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What Is Clairempathy? + 7 Signs You Have This Amazing Ability

What Is Clairempathy? + 7 Signs You Have This Amazing Ability

If you are new to the world of psychic abilities, you will hear a lot of ‘clair’ talk.

There are quite a few different clairs, and they all refer to having a psychic power that allows you to connect with the spiritual realm and other souls. 

In this article, we will be discussing what clairempathy is.

Do you feel in tune with the souls of others? Do you experience other people’s emotions as if they are your own? 

These are signs of clairempathy.

In this article, I will explain the different clairempathy traits and what it might mean for you to relate to the psychic power

What Is Clairempathy?

So, what is clairempathy? The word literally means ‘clear feeling’. However, this doesn’t explain all we want to know about the psychic power. 

It is a deep understanding of the emotions of other souls.

Now, this doesn’t just mean people, but animals and nature too.

This psychic power means that you are much more in tune with the energies around you, and the energies that people and other spirits give off. 

You are probably wondering what the difference is between empathy and clairempathy.

Well, we all have certain levels of empathy. However, clairempathy refers to a power, that senses other people’s emotions and energies. 

The ability seems to transcend our face value experiences.

It does not use the five senses we normally experience the world with, but something unexplainable.

People with clairempathy tend to simply know things and have no explainable reason for it.

They will also feel the emotions of others, instead of just acknowledging them. 

What Are Traits And Signs Of Having Clairempathy?

Clairempathy signs in a woman

Do you relate to the general definition of what clairempathy is?

Let’s dive a little deeper into this psychic power and look at different clairempathy traits and how they manifest themselves.

You Experience The Emotions and Feelings of Others

A really important sign of clairempathy is the ability to experience and feel the emotions of others. 

For a lot of people, if their friend is sad, we can console them and understand why they are feeling that way.

However, it is a little different for someone with clairempathy. They will actually feel the sadness of their friend. 

This is because people with clairempathy are much more in tune with the vibrations and energy of those that they are surrounded with.

They are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and will take the emotions of the people around them on as their own. 

This can be pretty overwhelming for people with clairempathy.

Sometimes, they will feel the emotions of others, even if the person is not outwardly showing how they are feeling.

Because of this, people with clairempathy have a better ability to know a person’s true intentions. 

The Emotions of Others Can Be Overwhelming

A lot of people with clairempathy find that the emotions of others can be very overwhelming to them, causing anxiety and distress. 

If you have clairempathy and have grown up not understanding your psychic power, you may have felt a little embarrassed about the intensity of your feelings.

You may have told yourself that you are too emotional, or too sensitive. 

However, the ability to feel the emotions and energy of those around you would be overwhelming to anyone!

It can be really exhausting to be constantly in tune with other people’s emotions, so it is super important for those with clairempathy to practice self-care and know that it is okay to remove themselves from a situation that is overwhelming them. 

You Frequently Have a Strong Desire for Isolation

Showing one of the Clairempathy traits

Because of how intense the gift of clairempathy can be, a lot of people with this psychic power will frequently have a strong desire to be alone. 

Taking time out from social obligations is a really important self-care method for those with this ability.

Taking on the emotions of others can drain you of your own personal energy, and you need to take time to get your energy back. 

Sometimes, those with clairempathy will just have the urge to be alone for no apparent reason.

They might not have spent too long around a lot of people, but they still are feeling drained. 

This is because having clairempathy means that you are in tune with all the energies that surround you.

You can even experience emotions from people on the TV when watching the news!

You Have a Deep Connection With Nature

If you have the gift of clairempathy, you will typically feel most at home when surrounded by plants or animals.

This is because of the connection you have with the spirits of the universe, and all-natural things have some sort of spirit. 

You may feel that your energy is getting stronger around nature, especially if you have been surrounded by emotional people recently.

A walk in the forest or a park will often help in regulating and balancing the emotions of someone with clairempathy.

Furthermore, someone with clairempathy will typically take great comfort in the animals that they have in their life.

When feeling drained, they know that their favorite animal will always make them feel better!

You Have The Wish To Make The World a Better Place

Because people with clairempathy can feel the emotions of those around them, they tend to be more aware of all the wrongs in the world.

Because of this, they usually have a wish to make the world a better place. 

People with this powerful gift will usually not be able to stop themselves when it comes to helping others.

They are always the first to help out a stranger in need, and always the first person to check in on a friend they haven’t spoken to for a while. 

If you have clairempathy, you normally will have a desire to work in social care or charity.

This is because of a responsibility you feel you have to mankind and the greater world. 

Of course, this can mean that people with clairempathy will sometimes neglect their own needs in order to help others.

If you have a tendency of doing this, always take five minutes every day to check in on yourself. 

How are you feeling? What do you want right now? Are your emotional needs getting met?

You Pick Up Energy From Objects and Places

Picking up energy because of Clairempathy

Have you ever heard of the term psychometry?

