristics. Of course, at times, men need to manifest feminine energy as well, which is why they should accept and embrace feminine traits as well.

A balanced man will manage to manifest feminine traits when needed, but he will be more grounded in masculine energy. 

Masculine Energy – Healed And Unhealed

Masculine energy can be expressed in healthy, or unhealthy ways. How a person expresses their masculine energy depends on the degree to which they've understood and integrated the real and healthy masculine traits.

When a person understands masculinity the wrong way, we see a display of what I call toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity is completely different than healthy masculinity. Below I made a list contrasting the traits of positive masculinity and those of toxic/negative masculinity: 

Positive/Healthy Masculinity Vs Toxic/Negative Masculinity

Positive/Healthy Masculinity

  • Assertive Dominant
  • Defense-orientated 
  • Willing to negotiate 
  • Family-orientated 
  • Respects and values women 
  • Calm and balanced 
  • Solves problems rapidly 
  • Makes friends easily 

Toxic/Negative Masculinity

  • Protective Aggressive 
  • Offense-orientated
  • Gives commands
  • Unable to commit 
  • Objectifies women 
  • Gets angry very easily
  • Creates more problems through aggression
  • Always in competition with other people

As you can see, healed masculinity looks very different from toxic masculinity.

If you recognize yourself more in the traits listed on the right side of the table, it's time to start changing how you perceive masculinity.

There are also times when men have too much or too little masculine energy, and none of these situations is healthy for them.

A balanced man should have approximately 60% masculine energy, and 40% feminine energy. 

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Feminine Energy – Characteristics And Traits

The other form of Divine Energy is feminine energy. Feminine energy is the complete opposite of masculine energy. If masculine energy is the “tough” side of the Divine, then feminine energy is the “soft side” of the Divine.

The main traits and characteristics of feminine energy are: 

  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Heart-centeredness
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Acceptance
  • Receiving
  • Emotionality 
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Forgiveness

A woman who has fully embraced her feminine energy will display all these qualities.

She will allow herself to receive, be in touch with her emotions and intuition, and have deep compassion for all living beings.

She will show empathy and understanding in her relationships and will be able to forgive. This does not mean that she shall be submissive or taken for granted, but she will genuinely display these qualities and be able to choose a man who will respect her at all times.

These qualities will bring her peace of mind and happiness, as she will be able to attract anything she desires. 

Feminine Energy – Healed And Unhealed

As we spoke about the differences between healed and unhealed masculine energy, it is time to see how healed and unhealed forms of feminine energy look.

Feminine energy as well can be expressed in healthy and empowering ways, or unhealthy, destructive manners. 

Positive/ Healthy Femininity Vs. Toxic/ Unhealthy Femininity

Positive/ Healthy Femininity

  • Understanding 
  • Shows compassion
  • Expresses positive emotions
  • Allows herself to receive
  • Forgives easily 
  • Communicates clearly
  • Has empathy 
  • Lives from the heart 
  • In touch with her emotions 
  • Easily expresses herself creatively
  • Easily expresses herself sexually 

Toxic/ Unhealthy Femininity

  • Creates drama
  • Gets upset easily
  • Always angry, sad, or depressed
  • Becomes greedy and entitled
  • Plays the victim
  • Communicates vaguely and is passive-aggressive 
  • Judges others and gossips
  • Has the heart chakra blocked
  • Confused about her own emotions, lacks clarity
  • Blocked creativity
  • Repressed sexuality

As you can see, healthy femininity looks very different than toxic femininity.

A woman who is balanced spiritually, energetically and mentally, will be able to display the traits and characteristics listed in the column on the left.

Also, when needed she can display certain masculine traits, but she will be more grounded in feminine energy. A well-balanced woman will contain about 60% feminine energy, and 40% masculine energy. 

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Masculine And Feminine Energies In Relationships

In relationships, is very important to know which side you want to identify with – the masculine or the feminine.

If you are in a heterosexual relationship, then you should probably identify with the energy that suits your gender.

