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15 Symptoms Of Your Divine Feminine Awakening

15 Symptoms Of Your Divine Feminine Awakening

If you’re interested in spiritual topics and read about them frequently, there is no way you haven’t heard about the Divine Feminine by now.

The New Age spiritual movement places a lot of emphasis on awakening the Divine Feminine, nourishing the Divine Feminine energy, and on re-discovering the amazing powers and qualities of the Divine Feminine.

This preoccupation for the Divine Feminine has appeared as a response to the patriarchal society we have lived in until now, which seems to have been more detrimental than beneficial to us.

The Divine Feminine is a very basic concept that refers to the feminine energy that exists in the universe and therefore, in all of us.

Of course, for this feminine energy to be considered a part of the Divine Feminine, it has to be already healed – to embody the qualities of the healed feminine.

The Universe consists of two basic energies – the masculine and the feminine energy.

The source of all that exists is formed by two parts – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

These are two different energies that complement each other. The Divine Feminine is connected to creativity, intuition, gentleness, kindness, compassion, giving life, and much more.

The Divine Masculine is represented by reasoning, logical thinking, assertiveness, action and physical movement, power, and so on.

Men and women both have feminine and masculine energies, and it is crucial to balance them effectively.

There has been a lot of emphases lately on awakening your Divine Feminine or your Divine Masculine.

In my recent articles, I described how a person can awaken each of these in himself or herself.

But now, I want to talk about the symptoms you may experience when the Divine Feminine in you is awakening, whether the awakening is spontaneous or intentional.

Sometimes, the Divine Feminine can awaken spontaneously, which indicates that you are a person who lives in healthy feminine energy without effort, as you have probably mastered the lesson of femininity in a previous lifetime.

The signs or symptoms that indicate that that the Divine Feminine in you is awakening are below.

15 Divine Feminine Awakening Symptoms

woman experiencing a divine feminine awakening

Symptom #1: Compassion

When your Divine Feminine is awakening, whether spontaneously or intentionally, you will suddenly feel more compassion towards everyone.

Compassion is a major trait of the Divine Feminine, so when you experience compassion without any difficulty, you can be sure that you have nourished your feminine energy to the point of developing your Divine Feminine. 

Symptom #2: Strong Intuition

If your intuition has become stronger and more active than in the past, this is another symptom that your Divine Feminine is awakening.

Maybe in the past your intuition was numb, or you didn’t use it very often, but when your Divine Feminine is awakening, your intuition will speak to you very often.

Whenever you have to make a decision or you struggle with something you will feel a nudge from your intuition telling what actions to take.

Intuition is a very powerful tool, so if your Divine Feminine’s intuition is all of a sudden speaking to you, I suggest that you show gratitude for it and follow your intuition. 

Symptom #3: Enhanced creativity 

woman with enhanced creativity as a symptom of her divine feminine awakening

Who would not want their creativity to be enhanced? Creativity is an amazing Divine Feminine quality that can bring benefits in all areas of life.

Creativity allows you to find more solutions to any problems that may arise. It also allows you to explore your passions and talents and to achieve success in many fields.

Creativity even contributes to the quality of your life, as It allows you to find creative ways of enjoying life every day.

If lately, you have been feeling a lot more creative than usual, it means that your Divine Feminine is awakening, with or without your conscious efforts.

If you have been born with an unusual gift or talent based on creative expression, then you have probably integrated femininity in a previous lifetime. 

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Symptom #4: You love acts of kindness

Maybe you were always kind, maybe not.

But when your Divine Feminine is Awakening you will become kinder than before, and you will respond with more grace and kindness to most challenging situations.

One way to notice if you are kinder than before is to notice yourself around people or beings who are in need of help.

If you feel the strong urge to help them and intervene whenever someone is suffering, you have become more kind.

If now you respond with kindness to situations to which you would have previously responded maliciously or aggressively, this too is a sign that your Divine Feminine is awakening. 

Symptom #5: You are more compassionate

Compassion is one quality that awakens within you when your Divine Feminine starts awakening.

One way to know if your Divine Feminine is awakening is to see how you respond to situations in which someone is dealing with something, or you see someone in lack or suffering.

If you have the need to help, and you feel strong compassion towards that person/being, you are becoming more compassionate, therefore your Divine Feminine is awakening.

Compassion is highlighted in almost all religions as an important trait to have, and that is because is a strong trait of the Divine Feminine.

Compassion is one of those Divine Feminine qualities that are very important for men to have as well, because, without compassion, you cannot have balanced relationships.

Compassion is the key quality everyone should have for the world we live in to become better. 

Symptom #6: You are more empathetic

woman showing a divine feminine awakening symptom empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes – to understand their point of view even if you haven’t been in their position.

Empathy also means to respect and acknowledge someone’s pain even if you haven’t felt it.

Some more sensitive people, such as empaths, will even feel what the other person is feeling when they are in pain.

Basic empathy is a representative quality of the Divine Feminine because it also includes motherhood.

A mother needs a lot of empathy, love, and compassion to raise a child, therefore, empathy is one of the core traits of the Divine Feminine.

If you have recently become more empathetic, it is a strong sign that your Divine Feminine is awakening! 

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Symptom #7: You are more interested in motherhood

I can speak about this symptom from my own personal experience, as I was never the maternal type in general.

Until the age of 26, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to have children. Actually, before 20, I was almost sure I will not have children.

Just the thought of having children and having to give birth made me feel a lot of negative emotions, and I didn’t even know why, until I realized that I was mostly living in masculine energy.

This is due to the education I received at home, having a very strict father who valued intellectual achievement and competition above all else.

