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7 Signs You Have an Overactive Heart Chakra

7 Signs You Have an Overactive Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the 4th energy centre within our chakra system, it is the gateway or bridge to the higher chakras.

The first 3 chakras deal with more physically rooted and earthly perspectives and as we move into the heart chakra perspective we can begin to focus, embrace and integrate the spiritual, non-physical, and energetic layers of life.

This chakra is also known by the Sanskrit name Anahata which holds the meaning ‘unstruck’ or ‘unhurt’.

This is a really powerful chakra as when it is in a balanced state we experience the truest perspectives of love, compassion, forgiveness, self-love, conscious transformation, healing, and deep connection to all beings and elements in the universe.

These beautiful experiences can be distorted when you have an overactive heart chakra.

The physical organ of the heart that is the manifestation of this chakra has been found to emit an extremely strong electromagnetic torus field that is directly affected by our emotional state and has the power to affect the world around us.

This chakra is linked to our experience, expressions, and mastery of the power of emotions.

The signs of an overactive heart chakra can be more subtle than a blocked or underactive heart chakra.

You may be thinking, is too much loving a bad thing? But that is not what an overactive heart chakra is about.

An overactive heart chakra is most simply about loving from a misaligned state.

Within this article, we shall explore the causes of an overactive heart chakra, the signs that can indicate you have an overactive heart chakra, and some powerful practices that you can utilize to regain balance.

The Cause Of An Overactive Heart Chakra

person with a overactive heart chakra

An overactive chakra can be simply understood as a chakra that is emitting too much energy that is disharmonious, imbalanced, or misaligned with the true or balanced energy that the chakra is intended to emit.

The cause of an overactive heart chakra can be linked back to childhood experiences, abusive relationship experiences, and insecurity which could be due to a variety of reasons. 

You can be more sensitive and inclined to experience an overactive heart chakra when you have certain personality traits; such as if you are an empath.

 The overactive heart chakra state can often be a coping mechanism that develops where you try to always please those around you or to be extra loving and overly understanding in an attempt to stay safe or to try to remedy a continually difficult situation or relationship.

The signs that we discuss in the main section of the article below will give you more detailed insights into the traits of an overactive heart chakra.

7 Signs Of An Overactive Heart Chakra

a sign of a overactive heart chakra

These are some of the key signs that can indicate that your heart chakra is overactive: 

1. You lack healthy boundaries 

A boundary can be understood as a necessary and intentionally set limit within your relationships with others or with yourself that you set in the interest of self-preservation, self-love or healing.

A prominent sign of an overactive heart chakra is a lack of healthy boundaries.

You may experience difficulty with setting or maintaining necessary boundaries within your close relationships and daily interactions.

When the heart chakra is overactive we tend to override the importance of our needs and emotions and so this can make it tricky to determine when we need to set boundaries.

If and when we do manage to identify a boundary that we need to set it can be very tricky to hold our energy space in a way that upholds the boundary especially when it is challenged.

2. You constantly put others before yourself to your detriment

Focusing on taking care of others is not a negative trait but when you are selfless and you have not taken care of your energy first this can cause energy imbalances.

When you take care of others and completely neglect your own needs and wants this can be an indication that your heart chakra is overactive.

 If you feel compelled to put others before yourself but you are often left feeling depleted and uncared for then it is likely that your heart chakra is overactive.

This type of imbalance can cause your heart energy to be primarily externally focused instead of balanced between a flow of loving energy that is fulfilled internally as well as shared and received from other people and experiences. 

3. You struggle to receive 

a symptom of someone with a overactive heart chakra

The heart chakra is not only about giving but it is also receiving.

The struggle to receive is a trait of a blocked or underactive heart chakra but it can also be a sign of an overactive heart chakra. 

When this energy centre is misaligned in overactivity it can keep your energy focused on giving, giving, and more giving.

This is why you may find that you struggle to keep some space to receive loving and nurturing heart-centred energy from yourself and from others.

4. You are likely a people pleaser

People-pleasing can be understood as an emotional need to constantly please others and gain recognition from others.

People-pleasing behaviour outsources validation and worth from the feedback of others instead of from a true internally balanced and self-loving state.

If you find that you are participating in people-pleasing behaviours this can be a sign that your heart chakra is overactive.

 People pleasers seek to please others even at the expense of their own wellbeing or you may even do things that go against your true values in order to gain the appreciation that you are lacking.

This lack is actually due to the heart energy center imbalance that you are experiencing.

5. You could come off as needy or desperate 

This could be a sensitive aspect to acknowledge but if it has been repeatedly pointed out to you, or more importantly, if you have introspected and realized that you approach your relationships with desperation or constant neediness for connection this can be another sign of an overactive heart chakra. 

When in a state of imbalance the natural state of self-love and conscious connection is disrupted and this can cause you to feel depleted.

As mentioned in the sign above when your heart chakra is overactive you can fall into behaviours such as people-pleasing and always putting others before yourself and this can result in desperation for nurturing energy.  

You may have an overpowered chakra but it is overpowered with imbalanced energy that is not nourishing and fulfilling. 