If you are in a homosexual relationship, just choose the one that comes naturally to you, the one you can embody while being your most authentic self

In a relationship, masculine energy is expressed healthily by: 

  • Looking after the feminine side, protecting her and cherishing her
  • Showing unconditional love and respect for the feminine side
  • Supporting the feminine side of the relationship, even providing financially when needed
  • Bringing resources as well as emotional security in the relationship
  • In the early stages of the relationship, the masculine side is the one that does most of the courtship 
  • Offering secure and stable attachment
  • Leading the relationship with gentleness, allowing the feminine side to make the decisions she wishes to make
  • Showing determination, logical thinking, and quick problem-solving skills

In contrast, the feminine energy is best expressed in a relationship by adopting the following behaviors: 

  • Allowing the masculine side to provide for you and to offer you any support he/she wishes to offer, without feeling guilty for it or becoming too entitled
  • Showing him compassion and deep empathy when suffering or when he makes mistakes
  • Forgiving the mistakes made with grace and ease
  • Understanding your partner's emotional states and needs
  • Using your creativity to improve the relationship
  • Being responsible for good, clear communication
  • Acting from the heart, healthily expressing your emotions, and encourage your partner to do the same
  • Nurture and cherish your partner, shower him with affection. If you have kids, nurture them and shower them with affection as well, tapping into the amazing powers of motherhood. 

How To Balance Masculine And Feminine Energies

Balancing masculine and feminine energies is crucial to attracting and maintaining healthy relationships.

If you are in masculine energy, you will attract a partner that is in feminine energy and vice versa.

That is why is important to maintain the level of energy you had when you started your relationship unless of course, that doesn't fit you anymore. 

If for example, you are a man, and because you are more grounded in feminine energy, you attracted a masculine woman, you shifting towards the masculine side could push her to become more feminine.

But if you were in perfectly balanced masculine energy when you started the relationship, then all of a sudden you switch to feminine energy, or toxic masculinity, this will most likely affect your relationship. The same goes for feminine energy.

Balancing masculine and feminine energies means becoming the best version of yourself and being in energetic balance.

To do that, you need to find the right amount of masculine and feminine energy that suits your lifestyle and your gender.

However, if you identify with the Divine masculine in a relationship, you should try to achieve the proportion of 60% masculine energy, 40% feminine energy.

If you identify with the Divine Feminine, then try to aim for 60% feminine energy and 40% masculine energy. 

To balance masculine and feminine energies, you must perform actions that nourish these energies.

Suggestions For Enhancing Your Masculine Energy

  • Be a decision-maker! – Make your own decisions and have faith in yourself that they are right. Seek advice if you need it, but always make the final decision. 
  • Develop your thinking abilities – Choose activities that enhance your mental abilities, such as reading, studying, developing continuously, playing chess, or other games that enhance cognitive abilities. 
  • Practice physical activity – To nourish your masculine energy is vital to be in shape. So, choose one form, or more, of physical activity that you enjoy and practice them as part of your daily routine. 
  • Become financially independent – Whatever your situation is when you are reading this article, know that being able to provide financially is part of being a masculine man. This doesn't mean that you cannot accept help of gifts but is ideal that you can maintain a good level of living by yourself. 
  • Find a career you love – to be financially independent and to remain emotionally balanced, is crucial that you find a career you love. This way, you will be able to make a lot of money while enjoying every day of your life. 
  • Be willing to provide and protect – As a masculine man, you must be willing to give unconditionally, to offer support, love, care, and protection. Your partner must feel safe with you at all levels – financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Suggestions For Enhancing Feminine Energy

  • Nurture your creativity – choose activities that develop your creativity, whether is dancing, painting, or writing. 
  • Develop your intuition – You can develop your intuition through meditation, yoga, certain metal exercises or listening to high vibrational music, or even intuition-enhancing games, that you can find online. 
  • Allow yourself to receive – Allowing yourself to receive is a crucial part of becoming more feminine. Make sure you don't become demanding, but at the same time don't feel guilty when your partner spoils you or provides for you. Take it as a gift from the universe. 
  • Learn to express your emotions healthily – All emotions should be expressed in a healthy way, even the negative ones. Avoid expressing them aggressively or suppressing them, and learn the healthiest way of communicating your emotions. 
  • Develop your communication skills – as the feminine side of the relationship, you should be responsible for the way communication is going. Learn to communicate clearly, with gentleness and kindness. 

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Remember, we all have masculine and feminine energies inside us. To maintain healthy relationships is very important to express both of these energies healthily, and to find the right balance between them. 

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about masculine and feminine energy.


Thursday 9th of September 2021

Thank you 🙏 This is a great post to explain the difference between the masculine and feminine energy. it helped me.


Monday 30th of August 2021

I cant relate to this. I mean even i as a woman, want to be the decision maker ,an achiever, be financially independent and have a career. Infact i have already developed these things in me and i love them. However, i have also kept the feminine side of me alive like receiving, nurturing and being creative. This makes me feel more free and not having to stick to the things mentioned here. I can be whoever i want to be and that gives me power and energy. The things mentioned here are not wrong but sticking to only the feminine side of me would make me feel restricted. I believe there should be a balance of feminine and masculine in all of us. That would make us more open minded. Thats my opinion! Thanks.