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Clairsentience: What It Is + 12 Signs You Have This Ability

Clairsentience: What It Is + 12 Signs You Have This Ability

Clairsentience is the ability to feel deeply and with spiritual and subtle insight and perception.

This evolved feeling allows for many amazing and extraordinary abilities, gifts, and powers.

Sentience is, of course, the capacity of feeling and experiencing sensations relating to consciousness, such as oneness, unity, empathy, and other qualities relating to seeing the connection to and with others, or the natural world, animals, nature, etc. 

So, to be clairsentient is to be super-aware, and to possess an advanced form of consciousness rooted in connectivity. 

What Is Clairsentience?

Listening to the clairsentience signs can help you to develop the gift naturally and often at rapid speed!

For example, you might get goosebumps for no logical reason, yet know on some level, instinctively, that the universe is trying to send you a message.

Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you can feel others´ pain and suffering, but you can also sense their wins and victories (like when something amazing has happened in their life).

Also, your third eye might start tingling randomly, giving you unique and strange sensations…

All of these are signs of clairsentience, but can equally help you define it.

Clairsentience is ultimately a direct link or bridge to your third eye, your higher self and mind, which sends you signals and intuitive impulses to let you know what is occurring in your inner world, and the world around you. 

Clairsentience VS Empathy- The Difference

Clairsentience is extrasensory and spiritual knowing rooted in recognizing the interconnectedness- or oneness- of yourself with all living things and activated psychic and sensory gifts.

Empathy is a deep feeling. It's the ability to feel what it's like to be in another's shoes, to take on their suffering, joy, happiness, pain, and inner state, whatever the frequency or vibration.

Empathy and clairsentience are very similar, and clairsentient people certainly have empathic qualities. 

However, empathy is essentially a type of subtle or spiritual “mind reading.”

Telepathic and spiritual-psychic powers are so developed in empathic people that they can merge with others on the deepst of levels.

Clairsentience, on the other hand, is more about sensing, feeling, and becoming aware through the realization of unity consciousness (and connectivity, as mentioned). 

Ok, it is true that clairsentience involves merging as well, but the words still aren't interchangeable.

This is of course all assuming that by “empathy” we´re referring to actual empaths; people who embody an “empath nature,” so depth and sensitivity.

Actually, empathy as a quality is more similar to compassion, which anyone with a heart and soul can feel. For clairsentience, you need the third eye and higher self link. 

12 Signs Of Clairsentience

Signs of Clairsentience

Receiving knowledge from places and objects

A sure sign of clairsentience is that you can receive wisdom and sacred or hidden knowledge from places, environments, and objects.

Many people mistake this with clairvoyance, which it is: but with clairsentience, you actually feel the energy of the knowledge you´re receiving.

For example, you can see, feel, and absorb an entire story of a place or object, like the history of a temple or the essence and overall message of a book, or ancient artifact. 

Clairsentient people are so tuned into their emotions, the emotions of others, and the spiritual-energetic world, which is built from sentience, that all of this comes quite naturally.

In other words, you relive the memory through your evolved sensitivity and instincts, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Experiencing goosebumps, deja vu, and unexplainable sensations are also linked to this. 

Picking up on people's feelings

Clairsentience is basically clear feeling; clarity, depth, perception, subtle awareness, and gut feelings so developed that you may literally be an empath.

Clairsentience is in fact associated with empathy, so you may be able to “see” inside people's minds, psyches, spirit bodies, souls, and auric fields to get a whole picture of the person.

This includes their health, emotions, lingering trauma or wounds, or the memories of them, and anything else that constructs a holistic person. 

You can sense thoughts and beliefs, feelings and memories, and emotions and imbalances through clairsentience, and one of the major clairsentient signs connected to this is the power of telepathy.

Imagine dolphins who can communicate on a special radar through the sound waves… this is what you can do if your clairsentiently inclined! 

Telepathy and psychic gifts

Speaking of telepathy and a supersonic radar, as with all the clairs clairsentience is linked to psychic gifts.

You possess killer instincts, potent intuition, and senses that transcend the five physical ones.

Your mind is attuned to a cosmic, holographic, and spiritual reality where you see how everything is interconnected on a quantum level.

In daily life terms, this means you´re able to speak, think, act, observe, and perceive from oneness, with compassion, empathy, and profound wisdom. 

As a clairsentient being, you may choose to use your gifts to help others. Many clairsentient people become counselors, therapists, psychologists, coaches, healers, or spiritual guides.

