11 Symptoms of Your Heart Chakra Opening

by Yasmin Dadabhay
opening heart chakra

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata is the fourth chakra within the seven main centers of the human energy body.

It is known as the unifying point of the three lower and three upper chakras.

The lower 3 chakras (root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra) relate more to the physical and earthly experience and the higher 3 chakras (throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra) deal more with the energetic and spiritual dimensions of existence.

The heart chakra can be seen as a meeting point or unity point of the physical and the spiritual.

In this article, we shall explore some of the experiences or symptoms that you may have during a heart chakra awakening or opening.

Symptoms of your Heart Chakra Opening           

1. Experiencing Emotions Deeply 

woman feeling deeper emotion of joy

Emotions are one of the most innate aspects of our perception of life, it is true that emotions can be activated, triggered and interpreted through mental thought processes but they can also be generated and experienced as more abstract sensations via our body; quite empathically experienced within the heart energy field.

One of the first symptoms you may experience during your heart chakra opening is you will experience many nuanced emotions at a new intensity and this depth of feeling can increase as your heart chakra becomes completely open.

When your heart chakra is balanced you will feel the emotions that surround the feeling of unconditional love, enjoyable emotions such as happiness, joyfulness, optimism, gratitude, belonging, understanding and so many more (that will be covered more in-depth in the points below)

2. Experiencing Deep Interconnection 

An open heart chakra allows for the experience and embodiment of deep interconnection with all elements of existence.

You will be more connected to those close to you, people in general; the flora and fauna of the earth and can even experience a greater connection with non-physical spirit beings.

It is likely you will be more open to genuinely connecting with the people you meet, taking the time to find commonalities or being enriched by the contrast and variety that each unique being can bring to your tapestry of life.

It is also likely that you will be quite at peace with spending time alone, deeply connecting with and loving your own energy.

When your heart chakra is opening you will feel more drawn to spending time in natural spaces, the color that resonates with this chakra is green and so the energy of lush green natural spaces will facilitate in energizing this chakra.

3. Openness to Fully Receiving 

heart chakra tunes energy into gratitude

When your heart chakra is opening you are more likely to receive all that you desire with ease.

Living from a state of awakened heart energy tunes your energy to a state of gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude creates a magnetic energy that attracts more of what you appreciate into your life experience.

You will become more aware that from the space of love there is more than enough of everything for everyone and that you are completely worthy of receiving anything you need or want.

4. Generosity

An open heart chakra will fill you with the spirit and action of generosity, your experience of receiving overflowing blessings in many forms will naturally lead to sharing this energy and giving generously.

You will be able to freely and genuinely give from the space of pure love as when this chakra is activated the fear of lack dissolves.

The feeling of deep interconnection that emanates from the heart energy reveals the truth: that in openly sharing both physically and energetically we are being of great benefit to our community, planet, and ecosystems.

Even though you may not expect anything in return, generosity truly only magnifies your attraction power and you will be blessed with all that you need and more.

5. Compassion and Forgiveness

being able to forgive and have compassion

Another symptom of your heart chakra opening is an increased capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

The feeling of interconnectivity with all beings allows for greater empathy and a compassionate understanding of differences.

This compassionate understand makes it easier to cultivate genuine forgiveness, being able to more gracefully let go of the hurtful situation and allowing for fresh loving energy and experiences.

The ability to easily forgive does not mean you will not retain the valuable lessons that are learned through hardships but you will navigate human relations and challenging experiences with greater ease and less collateral damage.

An open heart chakra will help you to have deeper compassion and genuine ability to forgive for the benefit and evolution of both yourself and others.

6. Healthy Conscious Relationships

When your heart chakra is opening you will experience improvements in all your interpersonal relationships.

Especially relating to the romantic partnership you will likely attract a healthy conscious partner or experience positive transformation within your existing relationship.

You may find that any toxic relationships that longer serve your highest good easily fall away.

The energy and knowledge of an open heart center allow for all interactions to take place from the higher truth of unconditional love and this is the strongest foundation for conscious relating.

You love yourself and life enough to overflow pure love into your relationships and receive love from a space of celebration rather than space of need, conditions, desperation.

In this way, relationships become life-enriching experiences rather than something you depend upon for validation and energy.

You can witness your partner with love for who they really are and offer your loving truest self freely.

7. Connection to Your Higher Self

woman being connected to higher self

The higher self can be conceptualized as awareness and embodiment of the most beneficial perspective you can personally experience for any situation in life. 

