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25 Wonderful Signs Of A Pure Heart (Recognise Many?)

25 Wonderful Signs Of A Pure Heart (Recognise Many?)

Having a pure heart is one of the best qualities you can have as an individual. 

No matter who you are or what you’ve experienced in life, being pure-hearted is genuinely an incredible trait on its own. 

This is one of the qualities and characteristics that are very difficult to learn. 

It takes a particular mental and emotional intelligence to be pure-hearted, which is why it’s crucial to have this. 

Especially in a world that promotes hardening your heart, being pure-hearted makes you different in a good way. 

With all of this being said, we’ll be discussing the signs of a pure heart in the following. 

What Does It Mean To Have A Pure Heart?

Meaning of a pure heart

Having a pure heart means every bit of your intentions is pure and good. 

You have no hidden motives when you’re doing something to help others. 

You have no agenda behind helping them, but you’re genuinely doing it out of the goodness of your heart. 

One of the evident signs of a pure heart is the selfless intention behind everything they do. 

So if you’re not looking to get something in return or doing an act to manipulate someone, you have a pure heart. 

These people are among the purest souls in the world as you can rarely see people nowadays with this kind of pure heart. 

Most often than not, we tend to want something in return when doing something good. 

So one of the signs is someone genuinely wants to help and is doing so out of their generosity, goodness, and free will. 

In other words, they don’t want to get anything out of it. 

If you resonate with this, it also means you barely hold grudges and anger and is quick to forgive. 

We all know how difficult and close to impossible it is to forgive someone, so if you can see the bigger picture of things and try to empathize with their point of view, you’re pure-hearted. 

25 Signs Of A Pure Heart

the signs of a pure heart

1. You’re honest

They say honesty is the best policy, and this is especially true if you’re pure-hearted. 

You have no intentions of manipulating someone by lying or deceiving someone from the truth. 

One of the signs of a pure heart is honesty, for the mere fact that it’s such a rare trait to find. 

This doesn’t mean never telling white lies, but it means being straightforward and honest with the truth. 

Even if it might potentially disappoint or hurt someone, you know it’s better to be frank than comfort them with a lie. 

Honesty is and will always be a sign that someone’s a good and pure person at heart. 

However, dishonesty will result in a long list of unfavorable traits. 

2. You don’t judge others

One of the signs is if you don’t automatically jump to conclusions about someone upon meeting them. 

From the first interaction you have with them, right until you develop a connection, you shouldn’t form any judgments about them. 

Of course, this is easier said than done as we all tend to form conclusions about the people we meet – this is human nature. 

However, being pure at heart means you don’t judge them, especially not before getting to know them. 

When you’re someone always willing to help a lending hand to others and is approachable, you’re pure at heart. 

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3. You do things right 

You’ll often find that the most evident sign that you have a pure heart is doing things right. 

You abide by your morals, values, and principles no matter the odds. 

So your motivation is never fame, money, or power, but you simply want to help from the genuineness of your heart. 

There’s no hidden agenda for you. 

Basically, you’re not helping others to make yourself feel or look good in the eyes of others – you’re doing it out of sincerity. 

This is why one of the vital signs someone has a pure heart is selflessness, and it’s a rare trait to find nowadays. 

4. You think before saying things 

They say actions speak louder than words, but the reality of things is that words can hurt someone immensely. 

One of the pure heart signs is knowing how much your words can significantly impact others. 

You don’t just impulsively or irrationally say whatever is on your mind without thinking, but you think cautiously without speaking. 

You assess whether the words you will say will be helpful, kind, or encouraging to others because if not, you wouldn’t say it. 

This is what being pure-hearted means; you have a natural way with words. 

Even if someone meets you with anger and lashes out, you don’t do the same. 

5. You listen more than you talk

In a world where we only listen to respond, this is such a rare quality but a vital one. 

Being capable of listening more than talking is such a remarkable skill because it shows empathy

It’s one of the concrete signs – when you’re capable of listening to what others say. 

Listening skills show that you have the emotional and mental intelligence to listen to others rather than just focusing on your own needs. 

This is a difficult skill to master, which is why you know you have a pure heart when you listen more than you speak. 

It means you’re willing to give others your time and attention without having an agenda. 

6. You look out for others

looking out for others is a sign of a pure heart

As we said, selflessness is an essential trait if you have a pure heart. 

Having a pure heart is so rare and scarce to find because we’re all selfish by nature. 

It’s an instinct that we want to put our own needs and wants above others. 

However, the most significant reflection of your heart comes down to your selflessness and putting others’ needs above your own. 

If you’re always going out of your way to help others without anything in exchange, you have a pure heart. 

