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15 Symptoms Of A Divine Masculine Awakening

15 Symptoms Of A Divine Masculine Awakening

As the New Age Spirituality movement increases in popularity, people discover how to awaken their Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine every day.

I believe that we live in an amazing era, as we have a lot of freedom regarding our spiritual choices and access to a lot of powerful spiritual information.

Most spiritual people have already understood why they need to awaken their Divine energies, and why they need to embody the healthy expression of masculinity or femininity.

If all people would choose to do this, the world we live in would definitely become a better place. 

When someone starts to embrace and nourish their masculine energy, the Divine Masculine in them will awaken. The Divine Masculine is a spiritual concept that refers to the healed, healthy expression of the masculine energy in all of us.

The Divine masculine as a concept encompasses both the masculine energy of the Universe and the masculine energy that is found within every human being.

And yes, I said “every human being” and not “every man”, because women also possess masculine energy.

Both men and women possess masculine and feminine energies and they can choose which ones to manifest at different times.

The gender in which we are born pretty much shows which energy we should embrace and develop more because it points in the direction of our life lessons.

a man and his divine masculine awakening

If you were born a woman, you should probably nourish and cultivate your feminine energy, and if you were born a man, your masculine energy.

Just as I say in every article on this topic, with regards to gay people, they should choose to nourish the energy that represents them the most.

Both genders need both types of energy. The only difference is that women should have more feminine energy, and men should have more masculine energy. 

When you start embracing the healthy form of expressing masculine energy, and you actively nourish it and develop it, the Divine Masculine in you awakens. This happens when you’ve mastered the most important life lessons regarding masculinity.

Sometimes, the Divine Masculine can be awakened spontaneously – without any conscious action on your side.

This is a sign that you probably embraced your masculine energy in a previous lifetime, and now you are manifesting it easily.

Whether you have awakened the Divine Masculine in you on purpose or not, the 15 following symptoms show that your Divine Masculine is awakening.

15 Divine Masculine Awakening Symptoms 

a mans divine masculine awakening

Symptom #1: You feel the need for physical movement

Physical movement helps you increase your level of masculine energy, and vice versa – the more masculine you are, the more physical movement you need.

Physical movement is crucial for men. Just think about ancient times, and how much men had to move to hunt, fight or travel.

Physical movement can include anything from sports to hikes, walks, and so on.

When you start feeling the need for more physical movement than before, it means that your masculine energy is rising.

If you have been sporty since you were a little kid, it is a strong indication that you have already integrated masculinity in a previous lifetime. 

Symptom #2: You’re goal-oriented

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you become very passionate about setting goals and achieving them.

Your mind is clear enough, your level of determination is high and you are very good at planning.

Thus, you enjoy setting goals and achieving them because it gives you a sense of fulfillment and it makes you feel in charge of your life.

If all of a sudden you enjoy setting goals and you are very confident in doing it, then your Divine Masculine is awakening. 

Symptom #3: You enjoy taking risks

masculine energy expressed as taking risks

One important quality of the Divine Masculine is that he enjoys taking risks.

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will be very confident in taking risks, because deep down you will know that everything will turn out well in the end.

The Divine Masculine energy gives you a sense of confidence and fearlessness that you’ve never had before. You will not even be afraid of making mistakes, because you will know you can learn valuable lessons from mistakes. 

Symptom #4: You’re into extreme sports

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will enjoy doing extreme sports.

The Divine Masculine is a very powerful and adventurous energy. When you step into this energy, all of a sudden you will feel a healthy adrenaline rush that will make you want to experience the most of what life has to offer. 

Symptom #5: You no longer need meaningless flings

As your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will be developing a healthier relationship with women.

You will no longer see women as trophies to attain or “boxes to tick”, as these views stem from toxic masculinity.

You will consider sex to be a sacred union and you will feel and understand the energetic implications of sleeping with someone.

As your Divine Masculine awakens, it will balance your feminine energies until they reach the right level, and your intuition will awaken. Thus, you will become more energetically sensitive and will feel energetic changes in your body after having meaningless sex.

A man whose Divine Masculine has awakened no longer feels the desire to do this.

Symptom #6: You yearn for a sacred union with your Goddess

a couple embracing each other

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will relate to women with a lot of love, care, and respect.

You will no longer want casual flings or boring relationships, just for the sake of being in a relationship. You will feel good in your skin, so you will not want to be with someone just to alleviate your loneliness.

What is more, when your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will feel the need to find a woman whose Divine Feminine is awakened, and share an intimate connection with her.

As your inner Divine awakens, you will want to find your Goddess and have the most spiritual, profound, amazing relationship ever.

The good news is, that if your Divine Masculine has awakened, at some point you will find the Divine Feminine that is fit for you, and together you will embody the Yin-Yang duality.

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Symptom #7: You consider sex to be sacred

As you’ve leveled up spiritually and matured emotionally, you acknowledge the importance of sex, as an extremely powerful act that brings life on this planet.