Ultimately an open heart chakra allows for a clear channel of connection to source energy and the stream of consciousness that is your highest self.

The heart has the ability to receive truth and insight through the power of feeling and direct experience.

An open heart does not have the filter and conditioning of the human mind and so it bypasses human ‘logic’ and conditioned expectations allowing for the experience of what can seem like magic; the experience of God, of a direct connection to pure and infinite source energy.

8. Experiencing Synchronicity

Synchronicity can be understood as a phenomenon or concept whereby you experience seemingly uncanny but meaningful coincidences.

These coincidences usually happen in the form of symbolic repetition relating to a series of manifested events, for example seeing a repeated angel number, followed by a chance encounter with a friend you just thought about who brings you news about a job opportunity you’ve been dreaming of.

It is like living in an almost constant stream of luck.

An open heart chakra can open your energy flow to more often noticing and experiencing the state of synchronistic experience. 

9. Ease in Manifestation / Conscious Creation

woman lying down manifesting

Awakened heart chakra energy is one of the best states to cultivate in order to more easily and consciously create your desired experiences.

A key element of manifestation through the law of attraction is emotion, being able to feel the feeling of having what you desire energetically which magnetizes the physical components into your reality.

Your manifestations will have an extra current of power as from the state of an open heart chakra as your emotional energy is aligned to an infinite source of energy and so you are able to orchestrate limitless manifestations.

The feeling of gratitude and faith that you will experience as a symptom of an open heart chakra are also powerful ingredients for being a successful conscious manifestor.

10. Acceptance and Non-Judgment

Another symptom of an opening heart chakra is that from this higher heart perspective you will find that you are more accepting of the present moment.

An open heart chakra will allow you to be able to more easily view and respond to any differences, challenges, blessing, and experiences with deeper understanding; not judging people or experiences.

You will be able to view and interact from an energized state of love and faith in the unfolding of life and your increased ability to navigate situations more consciously due to these many benefits of an open and energized heart chakra. 

11. Peace and Relaxation

open heart chakra gives you more peace and relaxation

A simple and profound benefit of an open heart chakra is that you will experience is more peace and relaxation.

When this energy center is active you will naturally tend to be less in the mind (mental chatter) and more in the heart (feeling).

Living from The heart allows you to live more in the present moment and release the need to rationalize the past and future; it is simply resonating with the feeling of now.

This state of presence allows for the dissolving of worries and anxiety and therefore leads to greater depths of peaceful being.

The Power Of The Heart

The physical organ that corresponds with this chakra is the heart of course.

The heart is one of the first organs that manifests when our human bodies are conceived.

We all know how this is one of our most vital organs and so this organ has been studied further to reveal that is both physically and energetically super powerful.

The heart actually has the ability to generate the largest electromagnetic field from the human body.

An electromagnetic field is an energetic field that emanates from the body at different intensities in accordance with the heart being in a state of coherence and openness.

This field is part of what makes up our reality and sharing this heart energy naturally can positively benefit people, animals, and the environment interacting with the field.

A healthy and radiating heart field can contribute greatly to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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Opening Your Heart Chakra

lady opening heart chakra

Opening the heart chakra can be felt to happen in layers, as we shed our blockages and welcome in more aligned energy it can take time for the new perspective to integrate.

It is likely that you will experience the above symptoms at various stages of your heart chakra opening journey and each of the symptoms will become more clear and resonant as you open your heart energy center.

The opening of the heart chakra can happen naturally over time or it may be that a particular event or experience you have will accelerate the process of your heart energy becoming more aligned.

Opening the heart chakra can also most definitely be a conscious decision that you can embark upon.

It can be an intensely beautiful and rewarding journey.

You can dedicate time to various techniques and practices that facilitate the process of chakra balancing such as meditation, breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations, sound and crystal healing, and mudras as well as simply being present and conscious to intentionally embody the traits of an open heart.

If you feel you have a block within your heart chakra you can learn more details about the process of unblocking any of the chakras in the article, unblock your chakras with these 11 powerful methods.

Once you have begun to deal with blockages you can then energize and maintain the open energy of your heart chakra through utilizing the specific heart chakra practices mentioned in the article linked above.

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11 Symptoms of Your Heart Chakra Opening11 Symptoms of Your Heart Chakra Opening

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Thank you Taylor for stopping by and sharing your kind words! 🙏

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