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11 Signs Your Third Eye is Already Open

11 Signs Your Third Eye is Already Open

Wondering if your third eye is already open? This ancient concept, rooted in Dharmic traditions, serves as a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual insight.

An open third eye empowers you as a ‘seer,’ capable of perceiving beyond the material world. When this happens, you'll often begin to see the world in a new light, understanding deeper truths and connections.

Read on to discover the 11 unmistakable signs that your third eye is open and you're on your unique spiritual journey.

Key Things To Know:

  • An open third eye lets new perceptions of the world become accessible to you. 
  • Key signs of an open third eye include pressure between eyebrows, frequent headaches, increased intuition, telepathic abilities, and clairvoyance.
  • An open third eye is associated with higher consciousness, increased intuition, and spiritual awakening.
  • Techniques for opening the third eye include meditation and energy healing methods like Reiki.
  • Increased sensitivity to light, sound, and food can be indicators of an opening third eye.

11 Signs That Your Third Eye Is Open

woman with open third eye opened

Sign #1: A feeling of slight pressure in the middle of your forehead

The first sign that your Third Eye is open (or opening) is a feeling of slight pressure in the center of the forehead. This is where the Ajna Chakra is.

The feeling is like a light touch. At first, the strong pressure may feel like someone is touching you. But don't worry. You're not making it up or losing your mind. Your Third Eye is just opening.

Sign #2: Frequent headaches

As the Third Eye is opening, you may experience headaches quite often. To better understand this phenomenon and how to manage it, consider the following:

  • Frequency and Intensity: At first, headaches might happen from time to time and can be rather mild, but gradually they will increase in both frequency and intensity.
  • Role of Kundalini Energy: This is because your Kundalini energy is trying to activate the final stages of opening up your Third Eye. Kundalini Energy is our Spirit Energy – that part of us which is reincarnating from one life to another and is usually located at the base of your spine.
  • Chakra Activation: During this time, your kundalini energy is rising and building up near your pineal gland and Third Eye Chakra, activating your chakras one by one.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Therefore, when your Third Eye is open it means you are on your way to being fully awakened, and your Kundalini Energy will take its place in your Third Eye Chakra.
  • Managing the Pain: A third eye headache is usually nothing to worry about, and it can be soothed through meditation and by using any energetic healing method such as Reiki.

Quick note: If headaches are persistent or you are worried then you should see your health care professional.

Sign #3: Increased intuition

When your Third Eye is open, your intuitive abilities will reach a whole new level.

By tapping into your third eye abilities, you enhance your intuitive senses and deepen your connection to the world around you.

You will seem to know what people around you are going to say, how they feel, who is going to call you next, or what is going to happen.

Your Intuition will guide you toward taking the right actions and meeting the right people, which will help you evolve on your spiritual path.

Sign #4: You are acquiring telepathic abilities

woman with telepathic abilities

Suddenly you will realize that you know what another person is thinking.

You'll also sense when someone is thinking about you, and usually, events will unfold in such a way that you will also have proof that you were right.

For example,

You may sense that your friend is thinking about you (usually when this happens, you'll see their image in your mind), and a few hours later, they will call you saying, “I have been thinking about you the whole day!”.

Also, other people may sense that you are thinking about them and feel the urge to contact you.

When you know how you can even give them “a telepathic shout”.

At first, these telepathic abilities may scare you a bit, but you will get used to them and start to use them to your advantage.

Sign #5: You become clairvoyant

Before an important event takes place, whether it is positive or negative, you are going to sense its imminence or even have flashes with images depicting that certain event.

In that way, you may be warned to avoid going to certain places where something catastrophic will happen, or you can be drawn to attend certain events that will have a positive impact on you.

It is very important that you take these visions seriously because they are meant to keep you and your actions within the Divine Plan.

When you don’t trust what is being shown to you, you may lose your gift.

Sign #6: Frequent lucid and vivid dreams

Your dreams will become more clear than ever, and they will contain messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides.

These dreams can be about certain events from the past that need to be resolved, emotional pains that need to be healed for you to move forward, or messages about what the future holds in store for you.

Either way, it is best to take action after each dream.

When an unresolved problem arises, I recommend you try to meditate upon it, see how it makes you feel, who you need to forgive, or what conversations you need to have to resolve it.

When your dream is about people you are going to meet or about events that are going to happen, try to facilitate those events by going to the indicated places or looking for the indicated person.

Sign #7: You become more conscious of what you are eating

Food is energy with a certain vibration and information attached to it.

When your Third Eye is open, your body will go through rebalancing and readjusting its' vibration which can cause you to become more sensitive to the vibration of food. This can result in sudden changes in the way you are eating.

For example:

  • Sensitivity to Meat: You may struggle with eating meat, as you might feel the fear and pain that the animal felt before being killed.
  • Preference for Natural Foods: Another change that can occur is that you might feel the need to eat more natural, non-processed food.
  • Source of Food: You can resort to growing your own vegetables or buying them from a farmer rather than from a supermarket.

This will be your body’s way of filtering out foods that cause damage to your body on a physical and energetic level, while forcing you to choose foods that nourish you and raise your vibration.

Sign #8: You start noticing all the synchronicities in your life

woman walking down experiencing synchronicities

Even though synchronicities have always been a part of our lives, they might be hard to spot for a person who is not spiritually awakened.

With an open third eye, you have an increased awareness of your surroundings, allowing you to recognize these synchronicities more clearly.

