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10 Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Opening

10 Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Opening

The throat chakra, also known by its Sanskrit name, Visuddah, is the fifth energetic center of the chakra system; it is located above the heart chakra within the neck and throat area of the body.

This is essentially the energy center of clear and conscious communication.

Since communication is an essential element of human perception and interaction, an open throat chakra can greatly improve your life experience in many aspects.

In this article, we shall learn about 10 of the signs that indicate your throat chakra is opening, as well as explore a few of the ways you can care for and activate this energy center.

Signs Your Throat Chakra is Opening or Open

1. You Find it Easy to Express Yourself

One of the most essential signs that your throat chakra is opening is that you will find that you can express yourself with greater ease.

You will experience the ability to more eloquently convey what you wish to communicate as an open energy center allows for clarity within yourself that will naturally radiate into your aura and interactions.

If you are someone who struggles with social anxiety, opening this energy center will assist you with alleviating the anxiety of expressing yourself.

You will be able to share the uniqueness of who you are and your valuable perspective of life with confidence.

When your throat chakra is opening the ease and clarity of expression will likely start with your inner voice and communication within yourself and expand to your communication with others as your throat chakra opens, balances, and energizes further.

2. You Find it Easy To Tell the Truth Without Fear

An open throat chakra naturally imbues your communication with more confidence and clarity, which can help with the embodiment of communicating the truths that you are experiencing in all situations.

This can apply to both big and small truths.

It is likely any habit of telling lies, even white lies, will fall away as when your throat chakra opens there is simply no need to lie.

Communicating something that is out of alignment with the energy of being true to the highest perspective will feel odd and wrong. 

It will be clear that speaking with integrity is of the most benefit. So you will find it easy to confidently tell the truth and navigate the communications that follow, even in situations that may have been tricky in the past.

3. Tapping Into or Expanding Your Musical Abilities

Woman playing guitar

An enjoyable expansion you may begin to embody when your throat chakra is opening is that you will probably find yourself more drawn to music, both the creation and appreciation.

You may find you have the urge to take up learning a new instrument or playing with your voice in different ways.

If you are already naturally musically gifted, likely, this energy center has already begun opening, and you can further intentionally energize and align the throat chakra to refine your musical expressions.

Music can be considered a non-linear form of communication and expression, and an open throat chakra welcomes the expression of sound and words that are in alignment.

This chakra is an energy center of the expression of creativity. So this can manifest as the creation of music and also as other creative expressions such as poetry or creative storytelling.

4. Healthy Thyroid Gland/ Hormonal Balance with the Body

The throat chakra is linked to the thyroid gland, an endocrine gland (a hormone-secreting gland in the neck).

The hormones secreted by this gland play many vital roles in the functioning of the biological body.

These hormones affect cellular functions, metabolism, growth, breathing, heart rate, nervous systems, muscle strength, and body temperature.

A healthy, balanced throat chakra can have a positive impact on the balance and functioning of the thyroid, and so when this energy center is open, it is likely that this vital gland will easily maintain the balance and health of the body.

And so when your throat chakra is opening, you will likely notice an improvement in your general health and energy levels.

5. Your Listening Skills and Mindful Communication Improve

Another sign that your throat chakra is opening is that you may notice and experience that you find it easier to listen to others when they communicate.

Using the awareness and energy of your open throat chakra, you will likely listen to others and the environment with fuller presence and the intention to comprehend fully before responding.

The energy of this center welcomes the flow of clear communication and listening intently as an important element of mindful and effective communication.

By listening well, we get all the information and will then be able to naturally communicate in a way that the other person can understand.

By listening well, you will also benefit from fully receiving the knowledge and insights that each being you encounter has to offer you.

6. Your Words Are In Alignment, You Mean What You Say

When this energy center is open and energized, you will find that your words align with your higher self-perspective (the most beneficial perspective or version of yourself that you can perceive, the source energy perspective of your human experience).

Your communication will naturally convey what your inner world wishes to express and will carry a feeling of power, truth, and value.

When you fully mean what you say, your words carry a fullness and magnetism.