7. You accept responsibility 

Accountability isn’t a word people are often fond of. 

If anything, we tend to run away from taking accountability for our actions. 

One of the signs of a pure heart is the capacity to take responsibility for your actions, especially your mistakes and wrongdoings. 

Granted it isn’t easy, but this is easy why you can only take responsibility if you have a pure heart. 

Even if you do something you aren’t proud of or something that can potentially break a friendship or relationship, you take accountability anyway. 

This is also connected to the first point in this list – honesty. 

8. You are humble

Humility is one of the big signs someone has a pure heart. 

When the opposite of this is pride and boasting your accomplishments and actions, humility is prioritizing praising others rather than yourself. 

You don’t compliment or praise others because you’re fishing for compliments or attention, but you do so because you genuinely want to lift others up. 

Being pure at heart is humble and grateful for everything they have that there’s no need to brag about making themselves look and feel good. 

When you have humility, you know that you’re not the best person in the room, and you’re willing to learn from those around you. 

There’s nothing purer than that. 

9. You’re quick to forgive 

We’ve mentioned above that one of the signs is the capacity to forgive. 

It’s not that you’re a pushover or that you don’t get angry. 

As humans, we will all feel resentment, anger, and even remorse towards the people that do us wrong. 

However, controlling your emotions means you don’t have to react based on your feelings. 

Pure-hearted individuals know that they can’t let their emotions control them. 

They also know that people make mistakes and that they’re not perfect. 

They’re willing to look at another perspective to understand the point of view of the person who hurt them. 

10. You have empathy 

As much as we all want to assume that we all have empathy, this isn’t always the case. 

When you have a pure heart, empathy should feel natural to you. 

The way you connect and converse with someone reflects if you have an abundance of empathy or lack it

Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s emotions and feelings as if they were your own. 

You aren’t trying to force your perspective or opinions on the other person, but you’re prioritizing theirs above your own. 

It’s not easy to resonate with someone’s pain and discomfort, so the fact that you do makes you someone of a pure heart. 

11. You are kind

Kindness is the core quality of someone with a pure heart, and both are interconnected to one another. 

Having a pure heart means having a kind heart, simple as that. 

Kindness changes your perspective and outlook on life. 

In contrast, if you’re someone who’s unkind and holds a lot of grudges in life, this negatively affects your life. 

Kind people are less likely to judge others and make wrongful assumptions about them, even before knowing them. 

If anything, kindness affects everything on this list. 

12. You know how to love (yourself and others)

knowing how to love is a sign of a pure heart

The aspect that becomes the foundation of a pure heart is none other than love. 

Without love, both for yourself and others, you can’t have a pure heart. 

The incapacity to love is what encourages someone to become selfish and self-absorbed. 

However, you have a pure soul when you reflect the kind of love that promotes encouragement and purpose. 

Love means showing compassion, and you can’t have one without the other. 

You also can’t forgive others and yourself if you lack love and warmth in your heart and soul. 

13. You have gratitude

Gratitude is one of the signs of a pure heart that not many people know about. 

When you have a grateful heart, you’re easily contented and appreciative of everything. 

Whereas in comparison, you’ll likely complain about everything and focus on everything you lack without gratitude. 

This is another challenging trait to acquire, which is why only pure-hearted individuals have this. 

Having gratitude also means people are drawn to you because of the way you naturally encourage others and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. 

Most importantly, this is the precise reason why grateful people are also reliant and can surpass through whatever life throws at them. 

14. You are generous

One of the most important signs you'll see in someone who has a kind heart is generosity. 

This is the one trait, along with selflessness, that defines what being pure-hearted means. 

When you possess a pure heart, you don’t even think twice about helping others or giving whatever you want. 

You don’t stop and think about what you get in return or what’s in it for you. 

Instead, whether or not you get something in return or improve your image, you help others regardless. 

15. You have a child-like humor

Having a sense of humor is often disregarded, but equally important as the rest of this list. 

Don’t mistake this as never taking anything seriously. Instead, it’s about maintaining your child-like perspective of the world. 

You can find joy even in simple things, and that’s what makes your heart so pure. 

You can easily make yourself laugh and find joy even in the most ordinary and mundane things. 

One of the synonyms of being pure is innocence, which is why having a child-like humor is one of their characteristics. 

16. You bring out the best in others 

Being pure-hearted means you will naturally bring out the best in others, even without trying your hardest. 

This is why people are drawn to those who have a pure heart – because they encourage them to put their best foot forward in everything. 

Their gratitude, encouragement, and positivity act as a light to others. 

So if you resonate with this, other people will naturally come toward you when dealing with dark situations. 

