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Divine Masculine: 11 Key Qualities Explained

Divine Masculine: 11 Key Qualities Explained

As the people awaken more and more spiritually, they are developing an interest in Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy.

This is a very natural thing to happen, as in the past, people on Earth were living in a very low vibrational energy, however, now, the vibration of planet Earth is rising.

This is something that has been planned in the Universe for Centuries, that is why some authors, such as Eckhart Tolle have been writing about the “New Earth”.

The New Earth will be a planet of love, peace, high vibrational energy on which spiritual experiences will have no limit, therefore, the people living on it have to develop spiritually and raise their vibration as well.

If you recently have developed an interest in the topic of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, congratulations, it means you are on the path of your spiritual awakening.

It also means that the Universe is nudging you to develop a deeper understanding of these energies, how to awaken them and how to keep them in balance.

This way, you will be able to adjust to the new vibration of our planet.

People who understand Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, and know how to embody both, will reach a state of spiritual balance. This state of spiritual balance will enable them to do all the amazing stuff that will be available on Earth soon, such as telepathy, rapid manifestation, psychic healings, and so on.

Balancing feminine and masculine energies and awakening them properly is essential in becoming a spiritually awakened person. These energies are the cornerstone of the Universe, and they play a huge role in a person’s spiritual balance. 

What Is Divine Masculine Energy?

A man and his masculine energy

Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy are the energies that keep the universe functioning.

They can be found everywhere, and they are represented by the opposites that allow the Universe to function – day and night, winter and summer, hot and cold, sun and moon, man-woman, and so on. As the Universe is very complex, it needs both these energies to function.

The best way to picture the masculine-feminine dynamic is by thinking about the yin-yang duality. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the yin-yang model was used to depict the opposing factors that even though are opposites, bring perfect balance in the Universe. 

The Divine Masculine in the yin-yang model is represented by the white side, showing the fact that masculinity is all about being out in the open, shining, being powerful, etc.

The Divine Feminine is represented by the black side of the circle, which shows how femininity is full of mysteries, is passive and sensible in general.

However, the yin-yang model shows a black spot on the white side and a white spot on the black side, and the line between the two is not straight, but they are intertwined. This represents the strong bond between the two and the fact that one cannot exist without the other. 

This being said, Divine Masculine Energy is one of the basic energies that are at the core of the Universe, representing some of the basic principles the Universe needs to function.

This duality of the Universe is also shown through human beings and the fact that there are two genders – masculine and feminine.

The Divine Masculine energy is a perfect energy that a man embodies when he has reached his full spiritual potential and balance. 

The 11 Divine Masculine Qualities

To help understand the Divine Masculine better and to give you a clear idea of how a man who has awakened and balanced this energy should behave, I will describe the main 11 Divine Masculine qualities: 

1. Assertiveness 

The number one quality of the Divine Masculine is assertiveness. While feminine energy is more passive, masculine energy is assertive.

A man who truly embodies the Divine Masculine is assertive and knows how to pursue what he really wants by taking the right actions.

Assertiveness is not to be confused with dominance though, as assertiveness is the healthy expression of masculinity, and dominance is a trait of toxic masculinity. 

2. Determination

While the Divine Feminine is more oriented towards feelings, introspection, and emotions, the Divine Masculine is more oriented towards action and achieving goals.

But to achieve your goals, you need to be determined, therefore, there is no authentic masculinity without determination. 

3. Action-oriented

The Divine Masculine has to be action-oriented to be authentic. The masculine-feminine dynamic is best represented by the active-passive contrast.

Men always had to be the ones taking action, even in the early ages when they would go out and hunt (being active), while women were home looking after offspring or picking up berries (being passive).

Then, the active-passive dynamic is also shown in the fact that when a man likes a woman, he is usually the one taking the initiative to make the relationship happen, and the woman allows him to seduce her.

This principle is best represented by the sexual organs of each gender. The woman’s reproductive system is build so that it receives sperm, then it turns it into life and nourishes it until it brings it into the world.

In contrast, the masculine reproductive system is built around the principle of action and power, represented by penetration and the transmission of sperm. 

4. Goal-oriented 

Masculine energy represented by goal seeking

All the previously listed qualities of the Divine Masculine lead to this one – being goal-oriented and achieving goals.

The masculine energy of the Universe is that energy that makes things happen.

Feminine energy also makes things happen but in a different way. The Feminine energy manifests through creation, whereas the Masculine Energy manifests through action.