Communicating will feel easier and more enjoyable.

When your communication is in alignment, you will also find it easier to tap into your manifestation powers using language (discussed further in the point below) 

7. You Understand and Experience the Energetic Power of Language to Manifest

Woman speaking out loud

Language has a huge, energetic contribution to how we experience and create our realities.

We use words to define what is and to express what we most desire.

Words in any language are essentially sound vibrations and so each of these vibrations can direct energy.

The sound vibrations created by the intentional use of words can be used to communicate to our conscious and subconscious as well as all surrounding energies we are connected to.

This is why affirmations and mantras are so powerful and effective as a manifestation or conscious creation technique.

A sign of an open throat chakra is a more constant and innate awareness of the energy of the words that you speak.

The narratives and conversations expressed both internally and externally have the power to shape your life and create everything you wish to experience.

8. The Bridge Between Heart and Mind Coherence

The feeling that your heart and mind are in synchronization is a sign that your throat chakra is open.

The location of the throat chakra is between the heart chakra and the third eye and crown chakra, and so one of its functions is to serve as a communication bridge between the intelligence of the heart and mind.

An open throat chakra is like a clear bridge that allows the energy of intuitive insights from the heart to flow to the mind, which can be perceived as thought forms that we can store within memory or act upon.

This coherence allows for the authentic expression of thoughts and feelings.

You can read about the heart chakra in the article on the symptoms your heart chakra is opening to understand more about the benefits that this energy can offer.

9. You Feel Heard and Acknowledged 

When the throat chakra is opening, your ability to communicate clearly will likely result in people responding to your communications with more presence.

Your knowing that your words are valuable and that they hold the energy of authenticity and importance can be felt by the people you speak to, and they will listen more attentively and acknowledge what you are communicating.

Since this energy center also allows you to be a better listener, the embodiment of this trait can ripple effect, causing others to listen attentively as they have been listened to.

An open-throat chakra creates this positive feedback loop of communication.

10. Communication is Enjoyable

Another sign that your throat chakra is opening is you will find that communication becomes an enjoyable part of life.

When this energy center is balanced, you will enjoy the process and the benefits of clear, conscious communication.

Enjoying the deep and enriching connections communication can create.

Enjoying receiving knowledge through listening and sharing your insights through speaking and being heard.

You will also enjoy the ease of manifesting power from the open throat chakra embodiment.

The enjoyment of communicating clearly and coherently (heart and mind power in synchronization) your aligned truth holds powerful energy that can be used to create your experience of life consciously. 

Opening the Throat Chakra

After reading these signs, you may be feeling sure that your throat chakra is opening or you may be very intrigued to continue or begin the opening process.

As with the entire chakra system, the alignment and opening of each chakra is actually a lifetime journey. You can always go deeper and refine the energy and your experience through each center.

Even if you feel like your throat chakra is open or in the process of opening, you can joyously continue to take conscious care of and energize this vital energy center.

The throat chakra can be opened and energized through meditation, visualization, breathwork, affirmations, crystal healing, sound healing, color therapy, and an intentional high vibrational diet.  

  • The throat chakra is associated with the colour light blue.
  • Healing crystals such as blue lace agate, turquoise, aquamarine and lapis lazuli are known to assist in balancing and awakening this chakra.
  • Foods such blueberries and mushrooms, as well as tonics such as ginseng and spirulina, stimulate the throat chakra.
  • The mantra that can be repeated to clear, open and align this energy center is the sound “HUM” and the sound solfeggio frequency that resonates is 741Hz.
  • The Mudra (energy activating hand posture) that can be used to energize the throat chakra is known as the granthita mudra, it is easiest to learn this mudra through visuals so I suggest researching the specific instructions over on YouTube.

If you feel you have some work to do within your throat chakra you can find more detailed information on how to care for this energy center and your entire chakra system in the article on unblocking your chakras.  

Follow your intuition choosing the methods which resonate the most as it is likely these are what will work best for you.

Enjoy the journey, celebrate, and fully enjoy the refined abilities and benefits of authentic energized, and effective communication as your throat chakra opens.