As I started learning about energy and the importance of femininity, and I started integrating it more as part of who I am, the thought of having children not only became more bearable but actually become desirable.

So, if you find that recently you are becoming more interested in having children, you love children more than before and you value the idea of motherhood more, congratulations!

You have ticked an important box on the path of awakening and developing your Divine Feminine! 

Symptom #8: You are more open to receiving

When a person lives in masculine energy it is very hard for them to receive, or to accept help and gifts.

Of course, this is more a trait of toxic masculinity, because healthy masculinity also accepts and integrates the Divine Feminine as a contrasting part of themselves.

The inability to receive can make you miss out on most of what life has to offer!

This inability comes from the innate belief that you are not worthy or that you don’t deserve nice things. Or from an even more toxic belief, that only weak people need help.

If you find yourself holding on to one of these beliefs, give up on them asap, because they are harmful.

The universe wants to offer you help and gifts, but you are probably subconsciously rejecting them.

Help is not for weak people, as the Universe always sends you what you deserve, according to the law of Karma.

If you receive help, you definitely earned it somehow, even if you don’t understand how.

Remember – you don’t have to understand everything. Just be open to everything the Universe has to offer and receive with faith and acceptance.

Remember the homeless person you gave food to yesterday or the kitten you saved from the streets last year? This type of good deed creates a lot of Dharma, which then comes back in unexpected ways!

Therefore, open up, have faith, allow yourself to flow, and receive what is yours. Trust that you will never receive what is not yours!

If you have become more open to the idea of receiving and being open to all the gifts the universe has to offer you, it’s a strong indication that your Divine Feminine is awakening!

Symptom #9: You forgive quickly

forgiving friends as a divine feminine energy symptom

The Divine Feminine has a lot of compassion and empathy. Compassion and empathy are two amazing qualities, that help you understand what people are going through.

You know the saying, “When you understand everyone’s reason for doing everything, you’re not angry with anyone anymore”.

The compassion and empathy that you develop when your Divine Feminine is awakening are so strong that it becomes almost impossible for you to hold grudges or to be upset.

Therefore, when your Divine Feminine is awakening, you will find it very easy to forgive and forget and to give people the chance for a new beginning. 

Symptom #10: You are a good communicator

Empathy, kindness, and compassion are core qualities that a good communicator must-have.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that you cannot have any good communication without these qualities.

If you ask me how do you tell the difference between good and bad communication, or effective and ineffective communication, I would say that good and effective communication is transmitted so that the target can understand it.

This means that as a good communicator you must have enough empathy to understand how you must deliver the message so that the person can grasp it.

Also, good communication doesn’t hurt the other person’s feelings, even when the topic is delicate. Good communication is a core quality of the Divine Feminine because women have developed more as social beings than men.

If you managed to break any blockages you may have had in communication, then this too is a sign that the Divine Feminine in you is awakening. 

Symptom #11: You are more gentle

Gentleness is a core quality of the Divine Feminine, and if recently you have been gentler in your behavior, it means that your Divine Feminine is awakening!

What does it mean that you are gentler?

You speak in a gentle way, making sure you don’t hurt others, you take people’s feelings into account, you speak with softness, and you even move in a more gentle, gracious way.

Gentleness is a powerful quality that impacts everything you do, what you say, how your voice sounds, how you touch others, how you move, walk, or dance, and so on.

Overall, gentleness will impact your whole being, the way others perceive you, and the quality of your life in a positive way.

A gentle person also has compassion and empathy, therefore they forgive easily which makes them happier!

Symptom #12: You respect your body

Feminine woman sitting on grass

When your Divine Feminine is awakening you feel a strong urge to respect your body, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Femininity is emotion-oriented, therefore, the Divine feminine honors emotions accordingly.

As emotions are felt in the body, a person whose Divine Feminine has awakened will honor and cherish their body, as they will understand how important the body is.

The body is a temple or the vessel that allows us to live the human experience, hence it deserves respect and compassion.

Respecting your body can look like making the right choices concerning your well-being, loving your body, accepting it the way it is, and so on. 

Symptom #13: You accept others the way they are

When your Divine Feminine is awakening, you find it easier to accept others for what they are. You will easily give up on your views or ideas of how they should be, and just accept them for who they are.

You will develop a deep sense of understanding also, which will allow you to see that everyone has to be who they choose to be, and to acknowledge everyone’s value.

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Symptom #14: You learn self-love

An important sign that your Divine Feminine is awakening is when you find it easier to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

As the Divine Feminine has a deep sense of love towards everyone and everything, you can now project it onto yourself as well.

Self-love is a result of developing empathy and compassion because you first begin to feel empathy and compassion towards yourself.

Once you have compassion and empathy towards yourself, you can forgive and start to love yourself!

Symptom #15: You live from the heart

Woman living from the heart

Living from the heart is basically the opposite of living from the ego. Living from the heart means to know what you truly desire, to listen to your heart and intuition when making a decision, and to live with love towards all living beings.

Living from the heart means to forgive because now you have so much love inside yourself that is impossible not to forgive.

Living from the heart means tuning in to your intuition before making important decisions because you also have love and compassion towards yourself.

Living from the heart also means that you have given up the egocentric approach of the society we live in and that you don’t neglect what you feel to the detriment of what you think.

If you find it easier to live from the heart, this is the ultimate sign that your Divine Feminine is awakening! 

If after reading this article you have reached the conclusion that your Divine Feminine Energy is awakening, congratulations!

It means that you have evolved a lot spiritually and that you have allowed yourself to learn one of the most important spiritual lessons – embracing and accepting your Divine Feminine and overcoming all the negative ideas that surrounded this concept in the past.

I would say that you are definitely on the right path and that you should keep up the good work. 

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