When your heart chakra is overactive you just have so much misaligned energy that you will likely project outwardly and it can be perceived as being needy or desperate for attention and affection. 

6. You are too tolerant of abusive behaviour 

woman looking out the window

Being way too understanding and tolerant of abusive behavior or staying in an abusive relationship can be another sign that your heart chakra is overactive.

Again this is because you are externalizing all your loving energy onto another person and neglecting your own needs. 

Of course, every relationship has issues that can be tough or take some patience and understanding to resolve but there are definitely instances where you may be too patient and understanding of clearly harmful repetitive behaviours.

Abuse can be physical, verbal, and emotional and the best way to get a grip of such a situation is to realign yourself and love yourself.

This will allow you and energize you to take the steps that you need to take in order to be in a safe space and to become a  self-sustaining and sovereign human that doesn’t get taken advantage of so easily.

7. You struggle with codependency 

Codependency is a relationship imbalance that can be a symptom of an overactive heart chakra.

A codependent relationship is where one person becomes completely enmeshed and loses their own sense of worth and identity in their relationship.

The codependent person can struggle to make his/her own decisions, struggle to identify his/her own thoughts, needs, and wants.

If you are codependent you can lose trust in yourself and have a very low level of self-esteem. 

Codependency can happen in romantic and family relationships.

You can research extensively about the indications of a codependent relationship and you should be honest with yourself for only you will know your inner intentions and emotions surrounding your relationships.

If you find that you struggle with codependent behaviors it can be a sign of an overactive heart chakra and so healing this imbalance can also contribute to resolving and repatterning your codependent tendencies.

If you feel as if you have an imbalance within your heart chakra but none of the signs mentioned above are speaking to your experience then you may want to read the article 11 signs of a blocked heart chakra to learn more about the indications of an underactive or blocked heart chakra.

Balancing An Overactive Heart Chakra

balancing an overactive heart chakra

Within this section, we shall suggest a few tips that you could consider implementing to rebalance an overactive heart chakra.

Once you choose to engage in a healing practice or a few practices you will feel tangible results as the heart chakra naturally wants to be in a balanced state.

When this chakra is in a balanced state we can connect with ourselves and others in a conscious way that truly benefits everyone involved.

Spend time in nature

Simply spending time fully present in nature can be an incredible heart healing practice.

The energy of mother earth is naturally healing and aligning.

Observation and meditation upon the flow of energy in the natural world ( the natural cycles that give and take in perfect balance, the symbiotic relationships, and the harmonic ecosystems that sustain life ) can help you to align to the natural balanced flow of giving and receiving that is needed when your heart chakra is overactive. 

The colour green is also associated with the heart chakra and the vibrant greens of natural surroundings can help to bring this chakra into optimal balance.

Self love gratitude journal

a woman feeling gratitude

Intentional gratitude is an amazingly powerful and transformative habit to cultivate.

To heal an overactive heart chakra you can utilize this practice in a specific way; dedicate a special book and a significant period of time every day to writing down all the things that you are grateful for about yourself.

This can help to heal the imbalanced external focus of an overactive heart chakra by cultivating inner focus and self-love. 

Reflect and set necessary boundaries

Now that you have learned about the signs of an overactive heart chakra you can become more aware of the relationships in your life and how you may need to set boundaries.

Boundaries can include behaviours that you won’t tolerate from others but also behaviours that you won’t tolerate from yourself. 

Boundaries are not about controlling how others behave but they are your decisions of how you will react to certain situations for your highest well-being.

A few things you can consider when setting boundaries are your morals and values, your goals and limitations, self-respect and respect for others, integrity, and commitment to your boundary for as long as it feels like the best decision for you.

I read a quote by author Dr. Jaiya John about boundaries that personally helped me to embrace and uphold my boundaries in a way that felt a lot easier and in integrity: “Your boundary need not be an angry electric fence that shocks those who touch it.

It can be a consistent light around you that announces: ‘I will be treated sacredly’” 

Stones For An Overactive Heart Chakra

a healing stone being used as for a overactive heart chakra

Crystals are our mineral allies that can help us to intentionally heal and align to the energies that we wish to embody.

Some of the stones that are known to assist with overactive heart chakra healing are crystals such as malachite, emerald, peridot, rose quartz, green aventurine, unakite, green opal, amazonite, and jade.

Crystals are a super easy and enjoyable way to include a powerful healing force into your daily life.

We actually have an entire article dedicated to crystals for heart chakra healing.

You can read this article on the 7 powerful heart chakra stones and crystals for healing and balancing to learn more about these stones and exactly how to utilize them for the best effect.

When the overactive heart chakra is brought back into balance it is an open and harmoniously energized portal to physical and spiritual enjoyment.

Understanding your imbalance and taking it as an opportunity for conscious alignment is key.

The overactive heart chakra can be healed easily using the practices mentioned above or any other energetic healing practice such as reiki, meditation, breathwork, and yoga.

As this chakra comes into alignment you can have the experiences of love and compassion for both yourself and others, including healthy boundaries and healthy relations.

The heart chakra allows us to let go of living from a space of fear and embrace understanding, gratitude, hope, trust, healing, kindness, forgiveness, and conscious connection.  

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