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How To AWAKEN Your Divine Feminine Energy: 11 Ways

How To AWAKEN Your Divine Feminine Energy: 11 Ways

Awakening your Divine Feminine Energy is an essential process to go through as a woman.

It will help you understand who you truly are, what is your life purpose and how to live in full balance and harmony.

The Divine Feminine energy is a very powerful, yet gentle and loving energy and that once awakened, will help you live in more alignment with your higher self. 

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

The Divine Feminine Energy is a sacred energy, that stands as one of the main pillars of the physical and spiritual world.

The World in which we currently live is based on duality: masculine-feminine, day-night, light-darkness, and so on.

Although some religions have portraited God as being a man, God, or the Creator, the Divine Source of Energy or the Universe, whatever you call it, is made of both masculine and feminine energy.

This truth is found in all the sacred books that religion banned, in order to promote the “truth” they believed to be fit. 

Human beings contain Divine Energy, as are immortal beings just passing Earth as a step in our long spiritual journey. We all possess both Divine Feminine Energy and Divine Masculine Energy.

A person can possess more of one type of energy according to what they've been in previous lifetimes and which energy they have integrated more.

The Divine Feminine Energy in all of us is the energy that creates, that brings life into the world, that breeds healing, unconditional love, and peace.

It is the soft yet powerful energy that is more still, quiet, gentle, life-creating, in contrast to the divine masculine that is strong, tough, action-oriented, and in constant movement.

Why should you awaken your Divine Feminine Energy? 

woman with divine feminine energy

I don't just want to teach how to awaken your Divine Feminine Energy, but also why it's beneficial to you to do it.

Once you understand why you should awaken your Divine Feminine Energy, you will also intuitively know how, and you will have a real motivation to do so. 

Therefore, a few benefits you can have if you awaken your Divine Feminine Energy are: 

  • You will be more compassionate, gentle, and kind
  • You will develop amazing skills such as creativity and intuition
  • You will benefit from inner peace, as well as love and respect for your own body 
  • You will be able to develop harmonious, beautiful relationships 

Energy or gender role?

A lot of people still confuse the feminine or masculine energies with the gender roles society has assigned for us.

To diminish this confusion, I want to highlight that both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies inside them. How much of each, depends on the person.

The gender that you are born into is linked to your life lesson – if you were born a woman, that is to learn femininity, if you were born a man, then that is to learn masculinity.

However, as a man, even if you benefit more from being grounded in your Divine Masculine Energy, you should still acknowledge, embrace and honor your Divine Feminine Energy, and allow it to manifest through kindness, compassion, and so on.

“What happens if you are gay?” You will ask. I truly believe that when you are born gay, you are meant to learn duality to a higher extent, and to embrace both energies as a contrast!

If you are in a same-sex relationship and you identify more with the masculine side of the relationship, maintain yourself more grounded in the Divine Masculine.

If you identify more with the feminine side, then nurture your Divine Feminine Energy. Just choose whichever feels best, but don't neglect the other one. 

Benefits of the Divine Feminine Energy on Earth

What happened to humanity last year was a huge wake-up call from the Universe. The pandemic, all the deaths, the isolation, the chaos, were the Universe's way of telling us “You have to change something”.

We were rapidly destroying Mother Earth, the planet that shelters us and provides us everything we need to live as a species.

That was because no serious measures were done against pollution, protecting endangered animal and plant species, protecting the forests, and eventually, against all the cruelty or indifference people manifest. 

Cruelty and indifference are traits of the Masculine side of each person, but not of the Divine Masculine, which is powerful yet protective and loving.

These are traits of the toxic masculinity that have been embedded in our society for centuries and have had us destroy the planet as well as each other.

Now, the Universe is trying to nudge us in the opposite direction – that of embracing and cultivating the Divine Feminine energy, as it could be the only way to stop humanity from destroying the planet Earth. 

