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What is Reality Shifting? +21 Methods (Beginner Friendly)

What is Reality Shifting? +21 Methods (Beginner Friendly)

Reality Shifting has become a real trend on TikTok and other social media networks lately.

People are sharing the Reality Shifting Methods that they are using, how these methods make them feel, and what benefits they bring. 

As the pandemic forced us to spend a lot of time indoors, not able to do any fun activities or meet new people, people started “transporting” themselves mentally into better, more enjoyable realities. 

Some say that Reality Shifting can be a bit dangerous, that is not any different from lucid dreaming, or that it can cause a feeling of dissociation. 

I am not an expert on this topic, but since people seem to be highly concerned with it, I took some time to research it and explain what Reality Shifting really is, and what are the most suitable  Reality Shifting Methods for beginners.

What is Reality Shifting?

What is reality shifting

To understand the concept of Reality Shifting, you should first understand the concept of alternate realities or parallel universes.

These concepts can all be found in George Ellis’s theory about the multiverse. 

George F.R. Ellis is a renowned mathematics professor at the University of Cape Town, who spoke about his firm belief in the existence of a multiverse – a cumulus of parallel universes, in which things exist in a different shape and form than in our universe. 

Of course, Ellis was not the first to speak about the existence of parallel universes or realities, as this concept can be traced back to the third century BCE when the philosopher Chrysippus first hinted at the existence of multiple universes across time.

However, Ellis developed the concept and explains it in a very logical, easy to grasp manner.

He simply explains that there is a multitude of parallel universes, in which things unfold differently and which we are not usually able to perceive or see due to our limited cosmic vision. 

Thus, there could be a universe in which we have flying cars or pets talk, one in which I am a lawyer instead of a writer, or, as TikTokers lately liked to emphasize, there could even be a universe in which Hogwarts is real. 

Did J.K. Rowling manage to magically access a parallel universe and retrieve information from there when she wrote “Harry Potter”? We’ll never know.

Nonetheless, this leads us to the concept of reality shifting, which simply signifies moving your consciousness from one reality (universe) to another one. 

Reality Shifting is can be done by accessing meditative states and mentally “traveling” from your Current Reality (CR), to your Desired/Dream Reality (DR) – which may not seem to differ from any visualizing technique you already know.

Sometimes, Reality Shifting can also help you manifest, by focusing a lot on what you would want to bring into your reality (within the limits of this realm).

You can, for example, shift into a reality in which you are living your dream life and end up manifesting that dream life.

However, will probably not be able to bring back your dead grandmother, no matter how much you shift into a reality in which she is still alive.

21 Reality Shifting Methods for Moving into Your Desired Reality

Reality Shifting Methods

1. The Raven Method 

The Raven Method has become one of the most popular Reality Shifting Methods, as most people reported that it helps them shift realities. 

The steps to perform the Raven Method are the following: 

  • Lay on your bed in starfish position (arms and legs wide apart)
  • Relax your muscles and inhale-exhale profoundly, to reach a meditative state
  • Start counting from 1 to 100, and in between each number mentally say one affirmation that helps you shift, such as “I am shifting”, “I am moving towards my DR”, “I am there”, and so on. 
  • After reaching 100, you can try to open your eyes and see if your surroundings have changed, or you can fall asleep, waking up in your DR. If you choose to visit it while sleeping, you should be quite tired before, dreaming profoundly. 

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2. The Heart Beat Method

The Heart Beat Method encompasses the following steps: 

  • Find  a video with a heartbeat sound in it and listen to it with headphones, in a quiet room
  • Lay on your bed and get into a meditative state while listening to the heartbeat  
  • Visualize how you are laying on top of one person from your Desired Reality (someone with whom you could be so close), with your head on their chest and listening to their heartbeat
  • Visualize how they look, how you feel, what you can hear and see, as well as your hearts connecting and beating at the same time
  • After feeling deeply connected to them, visualize that they get up and say “Are you ready to go?”. Then they take your hand and lead you through a door. 
  • Repeat affirmations such as “I am shifting”, “I am in my DR”, and so on. 
  • When you feel ready to shift, walk through the door and visualize a bright white light as you transfer from one reality to another
  • Allow yourself to fall asleep, and wake up in your DR