The example I just gave about reproduction – the act where the two energies combine to give life, therefore to fulfill their role in the Universe – depicts this difference between action and creation perfectly.

The masculine takes action – provides seeds, the feminine shelters and nourishes them to bring them to life.

A man who has embodied the Divine masculine will always be clear about his goals in life and will take action to achieve them.

5. Risk-taking

Action and goal-achieving involve a certain amount of risk-taking. When you are setting a goal, you never know what will be required to achieve it.

You can assume, but you can always be surprised in the process of achieving goals. Therefore, for a man to achieve his goals, he needs to be willing to take risks when necessary.

Think about the early times of humanity, when, in order to achieve their goal of hunting, men were literally risking their lives fighting dangerous predators. If this is not risk-taking, I don’t know what is! 

6. Protection

As the masculine energy is the determined, action-oriented one, and the feminine energy is the soft, sensible, and passive one, the Divine Masculine usually feels protective of the Divine Feminine.

This does not need that women are weak!

After all, women are the only force capable of bringing spirits from the unseen world into the physical world.

Women are powerful, but their power is different – is subtle, mysterious, and gentle. For the masculine-feminine dynamic to be a healthy one, men must protect women, as they need a safe environment to manifest their own power.

This also doesn’t mean that women are needy.

Healthy masculinity and healthy femininity support each other unconditionally, without keeping scores or turning their interaction into a power fight. They just know that are intertwined, different, and meant to help each other. 

7. Leadership

man showing leadership

The Divine Masculine usually manifests leadership, because of all the requirements that masculine energy has to fulfill. Leadership is necessary for decision-making, achieving goals, risk-taking and protecting others.

Leadership also goes hand in hand with determination, because, have you ever seen a confused leader?

You may have, but they did not remain a leader for long. To go out there and make things happen, men need a strong dose of leadership.

A spiritually balanced man can be a very powerful, yet positive and inspiring leader, very different from being a dictator.

8. Strength

Strength is a main attribute of the Divine Masculine, and it refers to both physical and mental strength. T

aking too much care of the physical body can be frowned upon in our society, but in reality, a spiritually balanced man will never ignore his physical strength and development.

After all, the body is the vessel of the soul, and it deserves love and respect because it allows us to live this human experience to the fullest!

Also, a spiritually balanced man will know exactly how much attention to invest in his body, and will not become a narcissist.

A man who embodies the Divine Masculine is strong, fit, and healthy, without placing too much emphasis on his body. A man who embodies the Divine Masculine energy trains and exercises and eats healthily because he knows his body is a temple.

Regarding mental strength, this is what allows men to be men.

Mental strength translates through good decision-making abilities, courage, determination, and good risk-assessing abilities. The real Divine masculine manifests both physical and mental strength at his fullest capacity. 

9. Logical

While the Divine Feminine is more represented by emotions, the Divine Masculine is represented by mental processes. To make good decisions, a spiritually balanced man needs to also be logical.

This does not mean that they disregard their emotions, but they maintain a good balance between logic and emotions.

Being logical and reasonable is another form of displaying mental strength because it will allow a man to make good decisions, protect himself and his family better, and maintain good mental and emotional hygiene. 

10. Providing

a man providing represents masculine energies

A man who displays healthy masculinity will always be generous towards his spouse, friends, or family.

He will be a giver and a provider, although he will give in a balanced manner – not to the extent to leave himself without resources.

A spiritually awakened man can use his good judgment to know when to give and how much, but will never be selfish, especially not with his family and kids.

The masculine-feminine duality is represented by the give-take dynamic.

Both men and women need to give, but receiving  represents the Divine Feminine, whereas giving represents the Divine Masculine. How you recognize a truly masculine man? He is generous! 

11. Courageous

Courage is a virtue, and is one of the most beautiful virtues a man can have. Courage is a mix of faith and determination, and it allows a man to pursue his dreams and achieve his goals.

Courage is what motivates us to go after what we want in life, so without courage, a person’s life is quite miserable.

People who lack the courage to go after what they want in life end up feeling like the victim in their own game, and always frustrated.

They feel like they only deserve what they get. Courage is a strong part of being mentally strong and is the foundation of masculine qualities listed above. 

How To Awaken Your Divine Masculine Energy

Mans divine energy awaking

Awakening your Divine Masculine Energy could be particularly useful if you are a man, or if you identify with being a male as a gender role.

If you’re a woman, and you want to nourish your feminine energy, you don’t really need to awaken your Divine Masculine Energy, you just need to maintain both energies in balance.

