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6 Meanings & Uses Associated With The Amazing Rainbow Fluorite

6 Meanings & Uses Associated With The Amazing Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful multi-colored crystal that symbolizes balance, harmony, protection, and intuition. 

Enhancing emotional awareness this beautiful stone can stabilize and help us achieve clarity of mind. 

It is known to absorb negative energy making it great for cleansing chakras and auras, but it must itself be regularly cleansed.

Rainbow Fluorite has a myriad of rainbow colors most often seen in bands running through the stone. With translucent blues, greens, purples, yellows, and clear colors, this stone has a shade to match every chakra.

The rainbow fluorite will also show fluorescence under ultraviolet light and even with some forms of heat.

This halides class of minerals has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale making it a moderately soft stone and therefore vulnerable to chips. 

Extra care must also be taken when this stone is cut from its raw form and fashioned into jewelry.  

Rainbow fluorite has a numerical vibration of 2, known for balance, grounding, and harmony.  Possessing a vibration of great sensitivity, this stone can be used in many ways to help our spiritual, mental, and physical being.

Learn the rainbow fluorite meanings and how to benefit from this stone’s amazing energetic properties and vibrations.  

Below are some of its key meanings and uses:

Rainbow Fluorite Meanings

Rainbow Fluorite Meanings


Rainbow fluorite balances both the physical and emotional, as well as the spiritual parts of us. 

Using this stone can help bring equilibrium to all aspects of our being. With its powerful energy vibrations it can help to de-stress and calm, providing us with inner peace and harmony.


Rainbow fluorite is a fantastic stone for cleansing and actually absorbs any internal negative energy from you, or from within your environment, and replaces it with positive energy.

For this reason, it is essential that you cleanse the stone of built-up negative energy on a regular basis. 

Also, when you first purchase this stone it is a good idea to cleanse it of any negative energy from previous contact or its journey to you. (See the section on cleansing and recharging your stones below.) 


The beauty of the rainbow fluorite can bring a wonderful sense of calm to your life and your aura.

Helping to calm the mind and emotions you will feel yourself able to breathe once again and face any issues or chores that you have been putting off with clarity and resolve. 

As rainbow fluorite cleanses away worries and negativity, it replaces these with an amazing sense of calm and allows you to view things from a more serene point of view.  


rainbow fluorite protection

Rainbow fluorite has enormous protecting qualities, shielding you from all kinds of negative energies. 

Whether it be from other people, situations, or even electromagnetic fields -yes, that’s right – this stone can help to protect you. 

If you are surrounded by technology and maybe sit at a computer all day, keep this stone close to help you clear those negative electrical energies from your mind and body. 

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This rainbow fluorite powerhouse can help to sharpen your intuition and guide you to see the truth. 

By sharpening your natural instincts you will be more aligned with nature and the universe and be able to follow your instincts with confidence, knowing that you are fully tuned-in to them. 

Never ignore those gut feelings – they are there for a reason so always pay attention and be grateful that we are blessed with this wonderful insight.

Concentration and Coordination

Because rainbow fluorite cleanses away negativity and replaces it with positive energy, it thereby allows more space for greater clarity of thought, coordination, and concentration. 

It is a great help when taking tests or exams as the benefit of concentration along with the calmness it brings, can really help you to analyze questions properly, and find the previously learned, tucked away knowledge with ease. 

Also when undertaking any kind of mentally or physically demanding project, keep this precious little stone close. 

How to Use Rainbow Fluorite

how to use rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite can be worn as jewelry, kept in your pocket or bag, or in the home next to the bed – or wherever you feel the need for it to be. 

You can also meditate with this stone by holding one in each hand whilst visualizing and feeling the energy entering each of your chakras, cleansing and replacing any negative energy with positive energy and a wonderful sense of calm.

It can also be used as a massage stone in its tumbled form as well as a small wand.  

How To Cleanse And Recharge Rainbow Fluorite

As previously mentioned, it is essential that you cleanse this wonderful stone regularly, especially when it has been exposed to intense negative energy. 

This is to ensure that it retains its natural powerful energy that in turn helps to improve ours in so many ways. 

There are several ways to do this:

Salt Water

This is an age-old way of cleansing stones as salt is a renowned cleanser and purifier and helps to absorb unwanted negative energies. 

Try to make sure you use non-iodized sea or rock salt.

Mix a tablespoon of salt with warm water and allow the stone to soak for just 10 minutes, as fluorite is quite a soft stone. 

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, even better – it’s a good excuse to visit the beach! 

Just make sure that the stone is completely covered.

Rinse with unsalted, clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

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Moonlight and/or Sunlight

moonlight crystal cleanse

You can leave your stone out in the light of the moon all night but it is advisable to only let it sit in sunlight for an hour or two, depending on how strong it is. 

This is because harsh sunlight will alter your stone’s appearance if left exposed.  

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Down to Earth

Burying your stone in the soil is one of the nicest ways to cleanse and recharge it. 

Place it under a light covering of soil and leave it overnight, asking for the soil to rid it of bad energy and renew its original energetic flow.


Music is another great way to cleanse and recharge your rainbow fluorite. Make sure you play the music that makes you feel good and send your positive intentions to the stone whilst gently holding it. 

Even the ringing of a small bell or wind chimes can cleanse this stone of negativity and recharge it with wonderful vibrations.

Get to really feel and know your stones and you will intuitively know when you need to cleanse them.

Get in touch with their vibrations and cherish and nurture them, and remember to give them the respect and love they deserve and they will continue to look after you forever. 

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