17. You don’t envy others

Jealousy isn’t an admirable trait on anyone and while it’s typical behavior, feeling jealous doesn’t reflect a pure heart. 

The opposite of jealousy is being secure with who you are and what you can offer in others’ lives. 

There’s no room for jealousy or envy when you have a pure heart. 

You know exactly what you can bring to the table, but not to confuse this with arrogance or over-confidence. 

18. You promote peace and harmony 

promoting peace and harmony is a sign of a pure heart

One of the signs of a pure heart is promoting peace and harmony rather than war and hate. 

You can see this in the way you handle conflict. 

Do you lash out with anger and hurtful words right away, or do you talk calmly and constructively regarding the matter at hand? 

The way you deal with conflict and arguments will tell you whether you have a pure heart or not. 

This is also why pure-hearted individuals are quick to forgive and don’t hold grudges. 

19. You respect others

Respect is interconnected with both trust and love, so it’s safe to assume you won’t know how to love and trust others without the element of respect. 

Pure-hearted individuals will respect you as an equal and won’t treat you less than that. 

No matter your ethnicity, status, background, culture, career, or experience, having a pure heart means you won’t judge someone according to these factors. 

All people should treat one another as equals – that’s what having a pure heart is all about. 

20. You dare to trust others

When you dare to trust others, you’re innocent and pure at heart. 

Trust doesn’t easily come when you’ve been brutally hurt before and what makes someone have a pure heart is that regardless of past experience, they still take a leap of faith and trust others. 

No matter what cards they’ve been dealt with, pure-hearted people will still have the bravery to trust repeatedly throughout the span of their lives. 

21. You are easy to be around 

One of the key signs is when you’re easy to be around. 

This often means no drama and negativity that’s unnecessary. 

People are often drawn to your positivity, gratitude, and radiance. 

You have a pure heart when you have the best intentions, and it’s because of this people always want to be around you. 

Even strangers can’t help but want to get to know you better. 

You radiate the kind of vibe that lifts people and makes them better, even from afar. 

22. You have resilience 

The definition of resilience is the ability to withstand every challenge and setback that gets in your way. 

When you have a pure heart, you don’t lash out or immediately find something or someone to blame. 

Instead, you already have the mental strength and resilience to surpass everything. 

You know that everything happens for a bigger purpose and instead, you try to learn from the setback given to you. 

Instead of complaining and pointing fingers, you handle it with grace and resilience.

23. You have the best intentions 

It’s evident that one of the signs of a pure heart is having the best intentions. 

You don’t treat someone with goodness and compassion just to get something in return or manipulate them. 

You’re genuinely helping someone from the integrity of your heart, and not because you want to hurt them or make yourself look good. 

Helping others fulfills you and leads you towards your purpose. 

Not to mention, it’s also part of your nature to do so. 

24. You are always laughing or smiling 

benefit of having a pure heart

You have a pure heart when you’re always in a good mood, most often than not. 

This doesn’t mean you never get upset, frustrated, or sad – you’re still human. 

However, it does mean you know how to control your emotions and see the positive side of things most times. 

Even when difficult, you try to be an optimist anyway and know that you can’t get anything out of complaining. 

25. You are open-minded 

The last on this list is your ability to see another perspective rather than the one you’re used to. 

This is precisely why you’re quick to forgive, don’t hold grudges, and have a grateful heart. 

You don’t spend your energy sticking to just one side of the story, but you let yourself see the perspective of others. 

Since you also have empathy as a pure-hearted person, this is also second nature for you.

How Does Having A Pure Heart Benefit Your Life?

There are many ways having a pure heart can benefit your life. 

For starters, people will be drawn to your presence. 

You’re likely to have several genuine friendships and relationships in your life if you resonate with the signs of a pure heart. 

With characteristics like gratitude, empathy, respect, selflessness, and compassion, these are the aspects that make you a better individual. 

As a pure-hearted person, you don’t just bring out the best in others, but these traits also naturally bring out the best in you. 

Also, life is way too short to be holding so many grudges on people. 

The best way to improve the overall quality of your life is to turn your heart around from hate to love. 

Your heart is the representation and foundation for how you live your life and it affects your behavior, actions, and choices. 

So having a hateful heart can be really toxic, whereas a pure heart will transform your life for the better. 

Summing Up The Signs Of A Pure Heart

signs of a pure heart summary

In conclusion, this is everything you need to know about the signs of a pure heart. 

Whether you have a pure heart or know someone who has one, this is one of the best characteristics you can have. 

When other people define you, you want them to see you as someone with this kind of purity and innocence. 

This means that you’re always willing to help others in need without expecting anything in return, always ready to forgive, and always willing to look at the brighter side of things. 

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