If more people had their Divine Feminine Energy awakened, then they would live in empathy, kindness, and compassion. They would take actions based on these traits and would take into account what is best for the environment, animals, and their human counterparts.

If people had their Divine Feminine Energy awakened they wouldn't be able to take destructive actions such as launching nuclear bombs, polluting the oceans, destroying the forests, and cruel actions against animals and each other.

Divine Feminine Energy could be what's missing for saving the planet and healing humanity. 

If I convinced you how important and beneficial Divine Feminine Energy is, have a look at the following to learn about awakening your Divine Feminine Energy.

11 Ways To Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energy 

multiple images of divine feminine energy

1. Practice self-love

Basic question: how do you think you can protect something you don't love?

I mean, how could humans protect and show kindness towards the environment or each other if they weren't taught how to love and respect the environment and each other?

An even better question, how can you love anything from your outward environment, if you don't love yourself?

What you manifest in the world is how you feel on the inside. Every person has the duty of learning to love himself or herself. Then, they will be able to authentically love other people and beings.

They will also be able to raise children who love and respect other people and beings, and thus, contribute to a massive change in the world. 

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2. Accept Yourself Deeply

I'm not discouraging you from bettering yourself and from personal growth, but these processes shouldn't be done from a space of “I'm not enough”.

Even personal development works better when you have fully accepted yourself, as you cannot change what you don't accept and acknowledge.

Therefore, if you want to become a better, more evolved human being, start at the bottom: by accepting all your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections, even the ones you think are completely horrible.

Divine Feminine Energy is a gentle energy that just flows, thus you cannot awaken your Divine Feminine Energy until you learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are. 

3. Make Healing And Well-Being A Priority

Divine feminine energy healing

At an early age, we were all taught to build our lives around the wrong priorities.

We were told that we must all have money, buy a house, be successful, bring pride to the family, and so on. And we started doing that, often sacrificing our well-being and true desires to achieve all these meaningless things.

I think it's shocking that no one taught us to build our lives around what makes us happy and brings us well-being, and have success or money come as a side-effect.

Buthan is the only country in the world where instead of the Gross National Income they measure Gross National Happiness and guess what? They have almost no cancer, no depression, and deadly diseases, nor do they have high criminality rates.

Don't believe me? Google it.

In the meantime, when you make life-altering choices or design your daily life, keep one priority in mind: your well-being and happiness.

4. Consider Your Body A Sacred Temple

Our bodies are the most affected by everything that's going on in the world. All the stress, pollution, unhealthy foods, everything directly impacts our body.

No wonder so many people die fairly young or in their mid-age by unexplainable disease.

This is what living in toxic masculinity does to us. To switch to Divine Feminine Energy, you must do the exact opposite- treat your body as you would treat a sacred temple.

After all, your body is the headquarters of your soul and mind and you need it to navigate through this world.

Give your body unconditional love and acceptance, and look very well after it: exercise, meditate, use chemical-free products, spend time and nature, and do anything that makes you feel good.

5. Honor Your Emotions

Divine feminine energy and emotions

Our emotional side is what makes us feminine.

Women are naturally in touch with their emotions and can express them better than men, but society has taught all of us that emotions are a sign of weakness.

Writing that I realize how ridiculous this belief is. Almost as saying that being hungry is a sign of weakness.

Emotions too are something naturally created in our brain and felt in the entire body. Our emotions serve us as an amazing guide in figuring out what is good and what is bad for us.

If a certain place or circumstance constantly makes you feel unpleasant emotions, your brain and body transmit the signal you shouldn't expose yourself to that anymore.

If you don't listen, other negative consequences could stem from that circumstance. To awaken the wisdom of your Divine Feminine Energy, learn to listen to your emotions.

Whenever you are doing something, make a habit out of attuning to your body and emotions, and don't tolerate anything or anyone that repeatedly makes you feel negative emotions. 