However, if you’re a man and you feel like you could use some more masculine energy, read the following steps to awakening and nourishing your Divine Masculine Energy: 

Heal Your Relationship With The Masculine

The first step in awakening your Divine Masculine Energy is to heal your relationship with the masculine.

By your relationship with the masculine, I mean whatever views you have about it, whatever negative experiences you may have had with men and masculinity, or whatever preconceptions have been transmitted to you about masculinity.

As we live in a society where toxic masculinity is more prominent than healthy masculinity, many people have a distorted view of the masculine.

This is the case with men who grew up having toxic male figures around – fathers, teachers, relatives, neighbors, etc. They’ve seen all these negative examples of toxic masculinity, and they’ve decided they don’t want to be like that.

Trying so hard to not be like that, they may have ended up having more feminine energy. To heal your relationship with the masculine you must first acknowledge the fact that because some men were displaying toxic masculinity, doesn’t mean that’s how masculinity is defined.

Then, forgive those men for emotionally abusing you or your loved ones, and let go of that view about masculinity.

Look for what healthy masculinity looks like, and then begin to embody that. 

Take Risks

Man taking risk

If you have been avoiding taking risks for the most part of your life, there are high chances that you are more in feminine energy than in masculine energy.

To awaken your masculine energy, you must become comfortable with taking risks. The ability to take risks plays a huge role in decision making, achieving your goals, and so on.

If at the moment you are very uncomfortable with the idea of taking risks, my advice is to start with very small risks. Then, as you become more familiar with risks, start taking bigger ones as well, but make sure your risks are still reasonable and logical. 

Develop Personally And Intellectually

A masculine man can be proud of who he is from all points of view. He is proud of his mind because he nourishes it with good books, personal development courses, information relevant to him, and IQ-developing activities.

A man that embodies the Divine Masculine is in constant development, and he does not neglect his IQ.

He knows that a sharp mind and a harmonious personality are the key to good decisions, achieving goals, and living a happy and fulfilled life. 

Develop And Nourish Your Body

Man running

A masculine man will never neglect the fitness, health, and development of his body. As the Latin saying says, we should all aim towards ”Mens sana in corpore sano”, which means ”a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

For a man to be in masculine energy, he must look after his body from all points of view – offering it healthy food, the right amount of exercise, and ultimately the right amount of rest and sleep.

A man who is in the Divine Masculine energy loves, cherishes, and nourishes his body, with an attitude of genuine love and care.

This genuine love and care are very different from the narcissistic self-love that we often see in modern society.

A man who displays narcissistic self-love has the need to draw attention to himself, even at the cost of his own authenticity.

In contrast, genuine self-love is based on making the right choices for you, from a desire to remain happy and healthy. 

Communicate Assertively

Part of being a masculine man is given by the way you communicate.

Good communication is based on ideas that are well-formulated and clearly transmitted, in an assertive but non-aggressive tone.

A masculine man will not be fearful when he has something to say, nor will he beat around the bush. He will say it just the way it is, but making sure he doesn’t hurt others when he does.

A masculine man always acknowledges the huge importance of communication in his relationships. 

Set Goals And Take Action

If you want to embody the Divine Masculine, you cannot wait around for things to happen all the time, letting the wind of life take you anywhere.

A wise proverb says “a man who does not know where he wants to go, will never reach his destination”.

Setting clear goals and making a realistic plan to achieve them will give you masculine energy. Taking all the necessary actions and following through with your plan will maintain your masculine energy. 

Be Determined

Of course, you may experience times of confusion, just like any other human being. But make sure these times don’t last too long and that they don’t interfere with your overall achievements and well-being.

Try to become as determined as possible. When you are confused about something, make a pro and cons list, take professional advice but also set a time limit for making a decision.

Determination and action will nourish and awaken your real masculine energy, and everyone will perceive you as a determined, trustworthy, and masculine man.

Become a Leader

The best way to awaken your Divine Masculine Energy is to take any opportunity for leadership that life brings you.

By becoming a leader you can truly develop your masculine energy. Of course, you should stay a democratic leader, one that cares for the people he leads, and not a dictator, but nonetheless, start practicing leadership, and you will feel more masculine.

If you are a man looking to embody the Divine Masculine and to awaken his Divine Masculine Energy, you are on the right path.

This is a very important step in spiritual evolution. If you heal your relationship with masculinity, learn to embrace healthy masculinity, and then take all the steps mentioned above, you have very high chances of nourishing your real masculine energy! 

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