Often, they are just interpreted as mere coincidences.

When your third eye is open, you will understand there is no such thing as coincidences because the Universe always has a plan that will unfold in a certain way.

You start understanding that certain people appear in your life or events happen at the right time to guide you on your spiritual path.

Once you have commenced your spiritual journey, you will know these synchronicities and understand their meaning.

Synchronicities are meant to give you a deeper understanding of life and show that everything happens by the divine plan and for your greater good.

Sign #9: Increased light and sound sensitivity

Once your Third Eye has started to open, you become more sensitive to lights and sounds.

You might avoid places with loud music or bright lights because you might have difficulty tolerating them.

Moreover, with this heightened sensitivity, you may also begin to hear things that others might not, tapping into frequencies or vibrations previously inaudible.

Also, some colors could appear brighter than before, or you will be able to see a broader range of colors.

This increased light and sound sensitivity is because your consciousness is expanding, and you can see more both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Sign #10: Seeing lights, geometric shapes, and patterns when your eyes are closed

When you open your third eye, you may wonder what do you see.

If you close your eyes and look upwards, you are most likely to see powerful lights and all sorts of geometric shapes and intricate patterns.

The most common colors people see are blue, indigo, and white.

These lights and images will change constantly, and new, fascinating patterns will appear, usually preventing you from falling asleep easily.

You might get distracted watching them, or they might impair your ability to fall asleep because the human brain needs darkness to disconnect from the state of wakefulness.

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Sign #11: Seeking a higher life purpose

Something you might start seeing with your third eye is your higher purpose in life.

With the synchronicities, intuition, telepathic, and clairvoyant abilities you'll experience, you also begin to feel the need for a more meaningful life.

You will suddenly feel the urge to create a life in which you are connected to your highest purpose.

All souls are incarnated on earth with a divine mission, and the older the soul, the higher the calling.

Only true old souls will experience the opening of their Third Eye in their present life.

Because your Third Eye is opening (or already open), you shouldn’t ignore your true calling and your divine mission anymore. Your whole being will prompt you to start making changes.

You will try to establish more meaningful relationships and will feel the urge to devote your time to what really matters to you.

For example, if you had always felt that your real calling is to be a writer, now you will feel the urge to take action in that direction.

You will be drawn to activities and jobs through which you can have a positive impact on society and make a real change, whether that implies changing your career or devoting your spare time to helping those less fortunate.

Third Eye Opening FAQ's

What is the third eye?

The third eye is a concept originating from Dharmic Spiritual traditions, believed to be a gateway between human beings and the spiritual realm. It is associated with higher consciousness and is located in the Ajna Chakra (the sixth chakra) in the middle of the forehead. 

How long does it take to open your third eye?

The time it takes to open your third eye depends on individual readiness, spiritual practices, and the person's dedication to their spiritual path. Altogether this means there is no set time.

What does it mean when your third eye is open?

When your third eye is open, you gain access to a state of higher consciousness, increased intuition, and enhanced psychic abilities. You become more attuned to the universe and are able to perceive beyond the physical realm.

How to open your third eye?

Techniques to open your third eye include meditation, energy work, and practices that raise your vibrational frequency. Healing methods like Reiki are especially effective in aligning and activating the third eye chakra.

What role does the Pineal Gland play?

The Pineal Gland is an organ governed by the third eye and is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness.

What is astral projection, and how is it related to the 3rd eye?

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that some people report having once their third eye is open. It allows the individual to explore different dimensions of existence. By unlocking the third eye, one can astral project through multiple realities, broadening their understanding of the universe.

How does lucid dreaming connect with the third eye?

Lucid dreaming becomes more frequent and vivid when your third eye is open. It serves as a realm for receiving messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

How does the third eye influence Creativity?

When your third eye is open, your creativity often flows more freely. You become more open to new ideas and are more imaginative.

Chandra Yonzon

Friday 4th of June 2021

Excellent meaningful answers for third eye🌹🌹🌹🙏


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Alan Young

Monday 26th of April 2021



Thursday 12th of November 2020

I have thoughts about friends, or a song, or something breaking before, and later that day I have heard either from the friend, or heard the song on the radio, or the thing I thought would break did.

I am so excited on learning how to tap into my third eye and intuition.

Any advice on honing in on this is appreciated.


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Hey, lately i have been practising some third eye awakening meditations, going great so far. i bielive it has been a month and a half or so. i haven't noticed much signs of it opening exept for some mild headaches in my forehead. yesterday i was with my girlfriend and at some point she rubbed her eyes and told me "i saw you having 3 eyes for a few seconds." (i have not told her anything about the spiritual expansion im currently going through, and she doesn't know anything about this subject) i asked her: "what?! were you looking crossed eyes?" she responded with: "no" i asked about the location and colour it might have looked like. she told me it was a litle above the center between my eyebrows, and that it had a blue ish vibe. from that moment I took some time to explain what I was going through and some basics of the chakra's. questioning her potential psychic abilities and what this means for mine. i have found nothing on google about someone else seeing your third eye, can someone help me or contact me?

thanks. Anonimous .

ember bodley

Sunday 20th of December 2020

some one can see your third eye but usually if their third eye is opening too


Friday 23rd of October 2020

This really helped me. I see these colors and movement when I am falling asleep. I then have images like a movie. It seems like some of these things have happened in the past. Once it was like I seeing out of the eyes of someone else. I wish I understood the meaning of these visions. I am asking for clarity