Friends and family know of your magic, your astral and divine wisdom, and strangers may often gravitate to you for healing, advice, or insight; or simply your energy and presence. 

Sensing health and physical ailments

What Clairsentience does

It's very easy for you to discern other people's problems, health issues, ailments, and physical health, both positive and negative.

This clairsentient sign is where clairsentience is similar to empathy; all aspects of mind, emotion, physicality, and spiritual wellbeing can be sensed.

Are you able to read people effortlessly? Or “just know” when something is wrong, and the specific problem..?

Does your awareness automatically go to a certain body part, like a leg or stomach, only to find out they have a leg injury or a stomach ache?

If so, you are certainly clairsentient!

You can read hidden physical situations as if you're seeing something concrete or non-abstract.

Many clairsentients go a step further by being able to merge with another's physical ailment, using deep compassion, empathy, and healing energy to help alleviate their pain or symptoms.

Oh yes, clairsentience is connected to divine healing gifts too. 

Soulmate and even (potentially) twin flame bonds

Many people who have the gift of clairsentience are so sensitive, self-aware, empathic, and spiritually inclined, that they may be destined for a life of higher love or twin flame soul union.

If this is you, you almost certainly receive wisdom and subconscious messages through, regarding those connections with soulmate potential.

You are able to see what, and who, is good for you. Also, the type of energy and bond you share.

If you´re already in a twin flame or higher soulmate bond, a sign of clairsentience is feeling your partner's health.

You can relive memories through the clarity of perception and awareness, insight, and intuitive feelings, and your telepathic connection is advanced and evolved.

You and your lover share a deep bond, therefore the opportunities for magic, co-creation, a deep soul connection, and all other multidimensional sensations are extraordinary.

For those of you who are single, you may “see” your potential twin flame through visions, transcendental meditation, or astral and dream states.

Enhancing your gift can help you to call them in, magnetizing them to you and aligning as one. 

Access to wisdom through dreams 

As a clairsentient, you´re able to receive a lot of wisdom and insight through dream states.

The dreamworlds act as a portal to your higher self, your shadow self, and your subconscious mind.

This means virtually every aspect of physical tangible reality- and the emotional, spiritual, and subtle realms and fields- can be tuned into.

Clairsentience is defined by the ability to feel and sense deeply (hence why it is often confused with empathy!), thus this opens you up to the potential of the astral and dream realms…

You´re likely able to see imagery, vivid insights and messages through subconscious recognition, swirling colors, sacred geometric patterns, and dream scenarios and characters that contribute to your evolution. 

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Third eye tingling and sensations!

Another key sign of clairsentience is sensations and tingling in your third eye.

Your third eye, or Ajna chakra (Sanskrit), is the seat of vision, intuition, subtle perception, spiritual and self-awareness, and clairvoyant, clairsentient, and psychic gifts.

Being clairsentient means you have an active and awakened third eye chakra and vice versa.

You may see things like animals do, such as perceiving reality in color and sound waves; you're also able to sense things like psychics, seers, and shamans or spiritual healers, so choosing a career or line of service in alignment with this would be a wise choice.

Speaking of being wise, you´re extremely self-knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom and intuitive insight.

Clairsentient people tend to be natural counselors, caregivers, healers, and therapists, and this stems from the messages and sensations you receive from your higher self.

Your higher self is connected to your third eye. 

Feeling shifts in energy… being conscious of changes in the environment

One of the signs of clairsentience is being open to shifts in the environment, which includes people, places, and social exchanges.

You can sense what's to come based on how connected you are to the world around you, and you can feel people's health and emotional and psychological (and spiritual) well-being due to similar gifts.

One of the clairsentience signs linked to this is the capacity for enhanced sensory and self-awareness. I.e.

The outside world is a mirror of you; on a subtle level, there is really no difference! It's an extension.

Many clairsentient people use this power or gift to positively influence people and places, like acting as a channel or conduit for healing, wisdom, white light, divine inspiration, or a number of other empowering things to shine through.

Further, people's moods and emotions affect you while non-physical energies and entities, like spirits, can be sensed and even felt. 

Sensing energy vampires and other toxic characters 

Clairsentience and energy vampires

Speaking of sensing others ́ moods, you need to be careful of energy vampires and other toxic or narcissistic characters.

Actually, you need to more generally be conscious of who you let into your personal space.

Your energy field is a transmitter and receive of energy- you have a powerful aura, which can leave you open to abuse, manipulation, and ill wishes or the bad intentions of others if not careful.  

Similar to this is the effect news, violence, and insensitivity has on you.