This refers to the ability to read objects through touch, allowing us to discover their history this way.

This is because physical touch leaves an energetic touch, and the objects in the world can hold onto vibrations. 

This probably sounds pretty weird if you have never heard of the idea before!

However, it really does make sense and a lot of people with clairempathy find that they can pick up energy from objects such as jewelry or books that are left behind by the person who has been using or wearing them. 

Similarly, spaces can really affect someone with this ability.

If there is negative energy in a room, perhaps left behind by someone who was previously there, the person with clairempathy can feel it and be affected by it.

This means that a lot of people with this psychic power like to live in simple, decluttered areas and use spiritual tools such as sage in order to cleanse spaces. 

Conflict Can Really Upset You

Conflict can be really hard for people with clairempathy.

This is because, when conflict occurs, all parties are in a higher state of emotional turbulence.

This then means that the person with clairempathy takes on the emotional states of both themselves and the person they are arguing with. 

Because of this, you have a natural aversion to conflict.

If someone has upset you, you may have the tendency to just ignore how you are feeling and not tackle the issue head-on. 

Unfortunately, conflict is a part of life, and a very important part of interpersonal relationships.

Without having healthy arguments with our significant other or friends, issues can become greater than they actually are. 

If you find conflict hard, it is important to work on how you have conflict with others and what you can do in order to express yourself without draining your energy. 

What Are The Benefits of Clairempathy?

The Benefits of Clairempathy

Do you relate to the clairempathy traits that are listed above?

As you probably know, it can be really hard to have this ability!

Always feeling everything all the time is… draining, to say the least. 

But, clairempathy truly is a gift. Having it means that you are naturally much more compassionate and understanding than others.

You are able to truly understand what someone is feeling.

This means that you can be extremely helpful to those close to you.

You are great at giving out advice and providing a listening ear to those in need. 

Having a psychic power also means that you are much more spiritually aware than others, and your soul is connected to higher realms of existence.

This means that it is easier for you to connect with your spirit guides or open your third eye

A huge benefit of having clairempathy is the intuitions that you receive from your gift.

If someone is lying to you, you normally know. This allows you to forge healthy and harmonious relationships and avoid energy vampires. 

Can Clairempathy Be Learned?

When talking about psychic powers such as clairempathy, a lot of people tend to believe that this is a gift you are born with. 

This is somewhat true, but you can actually learn clairempathy. 

We are all spiritual beings with our own sets of abilities and powers.

Sometimes, psychic powers can be tapped into pretty easily.

A person may have an overwhelming ability of clairempathy, without having to work on it at all. 

However, for other people, they need to practice and develop their skills more. Think of it like running 5 kilometers.

Some people can just this distance off the bat, without having to practice.

However, most people do need to train themselves to run the 5 kilometers.

They will start off small, aiming to get to 1 kilometer first.

Then, they slowly develop their skills in order to run the full 5 kilometers

How To Develop Clairempathy?

Developing Clairempathy

So, what are ways to develop our clairempathy? Here are some key places to start if you are wanting to develop this psychic ability. 

Truly Learn What It Means To Have Clairempathy

The first place to begin is to truly understand what clairempathy refers to and what it means to have this psychic power. 

Hopefully, the clairempathy traits listed above have given you an idea of what this psychic power is all about.

But, you may wish to do further reading in order to begin your journey. 

Connect With Your Intuition

In order to fully embrace clairempathy, you must really connect to your intuition.

We all have intuitions and gut feelings about people and places, but we might brush them off.

However, they are there for a reason. It is your soul feeling the energy around you. 

When you get a gut feeling about someone or something, take time to think about the feeling and what that means for you. 

Do you think it has a place in what you experience in your outer world?

Can you make sense of your intuition and how it is linked to the energy of those around you?


Another important practice when wanting to develop clairempathy is meditation.

By centering yourself through meditation, you will begin to be able to really connect to your intuition and empathic abilities. 

You will also develop your connection with the universe this way, which is a super important part of clairempathy.

You can connect with spirituality and higher powers through meditation, allowing your soul to awaken and grow. 

Acknowledge The People and Places That Drain Your Energy

When we are not in tune with clairempathy, we tend to put up with a whole load of negativity! 

However, when you are wanting to develop the skill, it is really important to pay attention to the people and places that drain your energy.

In identifying these things, you are becoming more connected with your empathic skills. 

This means that you can avoid the things that drain your energy in order to spend time with your powers and learn how to grow both emotionally and spiritually. 

Move Forward on Your Spiritual Journey With Clairempathy

Psychic abilities are wonderful gifts that allow us to grow and develop, following our true path in life.

Clairempathy is no different, and this amazing psychic power can help not just you, but the people you love in your life. 

Do you relate to the clairempathy traits listed above?

Are you wanting to begin your journey with this psychic power? 

I hope this article has provided you with the starting point you need for your spiritual journey with clairempathy. 

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