You will no longer think that having sex is a meaningless game, and you will show utmost importance to your partner’s needs and wants.

You will consider intimacy a sacred act, that you only perform with the person you love and respect, and in a way that honors both your body and her body.

You may become more interested in tantric sex as a way of exploring what is possible from a spiritual point of view during your intimate moments, and to discover new ways of deepening emotional intimacy with your Goddess. 

Symptom #8: You enjoy providing for others

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you start to enjoy providing for others, especially due to the fact that making money is not a problem anymore.

Together with your Divine Masculine awakening, your mental processes and decision-making skills have both leveled up, so most likely that you have found new, easy ways to make money.

If that hasn’t happened yet, it will happen once your Divine Masculine is fully awakened. Even when you’re in the process of becoming financially stable, you start enjoying providing for your loved ones, because you understand that sharing is caring.

Also, you will have the deep belief that the purpose of a true man is to love and protect. You will become protective and nurturing, but in a masculine way, and resources will no longer be a problem for you and your family.

Symptom #9: You make good decisions with ease

a man with a divine masculine awakening symptom of good decisions making

Once your Divine Masculine is awakening, making the right decision is not a problem anymore.

The Divine Masculine awakening will increase your level of confidence and will give you clarity when it comes to your life purpose.

Knowing your life purpose, it will be easy to make the decisions that help you achieve it and bring you in the right direction.

A man who has embodied his Divine Masculine will manage to make logical decisions, that both his brain and his heart support.

Symptom #10: Your mental processes have leveled up

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you will discover a whole new level of mental clarity, understanding, and logical thinking.

You may notice that your mind is sharper than before, you make good decisions with ease, you anticipate what others will do, and overall people will perceive you as cleverer.

You will have more confidence in how you make your decisions and what you say and do in critical times.

Due to the enhanced logical and thinking processes, you perform better at school or work, or you will become better in business. You will find it easier to develop any sort of strategy and to achieve your goals.

Symptom #11: You take responsibility for your life

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you are aware that you are the only one in charge of your life.

You will give up the victim mentality that is so embedded in our society and will step in your power as a creator.

The Divine Masculine knows that he is a strong creator and that he can choose how to live his life.

The power that will awaken within you due to the Divine Masculine awakening, will be endless and will give you a big confidence boost.

Symptom #12: Your determination knows no limits

A man with determination pushing a rock up a hill

When the Divine Masculine in you awakens, you will be surprised at how determined you can be.

Once you’ve made a decision, there will be no going back until you’ve achieved your purpose.

People around will feel like they can rely on you, that you are trustworthy and that you always fulfill your promises because once you’ve decided something, you overcome any obstacle to make it happen.

Your word will be set in stone, and this will bring a lot of power and positive transformation into your life. 

Symptom #13: You are passionate about the spiritual world

When your Divine Masculine is awakening, you become more interested in anything that can aid your spiritual growth.

You may have been spiritual in the past as well, but now you will develop a lot more spiritual interests, especially in areas that can help you become a better person.

You will also have a deeper understanding of the spiritual world, and you will use your enhanced logic to grasp concepts that you did not understand before. 

Note: If spiritual growth is something you are interested in, then check out this list of the best spiritual documentaries.

Symptom #14: You are protective 

As you discover the power and confidence that the Divine Masculine offers you, you will feel the need to protect your loved ones or any being that needs help.

The Divine Masculine, as an expression of healed masculinity, is also compassionate and kind and will express these qualities in a masculine manner – by protecting others.

This type of protection will be very different from the suffocating protection some men offer to their loved ones. You will offer a balanced, empowering type of protection.

You will give your loved ones wings to fly wherever they want, at the same time letting them know that you are there for them at any time.

Whenever you will see a person or an animal in any sort of danger or suffering, your protective side will surface and you will offer help. People will learn that you are a source of love and protection and will feel very safe and loved around you. 

Symptom #15: You are a natural leader 

man being a leader is a sign of a divine masculine awakening

When the Divine Masculine is awakening, it will be very easy for you to embrace your leadership abilities.

You will manifest the healthiest qualities of a leader – protection, assertiveness, determination, and so on.

It will be natural for you to lead any group of people, as everyone will trust you, and will be inspired by your confidence. Your newly acquired leadership skills will help you in both your professional and your personal life. 

If you recognize yourself in at least 3 of these symptoms, then, congratulations, your Divine Masculine is awakening!

The more symptoms you have experienced, the closer you are to its full awakening.

If you’ve already experienced all of them, you have fully developed your Divine Masculine and you are the perfect expression of healthy masculinity.

Let us know in the comments below how many symptoms you have experienced, and how the process of awakening your Divine Masculine is going for you!

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Wednesday 8th of September 2021

THIS, THIS THIS! Thank you for posting this. As I have become far more in touch with my divine feminine energies + purpose, as a result I have become interested in the practices which may help my boyfriend 'wake up' as it were. This is scarily accurate, I couldn't thank you more for posting this!