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Clairgustance (Psychic Taste): 5 Signs You Have This Ability

Clairgustance (Psychic Taste): 5 Signs You Have This Ability

Do you have a very good sense of taste?

Perhaps you will have strong emotional associations with taste.

Maybe you will remember tastes from your dreams, or when meditating you might get a certain taste in your mouth. 

If so, you might have clairgustance.

This is a psychic ability that means your sense of taste has spiritual abilities.

You probably know that there are quite a number of ‘clairs’ out there, and these are different psychic abilities that can be used to gain spiritual knowledge and understanding. 

Certain clairs, such as clairvoyance or clairempathy, are discussed a lot.

However, there are some lesser-known clairs that you may have!

One of these is clairgustance. 

So, what is clairgustance, and what are the clairgustance signs that suggest you have the gift?

What Does Clairgustance Mean?

Clairgustance literally means ‘clear tasting’. However, it is a bit more than just having a strong sense of taste.

This physic ability refers to having the ability to taste things when there is nothing in your mouth. 

People with clairgustance will typically have a strong emotional connection with food.

They will be able to taste certain things when thinking of a person or a place. 

Sometimes, they will receive random tastes in their mouth, and this is them getting messages from spirits via their sense of taste!

What Are The Signs You Have Clairgustance?

This is a really interesting psychic ability, and is actually a lot more common than you might think!

Because it is not discussed often, a lot of people with clairgustance will not realize that they have it. 

So, let’s look at common clairgustance signs that you might be experiencing.  

You Sometimes Experience Taste Randomly in Your Mouth

One of the key clairgustance signs is the phenomenon of tasting something in your mouth when you are not eating.

This will come to you randomly, and they might bring a memory or emotion with them. 

The thing you are tasting doesn’t always have to be a food taste, either!

It may be a taste of anything in the world, such as rust or plastic. 

Clairgustance can be pretty weird at first, especially when you haven’t identified it as a psychic ability.

However, once you acknowledge your gift, you are able to work with it. 

You Have A Strong Emotional Connection With Taste

Woman experiencing clairgustance signs

Food and taste have the ability to fill us with a whole load of emotions, but people with clairgustance have an even deeper connection with taste. 

Perhaps your grandmother used to bake amazing chocolate brownies.

You might have fond childhood memories of visiting her house, sitting around the table to eat the freshly baked chocolate brownies. 

Now, if you have clairgustance, when you eat chocolate brownies, you may get a huge wave of emotion and nostalgia.

When eating the chocolate brownies, you may feel connected with your grandmother! 

Spirits Communicate With You Via Taste 

On this list of clairgustance signs, this phenomenon is probably the most difficult to identify.

Perhaps you find yourself experiencing tastes in your mouth randomly, but you might not know that these come from spirits. 

However, in order to develop and understand your clairgustance abilities, it is important to identify why you might be experiencing certain tastes. 

If you are experiencing senses of taste when meditating or in a spiritual state, this is most likely your spirit guides or deceased spirits trying to communicate with you. 

You Can Taste What Other People Are Eating 

Have you ever been watching the TV where someone is eating a pizza, and you can suddenly taste the pizza in your mouth?

Or, perhaps you are on the phone with your friend, and they are eating sweets, and you can also taste the sweets they are eating!

This is a sure sign of clairgustance as it involves feeling the energy of food and connecting with it. 

You Have a Strong Sense of Smell 

The last point on this list of clairgustance signs actually involves a different sense.

The sense of smell is heavily linked to the sense of taste, and therefore people with clairgustance will typically have a really strong sense of smell. 

The psychic ability of clairgustance will often go hand in hand with the psychic ability of clairscent, which is the ability to gain messages and information through the sense of smell. 

If you have a strong sense of smell alongside taste, you may have psychic abilities involved with these senses.

Can Clairgustance Be Developed?

It is a common misconception that psychic abilities are fixed and cannot be developed or trained.