You may find yourself becoming emotionally triggered more than others, and acts of violence, coldness, and harshness make you unexplainably upset.

As you´re so in tune with your body, you can feel it inside your core.

This is both a curse and a blessing depending on how grounded, centered, and self-aligned you are.

Being described as highly sensitive 

Many clairsentient people are highly sensitive, also known as HSP (a term to describe the energy and characteristics, if you identify with it).

Experiencing goosebumps and intense and often vivid moments of deja vu can overcome you, and sometimes these lead to moments of spiritual awakening or profound realization.

You may regularly feel like you're an ancient soul incarnate from another time, or a different planet entirely…

People see you as an empath!

Or, at the very least someone they can turn to for advice, love, understanding, healing, higher guidance, and wisdom.

You radiate a warmth and grace that welcomes deep conversation, and the unloading of people's burdens and problems.

Just be careful of becoming an “emotional dumping ground,” or some people abusing your kindness and sensitivity. 

A BS and manipulation detector 

It's almost impossible for something to get past you.

Even if you choose ignorance in the moment, your subconscious still picks up on it.

Your instincts are highly susceptible to BS, misguidance, and manipulation, so nothing can get past you. 

You're so tuned in to the holographic and collective energy field that you may even be able to see people's intentions and overall vibration as “stories.”

For example, seeing the entire picture painted through higher self guidance, profound imagery, and visions.

If it doesn't come to you instantly it will certainly be shown to you once you've created a little space.

You´re a BS detector. 

Picking up on the needs of animals and nature

You can physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and astrally feel others pain, and this includes the pain of plants and animals.

Animals tend to be drawn to you; you radiate an aura of calm, warmth, and love.

They feel safe around you, and you are aware that animals are sentient too; they possess souls just like humans! 

Some experiences with animals and nature just can´t be explained logically or rationally.

The spiritual bond you feel with all things transcends the human mind and ego. You´re a deep person.

If sentience is the ability to feel and experience the interconnectedness with others, clairsentience is the multidimensional experience of this- the feeling, soul, depth, higher awareness, intuition, instincts, ethereal wisdom, etc. 

You may use your energy to channel healing vibrations and light into animals or the planet as well.

3 Ways To Use Clairsentience

Using Clairsentience

You can become an intuitive parent through the gift of clairsentience.

Children are extremely sensitive and open to the world of spiritual and subtle energy… Don't let this gift go to waste!

Share it with them, teach them, and even help them to come to terms with their own clairsentient and instinctive-intuitive gifts through embracing yours.

Remember that clairsentience signifies clarity: we don't need any more confusion or illusion in this world.

If you don't have children, consider how you can be a way-shower for the younger generation. 

Secondly, channel your emotions.

Become fully present and conscious of all you are feeling, then find an outlet or as many as feels right to ground, stabilize, and lovingly assist.

Clairsentience is a gift that has many amazing potential applications.

It all begins with your emotions, and how you´re able to uplift, inspire, educate, help, or be or service to others.

Acts of service can be big or small- they´re all significant to the universe. 

Finally, develop greater psychic and instinctive gifts, as these are integral to clairsentience.

Moon gazing, sun gazing, meditation, fasting, working with crystals and divination, consulting spirit guides and helpers, and seeing a spiritual healer or shamanic elder are perfect ways to achieve this.

How To Manage Clairsentience 

Just like with being an HSP or empath, being clairsentient requires healthy boundaries.

You must acquire an ability to say no to others, reserving your love, wisdom, time, energy, etc. and the capacity for rest and self-reflection.

Taking time to charge your batteries can be incredibly therapeutic and essential to your well-being, and further your ability to help others with your clairsentient gifts.

Embody more masculine, self-assertive, and direct energy because clairsentience is quite a subtle and therefore feminine gift.

Feminine energy relates to passivity, receptivity… so look towards the opposite of these qualities.

This won't close you off to being clairsentient, but it will protect you when your gifts get too much.

Eating grounded yet simultaneously high vibed foods will help you immensely too; nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, pulses, whole wheat, and whole grains…

Wear a grounding crystal like obsidian for protection, and don't forget to do regular mantras, prayers, and ceremonial intention sets for self-alignment! 

Things You Can Do To Develop Clairsentience

Start to really and truly listen to your gut feelings and instincts.

Your inner voice seldom lies, and this is especially true when you're in a pure state of mind, being, and emotion.

As mentioned above- fast, work with the elements, and do daily vibration raising activities.

Developing clairsentience comes easy once you understand what it is and why you are blessed with this special power. 

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