3. The Train Method

The Train Method

From my point of view, the Train Method is one of the easiest methods for shifting your reality. To try it out, follow the next steps: 

  • Get into a meditative state 
  • Visualize getting on a train that is headed towards your Dream Reality 
  • While “on the train”, repeat affirmations such as “I am headed towards my Desired Reality”, “I firmly believe that I will succeed”, “I firmly believe that I will arrive in my DR”, etc.
  • Feel that you are literally heading towards your Desired Reality, and how, at some point, you arrive
  • Get off the train, and choose one of the three options: opening your eyes and seeing what happens, falling asleep and dreaming your Desired Reality, or enjoying it in your imagination

4. The “Alice in Wonderland Method”

This easy shifting method is very creative, and it’s inspired by the beautiful story of Alice in Wonderland”. Follow the next steps to try it out: 

  •  Relax and meditate, laying on your bed
  • From this meditative state, start repeating shifting affirmations until you feel a “shifting state”
  • Visualize yourself sitting under a tree in a beautiful meadow, when someone from your Desired Reality comes and takes your hand, inviting you to go with them to a rabbit hole 
  • When you are in front of the rabbit hole, they invite you to jump in. They jump in, and if you are ready, you follow them
  • As you are falling down the rabbit hole, feel how you let go of everything from your Current Reality and distance yourself emotionally from it. Don’t rush this step- take as much time as you need.
  • Once you’ve fallen down, you are in a room where the person is waiting for you. In the room, there is a table, and on the table, a key. They hand you the key and lead you to a door, then ask you “Are you ready to go?”. Let your answer come naturally, and it’s a yes, follow them through the door, if it’s a not, just go all the way back up and sit under the tree, meditating upon why you’re not ready to go.
  • If your answer was yes, walk through the door. You will be in your bedroom from your Desired Reality. Lay on the bed and fall asleep there, waking up in your dream. 

5. Julia Method

The Julia Method is a very simple reality shifting method, through which you can visit your Desired Reality in a dream. The steps to do it are:

  • Get into a meditative state, laying on your bed
  • Start repeating in your head the affirmation “I am”, until you start feeling shifting symptoms, such as tingling, twitching, seeing bright lights, etc. 
  • Once you’re feeling the symptoms, start saying reality shifting affirmations, such as “I can reach my Dream reality”, “I am in my Dream Reality” – these should intensify the shifting symptoms, such as “I can reach my Dream reality”, “I am in my Dream Reality” – these should intensify the shifting symptoms
  • After this stage, start thinking about your dream and what you would like to happen in your dream, in as much detail as you can
  • Fall asleep 

6. The Pillow Method

The Pillow Method

The Pillow Method requires writing your script on a piece of paper and placing it under your pillow, before going to sleep. 

You can also add some positive affirmations or reality shifting affirmations to your script. 

Then, lay in your bed and get in a meditative state. Declare your intention to reach a certain Desired Reality, and know that you will shift tonight.

After declaring your intention, start visualizing your Dream Reality while repeating shifting affirmations. 

After this, allow yourself to fall asleep knowing that you will wake up in your desired parallel reality.

7. Elevator Method 

The Elevator Method requires the following: 

  • Lay in your bed in the starfish position and get into a meditative state 
  • Declare your intention to shift realities, and think about reaching your Desired Reality
  • Visualize yourself getting into an elevator that starts going up slowly
  • As the elevator goes up, repeat shifting affirmations
  • When you feel ready to shift, visualize the elevator stopping at a certain floor and opening its doors
  • Get off the elevator and watch yourself being asleep in this new reality. Allow yourself to step into the body that is sleeping on the bed, and wake up in your DR.

8. The Piano Method

The Piano reality shifting method involves visualizing yourself (from a meditative state) playing the piano on a stage, in front of many people. 