Yes, we usually refer to them as gifts, but we actually all have the potential within us to have these gifts. 

Clairgustance and other psychic abilities do come naturally to certain people, and they seem to just be able to work with these gifts without much practice.

However, you may relate to some of the clairgustance signs, but know that you haven’t truly developed the skill. 

I always think psychic abilities are like going to the gym.

We all have muscles that allow us to do day-to-day tasks, but we might not be able to lift heavy weights at the gym.

So, what do we do? We start off at lower weights and practice!

With enough practice, we are able to progress and lift heavier weights. 

When it comes to developing our psychic abilities, it is important to start off small and practice.

Soon, we will be able to work with our abilities in order to receive messages and connect with higher spiritual realms. 

How To Develop And Practice Clairgustance

So, what are the best ways of developing clairgustance? Let’s look at ways you can connect with this psychic ability. 

Keep a Clairgustance Journal 

If you tend to experience tastes randomly and are unsure why you are receiving the tastes, it is really helpful to keep a clairgustance journal. 

When you are experiencing a strong sense of taste, write it down in your journal.

Then, take time in working out associations you might have with this specific taste. 

Perhaps you are meditating and receive a taste of lemon in your mouth.

Write the word ‘lemon’ in the middle of a page of your journal.

Then, surround the word with your associations with this sense of taste. 

Does someone you know make a really good lemon cheesecake?

Perhaps your grandfather used to always have slices of lemon in his drink. 

A clairgustance journal allows you to explore your own associations with certain tastes, and therefore helps you understand the messages you are receiving. 


Meditation is a really great tool when wanting to develop a whole range of psychic abilities, and clairgustance is no different.

This is because meditation allows us to center ourselves and receive messages from higher spirits. 

With meditation, we can become more in tune with our physical bodies, too.

We are able to understand our senses and how our soul relates to them.

We are able to connect the physical world with the spiritual world, allowing messages and guidance to come through us from above. 

If you are new to meditation, I would strongly recommend checking out guided meditation.

There are so many great tools out there to try out, and soon you will find the one that is perfect for you! 

If you are wanting to develop your clairgustance abilities through meditation, imagine different tastes when you are centered and calm.

Think about a taste you have that invokes emotions, and keep focusing on the taste. Soon, you will begin to feel the taste in your mouth. 

Taste New Things

Developing clairgustance

A very fun way of developing your clairgustance skills is to try out new foods!

Have you ever eaten Lebanese food? Perhaps you have always wanted to try Thai food but never got round to it.

Go out and give it a go! You will experience new tastes and this will, in turn, allow you to develop your clairgustance abilities. 

Next time you go to your favorite curry house, don’t get the dish you always order!

Pick something completely new and savor every bite. 

Be conscious of the different tastes you are experiencing and if there are any associations you have about the tastes. 

Practice Your Abilities

When you feel ready, it is time to practice your abilities!

Get someone you know to eat something, asking them to send you a text when they are eating.

It is best if you are close to this person, as you will be more in tune with their spirit. 

Then, think about this person and their energy.

Sit comfortably and find your meditative point.

Tune into your body and soul, and allow a connection to flow between this person and yourself. 

When you feel a connection, try to tap into their experiences.

You may find yourself getting certain tastes in your mouth. 

When you are ready, send a message to the person and ask them what they were eating! 

If you get it wrong, don’t worry!

It takes time to develop your clairgustance skills.

Keep going until you are able to tap into this psychic ability. 

Are You Ready To Connect With Spirits Via Clairgustance?

Have you enjoyed this article?

Perhaps you relate to a lot of the clairgustance signs.

It is time to work on your clairgustance skills and grow spiritually!

Remember, psychic abilities do take time to fully get to grips with, and it's never straightforward.

Don’t worry if you can’t tap into this gift straight away.

Don’t give up, and keep trying!

Soon, you will learn how to use your clairgustance to grow and connect with spirits. 

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