6. Listen To Your Intuition

Learning to listen to your intuition could be the most difficult step on the journey of awakening your Divine Feminine Energy.

If you took on the task of doing so, congratulations!

Imagine that after centuries of humanity despising intuition and praising reasoning, now you are trying to use intuition as part of your daily life. Can be pretty scary in the beginning, right?

But if you already learned how to listen to your intuition, you know what amazing benefits it can bring you.

Intuition is a trademark of the Divine Feminine because is the voice of our soul and the expression of the Divine Energy. Therefore, if you wish to awaken your Divine Feminine Energy, turn listening to your intuition into a habit.

7. Slow Down Your Pace

Woman slowing down pace

Another main trait of the toxic masculine society we live in is that everyone is in a hurry. Nobody has time to do what makes them happy anymore, to live consciously, to rejoice life.

People are running around after money, social status, recognition, and all sorts of achievement which in reality they don't even want.

This is how people end up forgetting who they are, start living inauthentic lives and ultimately get physically and mentally ill.

The Divine Feminine energy is a wise, mindful energy, that is full recognition for all that is.

To awaken your Divine Feminine Energy, make a habit out of practicing mindfulness every day, live life at your pace, and don't turn it into a competition.

8. Be Open To Receiving

The Divine Feminine Energy is an Energy of receiving.

As the masculine gives, the feminine receives. Just think about the early stages of humanity when men had to go in the wild and hunt to bring food home to their spouse and children.

Also, in the early stages of dating men usually bring flowers, make small gifts to show the woman that they are a partner who gives.

This is important because when a woman falls pregnant or she is busy raising small children, she does rely on her partner to a certain extent.

Allowing yourself to receive is to allow yourself to be protected and celebrated, because if you receive gifts, support and opportunities, it means you don't have to do it all by yourself.

To awaken your Divine Feminine Energy, allow yourself to receive all the abundance and gifts the Universe sends you. 

9. Learn To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Life

Cat representation of divine feminine energy

This step is connected to the previous one – receiving. If you allow it, life will be willing to offer you a lot of pleasures.

The Divine Feminine allows itself to enjoy the pleasures of life properly and makes a ritual out of self-care.

For example, your bath and your shower could both be rituals. Your morning should start with an empowering ritual that puts you in the right mindset for the day.

Going to bed in the evening could also be a ritual, making love should be a ritual that you fully enjoy, and the list of examples is very long.

When you allow yourself to feel pleasure, you send the Universe the signal that you feel safe and that you trust it to only send good things your way.

In other words, you no longer feel scared, anxious, or in danger. That is when Divine Feminine Energy will flow through you. 

10. Be Playful

One big difference between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is playfulness.

The Divine Masculine tends to be more serious, more rational, occasionally cold, to be able to protect as it should. In contrast, the Divine Feminine is sweet, gentle, and playful.

Wise women know how to use these qualities to improve their relationships with men. This does not mean that when needed, a wise woman cannot be tough as well.

Because a wise woman can be a fearless warrior when needed, but that is not her default energy. Her default energy is that of the Divine Feminine- gentle, kind, playful. 

11. Reunite With Nature

Our planet is called “Mother Earth” for a reason. Earth allows life to exists, nurtures life, and creates life.

In the past, women celebrated their connection with Mother Earth, by spending a lot of time in nature.

This helped clear their minds of stress, helped them ground and develop their intuition, as Earth has the power of cleansing us energetically. Women need a bit more energetical cleanse than men.

To allow your Divine Feminine Energy to be free, spend a lot of time in nature, walk barefoot, sunbathe naked, bathe in the river, and love Mother Earth as she deserves. This will contribute a lot to your general and mental well-being. 

Divine Feminine Energy exists in all of us, and it should be celebrated, embraced, and expressed.

Of course, the degree to which you do this varies on what's your purpose in life.

If you practiced the abovementioned steps, let us know in the comments below what were your results.

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