You are dressed nicely, and your performance is a success.

Visualize yourself singing in as much detail and as vividly as possible. 

When you finish, everyone applauds, and you take a bow and leave the stage. 

You are then in a corridor, where a person from your Desired Reality is waiting for you.

They are taking your hand and leading you to the corridor, which is full of doors. 

Choose the door that you feel drawn to, open it, and walk through it with the person.

After walking through the door, the person from your DR tells you “Welcome home”, and you experience an amazing feeling of being home. 

Golden warm light is surrounding you and allows you to shift realities. 

Then, allow yourself to contemplate multiple scenarios that could happen in this reality. 

Fall asleep with the strong belief that you have shifted, and that you will wake up in your desired reality.

9. The Staircase Method

Reality shifting staircase method

The Staircase Method involves visualizing yourself (in a meditative state) while climbing a staircase. 

Repeat reality shifting affirmations with every step you take.

Don’t hurry, take as much time as you need, until feel shifting symptoms. 

Then, imagine that you’ve reached the top of the staircase and you find a mirror, in which your Current Reality is reflected. 

You look at it and decide to leave it behind. You see a door and when you open it, there is a staircase going down.

As you go down the staircase, you feel your vibration rising. You are becoming a match for your Desired Reality. 

When you’ve arrived downstairs, a person from your Desired Reality is waiting for you in front of a door. 

They ask you “Are you ready to go?”, and when you say yes, they open the door, and you start walking together in a corridor. 

As you walk, you are talking about this Desired Reality -who you are, what you do for a living, where you live, etc.

Then, at the end of the corridor, there is another door, and when you open it, you are in your DR. 

Fall asleep trusting that you’ve shifted successfully.

11. Sunni Method 

The Sunni Method is quite simple and effective.

There are 2 steps to it, and the first one can be done any time of the day, but the second one should only be done right before sleep.

1. Sit somewhere quiet, and get into a meditative state.

Feel that you are in your desired reality and amplify that feeling until you are sure that you have arrived

2. Lay in bed before sleep, and start visualizing a short scene from your Desired reality.

As you’re visualizing, repeat in your mind a few shifting affirmations. Repeat this step multiple times, until you fall asleep. You should wake up to your Desired Reality.

12. The Intent Method

Intent method of reality shifting

The Intent Method is probably the easiest and most effective reality shifting method.

All you have to do to try it out is to lay in your bed before falling asleep and relax your muscles. 

Then, declare your intent to wake up in your Dream Reality and your intent to shift, and allow yourself to fall asleep. 

You should wake up in your Desired Reality. 

13. Estelle Method

The Estelle Method requires that you play some relaxing music and get into a meditative state. 

From this state, visualize that you are dancing with someone from your Desired Reality, feeling the moves as you dance and all the positive feelings that dancing awakens within you.

When the music stops, the person you were dancing with asks you “ are you ready to go?”, and then they lead you to a door. 

As you enter the door, you start repeating shifting affirmations and feel how you are moving into your Desired Reality. 

After arriving on the other side of the door, feel that you arrived into your DR. Open your eyes and see for yourself what has shifted.

14. The Mirror Method

The Mirror Method requires that you lay down on your back, in a quiet and private room. 

You get into a meditative state and visualize yourself laying on the bed, opening your eyes and seeing a huge mirror above your bed.

In the mirror, you can see your other self from your Desired Reality, staring right back at you.

You look at them in detail, declare your intent to shift, and start saying reality shifting affirmations.

Then, visualize yourself walking into the mirror and uniting with your Dream Reality version.

15. The Falling Method

The falling method

To perform the “Falling Method”, play some relaxing music and reach a meditative state, laying on your bed. 

Then, declare your intent to shift your reality.

After that, visualize yourself running in slow motion towards the margin of a cliff. 

As you run, you repeat shifting affirmations and amplify your intent to shift.

When you’ve reached the end of the cliff you jump and imagine that you fall into an ocean or a field of flowers. 

You can even match your background music to what you’ve chosen as a falling place – play sounds of the ocean if you’re visualizing the ocean, and meadow sounds if you’re falling into a field of flowers.

Then, as you are falling, say in your mind “I am falling, please save me now”. 

Then, imagine that someone from your Desired Reality appears, grabs your hand, and pulls you into your Desired Reality. 

Then, know that you have shifted and open your eyes.

16. The Eleven Method

The “Eleven Reality Shifting Method” is pretty simple. All you need to do is lay in your bed and relax before sleep.

It helps if you are quite tired before going to bed.

You should play some white noise in your background and cover your eyes with an eye mask or a scarf, before going to bed. 

Then, declare your intention to shift and start repeating the reality shifting affirmations.

After that, visualize the version of you which exists in your Dream Reality.

Imagine that you merge with them, and become your Dream Self. 

Allow yourself to fall asleep, and you should wake up into your DR. 

17. The Swirly Eye Method 

For the Swirly Eye method, play some relaxing music and then lay on your bed.

Start rubbing your eyes until you start seeing those optical illusions that appear when you rub your eyes, such as lines, shapes, etc. 

Try to shape the lines and shapes which you see to form your Desired Reality.

You can shape them into people, places, buildings, etc. 

Then affirm that you are in your Desired Reality and open your eyes.

18. The “Sage Method”

The Sage Method to shift to your desired reality

For the Sage Method lay in your bed and relax, with some meditation music playing in your bedroom. 

Then, declare your intention to shift to your Desired Reality and feel your consciousness leaving your body and arriving into your body from the reality you want to shift to. 

When you feel that the shifting has happened, you can open your eyes or allow yourself to fall asleep and wake up into your DR. 

19. The “Jade Method”

Next on our list of Reality Shifting Methods is the “Jade Method”. To do this method, lay in your bed with some relaxing music in the background, and relax your whole body. 

Then, visualize yourself in any background you want, and declare your intention to shift to your Desired Reality. 

As you do this, someone from your DR appears in front of you and starts cheering for you and encouraging you, saying things such as “you can do it”, “we are waiting for you”, ”you’re almost home” etc.

Feel the encouragement and positivity that comes from them.

Then, start counting to 100 while repeating shifting affirmations between each number, just like in the “Raven Method”. 

You will start feeling shifting symptoms, and when you feel that you shifted, you can choose to open your eyes and see if your surroundings have changed, or to fall asleep and wake up in your DR.

20. The Rope Method 

For the “Rope Method”, you should also lay in bed, with relaxing music in the background. 

Relax your muscles and get into a meditative state, then visualize a white light coming towards you and filling your body with powerful positive energy.

This energy is making your body and spirit very powerful, and you start feeling very safe. 

After that, visualize a rope hanging down from your ceiling towards your bed, almost touching you. 

Then, your consciousness leaves your body and starts climbing the rope.

As you climb, you repeat reality shifting affirmations with the powerful intent to enter your Desired Reality once you’ve reached the top of the rope.

When you feel that you’ve reached the top, visualize a portal.

You walk through the portal and enter your Dream Reality. 

There, you see the body of your Desired Self laying on your bed, and you walk right into it, becoming your version of your Desired Reality. 

You fall asleep and you wake up in your Dream Reality. 

21. The “TV Method”

Watching TV in your current reality

For the “TV Method”, you should also be in a meditative state, with relaxing music playing in the background. 

Visualize yourself watching TV in your Current Reality. On the screen, you are watching a scene from this reality. 

You take the remote and switch the channel. Now you are watching your Desired Reality on the screen. 

You walk through the screen and you suddenly are in your Desired Reality.

You see your alternate-reality self yourself asleep in your bedroom from there, and walk into their body, becoming them and falling asleep. 

As you wake up, you should be in your DR.

If you know of any other Reality Shifting Methods, please share them with us in the comment section below. 

Also, I would LOVE to hear your stories about experiencing reality shifting and how this went for you!